tagAnalWhat She Wants

What She Wants


You pick me up and we return to your house. We settle in, in your bedroom. You take the massage gel from its place and carry it with you as you join me on your bed. Slowly, you remove my shirt, then my bra. My pants are unfastened and removed with my panties.

I am lying naked on my stomach, on your bed. You also strip and soon are naked as well. You softly kiss my cheek as you open the container and take a bit of the gel from it. You set the container aside, but not too far away.

You begin to massage my back, first spreading out the gel, making sure that my back is covered before you begin concentrating on certain areas, starting with the upper portion. You take your time on each knot, carefully making sure to remove it before moving on. My breathing becomes steady, yet slow, as I start to relax. The scent of the lavender from the gel helps.

I purr softly as you continue working on my back, moving down to the lower portion. Your hands and fingers work magic on my muscles, releasing the tension and relaxing me still more. Soon, I am nearly asleep. I am so comfortable and your touch is so soothing. How I love to feel your warm fingers moving over my skin.

I am not aware as you take more gel from the container. You return to the massage, now working on my legs and occasionally my behind, teasing me. You run you hands along my thighs and down my calves, then back up.

Again you tease me, running your finger between my legs and up to my lower back. You are very much turning me on. I purr again as you slip a finger inside me for a second, only to remove it and tease my other side. You, too, are also becoming quite turned on.

The massage is soon forgotten as our minds move to other plans. You play with me more, teasing and trying to make me as aroused as possible. You are doing a very good job. Your fingers dip inside and pull out, slick from my juices.

Once again, they run up my backside, moving in circles around it, spiraling to the center. One presses inside a tiny bit, stretching me a little. I moan softly and raise myself to you, urging you to go deeper. You push farther inside, pausing for a moment to let me get used to the sensation. Gently, you begin to insert another.

I spread my legs wider to give you easier access, and purr as you take to opportunity. Straddling me, you position your tip between my thighs. The wetness coats you as you slowly, teasingly, move into me. I move to my knees to help you gain better entrance.

You slide easily into me, enjoying the feeling as much as I do. Reaching around, you play with my clit as you take me. Your free hand moves again to my behind and a finger slips inside.

I moan again as you thrust harder into me. You stop and pull out, then begin to rub yourself over my behind, resting your tip at the tight entrance. Slowly, yet gently, you begin to push against it as I push back to aid you. Your tip enters, spreading me open as you pause to allow me to adjust.

Once comfortable, I push back against you, taking more of you into me, inch by inch. You purr as I grip you tightly, the sensation almost sending you over the edge. You begin to move in and out, slowly at first and gradually increasing your pace.

Soon, you are about to explode. You continue moving in and out and playing with my clit. Your fingers reach around and enter me, filling me. I moan softly as you fully fill me. It feels so good.

Only moments away from exploding you pull out. As you do so, it sends you over the edge. You release yourself all over my backside, coating me with your essence. Your fingers continue their work inside me, tickling sensitive areas and bringing me closer to release.

Soon, I too am near the edge. Moments later, my body tenses as the waves surge through me. We collapse together, your arms around me. We look into each other's eyes, gazing deeply into them while we catch our breaths.

"I love you." I whisper

"I love you, too" You reply as we lay there beside each other purring.

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