A Friend For Life


Ryan increased his tempo until he could feel his balls slapping against her ass. Her grunts got louder with each thrust. He could feel the taunt muscles of her legs as his hand slid down to grip her better. Gritting his teeth, he tried to hold back the surge already beginning. It rocketed down the shaft of his cock and began shooting deep into her. He lost control of his hips as his entire body tightened up. As the last jet of semen filled her, he got control of his body again. He picked up the where he left off, his cock forcefully slamming into her.

A minute after he'd cum, she did. Letting out and deep and loud guttural moan while pulling at her nipple. He watched her breast stretch upwards. Her hips seem to rise with them and then she began to shake. He felt his cock being gripped tightly and then a new level of wet heat wrapped around it. When the undulating twitches subsided, he pulled back and slid out of her. A bit of his semen followed his cock out.

Reaching over, he grabbed his underwear and caught it before it dropped on the sofa. He was patting gently at her pussy when her hand tussled his hear. Looking up, she was smiling at him. Her face was flush. In fact, her entire body seemed to be. His smile back at her was a bit shy.

Leaning closer, she kissed him. Her tongue was slow and lazy as it toyed with his. "You were absolutely wonderful, Ryan."

"I think it was all you. I should have told you earlier how beautiful you are. It was kind of hard to concentrate. You were amazing."

Emily tugged at her lower lip as she smiled at his compliment. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him tight. Her hand was petting the back of his head and her lips were kissing his ear.

"Thank you, Ryan. I didn't realize how much I need that. I'm sorry we didn't do this the right way. You're first time shouldn't have been like this. We'll do better tomorrow."


"Uh-huh. Miranda has to leave at ten. She won't be back until eight o'clock. You're going to spend the day in my bed unless you have other plans."

"No plans." Ryan said quickly.

Her body shook with quiet laugher. She stilled and gripped him tighter for a moment with her head resting on his shoulder.

"We need to get dressed, honey."

Ryan slid his jeans and shirt on while never letting his eyes leave Mrs. Tan. She noticed and made sure to move slowly, a smile permanently fixed to her face. When she was dressed, she dabbed at the cushion with his underwear and shook her head.

"Hopefully it won't stain." She turned and gave him a playful look. "Do we have a deal? You and Miranda?"

"Yes, of course. Was I good enough for her?"

"I think you'd figure it out on your own, but luckily for both of us, you don't have to. Tomorrow we'll work through how to let a girl enjoy her first time. A woman has to be either really turned on or really comfortable with the man to have an orgasm. Our brains get in the way sometimes. She might not cum as easily as I did. I don't know why this was so exciting for me. I guess we'll find out if it was a fluke, tomorrow. Now, I need you to go home and take a shower as soon as you get there."


"Because Miranda is going to spend the night with you. You're Mom is still working nights, right?"

"Yea. Seven to two. I only see her a little bit after school. She's got Tuesdays and Wednesdays off."

Okay. That'll work fine. There'll be no sex tonight. I want you two to get used to the idea. You're going to tell her how beautiful you think she is and you're going to kiss her. Hopefully, quite a bit."

"How do you know she'll want me?"

"Because I know my daughter. And I saw how she looked at you at dinner. She seems to be desperate to lose her virginity. If she was going to just throw it away on a prick like Jason, she's beyond being talked down. While you take your shower and wash the smell of me off of you, I'll talk to her and tell her it's okay. We'll be over in about a half-hour. Now, get lost."

Ryan grabbed the underwear she held up to him and leaned down to kiss her when she pointed at her lips. She slapped his ass lightly as he was walking away. When her got home, he jumped in the shower and washed up as fast as he could. He even shaved. His beard was more like a few hairs over his lip and his chin. It looked terrible whenever he grew it out to see if it had gotten any better. He was still in shock when he wiped his face clean of shaving cream.

He had lost his virginity. And to a beautiful woman who actually wanted to have sex with him again. Maybe she did. Maybe it was just to help her daughter. He'd even help her with two orgasms. Her fingers seemed to have done a lot of the work. The image of her tugging at her nipples and rubbing her clit caused his cock to rise. He smiled broadly at his reflection. He was going to spend all day tomorrow having sex. After taking another turn around his room to make sure everything was clean, he was sitting on the couch in a pair of soccer shorts and a T-shirt when the doorbell rang. Ryan opened the door to find Mrs. Tan standing beside her daughter. Miranda seemed smaller than normal. Her body was tucked into an insecure ball while she held a small backpack in front of her. Mrs. Tan had to nudge her forward. She didn't even look up as she passed Ryan. After stripping out of her jacket and boots, she stood next to the wall with her head down. She was wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of pink pajama bottoms.

