tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWet Miranda Gets Shaved

Wet Miranda Gets Shaved

byWet Miranda©

Being a total tease sometimes can get me in trouble. Sometimes I get guys so turned on with my innuendo and dirty talking that they expect me to put my money where my mouth is. One night I was hanging out in the basement of my friend Jim's house, and we were having a party. Usually there are a few other women around besides me, but for some reason this small get together contained almost all guys. Sarah had some kind of lame excuse about having to work the next morning, and Jen was with her boyfriend doing who knows what. Cindy wasn't up to partying that particular night, and Becky was home in Orlando for the weekend.

Sometimes Jim's parties are pretty big, with up to 100 people, but this wasn't really a party; it was just a group of twelve including myself. We were hanging out in the basement of Jim's nice Miami Beach condo, and doing all kinds of things. Two guys were playing darts, Jim was kicking my ass at pool, and the rest of the guys were milling around the room drinking bottles of Corona and mixing unusual concoctions with Jim's expensive liquor. I perched my Amaretto sour on the edge of the pool table and sunk the cue ball right into the middle pocket, missing the ball I was aiming for by a good 3 inches.

Jim and I have known each other for years, and though we have never been sexually intimate, we are very close friends who can talk about anything with each other. He is dating a knockout blonde named Selena. She has enormous natural breasts, and a very petite frame that she keeps in great shape. Jim had just started dating her a few weeks ago, and although I did not know her very well, Jim supplied me with the most intimate details that he probably should not have shared. While we were playing the game, Jim had been telling me about her.

"Hey Miranda, did I mention that she shaves down there?"

This was an example of him telling me information about his new girlfriend that I had no right to know about. Choosing to shave is a very private decision that should be one's own secret unless they choose to share it, and I doubted that Selena would have wanted to share that detail with me. She was very shy about stuff like that. But she wasn't here, and Jim knew I would keep my mouth shut. What was I going to say if I saw her at dinner sometime, anyway; "Hey Selena, Jim says you shave your pussy! Can you pass the salt please?"

"Jim, that is a woman's private choice, and you shouldn't blab it to everyone. It's O.K. to tell me this stuff, but don't go telling all your friends, that isn't nice."

"Oh, too late."

"Why, how many of the guys at the party have you told?"

"Never mind. Let's keep playing; I'm going to sink the 8-ball in the left corner pocket now, Miranda."

"O.K., then let's sit down for awhile." I said.

He beat me in two more moves, and we sat on his nice black leather couch together. For some reason the topic of his girlfriend's pussy was intriguing me, and I asked Jim more about it.

"Did Selena always have it shaved, or is this something recent?" I asked Jim.

"Well, she said she never did before. Actually, she shaved it at my request, and she likes it so much she is going to keep it that way. If you want to no the truth, she let me help her shave the first time. It was really exciting, and she was so turned on afterwards that she couldn't keep her hands off of me. It is much easier for me to eat her out without all that hair."

"I've never shaved down there before. I keep it neatly trimmed sometimes, but have never shaved it all off."

"Yes, Miranda, I know all about your short red bush." He laughed. Jim had seen my pussy many times. We had been to nude beaches together, and also I had been naked doing many dares that he and our friend Sarah had egged me on to do.

"This is kind of embarrassing, Jim, but it is not short at all now, I haven't trimmed it for ages and it is very bushy. I can't even wear a skimpy bikini to the beach; I really have to trim it soon."

"Why don't you shave all of it off?"

"I have considered it; I just haven't ever gotten around to it. The time was never right. It takes a long time to shave it all off, and I just haven't ever done it. If I ever do it really, I want to do it properly, and leave not a single hair standing. I want to go totally bare, not do a half-assed job of it."

I hadn't been paying attention, but about three of the guys at the party were within earshot of this very intimate conversation Jim and I were having.

"I couldn't help but overhearing you talking about shaving your pussy, Miranda." Jim's friend Mark informed me. "That sounds fucking awesome. I saw you running around naked on the beach last month, and as hot as that was, seeing you with a bald pussy would have been even hotter."

