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It's official! I'm finally home. It has taken 8 long months but I have finally, officially moved. I never thought I'd be moving to South Carolina. For months I had secretly hoped you might even change your mind and move back here. Something weird happened during our time apart though. They say "absence makes the heart grow fonder." They weren't even close. I realized more then ever before how much my family means to me. I hated being away from you and the kids and as the days past I found myself longing for South Carolina and all of you. Home is where the heart is and my heart is there with you.

I have been home for about 5 days now and have gotten settled in. We've had sex a couple of times and it has been great, but limited. The kids have found a way to interrupt us or limit our abilities to be together. We have had our moments but they have been quiet and stolen. We both have longed for the night when we can be free to explore our sexuality fully and just let go and have fun. Tonight is that night. Courtney is spending the night with Marissa and T.J. is spending the night with Alex.

Today we have spent the day grocery shopping, walking the mall and getting the kids off to their friends' houses. It is time to get ready for our night out. I take a shower, shave and get out some nice clothes. I am wearing a pair of gray dress slacks, a white button up dress shirt and a tie. I come to you and grab you by the hips. I pull you lightly to me and very lightly kiss your lips. Our lips linger for several heart beats and a spark ignites between us. I love kissing you. I give you a little slap on the butt as you pull away to get ready. You playfully slap my butt back.

You go in to take a shower and I can't help but notice that you have left the door open a little. I quietly approach the door and peek inside. You have left the shower door open as well. I am sure you have left it open for me but that is so unlike you. I open the door a little more and stand there quietly watching you. You look beautiful. The sight of your naked body is exquisite. I have always loved to see you. You have beauty and the natural curves of your body entice me. I can't wait to be with you.

I watch as you completely immerse yourself in the hot rivulets of water. Your hair hangs wet and I watch as small streams of water begin the journey down your body. Steam rises from your skin indicating the heat of the water and the heat of your body. I watch as you delight in the sensations of the dancing water. My breath stalls with each heartbeat as I watch you.

Opening your shampoo my senses come alive with the smell of Sweet Pea. You know how much that drives me crazy with desire. I watch as you work the shampoo into your hair and slowly, almost sensuously you move your hands through your hair. You are so beautiful.

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You emerge from the bedroom ready for a night out on the town. You are stunning and for a brief moment I know what it is like to live without breath. You have selected a black dress that clings to your body. The dress accentuates every curve and highlights your breasts and behind. It is low cut in the front, highlighting your ample cleavage. Not too low though. Enough to display your breasts to the world and tease, but not reveal yourself. In back the dress tightly cups your butt cheeks. The sensual outline of your magnificent ass drives me crazy. You are wearing black panty hose that make your legs look twice as long and top the whole outfit off with high heels. You almost never wear high heels but these are particularly high. You look like a sexual goddess.

We continue on with the evening and go out to dinner. There is a powerful electricity between the two of us. Every little touch sends shivers through both of our bodies. Tonight is completely about a desire and lust that can only be this strong when you are with the your soul mate. It is like our souls are wanted to connect as one and can only do it through primal sex. The anticipation of our further exploration of each other is a sweet torture to which we both embrace.

All throughout dinner we look into each other's eyes. I rub your arm on top of the table, creating little goose bumps along your smooth skin. I can feel your foot underneath the table rubbing the inside of my leg. You have removed your high heel and the smooth silkiness of your pantyhose allow you to glide up and down my leg with ease. Throughout the evening you get bolder and bolder as your leg moves higher and higher. My shaft is at full mass when your foot finally arrives at its final destination. For several minutes we sit there taking while your foot secretly strokes me. I am going crazy with desire.

"You are driving me crazy! You'd better stop or we'll have to go out to the car so I can fuck you. I can't take it much more. I need some release." You just smile and tell me you'll be right back. You leave to go to the ladies room and I take this opportunity to dance the dance that all men have done many times before. While trying to avoid any on looking eyes I needed to adjust my dick. Like a teenage boy in school with a hard-on, I wiggle my but and try to push it into a more comfortable and less noticeable place.