Mrs. Tan's voice caused him to turn and look at her. "Remember, no sex. You two are going to do this right. Romance is what I want from both of you. You two are dating now. You're curfew is gone as long as you're with Ryan and he promises to keep you safe."

"Yes, ma'am."

With that, Mrs. Tan turned and walked back down the path leading away from the house. Ryan watched her for a bit and the closed the door. Miranda was still standing with her head down.

"I think your Mom's lost it."

"It didn't stop you from having sex with her." Her head came up just enough for her eyes to find him from under her lashes.

Ryan's mouth dropped open. "She told you?"

"No. She denied it at first. I came down stairs when I thought you'd left. I heard you in the office."

"I'm sorry. I...she was kissing me and it kind of got out of hand. Do you hate me?"

"I don't know. She told me you were afraid to have sex because you wanted to be good at it. That she was practice for me. In a twisted way, that's sweet."

Ryan stepped closer and took her backpack. She didn't flinch or slap him when he reached down and took her hand. Her palm was sweaty. He couldn't blame her, so was his. She followed along as he led her through the house to his bedroom.

"I didn't know you were a virgin." She said as he dropped her backpack on a chair. She sat down on the edge of his bed with her hands tucked underneath her. "I heard you'd hooked up with Becky and Julie a few times at parties."

"They just made out with me. I guess I'm their default pair of lips when they're drunk. It never went very far. When they're sober, they ignore me."

"I've thought about you. About you being my first. I gave up on you." She smiled a shy smile up at him as he stood looking at her. "I didn't think you thought of me like that."

"I really didn't. You're a friend. I've always known you. I mean I noticed you. How beautiful you are and everything. It's just. I care about you. I didn't really know how much until I heard Jason talking about you. I never really had time to think of you like that. Romantically, I mean. I'm not really the most proactive guy in the world."

"Mom told me I'd have to tell you what to do." She scooted back on the bed until her head was on a pillow. Patting the place next to her, she smiled. He her cheeks darkened. "Come kiss me."

Ryan looked at the clock and saw that it was nine thirty. "I'll lock up first."

He turned and did a quick tour of the house and went to the bathroom. When he returned, she was under the covers and her sweatshirt and pajama bottoms were on the floor. All he could see was the soft curved features of her face. Her eyes had the same almond shape as her mother. Her skin was a slightly more exotic golden brown. His heart was racing when he turned off the lights and slipped out of his shirt.

When he was under the covers, he slowly scooched closer until he hand ran into her arm. She lay perfectly still. Her arms at her side, her face staring up at the ceiling. The only movement he could detect was her chest as it rose and fell. His fingers moved up her arm and then worked up her neck to her chin. He couldn't see too well, yet. All he could see was her darkened outline.

"Are you going to help me at all?"

"No. Your best friend is a pig and you just had sex with my Mom. I'm not going to help you at all."

"He's not a friend anymore. I guess that makes you my best friend."

"Then kiss your best friend, idiot."

Her tone was playfully teasing. It allowed Ryan to relax enough to slide closer until he was pressed to her side. Her closest arm came up and slid under him as he leaned on an elbow. He felt her fingers tickle up his back. The sensation sent a shiver through him all the way to his cock. As gentle as he could, his fingers explored her face. Running up her jaw line and then over her full lips. Leaning down, he licked his lips right before he kissed her.

Miranda's lips formed to his. They were fuller than her mothers were. He felt them quiver and then slowly relax as he placed tiny innocent kisses across them. When his tongue came out to tease, her mouth opened for him. He felt her pull against him and realized her other hand had found his back. Lifting his knee, he slid it over her leg and found her legs opening wider.

"It's okay. I want you on top of me."

Ryan obeyed instantly, his cock nestling perfectly against her. He kept most of his weight off of her as their bodies began to grind against one another. Her tongue slid between his lips. Moving with more confidence and hunger. For the next forty-five minutes only sighs and the soft sounds of two people kissing could be heard. They went from soft and slow to frenzied before they settled back down to a tender cadence.

