Note from Slick: I had a good break and received a lot of requests for soft swing/hesitant couples stories. I read an ad about bracelet swinging parties and thought I'd put some fantasies down. All rights reserved.


Manni had just finished a load of wash when she heard the doorbell. She glanced at her horrible appearance in the mirror by the front door before peeking out to see her next door neighbor Jeannie.

"I'm glad it's you," Manni smiled after letting her inside.

"Don't you look nice," Jeannie giggled at the short blonde haired woman with no make-up and baggy sweatpants.

Manni turned and wiggled her cute little butt. "Eat your heart out."

"Wait until you hear about a party Frank and I are invited to." Jeannie held up a piece of paper.

"Show me!" Manni grabbed the sheet and read it. "What the hell is a bracelet party?"

"It doesn't really say so I called Amy. She's one of my old college girlfriends."


"It's a swinger party."

"OH MY GOD!" Manni carried the paper into the den to sit down. "They.....they swap spouses."

"Yes but with a twist. That's where the bracelets come in." Jeannie sat down next to her. "There are four color bracelets to wear. White, green, yellow and red. Each one means something."

"Something? Like what?"

"Amy said that white means just observing, green means touching and kissing but not under the clothes, yellow means soft swinging, and red means......God Manni, it means going all the way."

"What is soft swinging?" Manni asked excitedly.

Jeannie smiled. "This interests you. Doesn't it?"

"Uh..no..of course not. I mean I'm curious but there is no way I could ever do anything like this."

"Soft swing mean anything short of intercourse," Jeannie said sitting back against the cushion.

"Anything. Like kissing and touching."

"And oral sex," Jeannie added.

"Forget that," Manni said smiling.

"You don't.."

"Nope." Mannie answered quickly before reaching over and turning Jeannie's face towards her. "Are you seriously considering this?"

"I'm thinking about it. Frank wants us to go and wear the white bracelets just to...." She hesitated. "He's been so turned on since we got the invitation. He just wants to watch."

"I guess that wouldn't be so bad," Manni smiled. "If you go make sure you tell me about it."

"Amy said you and Joe can come to," Jeannie grinned. "And if you go I won't be so nervous."

"No way," Manni said quickly. "Joe is the only man I've been with and I plan on keeping it that way."

"Me too but haven't you ever wondered how it would be with another man? You do masturbate right?"

"Jesus Jeannie. I'm not going to answer that." Manni blushed.

"Come with us and wear a white bracelet. No one will try anything with you." They stared into each other's eyes.

Finally Manni spoke. "I'll ask Joe but I'm sure he won't go for it."

"Maybe it would be better if Frank asked him."

Manni smiled. "Why not?"


Joe opened the front door and yelled like he did every night. "Honey, I'm home!" But she didn't yell back. He put his briefcase by the door and walked into the kitchen and saw Frank sitting there. "Frank?"

Frank grinned and handed him a beer. "Want one of your beers?"

"Sure," Joe answered. "Where is Manni?" He popped the tab and took a big swallow.

"Out with Jeannie."

"Shit, I'm starving. Do you want to order a pizza?"


Joe ordered a large pizza with the works and sat down next to his buddy. "So what's new?"

Frank grinned and pulled the invitation from his shirt pocket. "This."

Joe held the paper in front of his face while he leaned his head back to take another gulp of brew. "Bracelet Party?"

"Sit back and let me tell you all about it," Frank laughed. For the next five minutes Frank laid it out.

"Shit. I thought swinging went out when AIDS came around."

"It's making a come back," Frank grinned.

"So are you going to this?"

"Jeannie won't go alone."


"Yes, she wants Manni and you to go as well."

Joe laughed. "Right."

"You won't have to do anything but watch."

Joe laughed some more. "You don't know Manni very well do you?"

"Jeannie said she can get Manni to go."

Joe looked at paper again. "Hey I wouldn't mind checking out some live sex scenes. But, I'll guarantee you that Manni will run as soon as some guy pulls out his cock."

"Actually, you won't see any nudity unless you wear the yellow or red bracelets. That action is in the bedrooms away from the white and green bracelets."

Joe finished his beer and grabbed another one from the refrigerator. "Shit our sex has dwindled a lot the past year or so. If nothing else maybe it will turn Manni on."

"Hell, Jeannie has been a wild woman since we got the invitation. I can barely walk."

