WestPac Widows


"And I haven't had a chance to eat you for hours yet...." His voice trailed off at the end of the sentence and I felt it in my pussy as if he was already tongue fucking me rather than just exciting me with his dirty talk.

"And then of course, there are the other things. Things I won't tell you about but will keep you guessing over. How's that for starters?"

I responded with a lustful laugh and, in spite of reservations about losing my anal cherry, said, "Sounds incredible lover, when do we start?"

"Right now baby..." he said as he moved down my body and started to slowly kiss and suck my hard clit. Dipping his tongue inside my pussy and tasting his sweet cum and my wanton wetness, running his thumb down the crack of my tight ass, threatening to insert it with pressure, while his wicked tongue continued to lightly tease he added, "unless you're too tired."

"No way! I have never experienced anything like your big thick black cock. I'm hooked on black fucking." And with that I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the incredibly wonderful pleasure of his talented tongue. Secretly intending to continue interracial sex with this irresistibly well hung second black extramarital partner until my husband's expected return certainly seems to prove, "once a white woman goes black, she cannot resist going back!" In spite of my own behavior I couldn't believe Reggie's claim quite a few white wives on the base have secret black lovers. Reggie showed me pictures of interracial couples having sex at Rosa Rita Beach, Baja, Mexico. I didn't believe these were military wives from this base until seeing my co-worker Debbie in several pictures and recognized a woman I'd briefly met at the base Family Services Center in some others.

Reggie noticed I looked at one of the photos of the black man she was with for a long time. Obviously I was staring at the biggest cock I'd ever seen. Chuckling at me staring with my mouth open in disbelief Reggie quipped, "She's the only woman who can handle him. I guess you can see why."

For several days and nights I couldn't help thinking about the pictures and kept wondering how any woman could handle someone as extraordinarily well hung as that black man. Finally I just had to find out whether or not the picture was doctored. I went to the Family Services Center where the woman worked and struck up a conversation with her.

Not only did she know who I was, but also discreetly let me know that she knew that I have already been sexually involved with black men. We went for coffee, and after a while she told me about Derrick, the man in the pictures. She looked at me with an impish smile and said, "My husband's back, but I'm sure Derrick would like to meet you. Do you want me to discreetly introduce the two of you?"

Two days later I pretended to casually sit with Derrick during lunch at the base cafeteria. For the past two days and nights I was obsessed with wanting to see how big his black cock really was for myself. After leaving the base cafeteria I just blurted out, "I heard you are pretty big."

He smiled and said, "It difficult to find a woman that can handle all of me."

That opened up things between us and as soon as the door to my housing unit closed we were passionately kissing and fondling each other. Not too long after entering the house he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. He started undressing me with absolutely no resistance. Then he took off his clothes.

His amazing black cock was not only long, but also very big around. This man's midnight hued meat was so large it really scared me; but at the same time fascinated me. We lay on my bed, fondling each other while talking for more than an hour. Finally, I was so turned on, wet, and curious I got up enough nerve to let him try entering me with his he black cock. That first afternoon together I could only take part of him. Over the next month and a half with persistence and definite pain, he was finally able to get all of his enormous ebony cock inside my hot wet white cunt. That first time he finally got his entire ebony enormity inside of my pussy, he just stayed deep in my married white pussy without moving. Derrick gently whispered, "You did it. How does it feel?" In spite of the excruciating pain at my cervix, I half-teasingly answered, "Does this mean from now on I'll never be satisfied by any smaller cock?"

Equally half-joking Derrick retorted, "Maybe you didn't know it, but the real reason white guys don't like us is, 'Once their wives have had black, they don't want to go back."

Seeing the pain registering in my eyes and on my face, he whispered in my ear encouraging me to relax. Derrick added, "This is called 'resizing,' Just relax and let it happen."

Derrick just stayed there not moving, looking at me, praising me with terms of endearment encouraging me to relax even more. Finally due to his tenderness and patience I was able to relax and gradually the pain kind of went away. Already tuned into me he started the most gentle out and in movements and said, "I'm going to do this until I come."

I kept looking into his sensual brown eyes, wondering how long he would gently fuck me until his approaching climax made him forget his promise and how much being pummeled by such a huge cock would hurt. His humongous black cock was solidly against the top of my vaginal sheath and when he climaxed I distinctly felt the pulses of cum at the opening of my vulva. Apparently I've got a large cervical cavity and of course never felt anything like that with any other man.

