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What Do You Want To Do This Weekend


First off this is just a fantasy so if you don't like stories of wives having sex with several men during an evening don't read it. Also, since it's a fantasy don't send me an email hoping that I get a STD and die.....get a life for yourself instead.

T and I have been married for several years now, and for both of us it's a second marriage. She is works hard to stay in shape and for a Gramma with teenage grandkids I think she looks really great.

One of the best things about second marriages is that you don't have all the quiet expectations and unspoken rules that often come with a first, younger marriage. This way you know up front what the person is like and what you want to do, or don't want to do.

We spend a good amount of time joking around and teasing each other and since we no longer have kids at home it can often get to a point where there's lots of teasing and joking around on just about every sexual topic you can imagine.

However last weekend it went to a completely different level.

As often happens on a Thursday night T asked me "what do you want to do this weekend?" This is a question we've asked each other hundreds of times and a question that often has had a sexual response. In fact my response to her question was one I've given many times before. I said "I'd like to watch you get fucked by a group of young studs."

The difference this time was she said "ok". Just ok, nothing else; no questions or teasing back with "in your dreams" or "keep wishing" or "not a chance" she just said OK. I told her not to tease me like that and then I really was in shock when she said she wasn't teasing and if I could make it happen she'd do it this weekend, not next week or next month, but by Saturday night.

Now the joking and teasing was gone and some serious conversation started. Like I said I've told her that I'd like to see her get fucked by other men many times, often times in a joke like had just happened, but we've also had serious conversations about it at other times.

I asked why she'd changed her mind and all she could say was that it sounded fun and I caught her at the right time with my response. Now, to work out the details and I had less than 48 hours. Could I do it?

We discussed how many could be involved? I suggested 5 or 6 and she countered with 2-3. Finally she decided that physically she couldn't handle more than 3 guys, not counting me, so we settled on that number. She thought 4 men was more than enough to wear her out, especially if some would cum two times.

What could they do to her? Other than the obvious words, "fuck her," which got us into this conversation. She thought she could give at least 3 blow jobs and take one or maybe two up the ass if they weren't real large. I really wanted her covered with other men's cum so she agreed to take a facial from as many of them as wanted cum on her face.

WHO?? That was the biggest question to answer. We talked longest about this question and even tossed several names back and forth. She didn't want anyone from her work involved or to even know about it. She also gave a list of husbands that she wouldn't do anything that might hurt their marriage, and nobody from the neighborhood that she would have to see almost everyday, and no strangers picked up at a bar! This was really cutting down my list of possible choices a great deal.

Finally she agreed that it should be someone that we knew but didn't socialize with as a couple. Even then she preferred it be someone that was not married, but wouldn't keep that as a rule. And, I was to remember that I said "to see her get fucked by a group of YOUNG studs," and not some old farts. Otherwise why bother with it at all?

I didn't do very well at work on Friday as I was busy trying to figure out who to call and invite over on Saturday to fuck T, and also the anticipation of what was really going to happen was driving me crazy. My first call was to the son of a former neighbor of T when she was married to her previous husband. She'd thought that more than once she'd caught him as he spied on her through the bedroom window as she was changing clothes. Since he was now in his mid 20's he fit the requirements perfectly.

The most difficult part was tracking him down, but finally I got his phone number from T's former husband. I called Shawn and explained who I was and after a few minutes I finally got him to admit that he had watched T change clothes many more times than the couple times he'd been caught. He admitted that she was his masturbation fantasy through high school. I invited him over on Saturday night and once I told him what was planned he readily agreed.

Next I called in Jason. We worked in another area of the building and several times I had seen him watching T when she stopped in to visit me. I wasn't sure how old he was but knew that he was out of high school for 3-4 years. He'd also had an opportunity to see a bit more of T than anyone else I worked with as we'd run into him by accident one time when she was wearing an almost sheer blouse that was unbuttoned to her navel. I know that he's gotten a clear view of both her tits before she managed to pull her shirt together.

When I asked he said to count him in as he'd love to see more of T's tits and even get a chance to enjoy them, and the rest of her body. That was two, now where do I find a third? I wasn't having any luck reaching people and as I was on the way home just happened to see a young man walking down the street that we'd both known several years ago. We met him at church while doing the planning for our wedding, and he'd even come to the wedding as an usher to help us out.

I pulled over and was a bit surprised at how Andy had changed. Of course he was taller and had grown up but he'd also added several piercings and tattoos along the way. Even so he remembered us and he was eager to hear about what we were up to.

When he asked how "auntie T" was doing and what she was up to I thought I might as well just put it all out so I told him that was the reason I stopped to say hello. I'm looking for a few young guys to fuck T on Saturday night and that I still had one spot left. He looked like he was in shock when I asked if he'd like to take that last spot. After lots of stammering and sputtering he finally managed to get out the word yes.

I explained what was happening, and why we were doing this on Saturday and about all he could say was that he always thought we were too conservative when we knew him before, and that he would never have thought that there was another side to us like this.