Joe had never imagined Jeannie being wild in bed. "Fucked your brains out huh?"

"I've had more blow jobs the past week that in the past year." Frank chuckled.

"Maybe she could give Manni some lessons on that," Joe frowned.

"Maybe?" Frank smiled. He had always fantasized about Manni going down on him.

They heard the garage door opening and waited for the girls to walk in.


"Come with me," Jeannie said to Manni while grabbing her wrist and pulling her towards the lingerie department of the department store.

"I don't need anything over there," Manni blushed. "No one is going to be seeing my undies."

"No, but it will turn on our guys after the party," Jeannie giggled. She dragged Manni to the tiny thong rack and pulled out a shiny silver one. "Silver or gold?"

Manni looked around to make sure no one she knew was watching before she took the silver thong. After putting her hand under the crotch she gasped. "God, it's transparent."

"I know," Jeannie chuckled. Her hand was inside of the gold one. "Let's get them."

"I...uh..." Manni started to say before Jeannie grabbed a matching silver bra. "34B or C?"

"C," Manni answered. "But...."

Jeannie grabbed her best friend's wrist again and pulled her towards the dressing room. They moved down the narrow hallway until Jeannie pulled open the door to the largest dressing room. "In here."

"I'll get my own room," Manni said as she started to turn but Jeannie pulled her into the large dressing room.

"Don't be silly."

Manni put her purse on the bench seat and turned to see Jeannie hanging her blouse on the wall hook. She noticed the smaller-chest woman was not wearing a bra.

Jeannie peeked into the mirror to the side of her and saw Manni watching her undress. She had not told Manni about the possibility of having sex with another female at the party with the hopes that if it happened she would get Manni first. She giggled and turned to show her raised and very hard nipples. "Boy it must be cold in here."

Manni peeked at the hard tips and turned to face the back wall. Her nervous fingers unbuttoned her blouse and then folded it neatly before gently putting it on the bench. She had always been shy showing her nakedness even in high school gym class. "The bra should fit." She said hoping to not take off her bra but then she felt Jeannie's fingers fumbling at the clasp on her back.

"Nonsense let me help you." Jeannie pulled the clasp apart and then grabbed the straps on her shoulders. Seconds later the bra fell onto the floor below.

"Oh God," Manni thought as she looked down to see her large nipples as hard as ever before. She knew that if Jeannie saw them that the other woman would know how excited she was.

"Turn around," Jeannie whispered. It had been almost ten years since she had sex with her college dorm mate Amy but not so long that she didn't remember those wonderful nights snuggling together kissing and touching a soft body like her own.

Manni took a deep breath and cupped her mounds before turning. "The bra should...........fit," she said again.

Jeannie's eyes focused on the creamy white flesh spilling out on all sides of Manni's fingers. The woman's breasts were bigger and fuller than she had imagined. "God I'd kill to have breasts like yours."

Manni looked down at Jeannie's tiny breasts with small tips. "Yours...are nice too." For the first time ever Manni was turned on while looking at another female.

"But yours are..." Jeannie pulled Manni's fingers away. "Magnificent."

"You're embarrassing me," Manni blushed.

"Sorry, let's get everything off," Jeannie smiled. She quickly unzipped her skirt and pushed it down over her pink bikini panties and tanned thighs.

Manni again turned and unzipped her jeans. She started pushing them over her basic white panties and then turned to see how far along Jeannie was. Her eyes opened wide when she saw her naked neighbor standing with her hands on her hips. Her pussy was completely shaven displaying her bald lips. Her head snapped back to the front. Jeannie was starting to scare her.

"Let me help," Jeannie said again.

Manni felt the woman's fingers grab onto her jeans and pull downward. They hooked her panties on the way down and before she could stop it they all bunched at her ankles.

"Jesus," Jeannie thought when she saw Manni's nice and round buttocks. They were as white as snow and unblemished. She wanted to kiss each cheek but kept back. "Sit on the bench and I'll pull off your jeans and panties."

Manni knew she was passed the point of stopping this. She leaned over and put her hand on the bench as she twisted around and sat down. She tried to keep her knees as close as possible to prevent Jeannie from seeing her damp sex.

Again Jeannie didn't hide the fact that she was interested in Manni's private areas. As she pulled the right pant leg from Manni she aimed it to her left to open up the sitting woman's thighs.

