tagLoving WivesWhat a Week Ch. 02 of 03

What a Week Ch. 02 of 03


This story is split into three chapters as it describes three separate events that I was lucky enough to be a part of. The first two do also contain some mild male bisexual activities during mmf 3sum sex and if you are bigoted enough to be outraged by this please do not read any more and get offended. This is the second of the three chapters. The last chapter describes an orgy that I was invited to. I do not have the imagination to make things up and this is an absolutely true account of what happened that week and was written to remind me of how good life can be.

Two days later, probably my best friends invited me around for dinner. I had met Tina and Peter a few years ago at a swinger's party and we hit it off and became friends. They knew I was leaving the UK for good in the next few days and this was to be a last Goodbye get-together.

Tina and Peter are one of life's beautiful couples. Although they are both enthusiastic swingers they are still very much in love after at least 18 years of marriage and three almost grown up children. They have an open marriage and each can (and does) have sexual partners and in Peter's case has an almost full time mistress who is at ease in their house and there is genuinely no friction.

I love meeting them both and Peter has an almost insatiable appetite for sex and is also fully bisexual. Sex between men was something that never interested me and if I am to be totally honest, slightly turned me off. I had met my swinging partner Debs, again at another swinger's party, and, as we shared an unusual fetish, we became partners so I could satisfy her urges. However another thing that really turned her on was watching male male sex. She wanted to see me being orally pleasured by a man and when it happened she went into a sexual frenzy. From my point of view, it honestly did not feel any different from a female fellating me, and if I had been blindfolded I would be unaware that it was a man pleasuring me. Sex, as we enjoyed it, was all about giving and receiving sexual pleasure and if we enjoyed something we would try it again, and I have to say I enjoyed the blow job I was receiving, so was happy to try it again. Mind you, if we didn't enjoy it, we would also try it again just to make sure! Soon, of course she wanted to see me suck a cock and it was not a huge step to take, to give pleasure to someone else. I soon became comfortable with male erect members when playing with groups of people on a bed and it actually increased my own enjoyment. Whenever Debs was fucked by someone new, she would always want me to hold his shaft and with my other hand, open her pussy, and then insert her new lover into her. She found this highly erotic and it cemented the trust we shared together.

It meant that I also enjoyed mmf 3sums. The common male fantasy is to share a bed with two females, but men are not designed to satisfy two women at once. Furthermore, post orgasm, we men usually need some time to recuperate, so again having only one man will slow things down somewhat. However, women can absolutely satisfy two men at once. Everyone can be fully engaged in the action and no one has to feel left out at any point. Also, if one of the men does orgasm, it means that play can continue between the other two while he recovers. In most mmf 3sums, there is no male to male play. There is no need as both men can be fully satisfied at all times by the woman and also fully satisfy her. Even in these situations, most men go out of their way to avoid touching or being touched by the other erection. This restriction only slightly curtails what can be done but it does stop some wonderful activities. When Debs and I had a 3sum, she loved to feel both of us inside her. She was not a great fan of anal sex and said I was too thick and it hurt, but she loved two cocks in her pussy. If men are "frightened" of other men then this sublime act is not possible. Not only are both cocks touching each other, they are being squeezed together and rub up and down together. I feel that a man who denies himself this awesome pleasure is probably frightened of his own sexuality and maybe scared that he will like it too much!

The 3sums with Tina and Peter had none of these restrictions. Tina also loves to watch male male sex and I am beginning to believe that women can be just as "visual" as men, and love to watch and see erotic acts.

Their kids were all out when I turned up. I had brought a couple of bottles of white wine for dinner and as I walked in a delicious smell wafted through the house. Tina gave me a kiss and led me into the kitchen, where Peter was sitting. The invitation was for dinner, but I knew also that we were going to have sex later, and as old friends we greeted each other without any awkwardness. We are all very comfortable with each other.

Dinner was a triumph. It set the mood of relaxed contentment and the conversation was easy going. Toward the end of the meal Tina leant across and squeezed my arm and said "Would you do me a favour?"

"Of course", I answered. "Anything."