I blushed. I had almost forgotten that about half of the people at this party had seen me stark naked when I had walked around the beach nude last month. It had been on a dare from Jim and our friend Sarah. I had stripped off all of my clothing and walked all the way across the beach naked. This was a regular public beach, not a nude beach, and I had caused quite a scene.

"Well, Mark, I have considered shaving down there, as you just heard. I might just do that some time in the future."

"Miranda, why don't you do it right now? Most of us here have already seen you nude, and I can tell you right now, you would make everyone's night if we could all watch you do it."

"Mark, what the fuck, do you really think I would do that in public?"

"Well, I doubt it. But if you did it would be the coolest fucking thing everyone here has ever seen. If anyone would do something so bold it would be you, Miranda; I figured it couldn't hurt to ask."

"Listen, Mark. If I ever really shave my pussy, I will do it in private. You are totally nuts if you think I would ever do something as private as that in front of an audience." I told him angrily.

"Well, O.K. It can't hurt to ask." He responded.

I was not sure how the topic of conversation had turned to me shaving my pussy, but soon I noticed that a bunch of guys were looking at me with lust in there eyes. Jim held my hand and said "Don't mind them. They are all looking for a cheap thrill, and since they saw you on the beach they all have the hots for you. I know that shaving your pussy for a crowd is way over the line, and that you would never really do that, Miranda."

There is one thing that you should know about me. When someone tells me I could never do something, in my mind I take that as a challenge, and feel compelled to prove that person wrong.

"Oh, you think I would never do something so bold, Jim?" I questioned him.

"Of course not. I'm sorry that Mark and the guys overheard us. I know that you would never ever really do that."

Gus, another guy at the party, overheard us talking.

"Hey, Miranda, I heard you might shave your pussy."

"What the fuck, does everyone here know about this?" I asked him.

"Miranda, I have to tell you, if you ever were to really do that, let someone watch. My girlfriend shaved hers a year ago, but she wouldn't let me watch her do it. It was so hot to see her all bare after she shaved, but I really wanted to watch the process. If I could ever witness a girl shaving her pussy it would make my year. I would…Oh never mind."

I was intrigued by what he almost said. "You would what, Gus?"

"Really, I'm sorry I brought the subject up. Would you like another beer, Miranda?"

"Yes I would, Gus. But you have to complete your thought. What would you do?"

"Nothing. Would you like a Corona or a Bud Light?"

"A Corona, of course, duh. But what were you going to say, Gus?"

"Um…I can't."

"Gus, you just practically invited me to shave my pussy while you watch, the least you can do is satisfy my curiosity about what you would do."

"O.K. I can't believe I am even telling you this. If I could have watched my girlfriend shave her pussy I would have jacked off and come so hard. You might not know this, but most males find shaved pussies so hot, but no one I know has ever seen a woman actually doing it."

Now I was getting a bit turned on myself. If I hadn't been drinking Amaretto sours and Coronas all night I would not have said what I said next.

"So you all think it would be the hottest thing you've ever seen to watch me shave down there." I said a bit too loudly, only intending for Gus, Mark and Jim to hear.

"Hell yeah!" a guy I had never met yelled out.

"Do it, Miranda!" another guy screamed.

I hadn't meant to tease all the guys so much, and I still had no intention of doing this in front of them all.

"O.K., I can tell you all want me to shave my pussy. But I can't do it in front of a crowd; that would be too much. I'll tell you what, I'll let Jim see, and he will tell you all about it."

"C'mon, Miranda, let us all watch. We won't tell anyone, and it will make our night." Gus said.

"Really, guys. Do you think I am going to shave my pussy for a crowd? Are you all insane?"

"Yes, we are. And so are you, Miranda!" Mark said while touching my arm.

Now I was intrigued. I really was curious about how it would feel to shave down there, and it totally turned me on to know that a big group of guys was so interested in seeing the process. What I said next came out of nowhere. I don't know what made me even consider doing it in front of everyone, but I told the crowd I would do it.

"O.K. I can see you all won't leave me alone unless I agree to do it. I'll do it, but I will need some supplies. If I am provided with what I need to do this properly, I will make your night and shave my pussy right here on the floor for you all to see. I will need a package of Gillette Venus razors. Not just one blade, but a four pack. I will also need some fresh washcloths. Not used ones, but some brand new ones. And I will need a brand new electric shaver to get started. My bush is pretty hairy right now, and I can't just start shaving away with a razor until some of it is cleared. Finally I need some manicure scissors. And to repeat myself, every thing must be brand new, not used, or I won't even consider doing this."

