tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWelcome to Jail Sky!

Welcome to Jail Sky!


Sky had been a dancer at Little Rock's down in the plaza for three years. Her boss Antonio had chosen a new little whore to sit at his side, so she had been dropped down to opening act. Sky was furious, she was not opening act material. There were barely any customers that early in the day.

Within two weeks of Antonio's new "it" girl, she was fuming. After an outrageous argument in the office of the club, she had been fed up. She'd ended up diving across the desk after the little hussy and slammed her head into the glass mirror behind Antonio's desk.

Before she could get away, security retained her. The police came moments later and took her to the county jail. She was stuck here now, her parents wouldn't bail her out. She'd exhausted all her other family and she was broke. Antonio would have been her go to guy, but he was furious with her.

She'd been sitting in this small room with no windows and barely any light waiting for the booking officer to escort her to the changing and showering area. The longer she sat around, the more she got angrier. She was furious with Antonio.

Soon the door opened and a muscular guard strolled in. He yanked her out of her chair by her arm and shoved her toward the door. "Let's go, now!"

She stumbled out the door and into the long corridor. She had never been to jail before, but if she'd have imagined what it looked like this would be it. He led her down the hall then down a flight of stairs.

They exited the stairwell into another long hallway, this one slightly darker than the upstairs. He led her halfway down, then down a side hall. When they reached the end, he showed her into another room.

When he closed the door behind her, she finally looked around the room. There was a small table in the center, two chairs facing each other on opposite sides and a low dim light dangling above the table.

She took a seat in one chair and waited longer. The muscular man came back, this time with another guard. The new guard tossed clothes and a pair of slippers on the table. Then he turned on his heel and left the room.

The muscular man walked over to her and took off the handcuffs she'd been wearing. As he did, she noticed his nametag. Brad, well he was cute atleast. Once he'd released her, he leaned back against the wall, "Start changing. Now!"

She got nervous, stuttering, "Well, I, I thought I'd change in private."

He smirked, "No privacy here sweet cheeks, should have thought of that before you got physical. Oh, and you have to give us the bra too, can't have those in here."

She began to cry, tears spilled down her cheeks. As she tugged her shirt and pants off, his eyes followed her every move. She turned away from him before she unhooked the snaps on her bra. It fell to her feet with the rest of her clothing.

She slipped into the jumpsuit, it was so tight. She couldn't imagine wearing it all the time.

When he saw how tight her outfit was, he chuckled, "Guess it doesn't fit sweet cheeks. Take it back off and I'll find you a new one."

He picked up the too small outfit and in the other hand her clothes. Then he disappeared out the door. She had nothing left to cover herself with, so she sat in the chair and wrapped her arms around herself.

Two other guards peeked into the room as she sat almost naked. They whispered as they left, she was too upset to listen. The tears wouldn't stop flowing.

When Brad returned, he was empty handed. "No suits left in your size sweet cheeks. Looks like we have to wait til they return them."

Her eyes were on the floor, she couldn't even look at him. Before she could say or do anything, he clicked the lock on the door and hurried over to her.

"Any ideas what we could do for two hours? Your clothes won't be here until six."

She opened her mouth to reply, but he was already unbuckling his pants. She could see his erection pressed again the tight pants he wore. When he released his cock from it's restraint, it smacked right against her cheek.

Boy his cock was long and plump to. She couldn't help but like it, every night the horny guys who came into Little Rock's flaunted their cocks in her face. None of them had ever come as close to as big or long as Brad's.

When she didn't open her mouth, he grabbed a handful of hair and pressed the tip of his cock against her lips. "Open up, Now!"

She opened as wide as she could. He shoved his cock down her throat, making her choke. She couldn't fit the entire cock into her mouth. She bobbed on the top half for a few moments. It was so big and thick, it gagged her.

He must have liked the way she choked on his cock because he grabbed another handful of hair and used it to fuck her mouth. She was choking and gagging, slober running down her chin. Her eyes were filled with tears and she was trying not to puke.

When he let go of her, she was gasping. She stood and tried to go past him to the door. With one movement, he had her against the wall.

Leaning over to get in her face, he growled, "Where the fuck do you think you're going? I'm about to fuck your brains out, whore!" That said, he slammed her against the table.