He had his fingers tangled in her curls when he pulled his lips away. "How far did you let Jason go?"

It took her awhile to speak. When she did, it sounded like she was ashamed. "We did this a lot. He felt me up a few times, until I'd stop him. He was always a bit rough and demanding. Always trying to guilt me into doing more and more."

"You never fell for his lines?"

"No. I am a four-point student. I really did know what he was, I just thought...I don't really know what I thought. He wanted me. I guess I thought that was enough."

"Well, I want you. But I won't pressure you. Would it be okay if we went out on a date?"

"We don't have to."

"Yes we do. I'm supposed to be all romantic and seductive."

Miranda laughed up at him. "Good luck with that, Romeo."

"Shut up. It's not my fault I'm a moron. I'm a guy."

"I know you're a guy." She wiggled her hips into his erection. "I can feel you. Can I see it?"

Ryan let out a nervous laugh. "It does sort of belong to you."

Sliding out of bed, Ryan walked over to his desk and turned on a small lamp. It was enough to light the room in a dim yellow glow. Miranda was propped up on her elbows staring at him. Her lips were pulled into her mouth as she tried to suppress a smile. With only a slight hesitation, Ryan pushed down his shorts and stepped out of them. He watched her head tip sideways and her eyes twinkle as she blushed. Ryan realized she was more embarrassed than he was. It gave him a bit of confidence.

She swallowed hard when he walked back to the bed and stood beside it. "Can I see you?"

Miranda let out a ragged breath and nodded. Pulling back the covers, she crawled towards him and then raised up on her knees. They were roughly the same height now. His eyes found two erect nipples poking out from her pink tank top. She had a similar colored pair of panties. Her hands went straight up in the air. After about ten seconds of staring at her, her rolled his eyes. He was an idiot. Reaching out, he pulled up the thin tank top and tossed let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were larger than her mothers and turned up and out slightly. The areolas were a nice dark brown.

"Do you like them?"

"Yes." Ryan nodded and looked up to see her eyes exploring his face. "They're perfect. You're perfect."

"Can I leave my panties on? I'm not...I want you to see me, but I'm..."

"It's okay." Ryan stopped her.

He walked to the desk and turned out the light. She hadn't moved when he returned, so he reached out and wrapped his arms around her. Her head fell to his shoulder as she returned the hug. He could feel her breasts press against him. Her nipples taught. With just a bit of pressure, his nails moved up and down her back. He smiled when she sighed and raised her head to kiss him.

They moved back under the covers to continue for another hour as his hands played across her skin. She didn't stop his hand when he explored one breast and then the other.

"Are you wet?" He whispered into her neck. The answer was obvious to him. Ryan could feel her damp panties pressing against him. Whenever his head dipped below the covers, he nose was filled with the aroma of her arousal.


"Can I help you? Orgasm, I mean. I want to make you feel good."

"I've never orgasmed in front of a boy."

"Your Mom had me lick her. I don't know if I was very good, but she orgasmed. I could do that if you want."

"You ate out my Mom? Oh, not what I want to picture in my head." She said as she let out a huffing laugh into her hands.

"Sorry. I'll do anything you want, Miranda. I'll even leave if you need me to."

"You mean masturbate? You want me to masturbate in your bed?"

"Sure. You'd be the first girl to ever cum in my bed. I'd put a plaque up with your name on it."

"Shut up." She pinched him hard enough to make him yelp. "Are you really serious? You would be okay with it?"

"Yes." Ryan kissed her shoulder.

"Roll on your back." She instructed as she pushed him off of her and quickly rolled on top of him. Straddling him with her legs.

He felt her tense up when his bare cock came in contact with her panties. The heat from her made him suck in his breath. She rose up slightly with her hands on either side of his body. Miranda began to grind her pelvis against him. Ryan could feel her lips flattening through the thin fabric. Her hair tickled his chest as she slid up and down his cock. Hot blasts of air spread out across his skin, as her breathing became ragged. She faltered when Ryan reached up and began to caress her back. She resumed grinding into him when his fingers slid over her toned little ass and squeezed.

It took her three minutes to finally find release. Ryan felt her legs tighten their grip around him as she let out a loud heavy sigh. She slid off of him and rested her head on his chest.