I had every intention of following through with this act, because I knew full well that there was no way that Jim had all of these items in his house. What I didn't count on was a 24 hour Wal-Mart 10 minutes away. Jim said he would go get everything I needed right away.

There I was, the only women in the basement, with at least twenty horny guys expecting to see me shave my bush for them. I never knew how I got myself into situations like this, but once I did I always followed through. It felt very awkward having everyone look at me. They all knew what I was going to do soon. I went into a corner and drank my Corona by myself.

Jim came back way too soon. He had absolutely everything on my list.

"O.K., Miranda. I even got you a new towel." He told me. He laid out a big fluffy red towel on the floor, along with the Venus razors, the washcloth, the scissors, and the electric shaver. I felt totally on the spot now, with all eyes on me. I took a deep breath.

"I can't believe I am even considering doing this. Usually I don't do stuff like this unless someone bets me to or dares me to. I mean, really, what is in it for me?" I asked the group.

"The satisfaction of making twenty guys almost come in their pant?" Someone yelled to me. Good enough, now I knew why I was actually doing this. I absolutely LOVE turning men on with my body. I never knew that watching a woman shave was such a common fantasy, but evidently it was, and everyone was staring at me eagerly.

"All right, I guess there is no point in beating around the bush, pun intended." I told the crowd. "I can't believe I am really doing this. O.K., here goes nothing."

I unsnapped the button on my jeans. Then I unzipped the fly and pulled the jeans off. I let them drop to the floor. I felt a moment of hesitation about losing my panties. If I was just getting naked for the group, it wouldn't have fazed me; but I had promised to let them all watch me shave my pussy, and that made my knees weak. I stood there for a minute in just my panties and t-shirt. They all looked at me in anticipation. I felt like a lamb in a crowd of hungry wolves. I closed my eyes. My panties were white with red roses on the front and back. I slipped my fingers into the sides, and slowly slid my panties down to the floor and stepped out of them. I was now bottomless, with twenty men staring at my crotch. I felt embarrassed because I had let my bush grow so long. It was out of control, long red hairs all over my crotch from my pussy lips to my thighs. I wished I had at least trimmed myself down there first.

I lay myself down on the brand new towel, and asked Jim to hand me the electric razor and a battery. I had to trim myself before I could shave myself. I put the battery in the brand new electric razor and turned it on. It made a buzzing noise. It felt very loud, because the room was dead silent. The guys were salivating, eager to witness this very intimate performance. I shaved all of the long hairs, making a big mess on the towel. My long red pubic hairs went flying all over my bare stomach and legs. I made Jim get me the washcloth and then I wiped off the hairs.

Now I was partially bare. My red bush was still a bit out of control, and I asked for the scissors next. Jim gave me the small silver manicure scissors. I spread my legs and trimmed the hairs even shorter. Snip, snip, snip. I looked down between my legs and saw the pubic hairs get shorter and shorter. It took me at least ten minutes to complete this stage. When I felt I had cut enough, I put the scissors back into the black leather case that they had come in, and asked Jim to pass me the Gillette Venus razor. He quickly passed the razor to me. I realized that I needed some water and shaving cream.

Gus quickly got me a bowl of hot water and a brand new tube of shaving cream. It was Clinique for Men, and I knew I was in for a treat. I had been afraid he was going to come out with a rusty old can of Barbasol. I squirt a big dollop of the rich silky shaving cream into the palm of my hand. I spread the shaving cream all around my pussy and lathered it up. I dipped the brand new razor into the bowl of hot water, and began the process of shaving the hairs all off. Scrape, scrape, scrape. The hairs got shorter and shorter before my eyes. I had to spread my legs really wide to get to some of the stray hairs. All eyes were on my pussy. The guys looked at me, barely able to contain their lust. I saw that a few of the guys had buried there hand into their pants. Good. That is why I do things like this, I thought. It made me feel so good inside to know that my daring acts of exhibitionism made guys need to touch their cocks. I hoped they all would get so stiff that they couldn't even walk!