It took a couple more weeks of gentle sexual intercourse before I was ready for really hot, passionate sex. When we finally got to that point, it was most definitely a feeling of accomplishment. One night at Rosa Rita Beach I overheard a white guy ask Derrick, "Can she take all of it?"

I thought Derrick might slug the guy. Instead Derrick said, and it wasn't in a whisper, "Every bit, and almost every night!" I was ecstatic to hear Derrick was proud we were a couple.

The white guy didn't believe it, and so later in the night he asked to dance with me. Derrick had no objections. When a man is that well hung he obviously isn't worried about some white guy stealing his woman.

On the dance floor the white guy began with some awkward small talk. Before the music finished he said, "I've seen photos of that guy you are with, and, I don't care what he says, no woman can handle someone like that."

After all the pain I went though, that really pissed me off. With an edge in my voice I declared, "He gets it all in, every bit of it. What do you want, pictures?"

He looked at me, and sort of smiled in obvious disbelief, which pissed me off even more.

Derrick had been bugging me to take some sexually explicit pictures of us together. He repeatedly said my husband would never see them. I finally gave in and he set up his camera with a self-timer. We kept changing poses while the shutter clicked away especially concentrating on full penetration. He always wanted me to look like I was really enjoying our hot black on white fucking which was absolutely no problem.

When I saw the pictures, I couldn't believe that large of a black cock could fit into my little white cunt. It was not until I saw our photos that I realized how very black and very white and how erotic our difference looked together. The images were scary to look at, as well as a turn-on. After reviewing twice all the photos of our wild time together I whispered in his ear, "Take me to the bedroom." I carefully hid the couple I asked for with my black dildo in the back of my closet.

Walking around the base I noticed some black and white guys gawking at me in disbelief. With their eyes focused on my pelvis it's not hard figuring out what they are thinking. At first I was ashamed.

After finally approaching the Director of the base Family Services Center and beating around the bush with her for a while she pulled out the photos of her and Derrick at Rosa Rita Beach. Of course I didn't tell her I had seen them before. Unaware she said, "I've seen your photos, so it's only fair that you see mine."

She paused for a moment before warning me, "I better tell you this, just in case. A guy that was really pissed at my husband sent a photo of Derrick and me to him. I looked at it and tossed it aside and said, 'It was obviously fake; no man is that big. Fortunately he agreed adding, 'I sort of figured. Evidently doctored photography enables guys to create this kind of porno. And besides, it doesn't even look like your body."

Having more in common than most people on this base might suspect the Family Services Center Director further confided, "Some of the women have tried sex with Derrick, but were unable to handle him. When I set you up with him, I didn't think I would have to share the honors."

We looked at each other and burst out laughing. Suddenly the point of her conversation dawned on me. I couldn't resist asking the obvious question, "You mean photos of Derrick and me are going around?" After the recent gawking from both black and white sailors, I knew she was wrong when Lynn quietly confided, "Only among the few white wives on the base who have secret black sexual partners." Carefully making sure we weren't overheard Lynn exclaimed, "You certainly have earned your membership into our inner circle!"

Even though Lynn and Derrick secretly resumed their extramarital affair as soon as her husband deployed, I met him a couple times for coffee. But since I wasn't going to be lonely any more we just talked. After willingly fucking three progressively bigger black cocks over the past few months I really needed to let my vaginal sheath resize back before my husband's return.

Now I knew not only is there sex with someone you love, but also a woman's vaginal elasticity made resizing to black cocks incomparably pleasurable. My husband's five-year tour of sea duty meant deploying once more to the Western Pacific. No longer deluding myself into adhering to martial monogamy reinforced my belief in, "blondes who go black have more fun!"

Throughout my thirties and forties good genes and regular workouts kept my body sexy enough to attract secret black lovers after each frustrating hiatus during my husband's two-year shore tours. During my husband's sea tour deployments I either seduced new equally discreet or exchanged mutually familiar well-hung black extramarital lovers with a select few military wives. Twenty years of arduous sea duty evidently took a heavy toll as my husband suddenly passed away two years after retiring.

A year later I couldn't resist an ecstatic smile upon conclusively proving, "once a white woman goes black, she'll always go back" is not a trite cliché. Being intrigued by persistence enabled me to discover a handsome colleague secretly passed for white so successfully for so long I almost rejected his overtures along with every other Caucasian's. Finding a wonderfully well-hung black soul mate undoubtedly must be attributed to all those wonderful years within our secret inner circle of West Pac Widows.

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