"Ohhh," Manni gasped when her leg shot outward. She had to keep her balance to prevent falling from the bench so there was no way to keep her legs together. She glanced down to see the pink glistening pussy lips under the thick dark bush.

Jeannie grinned when she saw the moisture. After letting go of the right pant leg and panties she reached for the left pant leg.

"I can do it," Manni gasped as she tried to reach down but Jeannie grabbed the bottom of the jeans and again lifted. Again the legs opened up and this time she could see the rise of Manni's clitoris peeking out through the dense hairy forest.

"Don't you ever shave it?" Jeannie giggled while pulling away the panties.

Manni smacked her legs together to prevent additional viewing. "Only for the summer."

"You should try shaving it all off," Jeannie said after standing and pushing her hairless mound forward. "Frank says it doesn't get in his tongues way."

Manni stared at Jeannie's swollen labia and imagined Frank licking and sucking on it. "We don't.........you know...."

"YOU DON'T! God girl you don't know what you are missing!"

"I.......uh...we need to...try on our underwear," Manni's head was spinning now from the excitement. She grabbed the silver thong and quickly pulled it up her shaking legs. She didn't look at Jeannie until she had the nearly sheer bra on. Jeannie's pink slit was very obvious through the gold mesh.

"God, Frank would kill to see you like this," Jeannie whispered.

Manni smiled for the first time. "Joe would love to see you like this too."

"Maybe if they are good at the party we will give them a peek," Jeannie said hoping that it wouldn't scare Manni away. She was surprised when Manni giggled.



"Did you get anything good?" Frank asked his wife when she moved up to him for a kiss.

Jeannie opened her bag and let him look down at the gold undies.


Manni stood back looking at her husband's face for any clue to see if he was willing to go to the bracelet party.

Joe smiled at her. "Well are you going to show me what you bought?"

"Yes," she blushed as she moved over and opened the bag.

"Nice........very nice," Joe grinned.

"So does this mean that you two are going to the party with us?" Jeannie asked.

Manni looked at Joe. Both were afraid to say it first. "Do you wanna?" Joe whispered.

"If you do," Manni whispered back. They both turned and nodded.

It was later when Manni joined Joe in bed that she found him naked, hard and ready for her. It had been weeks since they had sex.

"Ummm," she said as she curled her short fingers around his thick hard tower. "Is this for me?"

"Yes it's all yours," Joe said waiting for her to slowly stroke him like she did so many times before.

Manni squeezed and lifted her fist before lowering it again and again. She peeked up to see his eyes closed before she lightly kissed the tender area beneath his navel. It was the first time she had kissed below his chest.

"Ahhh," Joe groaned feeling her lips. He had been imaging Jeannie's mouth on his hard-on and now felt his wife's soft lips getting closer and closer. "Oh God Manni."

Manni too was thinking about what Jeannie had said about oral sex. Her eyes turned towards the huge purple crown above her fist and watched it as she continued to stoke it. Her eyes closed as her head slid downward over his stomach until she guided the spongy crown against her tightly closed mouth.

"Manni..........Manni," Joe moaned louder praying that she would open the mouth and take him inside.

Manni's lips smiled as they stayed together but kept planting kisses on the damp ridge around the top. She kissed down to the base and then up the other side. His cock was harder than she had ever noticed before.

"Please baby......please," he begged.

But Manni was not ready for that. Not yet. She was ready to push out her tongue and lick up and down the long hard rod.

"Oh yes......like that.....Ohhh....don't stop."

Manni licked down to his balls and tasted them before traveling again north. Again she licked around the ridge and then slowly to the tiny hole. She tasted his pre-cum and then opened her mouth to nibble at the peak.

"OH FUCK!" Joe cried out. "I'M GOING TO CUM!"

It wasn't much warning but enough to allow Manni to pull back. The hot white fountain splattered against her forehead soaking the front of her dark bangs.

Manni stroked and stroked until he was finally empty. "I need to get cleaned up," she giggled. She moved into the bathroom and quickly washed up to get back to the bed to let Joe have a taste of her honey pot. But when she returned he was fast asleep.

Manni sighed and shoved her fingers between her thighs imagining a head between her thighs. She imagined the tongue into her depths and the lips sucking on her clitty. Just as she climaxed she imagined the face which belong to Jeannie.


"We are going together," Manni said firmly to Jeannie on the phone. "I'm definitely not going to a.......to a bracelet party given by somebody I don't know."

