tagChain StoriesWhispers in the Dark Ch. 06

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 06


Chapter 6: The "Therapeutic-Cure"

Tricia and Jared where less than thrilled that today was again—the day for "The Meeting." Wow, how the last week had flown by. Tricia thought a lot about the Master's last words... about a "Therapeutic Cure" for their questions...it excited her and worried her all at the same time. She wondered what he would have to say tonight.

Jared finished his work and loaded up his tools, another week done he thought to himself. I wonder what will be said tonight at the meeting as people share? And what will the Master say about Tricia and her indecisiveness? What will this "Cure" he is thinking of be? Hope it's nothing too embarrassing...

In the car on the way Jared asked Tricia if she was nervous...

"You bet, aren't you? I mean how could I not be? I have no idea what he's gonna tell us to do."

"Well, I just hope he doesn't try to embarrass us in front of all the others, even if we can't see their faces in the dark, I still feel like we already know them pretty well, I mean it is pretty delicate stuff we've all been sharing with each other." Jared replied.

As they pulled into the parking lot they saw a gorgeous redhead under the lights, getting out of her car and a motorcycle pulling in right along side her...

"Hmmm...looks like someone enjoyed last week's stories...together after—I mean..." Jared remarked as he looked over in their direction.

"I knew someone would have to end up hooking up before all this was through." Tricia replied.

Tricia wondered to herself if either of them had told their stories in the group sessions yet, and if they had...which story was theirs? She sat dazing and thinking for a minute—trying to put one of them together with a story....

"What the hell are ya doing over there anyways? You waiting on an engraved invitation or are ya gonna get out of the car sometime this evening? I don't want to go in there and face any of this either. But that IS the whole reason why we're doing this...might as well bite the bullet and get it over with...." Jared sighed.

"Yes, of course...I was just trying to match one of them with one of the stories we'd already heard...that is one of the fun things about this whole deal...hell, it's the only fun thing about it!" Tricia smirked a little giggle.

"The sooner we go in the sooner we can come out—and go home and try to forget about all of it until the next time!" She continued.

"True, how very true..." Jared replied.

"Although I kinda like not forgetting about some of the others' stories...some of them are pretty great material for fantasizing about!" Jared added with that devilish little twinkle in his eye.

" You are such a perv!" Tricia chuckled.

"That's why I married you though!" She laughed and gave him her great sexy smile...the one that always drove him nuts.

At the doorway to the rundown studio they grabbed up their candles, lit them and threw their matchsticks into the metal holder left by the door.

Tricia sighed deeply as they entered the door...she was okay at the first meeting...but as she felt her stomach doing summersaults she knew she was NOT ready for this one!

After everyone was seated the Master approached to the middle of the circle and began to speak,

"Tonight we are going to hear more of your secrets, but we are also going to do something a little different towards the end...so hold onto your hats, and I encourage you to be sure to stay until the conclusion of tonight's meeting...you'll certainly miss a lot if you duck out early—"

Tricia wriggled in her seat and nervously flipped her hair from her shoulder as Jared tapped his feet back and forth first one and then the other...after 7 years of marriage they read each other's nervous habits like a book.

Each reached out for the other's hand to reassure themselves that at least they would be there for each other...they both had the feeling that the end of the meeting was going to have something to do with the Master's idea of "Therapeutic Healing" for their uncertainties. They didn't know how right they were...but they would find out soon enough...

Tonight's main story was actually by a guy, telling about how he had forced a gangbang onto his girlfriend and then found out later that she was still indeed a virgin...and she actually let him live, and decided to marry him...you can never tell what will float someone else's boat Tricia thought...

Jared leaned in and whispered "Good for them then...they found out what they liked—together..."

"Direct hit!" Tricia thought—"He had to get his little dig in about me not being able to decide if we should go all the way with Matt...guess he just wishes I'd make up my mind and be the whore he wants me to be..." "I guess that seeing me blow his friend wasn't enough..."

In fact Tricia was all but convinced that the blowjob she'd given Matt had only intensified Jared's need to see her with another man ...and she was absolutely right.

Jared listened half way to the rest of the gangbang story but now he was removed into his own little fantasy spiked by the story he was listening to. He wanted to see Tricia with another man. He wanted to see another man's big, juicy cock rammed deep inside of his wife's small, tight pussy lips.