"Thank you." She whispered.

"I didn't really do anything."

"Yes you did. Just being here and taking so much time kissing me helped. I trust you, Ryan. You're going to be my first."

"You were planning on Valentines Day, weren't you?"

"Mom told you?"


"I just want to get it behind me. The not knowing what it's like and everything, it's driving me crazy. All my friends have done it. I just thought I needed to do it."

She crawled over him and disappeared with her backpack in her hand. Five minutes later, she was curled up against him. Her phone went off at eight in the morning. They'd barely moved in the night. Content to be a tangle of limbs. Her head came up to show a smile when her thigh brushed against his hard-on.

"Good morning."

"Morning." Ryan squeezed her before closing his eyes and relaxing back into the pillow.

"I have to go." Miranda said as she worked her way out of his arms.


"Do I need to sneak out?"

"No. Mom will be dead to the world. She uses a sleep mask and ear plugs. I have to set off a nuke to get her up sometimes."

Ryan slipped out of bed and into his shorts. He made a beeline to the bathroom to pee and brush his teeth. When he opened the door, Miranda was dressed and waiting for her turn. He walked her home and was ushered into the house by a smiling Mrs. Tan.

"Morning you two. Is my daughter's hymen still intact?"

Ryan looked at Miranda in panic as they both blushed.

"Mom." Miranda shot her a glare and shook her head. "I kept my panties on the whole time. And no, I don't have a hymen. You already know that."

Mrs. Tan had to stop Ryan as he turned and was heading out the door as quickly as he could. She grabbed hold of him. "Oh, no. You stay. You're going to help me fix breakfast while Miranda gets ready to leave."

A little frightened, Ryan followed along behind Mrs. Tan into the kitchen. He watched her ass wiggle in the tight fitting silk robe. It barely covered it at all and was so sheer her areolas could be seen through the red fabric. She pulled a carton of eggs out of the refrigerator and handed them to him.

"We're fixing French toast. Want anything else with it?"

"No. That's fine. Thank you, Mrs. Tan."

She leveled her gaze on him and wiggled her finger for him to come closer. "We've had sex, Ryan. You're supposed to call me Emily. Everytime time you call me ma'am or Mrs. Tan, you have to kiss me. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am." Ryan smiled and nodded. "Anything else Mrs. Tan?"

"Oh, we're frisky this morning."

She raised up on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck. Ryan bent down and kissed her. He shouldn't have been surprised by the aggressiveness of her tongue, but was.

"Pick me up. I won't break."

Ryan's arms engulfed her and lifted her off the ground. He felt her legs encircle him. Dropping a hand to her ass, he turned and put her on the counter. Her lips never left his as her tongue worked him over and lured his into her mouth. After a minute, she pulled his head away with her fingers in his hair.

"Good morning, Mr. Walker."

"Good morning, Emily."

She hopped down and started preparing breakfast as Ryan assisted.

"So, what did you two do last night?"

"I thought one of the rules was never kiss and tell. You broke that one, by the way."

"Sorry." Emily laughed as she started beating the eggs into a lather. "Kind of hard to deny it when she listened to the whole thing. I was louder than I thought. Now, I'm her mother and need to know what my baby is doing. Spill it."

"We kissed and talked. Apparently, she wants me to be her first."

"Yea. I already knew that. She was dating Jason to stay close to you. It confused the crap out of her when it made you drift away. What was that about?"

"I couldn't stand seeing them together. I know Jason. I don't know. I didn't like what that made her for liking him."

"You mean a crazy teenage girl full of hormones and anxiety. It's par for the course. God knows I choose a few losers in my day. What else did you do?"

Ryan looked over his shoulder to see if Miranda was anywhere around. "We made out, she asked me to undress, and then she sort of orgasmed."

"Sort of? I'm not sure there's such a thing. She either did or she didn't. I thought I told you no sex."

"We didn't. Her panties stayed on like she said. She got on top and grinded into me until she came." He shrugged and gave her an apologetic smile. "She was wet. Soaking, actually. I offered to leave the room for her to masturbate, but she wanted me to lie under her."

"Did she help you out?"

"No. You took care of me. I'm kind of used to walking around hard all the time."

"Teenage boys. Yea, I remember them." She patted him on the arm. "We'll take care of that, later. Did you tell her you loved her?"

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