tagLesbian SexWhat a Way to Unwind...! Ch. 02

What a Way to Unwind...! Ch. 02


I began to caress my body slowly with the vibrator; it’s humming sounding fairly loud in the otherwise silent room. I did my best to tease myself with it, wanting to be as hot and horny as possible when Emily returned, which I knew wouldn’t be long. I held the vibe vertically so the tip just touched my nipples – the sensations seemed to work down through my whole body – so much so that for a moment I was tempted to plunge it deep into my pussy and fuck myself with it until I came.

Instead, I managed to regain my composure and moved it to my neck, a sensitive part of me at the best of times, and now even more it seemed after my adventures with Emily. I gasped softly and my left hand slid down my body to my pussy…I didn’t dare touch my clit, fearing that it would push me over the edge, so I just stroked my wet slit for a while before bringing my hand to my mouth and tasting myself slowly. I seemed to be unconsciously putting on a show, reveling in the new heights that my sensuality had reached this evening.

I was maneuvering the vibrator on to my pussy when the door opened and Emily walked in holding a bottle of wine and two fresh glasses. She nudged the door closed with her bottom and set the drink down on the dressing table. She moved to the foot of the bed and watched me slowly pushing the vibe in and out of my wet pussy.

“Having fun I see.” She smiled, licking her lips. “I’m glad that you like my toys.”

I pushed it deep into my pussy and then moved my hands up to my breasts, kneading them gently and pinching my nipples. “Would you like to take over?” I replied, smiling as her eyes seemed to light up. She pulled the t-shirt over her head and wriggled out of the jeans, casting them to one side.

She took a couple of steps nearer and reached for the buzzing toy. She began to work it in and out of me in that same skilful, confident way, twisting it around inside me as well as pumping it. I cried out softly and raised my hips up, silently begging for more. She continued for a few minutes, occasionally bending over to flick her tongue over my hot clit. Then, she abruptly stopped and withdrew the vibrator. I moaned in protest at the loss. In response, Emily climbed on to the bed and crawled up over my body with her head bent, licking my torso as she went, pausing for a moment to suck on each nipple.

As our faces came level I raised my head slightly and kissed her hard, pushing my tongue deep into her warm mouth, tasting a delicious combination of wine and both our juices. I reached for her wonderful breasts, cupping then squeezing them until she moaned and her whole body keened towards me. I moved my right down over her back until I reached her backside, which I then stroked and squeezed, dipping my hand between her legs in the process, and feeling her wet opening.

“There’s one toy that I haven’t tried out yet,” Emily whispered between kisses. “Would you like us to give it a go?”

“Definitely,” I smiled, finally moving my hands away and paying attention to what she was saying.

Emily reached to one side and picked up one of the toys I’d put there earlier. She moved off of me and then held her hand up so that I could see.

“I’d always wondered what it would be like to use one.” She said. “That is, if you don’t mind…?” She trailed off, looking a little uncertain. It was a very appealing look. I grinned and reached out and stroked the toy.

“Let’s go.”

She had fixed the harness in the blink of an eye – she had obviously practiced ready for when she got the opportunity to try it, and I was on the bed, trembling in anticipation. I had often wondered about strap on dildos, but found that now I was actually looking at one for real, it didn’t seem at all intimidating, or even odd. In fact, I couldn’t wait to be fucked by Emily, and even told her so.

“And I can’t wait to fuck you.”

She climbed on to the bed and kissed me, the end of the dildo pressing into my stomach, like a real cock. Unable to wait any longer, I shifted on to all fours, and wiggled my bottom invitingly. I felt Emily’s hands around my waist, and the tip of the strap on at the entrance to my pussy. It nudged at my wet opening, and then pushed in…

I welcomed the feeling and moaned out loud, trying to push back to take more of it’s length, but Emily moved with me, caressing my body all the while. She began to move her hips back and forth slowly but forcefully, driving the dildo in and out of my hot pussy.

“Do you like it?” she asked me, her voice a murmur of desire, never once breaking her rhythm.

“Oh God yessssss…” I stretched my head back as I spoke, surprised at how such a small movement seemed almost to change the angle of the dildo inside me – something I had never noticed when I’d been with men.

Seemingly growing in confidence, Emily began to move more quickly, holding my waist tighter as she thrust. As the pleasure began to consume me, I lifted my left hand and began to rub at my clit, hardly believing that I was being fucked by such a beautiful woman, and wanting to please her in any way that I could. I lowered my head into the pillow, intensifying the angle that Emily was driving into me, and knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. I continued to massage my clit as I spoke.

“Fuuuck… mmmmm… gonna cum soooon…”

For a moment I was concerned that Emily might withdraw, but I needn’t have worried – she kept right on pumping, even reaching underneath me to play with my tits, pulling on my nipples, sending delicious little shocks of pain straight to my clit, or so it seemed.