When you return you have a sly little smile on your face. Sitting down you say, "baby, your right. It isn't fair of me to sit here and get you all hard and not let you get off. But I am having fun tonight and don't want to go home just yet. So here is what I want you to do. Your going to go into the bathroom and jack off for me. I have something special to help you." You reach over and grab my hand. Hidden in your hand is a silky pair of lacy panties. "This is just a sample of what the rest of the outfit I am wearing looks like. I want you to go jack off and bring me the panties back as proof." I'm stunned. I'm shocked. I'm intrigued. I'm off to the bathroom with your panties in my hand.

I am nervous as I walk to the bathroom. While no one made any gestures or comments, It felt like everyone could see my boner and knew what I was going to the bathroom for.


This was probably one of the most embarrassing moments I have ever had and no one else knew anything about it. I settle in to a bathroom stall and immediately let my cock hang free. It feels so good to take it out from the strained material that has held it so tightly. I look at your panties and can see that the crotch is soaking wet. I know now that it isn't just me. You are horny as hell and are ready to be fucked.

I begin stroking myself and imagining all of the things we are going to do to each other. I can smell the musky scent of your arousal. My dick is very hard and thick right now. Small veins can be seen along the shaft and the head is purple with anticipation. I move my hand slowly up and down the shaft, avoiding the head. From time to time I swivel my hand back and forth while continuing to stroke up and down. It feels so good. I imagine I am between your legs and slowly, lovingly sliding my dick in and out of your sweet pussy.

My other hand is squeezing and rubbing my balls. The sensation of your silk panties against my balls is fantastic. So smooth and soft. Occasionally I rub the head and make large circles. I want to make this go on forever but my body has a different idea. After only a couple of minutes I can feel the sensations increase a thousand fold. I know that any second I will feel the sweet release of my orgasm.

Stroking faster, I welcome the release. As my body tenses I begin to cum. I can feel the power and force behind my orgasm as it races through my body. I shoot my load directly into your panties as it mixes with your juices. My whole body is washed over with a feeling of relief and relaxation.

Returning to the table I have a very content look on my face. Now I don't seem to care if anyone else knew of my secret mission. Sitting down across from you I just smile. "You look a lot more relaxed," you say. "Do you have something of mine?" I reach across the table and hand you your panties back. Opening them up you can see that I have clearly shot my spunk into them. "Well, it looks like we are ready to go out on the town. What did you have in mind?" you say.

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I drive like a mad man as we rush to get home. I can't wait to be with you and I can tell that you are eager too. We joke and talk suggestively on the drive home. Once inside the door we begin to kiss and grope each other like a couple of teenagers with raging hormones. I can't get enough of how your feel and smell. Damn you are so sexy.

We are both well beyond any type of foreplay and it is time for sex. "What would you like baby?" I ask. "Do you want to be worshiped and experience bliss on a fantasy level. To be fucked hard like a dirty girl or would you like to connect on an intimate level and make love?" I ask. I can see you thinking about what I have asked.

"What will we do if I choose the fantasy?" you respond.

"I have planned for either evening. If you choose the fantasy night then you will be ravished. If you choose the intimate night you will be loved." I respond.

"So Tiffany, what's it going to be, ravished or intimate?"

If you want ravished turn to Page 13.

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I stand there watching you in anticipation of your next move. You soap up your sponge and begin sensually lathering your body. You start with your right arm, then the left. You soap up your neck, back, breasts, stomach, legs and ass. I watch as the suds dance their way down your body, traveling the crack of your hot ass. You turn so your back is completely to me know and I just stare at that incredible ass. You reach around and rub your cheeks before grabbing them and pulling them apart. As you spread the globes of your ass you puckered little hole comes into view. I watch as suds gather at your cute little love bud before continuing the journey to the drain below.