After that I went home and filled T in with all the details of who, when and what did she want to happen, and how should I help control the evening? We continued the discussion all the way though dinner, a hot tub and on into the bedroom. I shaved her pussy so it would be nice and smooth for the boys and we practiced using her pussy, ass and mouth as a cock surround. I must say that she was ready!

The next night arrived (after a very long day) and as we had decided T was going to be totally nude and she would meet everyone at the front door.

Jason showed up first, about 10 minutes early and took a seat on the couch. While we waited for the others to show up T got us a couple of drinks and carried on a conversation as if she was fully dressed. The other 2 boys showed up at the same time, right on time, and they looked quite surprised to have T meet them at the door while she was naked.

T made sure that everyone had a drink and gave everyone a chance to append a few minutes to get acquainted. This was one of the "elephant in the room" situations, only this time it was a nude lady in the room. Obviously everyone knew that T was naked and they had been staring at her quite intently, but nobody said a word about it.

We discussed the evening and what could happen and what wouldn't happen, the ground rules that T had expressed as we had planned the evening. Everyone seemed ok with the expectations. So I finally just said "you won't be able to fuck T if you keep your clothes on" and almost in an instant all three stood up and started to pull of their clothing. In about 10 seconds all three were naked and T was pleased that her nudity had caused all their cocks to stand at attention.

All of them thought they'd be able to go more than once, and Andy offered that he could keep it hard as long as T was willing to use his cock. Andy's cock was a bit longer and thinner than the others and I knew that eventually it would find it's way up T's ass.

T sat down on the foot stool and motioned for them to surround her. She took turns sucking one cock and then another as she pivoted around on the stool.

T was able to suck Jason's cock in all the way to his balls as he had an average 6 inch cock. Andy's cock was too long for her and she couldn't get it all in without gagging too much. Shawn's cock wasn't too long, but it was big enough around that she had difficulty swallowing it all.

She keep going back and forth between the cocks spending a minute or two on each one. First Jason, then Andy and then Shawn, and then she'd start all over again sucking, licking and slurping their cock into her mouth and rubbing them all over her face. When she was on her fourth round of sucking their cocks Andy said "oh god" and couldn't hold it any longer. T took the first spurt into her mouth and swallowed it down but then pulled his cock back and let him continue to cum on her face.

The sight of her face covered with Andy's cum was quite amazing. I don't think I've ever shot such a large load of cum as he's just let go. T turned to Shawn and almost as soon as she wrapped her cum covered lips around his cock he also let go. This time T kept her mouth wrapped around his cock and kept pumping him with her hand as hard and fast as she could. I know she only does this when she's really turned on and as Shawn kept cumming T kept pumping his cock and swallowing his cum.

After Shawn stopped cumming T turned back to Jason and quickly swallowed in his cock all the way and held it that way for several seconds. After a couple of times he pulled back and held his cock above her face as he grabbed her hand as she held his cock and he pumped her hand on his cock and soon added his cum to Andy's. T's face was now almost completely covered with cum and quite a bit had dripped off her chin onto her tits.

When Andy pulled away we all stopped to enjoy the sight of T sitting on the foot stool covered in cum. She had wiped out her eyes so she could look around at us while the cum slowly moved down her cheeks and dripped off onto her tits. Andy asked if she'd rub the cum on her body so she rubbed the cum off her face and down her body much like she would do with some type of body lotion. She spent a lot of time rubbing the cum onto her tits and when Jason reached down to help she held his hand and moved it over her body to cover herself with cum.

She moved his hand down to her pussy and when he started to rub her clit and massage her pussy she leaned back onto the chair and spread her legs. He quickly got a couple of fingers inside her pussy and then the other guys jumped up to help out. T was just laying back with her legs spread wide open as they took turns fingering her pussy and playing with her clit. She later said it was quite the experience to have several hand touching her at the same time.

It didn't take long before they weren't just taking turns but they were all sliding fingers into her pussy at the same time. I knew that she would cum soon and told them to keep it up but that someone needed to get in her ass to make her really cum hard. I passed them some lube and told Andy to get a couple of fingers in her ass. Once she had one guy fingering her ass and the other two playing with her pussy she couldn't hold out any longer and puller her legs up and squeezed them all hard as she had an orgasm.

We all sat down and waited a couple minutes for T to recover. I noticed that all 3 of the boys were either already hard, or still hard, so I knew that T would have a chance to service them all again.

After she sat up she asked if she should wash up but everyone wanted her to say as she was. I must admit that all of the boys were very nice and respectful to her. They could have been calling her an old whore, slut, cocksucker and several other things but none of them did. We discussed it later and she thought that some name calling and nasty language might have added to the night. Maybe next time; if there is one.

Finally I mentioned that the purpose of the night was for T to get fucked by some young guys and that hadn't happened yet. All 3 agreed that they were ready, and after some discussion about "sloppy seconds" all three also agreed to go without using a condom. They also discussed what order and since T didn't care she told them to draw cards or roll dice or something. They settled on flipping a coin and quickly got the order figured out.