"Well" she said, "Peter is going to take our friend Dee to a Toga party on Saturday, and I wonder if you could take me."

Some questions are purely hypothetical. Is the Pope catholic? And this was another! It was, in other words, "Will you take me to a swinger's party and fuck me and fuck others on Saturday?"

I chuckled and said" I would be delighted and I am happy to be vetted tonight to see if I measure up."

Tina replied "Oh, I know you will measure up."

With dinner over, I helped clear away things and we made our way into the lounge with the last of the wine.

"I am going to miss you when you have gone" said Tina. "Tonight I want to have something to remember you by."

"My pleasure" I replied, "Tonight is your night and I am happy to give you whatever you want."

"Ummm" she said. "Let's get undressed".

We all moved together, and with measured caresses and stroking we started to disrobe each other. As I eased Tina's blouse over her head, Peter started to unbuckle my trousers. Both Tina and Peter are in their 40's. Tina has short blond hair, is not that tall, and a slim figure with beautiful breasts. She is curvy in all the right places and her skin is flawless. In my opinion it is her eyes and smile that are her best features and her personality shines out when she is happy. I just loved being with her.

Peter is tall, just over 6ft, and is slim with a swimmers physique. Quite how he manages this I don't know as he enjoys his drinks and the only real exercise he does is sex! He is one of life's lucky people.

Peter removed my trousers and I caressed Tina's breasts. He stood up and standing in front of Tina, he reached behind her to unclasp her bra, and I knelt to undo Peter's trousers while Tina undid the buttons on his shirt. As Tina removed Peter's shirt, he removed her bra and both Peter and I moved to caress and suckle Tina's breasts. She groaned softly and with a hand behind each of our heads she pushed our greedy mouths further onto her nipples.

I next stood back and removed my T shirt and now both Peter and I were only in our boxers, while Tina had her skirt on. Both Peter and I knelt in front of Tina and as Peter gently pulled her skirt down, I hooked my fingers in Tina's G string and eased that off too. We were both grinning broadly as we took in her unashamed beauty.

Standing naked before us Tina said "Will you undress each other and let me watch you in a 69?"

Peter and I readily agreed, as Tina does get massively turned on by watching and so we lay down on our sides on the deep pile rug in front of the fireplace. We were both fully erect which was not surprising having a beautiful naked woman next to us and Tina eased our boxers off.

We are very different men. Peter is very hairy, with a mass of curls covering his chest and groin (Think the early James Bond). His erection is only slightly smaller than mine and is thinner, but it does get absolutely solid. In contrast I have few hairs and keep my pubic hair almost shaven. I love the extra stimulation I get when penetrating a shaven woman by having our skin touching without the barrier of pubic hair.

Tina stood over us, she was watching intently as we each reached for each other and we both leant forward and started to suck each other. Tina started to moan with desire and I could hear her fingering herself as she rubbed her clit.

"OH don't stop" she said, "I will be right back" and she darted out of the room. Returning moments later she had a camera and a dildo.

"These are for memories" she said indicating the camera, "and this is for me" indicating the dildo.

She knelt next to her husband's head and took a photo of him with my cock in his mouth. She urged him on as she snapped more, and he started to play up to the camera, gripping me and holding me up as he licked my shaft and balls.

She then came round to my end and took more photos of me fellating her husband and I could feel her desire increase. She dropped the camera and started to insert the dildo into her. She moved it inside her and she started to fuck herself with it, all the time urging us on.

Her yearning for a real cock must have increased as she returned to be near Peter and she leant forward to kiss him as he had my cock in his mouth. He moved slightly and extracted me a little and he kissed his wife with my rampant erection between them. I just love the sensation of two mouths on my cock and this was awesome. They took it in turns sucking and licking me and I felt myself being passed back and forth.

Tina then moved to come round to my end. She did the same thing, kissing me and we kissed each other with her husband's cock between our lips. This seemed such an intimate act and it gave so much pleasure to all of us. Her soft lips caressed mine as we forced our mouths together, but her husband's erection between us only allowed our lips to touch, our tongues still working on Peter's cock.