You turn again and now I am looking at you head on. If you simply look up at the door you would surely see me. You change the shower head to "pulsating massage" and remove it from its holder. Resting your back against the shower wall you push your feet apart along the shower, sliding you ass down the wall a little.

I watch as your right hand moves down to you pussy. You open yourself up and run your finger along the slickness of your lips. Slipping a middle finger inside your love canal, you stroke in and out and then explore your clit. Your legs have fallen completely open now as your hand spreads your pussy lips as far apart as possible. My cock is so hard watching you. You aim the pulsating water at you clit and I see your body jerk with the sudden sensation. I am entranced by the site of the water as it crashes hard on your clit. You gasp with the alternating sensations of the water. It appears that you can hardly endure the intense pleasure of the shower.

I can't hold back any longer and release my cock from the strain it is creating in my pants. I begin stroking my shaft at the demonstration of pure erotic masturbation you are displaying before me. Your hips and ass wiggle wildly after just a few moments of the waters assault on your clit. It is obvious that both you and I are about to climax.

You let the shower head go and begin massaging your nipples. You roll them between your fingers, pulling and pinching them. You slip you hand back down to your pussy and start to finger yourself. I am rubbing my cock with intensity. You gently rub your clit with your other hand. Your middle finger dives deep into your hot snatch and you work feverishly. Breathing hard you cum and cum hard! Your moans drowned out the sounds of the shower. Just then I tense up, eyes close tight, and jets of cum fly through the air onto the floor. I let out a deep grunt of pure bliss. I look up to see you composing yourself and continuing your shower.

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You look so incredible. I can't help but desire you. Watching seems so hot, so right, so dirty. Your exotic dance with the water and suds is more then I can handle. Watching your display makes me crazy with desire. I move away from the door and quickly undress. My cock is throbbing with anticipation of what is to come. Entering the room, your back is to me. I quietly approach you and step into the shower behind you. Your head turns and your eyes quickly find my erections. I move in behind you and nestle my hard member between those sexy ass cheeks I love so much.

My hands reach around and take the sponge from you. I gently move it along your shoulders and then to your breasts. The fullness of your breasts in my hand is titillating. I capture your hard nipples between my fore finger and thumb. Lightly I pinch and rub them until a slight moan is heard.

Your hands reach back and find my manhood. You begin stroking me with soapy hands. Gliding effortlessly, your hands flow over my prick. I take my right hand and travel ever so slowly town your stomach toward your sex. As I reach the top of your pussy, I can feel the top of your clit, hot with anticipation. I rub the length of your pussy for several minutes before allowing my finger to violate your secret spot. You spread your legs and my finger finds its way inside you. I can feel the extreme heat and wetness of your pussy as my finger assaults you. Your breathing becomes very hurried as you begin to moan. Your hand strokes my cock with wild abandon.

I need you now. I can no longer wait. Turning you around I lean your back against the wall. I grab your left leg and raise it in the air. I then guide your ass lower along the wall and position myself between your parted legs. I lower myself just a little and place the head of my cock against your lips. I hold still for a moment and allow my cock head to rub against your wet lips. We both hold our breath in anticipation of what we both know is about to happen.

"Please" is all you say. I then stand up fully and my thick cock spreads your lips apart. You can feel me deep inside you as my girth fills your tight pussy. We hold in the position for what seems like a lifetime before we begin. Still holding your leg I begin to rock our hips together causing my prick to slide in and out with each movement. The water sprays down and trickles over our bodies. The sensations of our bodies send tingles throughout. Right now we feel as one.

Wanting to reach as deep into your pussy as possible I grab your right leg. Pinning you harder against the wall, I pull your right leg up and you are now hanging in the air. Your ass is completely exposed and my cock slides deeper into your wet cunt. You moan your approval.