With one fast motion, he ripped her panties off. She was bent over the table with her ass in the air. Her pussy was glistening and swollen. Even though he was rough with her, she liked it. His erection pulsed.

He slapped her ass, leaving his handprint. Stepping behind her, the head of his cock was poking her in the pussy. He lifted her up and spread her wide, allowing himself instant access to her cunt.

He fucked her, harder and harder. She was gripping the table. He was ramming her against it with every move. He grew tired of this quickly, releasing her.

She lifted herself from the table, trembling. She staggered away from him to the corner.

His laughter was pure evil, "Come back sweet cheeks, I was about to pleasure you. You've been so good to me, it's my turn to be good to you."

He came over and grabbed her by the hair again. When he threw her against the table again, she fell to the floor. This upset him, he grabbed her hair again and jammed his cock down her throat.

As she gagged, he growled at her, "If I want to eat your pussy, you'll get your ass on the table and spread your legs. If you know what's good for you, bitch. Now get the fuck up there."

She climbed on the table and spread her legs wide. Her bare pussy was wet and she was shaking. He grabbed the handcuffs she'd been wearing and attached them to one arm. Yanking it above her head, he reached below the table to lock her arms around the leg.

Lowering his head over her perky tits, he licked one nipple. Then he pinched it before moving to the other. As they grew hard and poked out, he lowered his mouth to nibble them. As she started to moan, his actions got rougher. He bit down on one nipple so hard she cried out in pain.

Her yelp was loud and brought the attention of one of the other guards. When he knocked on the door, Brad just cupped her mouth and said, "Everything's fine in here." Brad must have had seniority because no one questioned him after that.

Once it was safe to continue, he released her mouth. Leaning over and fumbling through his pants, he pulled out a handkerchief. Stuffing it into her mouth, he continued his sexual torchure.

He spread her legs, revealing her bare pussy. He toushed her with a finger, running it over her clit and into her pussy. She was moist, he lowered his mouth for a taste.

Flickering his tongue against her wetness, feeling around til he found her most sensitive spot. He licked and suckled her. As he brought her closer and closer to orgasm, she squirmed and wiggled under his mouth.

He finally allowed her to explode into orgasm. Her entire body quivered and shook. Her muffled cries were those of pleasure, no longer pain. When she was finished, he removed the handkerchief.

He released her from the handcuffs, pulling her onto his lap in a chair. She was spread wide and he was ready to enter. She lowered herself over him, the head of his solid cock pressing against her.

When he finally pulled her down onto him, she cried out again. Slowly she began to grind herself up and down his cock. He cupped her ass as she bounced in his lap. Faster and faster, harder and harder.

Knowing he wouldn't last much longer, he lifted her off of him. As he spun her around, she realized what he wanted. She back her ass against his stomach and lowered herself onto his hardness.

Again she began to bounce on him, this time her ass shook. He seemed to be enjoying watching her ass bounce. So close to exploding, he gripped her hips. Pulling her entirely onto his cock.

Her boucing had slowed to more of a grinding. She was rubbing her clit as she rocked on him. His policy was to end with a cum shot. He needed to get her off soon or he'd break that.

As she began to cum with him inside her, he pushed her ass up off him. In a swift motion, she was upside down. Her legs were spread in his face and she was breathing on his cock.

He dove into her pussy, dead set on making her cum again. She took that as a cue to do the same for him. She opened her mouth wide and took as much of his cock in as she could.

Rubbing her tongue along the under side of his cock, she heard him moan. Knowing he was close to cumming, she slipped his head in and out of her mouth. Tasting his pre-cum as it dribbled into her mouth.

He munched hard against her bare clit, she quivered in orgasm. Just as she began to tremble, he couldn't hold back his orgasm either. He pressed slightly into her mouth and his cum spilled into her throat.

She gulped as much of his juices as she could, it was the least she could do. After all, he'd made her orgasm quite a few times. When he released her, she went back to the chair, sitting and waiting. He quickly dressed and left the room.

When he returned a short while later, he tossed her clothes at her. "Dress fast, you need to get to your cell."

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Idea interesting but...

Your grammar and spelling mistakes made reading your story almost impossible. I think you have an interesting idea, but you need a lot of work. Proofread...proofread...

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