My eyes lit up when I wiped away the shaving cream and saw how bare my pussy was becoming. There were still way to many stray red curly hairs for my taste, however, and I changed blades. I put some more shaving cream onto my pussy and shaved some more. Some areas were completely bald and some areas had too many stray hairs. I did this all very slowly, terrified of cutting myself. I dipped the razor into the bowl of water very often, and many times I demanded a new bowl of hot water. Guys brought me new bowls of hot water very quickly when I asked.

Wiping away the hairs for the third time, I stood up and looked down between my legs. Everyone applauded me. Evidently they were all very impressed. But I was not satisfied. There were still some small patches of short hair on my thighs and close to my red pussy lips. As hard as I had tried, I could not get them all off, even after all that shaving.

"Good job, Miranda!" Mark praised me. All of the guys looked right at my semi-bare pussy after I stood up.

"I'm glad you all approve, but I am not quite finished. I promised you all that I would shave myself bare, and I am not satisfied with the job I did. Maybe you don't notice, but I still have hairs everywhere. I plan on doing this right." I told everyone.

I went into the bathroom and closed the door. It was a very small bathroom in the basement. It had a toilet, a sink, and a shower stall. I took off my t-shirt and bra and went into the shower. I closed the glass door of the shower and stood under the spout. I turned on the water. It was freezing at first, causing goose pimples to pop up all over my bare skin. After a few minutes, I got the water blazing hot. I soaped up my body really good. I had been smart enough to bring a razor and shaving cream into the shower, and I shaved myself even more under the hot stream of water. I made sure to shave my legs really good so they would look as bare as my pubic area, and I also shaved under my arms. When I was satisfied, I put down the razor and let the jet of hot water wash all the stray hairs off of my body. The steam helped to soften my skin for the final stage of the shaving process.

After finishing the shower, I was about to put my bra and shirt back on when I realized that there was no point in getting dressed. The guys had already seen me bottomless, and it felt strange to consider putting on a top after my steamy shower. I dried off my body and walked out of the shower completely nude. The guys all applauded again when I strolled into the basement naked.

I lay down on the towel again, and spread my legs. I knew that my pussy was almost bare, and that they were all looking between my legs at the red lips of my naked pussy. I loved the feeling of being looked at. I always get turned on having men look at me naked, and I suppose that is why I agreed to do something as crazy as shaving for a big group of people. I got out yet another new razor blade and shaved away until I was almost completely bare. I began to get frustrated because there were some hairs I couldn't quite reach. Mostly they were around my anus, and it felt strange to leave those hairs there when almost all of the other ones were shaved off already.

I asked Jim to help me out. He took the blade and very carefully got rid of the hairs around my anus. I felt more exposed than I had felt all night, because this area was REALLY intimate, and everyone had gathered around my feet to look at the shaving process up close. Two guys I had never met held my feet apart as far as they could while Jim shaved me even more. It took at least ten more minutes before he announced that he was done. He wiped my bare pussy with the washcloth and handed me a small mirror to check his work.

I held the mirror at an angle so I could inspect the work. My goal had been to shave my pussy completely bald, and I looked very closely, making sure that the job was done. I did not see a single hair. I put my hands right on my pussy lips, and although they felt almost completely smooth, I felt a tiny bit of stubble. I made Jim go over his work yet again with the last of the new razors. He shaved and shaved, dipping the razor into the bowl of hot water over and over until I finally felt satisfied. I then made him rub aftershave onto the newly bare area between my legs, and it tingled. Finally I wiped the area clean with the washcloth, and I was satisfied that the job was complete.

I stood up, and began to put my panties back on, when I guy named Ian told me that he wanted to feel it... Although I had let Jim touch me down there, I didn't know if I could handle everyone else touching my pussy also. Reluctantly, I lay down again and let him touch my bare pussy.

Naively I had expected everyone else to be content just to watch, but now that I had let Ian feel the handiwork, everyone else expected to also. I walked over to the black leather couch, and resigned myself to the fact that everyone else wanted to touch me. I closed my eyes and spread my legs, while the guys all took turns touching me one by one.

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