He wanted to hear another man tell him how fucking good his wife felt inside. And see the look on his face when he entered her tight, wet cunt for the first time. That first inch of heaven as Jared called it and then the deep plunge down inside of her that led him to total fulfillment over and over again.

As the meeting careened onward toward its end the Master took the floor. This time he was not alone. And as Tricia saw the shadowy figure of the young man she knew that he was there for her...there to fuck her for Jared and all the others to see.

"We'll call him 'Travis'." The Master said as he introduced the shadowy figure to the group.

"He is going to help out our couple friends with their indecision about sharing...tonight they will share—the wife—all of her.

The next thing she knew, Tricia had been ushered to a small chaise that was now present in the middle of the circle. As her husband kissed her neck and rubbed her shoulders from behind—"Travis" took his place and began to caress her melons through her shirt. He bent to them and slowly slid a hand inside her bra while he grabbed her neck with the other hand and pulled her in for a deep, slow kiss.

The kiss never really ended, but instead began to travel, taking on its own velocity as it made its descent to the hem of Tricia's skirt. Tricia couldn't believe this was happening.

Her body demanded one thing while her mind said something else...she couldn't do this could she? It felt so good though, the hot dampness of his lips against the skin of her legs. She heard her husband's whispers in her ear telling her to spread her wings and let him in...

"That's it baby, open those legs. Let him taste that sweet nectar." Jared breathed as he felt his own excitement growing.

As she felt the hot wet lips of the stranger invade her—lapping at her juicy middle...she decided to let go, to let her husband have his way and to enjoy this adventure for exactly what it was...a one-time thing. It never had to happen again if she didn't want it to but at least she would have fulfilled her husband's greatest fantasy. And who knew, she might even decide she liked it too—no way she'd ever know unless she tried it.

Tricia threw her head back against the chaise and began to struggle with the belt and buckle of her husband's jeans as the stranger became more and more familiar with the scent and taste of her beautifully shaved pussy.

The more the stranger ate, the deeper Tricia sucked Jared into her throat. Jared couldn't believe the sight before his eyes it was too much—the sight of a stranger between his wife's thighs, the feel of her throat as it tightened its grip around his thick cock, the fury with which she sucked and lapped at his cock and balls.

As Tricia's sounds let him know how good the stranger's mouth was, he gave into all the sites and sounds of the scene—as Tricia felt the first hot spurt of jizz hit the back of her throat she came immediately. Knowing that she was fulfilling her husband while being fulfilled herself was a feeling beyond compare. At that moment she knew that she couldn't wait for the rest of the event and that she'd never be unsure about being shared again.

As the guys swapped positions and flipped Tricia over so that she was leaning against the back of the chaise, her husband went up to bat first. As he entered her dripping cunt from behind she felt "Travis's" cock as it poked at her chin—he wanted in—and she couldn't wait to oblige.

He was longer than her husband but his cock was thinner. She couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like as it speared its way inside her. She sucked as her husband fucked and together they had reached their bliss—the dynamic duo—Tricia thought—they'd become the ultimate partners for each other and were now able to satisfy any and all of each other's wants and needs.

When they switched again Jared lost all concentration in himself...watching "Travis's" face intently as his cock made its way deep inside his wife's love tunnel—he barely felt Tricia's hands and mouth on his own cock...but he was stiff again just from watching and hearing the moans of the strange man that was now invading his wife.

As "Travis" slid in and out in a steady rhythm his moans as well as his pace became frantic—as he was about to cum he pulled out of Tricia's dripping pussy—his seed spewing onto her ass as her muffled cries from around Jared's cock signaled to the entire group that she was cumming again as well. As Jared stroked his thick cock in and out of her mouth—actually fucking her face towards the end he told her how fucking good she was, that she was so hot and sexy and she looked so good taking on two cocks at once. No one in the room thought that the issue of sharing or being shared would ever cause this couple pause or angst again. The "Therapy" had worked—they were indeed cured.

At the end of the meeting all the watchers quietly left, but none would soon forget the wonderful sights and sounds they'd all experienced this evening.

Jared and Tricia hooked up with "Travis" in the parking lot to exchange information—they all three knew this was something they wanted to pursue again—and the sooner the better...

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