tagInterracial LoveWhite Girls Better For Black Men?

White Girls Better For Black Men?


Shoot. This stuff feels really good. I smiled to myself as my girlfriend Judy Anne Henriksen worked her strap-on dildo deep into my asshole. I stroked my nine-inch Black cock as my sexy, blonde-haired girlfriend fucked me in the ass. Judy smiled fiercely as she slammed her dildo deeper inside of me. Hot damn. Now this is some seriously kinky stuff. And you know what? That's right up my alley, pun intended. My name is Thomas Mandrake and I approve this message.

A five-foot-three, blonde-haired and green-eyed, 120-pound White chick fucking a six-foot-three, 240-pound Black man with a strap-on dildo on a king-sized bed. Awesome visual, isn't it? Judy is really getting into it, berating me as she buried her dildo into the forbidden depths of my asshole. And I am totally in heaven. Judy and I are awesome together, in and out of bed. And you know what? I am totally happy with our relationship. I never thought I would find sexual and emotional happiness in relationships with anyone, let alone with a nerdy white chick. But I guess life can surprise you.

Judy raised my big legs in the air and reached for my cock while thrusting her dildo deeper into my asshole. Even with the lubricant, her ten-inch dildo felt kind of huge inside my asshole. I groaned as she fucked me with it. Man, I was kind of taken aback when she asked me to try this with her. I wondered what kind of man would let a woman do him with a strap-on dildo. Now I am seriously addicted to the practice which Judy calls pegging. My gorgeous white female nerd is really warm and friendly outside the bedroom and totally domineering in it. I really like that combination in a woman.

Judy is simply anally obsessed, folks. Earlier she had me fuck her ass so hard, I thought I was about to split her in half. Lying on her back with her legs in the air, she lubricated her asshole before ordering me to stick my big Black cock in her asshole. Well, I was happy to oblige. Judy fingered her pussy and smiled as I worked my dick into her well lubricated asshole. Her asshole felt nice and warm around my dick. I've never fucked a woman in the ass before I met the lovely Judy. And I certainly had never even considered letting a woman fuck my ass before I met her. It's amazing how a woman can change a man!

I began to slowly work my dick into Judy's asshole. My gorgeous white female nerd urged me to fuck her harder. At the same time she thrust a small dildo into her pussy. Man, I have never seen anything hotter. A sexy woman fucking her own pussy with a dildo while getting fucked in the ass. My woman is so hot and kinky. I am so lucky! You had better believe that I fucked her ass until I came, then I fucked her some more. After I fucked her ass, Judy actually sucked my dick. I have seen women do this in porn movies but never in real life. Judy never stops amazing me. Is she a wild one or what?

How we met is a special story. I am twenty four years old and I recently moved to Ottawa, Ontario, from Boston, Massachusetts. I attend Ottawa's very own Carleton University, where I major in business administration. I am the proud son of a middle-class African-American household. My father Leroy Mandrake is a police officer in metropolitan Boston. My mother Janine Goldsmith Mandrake is a city councilwoman. Before that, she was a schoolteacher. I came to Ottawa to pursue a Master's degree in the Criminology program at Carleton University. It's one of the best schools in North America. And I wanted to get out of Boston for a while.

When I first got to Ottawa, I was fascinated by all the pretty African ladies I saw in the city. They came from all kinds of places. Djibouti. South Africa. Ghana. Ethiopia. Somalia. Nigerian. Congo. Eritrea. Central African Republic. Man, I thought I was in heaven. Scores of immigrants from continental Africa have made their way to Ottawa, Ontario, in the past two decades. Immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Mainland China make up thirty percent of the Canadian capital's population. Yeah, I was unprepared for the capital's amazing diversity. I expected it to be lily-white. I guess I was wrong. That's cool.

I went after the sexy African ladies with a vengeance. With my American swagger, I thought I would be irresistible. Someone forgot to tell me that Black men have no value in the eyes of Black Canadian women. It doesn't matter if we are educated, wealthy and accomplished. It doesn't matter if we're nice, hard-working and kind. Black Canadian women worship white men and think of us Black men as lower than dirt. That's why so many Black guys in the major cities of Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and Toronto are dating women of other races. Black women in Canada are nice to whatever man they're dating...unless he's Black. It's amazing. Why do Black women in Canada hate Black men so much? Someone should do a study about it. Seriously.

When I first came to Ottawa, I wanted to meet a gorgeous, educated Black woman to be my wife. I simply loved Black women. I am not afraid of a strong Black woman. My mother is a strong Black woman. Unfortunately, Black women in Canada put white men on a pedestal and like to use Black men as doormats. Sad but true. I dated across cultural lines. Haitian women. South African women. Nigerian women. Congolese women. Ethiopian women. Somalian women. Afro-Brazilian women. And time after time, they either treated me like dirt or they simply weren't into me. Folks, I seriously considered suicide. I couldn't figure out why all of these Black women simply didn't want me. I'm not bad-looking. I'm friendly, patient and generous. I respect women and I believe in treating them well. Did I mention I have a University degree and I come from a financially well-off family? Yet none of the Black ladies in Ottawa cared for me.

During my depressed state, I met Judy Anne Henriksen. A newcomer to Ottawa, Ontario, straight from Estonia in the heart of Europe. She majored in computer science at Carleton University. We became friends, and later, much more. She changed my life, folks. I spent my life worshipping tall and curvy, big-bottomed Black women. The ladies I referred to as my Black Goddesses. Who would have thought the love of my life would turn out to be short, white and nerdy? I guess life can really surprise you. I never thought I would fall for someone white. White women weren't even on my radar until I got rejected by every Black woman in Ottawa and Judy rescued me from my worst self. I guess Black Love might truly be dead. Movies like Something New and Lakeview Terrace have shown me and millions of other Black men that Black women simply don't love us anymore. They worship white men as knights in shining armour and see us Black men as villains. Oh, well. I have my Judy and I'm happy. We're getting married after graduation. Wish us luck. Peace.

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