After a while Peter stopped and suggested that Tina join us on the rug as he wanted to see if this display had worked and turned her on.

"See for yourself" Tina said and she sat next to us and laid back and lewdly spread her legs. The dildo had been discarded but Tina's sex is just so desirable.

"What do you think of that cunt?" Peter asked me with a smile.

"I think it looks beautiful, I love the trimmed look and it is very wet. It looks empty" I teased as we discussed her pussy as though Tina was not there.

"I agree" said Peter, "but I think she needs two cocks in there."

Tina shuddered at the thought and started to rub herself, and Peter suggested test to see if Tina was really ready. He got Tina to lie down on her back and he drew her legs up to expose his wife to me, and asked me to get between her legs. As I scooted up, my erection was hard and pointing upwards and Peter leant across Tina and gripped my cock and rubbed my head up and down her slit. It was obvious Tina was soaking wet and my cock was soon coated in her juices. Peter continued to massage me into and around Tina's pussy and she got progressively wetter and wetter and then Peter eased me into his wife's willing pussy. He continued to feel Tina as I moved inside her and moved to kiss her. She threw her arms around his neck and they kissed with real love and affection, as I was fucking her.

Peter then suggested that I lie on my back and so I withdrew from Tina and lay down. He then got Tina to straddle me, but facing away from me. This is a classic porn position as it allows the viewer to see everything and in a way this was Peter's intention. As Tina moved in to position over my cock, he held me up and inserted me into his wife for the second time. It is an experience that all men crave, being sheathed by a woman, and we all know how almost all rational thought goes out of the window as we feel that stimulus of warmth, wetness, softness, tightness and a host of other stimuli that my limited vocabulary cannot express. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, on this world that compares and gives so must unabashed pleasure as this feeling of penetration.

Tina lowered herself onto me fully in one movement and then lay back so her back was on my chest. I savoured this ultimate of sensations, feeling her grip my erection with her internal muscles and just revelling being inside this wonderful woman. We lay still enjoying the moment, banking the memories so that we could replay them in our minds later.

Peter was obviously watching our union. He moved in close and I felt him open my legs as he lay down on the floor and then I felt his tongue. He started at the base of my cock and he licked upwards to Tina's pussy and onwards to her clit and I in turn felt her internal muscles spasm as he flicked his tongue around her hood. He then repeated it, again and again. I loved the feeling but as most of me was buried deep inside Tina, it was not too physically stimulating and would not bring me to an orgasm. No, what I loved was the mental stimulation this act was doing for me. Here was a loving husband giving me to his wife, and being part of that, and giving his wife freedom to explore and enjoy the delights of her own body.

Tina would have known that her husband was licking my cock as he moved up to lick her, and I am sure that was part of his plan, to let her picture in her mind what was happening between her legs. It worked as Tina started to become more animated. I remained still but each time Peter licked up my shaft, he spent a little more time on Tina. I imagined him to be licking in circles around her hood. Perhaps spreading her with his thumb and forefinger there to reveal that nub more clearly, and then applying suction to it, trying to draw it into his mouth, before returning to the start at the base of my cock.

I was in a state of bliss and totally content to remain inert. I was hard and kept hard by imagining what was going on and by the constant contraction of Tina's muscles. Peter kept on and on. Up my shaft to lick our coupling and onto her clit and as he began to spend more and more time there, Tina's breathing got deeper and heavier and she started to try to thrust down more on my cock. I could feel Tina reaching an orgasm, and for me this is when I find it most difficult to control my erection. There is no more powerful trigger than a woman reaching orgasm and Tina's movement on my cock, and her moans soon had me climbing higher and I responded.

I started to tell Tina I wanted to cum in her and I started to thrust up to meet her. Peter now concentrated on Tina's clit, and she grabbed Peter's head and forced him closer to her. She got louder and louder and then she came and it was beautiful to feel. I cannot take any credit for it, as it was all Peter's work, but I was a beneficiary of his actions as, as I felt Tina orgasm and her pussy walls clamp around me, I came with a shudder and started to pump my spunk into Tina.