My cock slides deeper into your hot cunt and you moan in my ear. I now begin rocking in and out of you with complete abandon. With our bodies entwined I sense my approaching orgasm. I don't want this to end so I fight the massive tingling sensations that have begun to form deep within my balls. You too are approaching your orgasm. "Harder! Oh, God please, Harder!" you beg.

As I thrust into you I begin to raise and lower your ass on my dick. With each thrust up I bring your ass down against me. We are now fucking with complete disregard for anything but our mutual pleasure. Your climax hits and you begin to scream. I can feel your pussy muscles contract against my dick, squeezing me tight. While your body spasms with pleasure I begin to cum. I thrust as deep as possible and begin to flood your pussy. Spurt after hot spurt is shot deep inside you.

We both relax and I release your legs. My now limp dick slides out of you. We kiss lightly but with pure passion. You look at me with a sheepish grin and say, "ok, get out. I have to take a shower now." Smiling, I leave you to clean up, again.

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Heading over to the theater we begin the arduous task of picking a movie. I want a comedy, you want a horror. We have completely different tastes in movies. But tonight is about being together and doing things for each other. So we pick a horror movie that you have wanted to see for some time. It is more psychological and not all gore, blood and guts. I know you like these movies so this time I will mutter through.

We get situated toward the back, middle of the theater and relax. The ambient light is just enough for us to see each other while we talk and laugh. There are quite a few people in the theatre. Everyone is spaced out pretty well throughout. The movie begins and is pretty much what I expected. A freaky girl, who has been dead for 27 years, is killing people in horrible ways. This guy and girl, who together couldn't spell cat, come together to figure out what is happening and how to stop it.

I am pretty bored with the movie from the start. Time to entertain myself I think. I begin rubbing my hand along your knee. You tight dress stops a couple of inches above your knee so it is completely vulnerable and exposed to me. I can feel how cold your legs are. "Do you want my jacket to put over your legs?" I ask. "Sure." I drape them over your legs and can't help but smile. This is exactly what I had in mind. My hand continues to massage your knee. Strong circles and a massaging sensation are employed. Slowly, hoping you wouldn't really notice, my hand travels up your thigh. I rub the inside of your thigh lightly. The entire time I am looking at the screen.

My hand continues its journey up your dress, along your smooth thigh until I reach the softest inner flesh of your thighs. You body quivers with the feel of my touch as it glides along your pantyhose. I know that these pantyhose are all that separates me from you tight little pussy. I move my hand over and begin to rub. My hand is meet with a flood of juices and I can feel your swollen pussy lips below the sheer fabric. Rubbing the length of your pussy, your body twitches.

I look around and realize no one can really see what I am doing to you. I continue rubbing and you lay your head down on my shoulder. An outline of my throbbing dick can be seen through my pants. I continue my manipulation of your sex until you bury your face deep in my shoulder and begin to cum. Your body shutters a little and you hold back the sounds of pleasure with little problem. Years of children have taught you that. I continue stroking you until you can't take it any longer. Releasing you from my hand, I allow you to slowly come down from your orgasm while I continue to watch the movie. "I need you inside me" is all you whisper to me. I just grin and continue watching the movie.

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Tonight has been very playful and fun for both of us. We are really enjoying adult time out and about and want to have a little more fun before heading home. "We can go to a strip club if you want," I say jokingly. I know how much you like the idea of a strip club. But tonight you surprise me. "Okay, let's go." I'm certain you are just kidding so I continue to ask you what you want to do. Finally, you look at me and say, "last chance, I will go to a strip club with you if you want."

Without hesitation I turn the car around and head over to a local strip club. I take you to one ran by Hustler magazine. It is upscale, clean and has very attractive dancers.We pay the cover charge, get some ones from the girl at the door and in we go. You hold onto my hand and I can tell from the way you squeeze it that you are terrified. I lead you in and we select a private booth on the side of the club. We had a pretty good view of the stage yet were relatively hidden from most of the club.

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