We already had a large blanket spread in the middle of the floor and as T moved to the middle she told Shawn that whatever position he wanted was what he could have. He settled for the usual guy on top and T laid down on the blanket and spread her legs. I was hoping that this round of sex would give T another chance for an orgasm or even two, but she usually doesn't cum more than once a night. However, since the guys had already cum once I was hoping they'd have more stamina.

The next half hour or so seemed like watching some type of older almost silent porno movie. There wasn't any talking, and there wasn't any snuggling, hugging, kissing or anything like that. It was simply a time of one guy getting his cock into T and when he was done the next guy took his turn. The tone of the grunts changed somewhat and the position and the pace of the fucking changed from guy to guy; but it was just that; fucking.

Shawn did his best and he almost brought T to the edge of her second orgasm, but he didn't quite last long enough for that. As he pulled out of T's pussy I was a bit surprised at the amount of cum that he had left in her. Even though it was his second time in less than 2 hours he still filled her pussy with his cum.

Next up was Jason and he asked that T sit on top of his cock and give him a ride.

T's quite used to this position and settled down quite easily on his cock until she had taken in every bit of him. I also thought that this might be a good time to get into the action so I moved over next to T and without a work she turned a bit to the side and suck my cock into her mouth. We spent the next several minutes this way as T rode up and down on Jason's cock while she sucked on me. Along the way I told him to pull her nipples as it make her cum harder and after a couple of attempts I finally had to pinch her nipple and show him how to do it.

Once he got the hang of pulling her nipples T really started to ride his cock. I knew that I couldn't outlast him, and doubted that she would either. It wasn't long before T stopped as she started to orgasm and I joined her by filling her mouth with cum. She tried to swallow but couldn't as she was gasping for a breath so once again ended up with a face full of cum.

Much to our surprise Jason was still hard and hadn't cum yet. I asked him if he could hold on for a few more minutes and he said no problem. I leaned T forward onto his chest and she slid her legs back at the same time. I instructed Andy to grab some more lube as he was going to fuck her ass while Jason does her pussy. He didn't have to be told twice and quickly lubed up her ass and his cock.

I wasn't sure how this would work as T had never had 2 cocks in her at the same time before. She had often taken a vibrator up her ass while I fucked her pussy so I knew that 2 cocks would fit. Andy quickly moved up behind T and started to push his cock into her ass. He later told us this was his first time for anal sex but he seemed to know what to do. Once he'd squeezed in the head of his cock he kept pushing a little at time until he was about half way up her ass.

At that point she said "go for it" so he shoved the rest of his cock up her ass until his balls were tight against her. It took a bit to figure out who should move and when, but mostly the guys just let T do the moving and give directions. They were able to keep it going for almost 5 minutes and then Jason's cock slid out of T's pussy. He had cum couple of minutes before but had managed to stay hard as long as he could.

He slipped out from under T and now Andy could take over. He'd already been in T's ass for 5 minutes and had even added more lube to keep her comfortable. It was time to finish up so we all started to encourage him to get busy and fuck her in the ass. Even T asked him to get going and finish up in her ass. That was about all the encouragement he needed as he pushed his cock into her as far as possible and shot his cum inside her ass. He collapsed on top of her with his cock still firmly in her ass.

After a couple of minutes I thought he was going to get off of her but he started to fuck her again. I didn't think her ass would be able to take it again, but was even more surprised that he was still hard enough to keep on fucking her after he'd already cum twice. T let him go for a couple more minutes and then told him that as enough and he should get off.

He finally pulled back and his cock popped out of her ass and pulled a trail of cum with it. It was obvious that he was still hard and would have kept going if she had allowed it. T looked a bit stiff as she rolled over on to her back and winced a bit. I knew she'd be sore the next day, and especially her ass. Andy was standing over her and his stiff cock was waving in her face. She told him to go wash it off and come back to her.

When he came back from the bathroom his cock was still hard and ready to go. T was laying on her back, with her legs spread and her knees up, much like a woman would wait for a lover to come to her. Andy didn't need any instructions but quickly moved in between her knees and in one quick move shoved his cock all the way into her pussy. T stayed in the same position and Andy held her shoulders for better leverage so he could pump into her harder.

In just a minute or so T grabbed his shoulders and wrapped her feet around his knees as she started to cum. Andy didn't even stop, as he hardly seemed to notice that T was having an orgasm, he just kept on fucking her pussy as hard as he could. She was still holding him tight when he tightened up and pushed into her even harder and he filled her pussy with a fresh load of cum. To my surprise, and even T's she had another orgasm as his cum flooded her pussy. This was 3 in one night, which was a new experience for her.

T was done for the night and although the guys may have wanted to try it one more time the evening was over. T was too tired to get up so she just laid on the floor. She was covered with dried cum and had fresh cum leaking out of both her ass and her pussy. She waved goodbye to the boys and dozed off almost before they got out he door. I ran her a nice warm bath and helped her get into it and gently washed her body before she crawled into bed. She was stiff and sore but happy. She told me if she had only known it would be so much fun she would have done it a long time ago.

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