Jeannie laughed. "OK but Frank will be home later. We will get to the party a little late."

It was about 7:30PM when Frank and Jeannie pulled into Manni and Joe's driveway next door. They honked their horn and soon the four were off.

"White bracelet only," Manni said again for the fifth time since they left their house.

"YES!" Jeannie, Frank and Joe answered simultaneously.

They quickly noticed the larger more expensive homes before Frank pulled down a long winding driveway. "Wow." He said looking at the huge house. "Amy lives here?"

"She married money," Jeannie said before pushing the short clinging back dress down over her golden thong. "Not like Manni and me."

"Money isn't everything," Joe said from the backseat.

"It's a good start," Manni said nervously. Her fingers were trembling as they walked up to the large wooden door.

"HELLO!" Amy shouted when she saw Jeannie. They hugged and then Jeannie introduced Amy to the others. They moved into a large marble hallway and stopped at a small table. On the table were four baskets containing white, green, yellow and red woven stretch bracelets. "Take your pick," Amy grinned.

Jeannie and Manni immediately noticed Amy's red one on her wrist. The guys were noticing the tops of Amy's bare breasts showing under her opened blouse.

Manni quickly grabbed two white bracelets and handed one to her husband. They pulled them up over their hands and turned to see Jeannie reaching for a red one.

"Jeannie!" Manni gasped.

"Just kidding," Jeannie laughed. She tossed Frank a white one and after they put them on Amy guided them for a quick tour. They moved through the expensively decorated first floor skipping the large den room where the others were gathered around talking. "Let's go upstairs." Amy said.

Amy led the way not caring that the others could see up under her micro-skirt. It was obvious that she was not wearing panties or that the thong strap was buried so deep they couldn't see it. "These are all bedrooms and you'll notice that there are yellow and red bracelets hanging on the doorknobs. You know that you must be wearing the same color bracelet in order to go into those rooms."

"Yes, I told them everything," Jeannie said. She smiled at Amy remembering those nights they spent alone in the dorm.

"A green room," Manni said seeing the green bracelet on a doorknob downstairs.

Amy laughed. "Some like to be alone. Do you have any questions?"

"Tonight......I mean...all we do it watch right?" Manni said nervously.

"Yes, no sexual touching with hands or kissing. Dancing is permitted if you want. We all want you to feel comfortable and know that we are people just like yourself who would like some excitement in our lives again."

Joe reached down and took Manni's hand. "If things don't work out we can leave right?"

"Yes of course," Amy smiled. She knew that only one couple had turned them down in the five years they had been running the parties.

They all moved into the room with the other guests. Counting the two new couples there were eight couples in all. Manni right away recognized one of the men. She pulled Joe aside. "Oh God Joe, that guy over there is the principle of Wilson Elementary School."

Joe glanced at and recognized the guy. "Tom something."

"Tom Bryant," Manni whispered. She then realized the man had recognized her and was walking her way.

"Manni.......hi. Remember me?" Tom asked.

Manni smiled at the tall lanky man with red hair. "Yes of.....course," she said wondering what they would say next. She then looked at the green bracelet he was wearing.

He followed her eyes to his bracelet. "My wife Donna and I are kind of new to this."

Manni quickly pulled her arm up to display her white one. "We...uh...are just...curious."

"We were too," Tom grinned. They all moved over to meet Donna who was sitting next to a shorter man who had his arm around her neck.

Manni noticed the other man was caressing Donna's bare shoulder. She glanced at Tom who didn't seem to care.

They all met Donna and then the other couples. So far it was like a normal party with a few hand touches here and there. Around eight o'clock the soft music started playing in a dim lit sun porch off the large den. Manni and Jeannie were sipping on wine as the couples broke away to go and dance.

"Dancing is permitted," Jeannie whispered. "So I guess we can belly-rub if we want."

"With someone besides Frank?" Manni asked shocked that Jeannie would suggest it.

"Sure why not? It's been a long time since I felt another man's hard one against my belly," Jeannie giggled.

"Whatever," Manni said glancing over at Joe who was talking to a tall thin blonde. A few minutes later he walked her way.

"Honey, do you mind if I dance with Ellie?" Joe asked.

"Dance........with Ellie?" Manni repeated while looking over his shoulder at the blue eyed sexy woman who was wearing a yellow bracelet. "But....."

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