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Welcome Plumbers


Harriet had made a real mess in her kitchen, pulling out all the cleaning supplies from under the sink and stacking them on her kitchen floor so she could get access to the plumbing. Using her flashlight the first thing she did was check all the valve connections for leaks, then she checked the drain connections and the hose from the dishwasher for leaks or damage. Finally she looked over the garbage disposer and checked it over very closely but it also appeared in perfect condition.

Setting the flashlight down she said, "Shit, I had hoped it wouldn't come to this." She got up, went out into the garage and grabbed her small tool kit and walked back into the house. Opening it up in front of the sink, she found an adjustable wrench and then bent back under the sink, actually turning over onto her back and crawling halfway into the cabinet. Reaching back out she grabbed her flashlight.

Focusing the light on the connection at the cold water valve, she lifted her adjustable wrench, moved it into position and adjusted it until it was tight around the connector. Slowly she turned the connector until there was a fine spray of water coming out. She then tightened it just a bit, slowing the leak down to an intermittent drip. Arranging a bucket under the leak to avoid ruining the cabinet, she carefully replaced the cleaning supplies, closed the doors and then put her tools away.

Harriet then picked up her phone book, opened it to the yellow pages and slowly ran down the list of plumbing repair companies. Working down the list alphabetically she crossed out the first four because she had already used them before. Finding the fifth plumbing company in the book, she picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"Hello, All-Thread Plumbing? Ah yes, I need some plumbing work, you see my sink just started leaking. Okay this afternoon? That will be fine." She hung up the phone and went back into the bedroom to get dressed.

Turning on the TV she sat down to wait for the plumber. It wasn't until about two o'clock in the afternoon that Harriet heard a vehicle pull into her driveway. She walked to her front door and met the plumber there, opening the door and letting him in.

"Oh, I'm so glad you made it today," she said, "I was so afraid the leak would damage my cabinets."

"Did you put something under it?"

"Yes, I have a bucket under it."

"Okay, let me take a look at it," he said.

"The kitchen is through that door," she said, following him as he walked into the kitchen, eyeing his belt.

As he opened the door, Harriet leaned against the cabinets to brace herself. He then bent over and began moving the cleaning supplies as Harriet watched his shirt hike up his back and his pants slide down a bit exposing just a hint of crack. Continuing to move the supplies, his pants continued to slide a bit, exposing more of the crack.

Harriet crossed her arms, letting them brush against her nipples as she focused her gaze on the bit of his ass peeking out of the top of his pants. She could feel herself getting wet watching as he crawled further under the counter.

"I think I found your problem here, I just need to tighten the connector at the valve," he said backing out from beneath the sink. He headed back out of the kitchen, walked through the living room and went out to his truck.

While he was gone Harriet reached up under her house dress and slipped her finger into her pussy, wetting it and then sliding up to her clit. She rubbed it until she heard him open and close the front door. She pulled her hand out from under her skirt and crossed her arms again.

Stepping into the kitchen, the plumber smiled at Harriet and then bent down to reach under the sink. Once again gazing at his crack she slipped her finger under her skirt and quickly rubbed her clit. As the plumber moved, wiggling his ass some she fought to keep from moaning as the pleasurable sensations continued to build. When she came, she moaned just slightly, coughing to cover up the sound. Leaning back against her cabinets she pulled her hand out from under her dress and relaxed.

A few minutes later the plumber began putting the cleaning supplies back under the sink. He then stood up and asked, "Do you have anything else that needs fixing?"

"No, how much do I owe you?"

"Well our normal service call is sixty five dollars, but since this was just tightening a connector, I'll only charge you fifty dollars."

She handed him two twenties and a ten. When he said, "I'll go get you a receipt."

"Oh that won't be necessary," she said. The then watched him as he walked out of the house and headed to his truck. After he had backed out of the driveway and pulled away, she went back into the kitchen, turned on the water and filled up a pitcher. She then walked into her living room and opened the door to her air conditioning unit. Looking at the secondary overflow pan, she poured the entire pitcher of water into it.

Returning to the kitchen, she started flipping through the yellow pages looking for an air conditioning repairman. She really liked plumbers' cracks but now she wanted to see what the air conditioning guys might show her.

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