We lay still in that state of post orgasm euphoria and I felt Peter move down to Tina's opening. As I softened I felt some dribbles of cum leaking down my shaft, and then Peter licked me cleaning me and I could feel him trying to lick inside her hole. As I further softened and fell out of Tina, Peter held me and sucked me clean and then started to lick Tina. I remained where I was and could feel him devouring her, and we both knew he was cleaning my cum from inside her. Tina started to respond and started to shout at him to eat my cum. This was raw dirty sex and they were both very turned on by what was happening and then, almost without warning, Tina came again.

Peter, of course, was the only one who had not cum and after we disentangled ourselves Tina shyly asked me if I would do something for her. I said I would and she said, "Will you let Peter cum in your mouth while I watch up close?"

I suppose I am fully bisexual but this is not something I do often, mainly because we men much prefer to cum in a woman's pussy. I am not one to deny a pretty woman however, so Peter sat on the edge of the sofa, while I got between his legs. Tina leant on one of his legs and got in close to see all the details.

I held Peter and started to lick his balls and up his shaft. His whole cock was covered in precum as he must have been leaking continuously for a while. As I licked upwards, I paid attention to the ridge under his crown and Tina leant in to watch she was close enough that if she had stuck her tongue out, our tongues would have touched. I could feel her warm breath on my cheek and I then pulled Peters cock down and inserted him into my mouth.

It is an unusual feeling for a man to perform this act and against all of society's (i.e. men's!) norms, but once you get over that, it is just a sexual act that gives pleasure. By doing this I was pleasing both Peter and Tina and she loved watching. Peter felt hard in my mouth, but it was not the hardness for say a dildo. It was real flesh and blood and so there was the softness of skin and I concentrated on feeling the ridges of his cock as I took him in deep. I now know why some women love sucking a cock. I was also deriving a huge amount of pleasure from this and I wanted to please Peter and repay him for what he had just done for me. There is also a strange feeling of power you have over a man in this position and women know this. The man is totally helpless as he is being fellated. All he can think of is the pleasure he is receiving and his brain cannot cope with any other information. The house could fall down around him, but he would take no notice, all he can focus on is what is happening between his legs.

I licked and sucked him for a while, putting on a show for Tina, letting her see in close up how I was licking his crown as it was in my mouth and I could see that this was indeed something that Tina wanted to watch.

Tina then reached round under Peter's leg and pushed them apart a little more. She moved her hand up his leg until her fingers found his balls which although swollen were drawn up close, and then a probing digit found his anus. Peter let out a long moan as she worked her forefinger round and around and then she pushed against his reluctant sphincter.

"Oh fuck yes" he said and started to buck up and down. I started to use my hands on him rather than my mouth. I masturbated him, wanking him up and down, while just covering his crown with my mouth and licking the underside of his crown with my tongue. I could feel him cumming. Men are just so obvious when they approach orgasm. His erection got even harder and swelled up more. His balls contracted up close to the base of his cock and his scrotum was tight. He got hotter and he started to jerk. Tina knew all the signs too, and got really close to my mouth. She was watching intently as she massaged his prostate and I wanted her to see that moment when the first rope of cum exploded out of his cock into my mouth.

An unintelligible shout escaped from Peter and I stopped moving. I knew he was at that blissful point of orgasm and that I need do nothing more until it hit. I opened my mouth wide and held Peter's cock in the middle and looked at Tina. She was gazing intently at my mouth and at the tip of his cock, and then I felt him pulse. His cock jumped in my grip and I felt his cum being forced up his cock and then it exploded into my waiting mouth. Tina let out a wail and went glassy eyed as she saw her husband orgasm into my mouth and then I closed my mouth tightly around his crown and sucked hard and I pumped his cock with my hand to draw more of his seed out. Peter thrashed about for a bit as he came and I swallowed his cum as it flowed out of him. People often say it tastes bitter or salty, but I don't think so. If anything it probably tastes like a raw egg and it is pretty tasteless, but I have no moral objection to doing this and it certainly gave Peter, and in this case, Tina, a huge amount of pleasure.

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