“Go on… cum. I want to fuck you as you cum…cover this cock with your juices… want you to cum hard…”

Those words were all it took and I finally let myself go, moaning loudly as I came, feeling my juices flow more than I ever thought possible. I slammed myself back on to the dildo taking it’s full nine inches, being stretched so far and yet loving every minute. The feeling washed over me again and again, a relentless crescendo of pleasure. Every time it seemed that my orgasm had reached its peak it would soar higher. I could hear Emily behind me making small moans and sighs of delight as she stroked her hands over my back and bottom.

Eventually, her movements slowed and she withdrew the toy from my dripping channel. Far from feeling exhausted, I was exhilarated and wanted to give Emily as much pleasure as she had given me. I touched the harness and smiled, looking right into her sparkling brown eyes.

“I want a go. I want to fuck you. Right now I could spend the rest of my life between those beautiful, sexy thighs of yours…”

She made no reply but undid the harness and helped me put it on. It felt a little strange, but I couldn’t wait to make Emily cum as hard as I had. She had shifted position on the bed and had got on to all fours. She giggled and looked back at me cheekily over her shoulder. I bent my head and licked along her wet slit making her moan and push back towards me. Then I moved into place and began to gently push the dildo in… I met no resistance; and watched, fascinated as her pussy contracted around the toy.

I started to move my hips back and forth slowly, squeezing and kneading her buttocks as she moaned for me to fuck her faster. I smiled to myself, liking having this little bit of power, and so I kept my movements slow but made the inward thrusts more forceful. I reached forwards underneath her and began to play with her breasts, pinching her nipples and pulling on them, listening to her breathing as it became shallower.

“Play with yourself while I’m fucking you,” I said, my hands roaming all over her body. Then I stilled them on her hips and continued to thrust fairly slowly.

“Fuck me faster… please… faster…” Emily moaned, and I decided I’d teased her enough, and speeded up my movements until I was fucking her hard and fast. The sight of all nine inches of the toy slipping so easily in and out of her glistening pink pussy was an incredible turn on, and made me feel as though I might cum again myself just from watching. Leaving my right hand on her waist to enable me to keep up the rhythm of my fucking her, I stroked my other hand up her body and caressed her neck, loving the frenzied high-pitched moan that it elicited from her.

“Go on baby… I want to see you cum you sexy little bitch. Keep rubbing your clit, harder… cum for me…”

I held her hips tighter as I drove the dildo into her pussy. I could see her getting closer and closer to the edge, until she slipped over. Arching her back inwards she moaned loudly…

“Ohhh… mmm… I’m cumminnng… don’t stop… more, give me mooore…”

I responded to her pleas and continued to fuck the beautiful writhing blonde beneath me, telling her how sexy she looked as she came, how I wanted to fuck her all night…

She slowly came down from the peak, and I withdrew the toy from her gently. She rolled over, raised herself up on to her knees, and undid the harness. She held the dildo up in front of her face; it shined with our juices. Emily slowly licked it from base to tip, paused, and smiled at me.

“Tastes good…” I watched her begin to lick it again, and before she had got half way I did the same, tasting the delicious combination of both our desires.

We methodically cleaned the toy between us, running our tongues all around it, occasionally entwining them in a kiss. When the job was finished I found I was still overcome with lust and reached for Emily again.

I guided her back down on to the bed, and took her left nipple very gently between my teeth, teasing it with my tongue, feeling it harden inside my mouth. I sucked on it harder, then turned my attention to the other, repeating the process.

I licked my way down her body and unable to hold back, began to completely devour her wonderful pussy. I spread her outer lips wide with my fingers and flicked my tongue over her clit, then took it all into my mouth and sucked on it hard. Emily quivered beneath me, her hands tangling into my hair as she pushed my face into her mound.

Not missing a beat, I trailed my left hand down to my own pussy and began to rub furiously at my clit – I had found that pleasing a woman, especially in this way, was a huge turn on for me, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. The hotter I got, the harder I worked on Emily. Very soon, I moaned into her pussy as I felt myself cumming, and then I was suddenly aware of a greater amount of her juices in my mouth – she had cum again too, and I felt an enormous amount of satisfaction that it was down to me…

As we lay a little later on, gently fingering each other and indulging in deep, delicious kisses Emily, out of the blue, said,

“You know what I’ve always fantasised about? I’ve always wanted to be put over someone’s knee and spanked.”

I leant up on one arm and smiled knowingly down at the gorgeous lithe woman next to me.

“Mmm, really?” That was all I said on the matter, and pulled her into another deep kiss as I slid a finger into her pussy. She gasped then moaned in pleasure as she knew that we were going to start all over again…

I hadn’t completely ignored her statement; I was just thinking that we could perhaps save it for another time…

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