tagLoving WivesWhite Silk Ch. 2

White Silk Ch. 2


It's been a year since I first peeked under the table at Tony’s and saw my wife’s cum soaked white silk panties. That event lead to a wild night of sex in which I performed oral sex on my wife after she’d had sex with another man. As you may remember, if you read my original account of these events in ‘White Silk’, at the end of the story I asked Cindy if she would like to tell your friend Carol what happened that night. Cindy said that she would like to tell Carol the story in detail. Then I told her that I wanted her to invite Carol over to the house that Saturday evening. I said, “Tell her I’m out of town or something. Take her up to our room and tell her the story.”

My plan was to hide in the closet and observe. I told Cindy to see if she could get Carol to masturbate as she listened to Cindy’s story like she did the last time when Cindy told her on the phone how she fucked Bill. I told Cindy that I hoped that you would encourage Carol to do this by perhaps by playing with yourself as she told her story.

Cindy agreed to do that and I could tell that she was excited by the idea.

True to her word Cindy did invite Carol over that Saturday evening.

It was raining that evening and you could see lightning storms passing through the mountains to the west. I was watching nature’s light show from our bedroom window when I heard the doorbell. I waited only long enough to be sure it was Carol at the door then, as quietly as I could I got into the hiding place I had prepared in the bedroom closet.

There is no way I would have been able to see out of the closet with the doors closed so I had to devise a scheme that would allow me to keep the closet door open so I could watch and not be seen. I was pretty proud of what I came up with. I removed one door from the closet and set it against the wall. I told Cindy that if Carol asked about the door to just tell her the hinge was broken and I hadn’t fix it yet. I got a large cardboard wardrobe box, the kind movers pack clothes in, from the attic. The box stood about five feet tall. I cut the box with a dry wall knife and removed the back and one side. I placed the remaining two sides of the box in the closet so that the front of the box would be visible through the opening left by the missing door. The adjacent side of the box was against the wall inside the closet. I folded down the flaps on top of the box and taped them together so they wouldn’t move. Then I placed a stack of towels on top. From the bedroom it just looked like a box being stored in the closet.

When I heard Carol come into the house I got into the closet through the remaining door and closed it behind me and got down on the floor and crept behind the box. In the front of the box there was a hand hole used to carry the box. By looking out through that hole I could watch what went on in the bedroom without being seen.

My heart was pounding as I heard Cindy and Carol coming up the stairs. I heard Carol ask, “Come on. What’s this all about? When you called you said you had something interesting to tell me. Give girl.”

Cindy said, “Just be patient. Let’s get comfortable and have a drink and I’ll tell you all about it.”

“But why do we have to come up to your bedroom?”

I thought, ‘Oops’! I hadn’t considered the possibility of Carol asking that question. But I should have. Of course she would be at least a little curious about Cindy bringing her up to our bedroom to tell talk to her. I worried about how Cindy would handle it.

Cindy said, “I think your going to want to get real comfortable while you listen to what I have to tell you.”

When they walked into the room Carol looked directly at me, or at least it looked like she did. Even though I was sure she couldn’t see me I ducked down quickly and sat as quietly as I could and listened. Carol didn’t give any indication that she had seen me, but I stayed low for a minute more just to be sure.

When I dared to peek out again Cindy was pouring two glasses of wine from a bottle she had in an ice bucket. If Carol wondered why Cindy had a chilled bottle of wine in the bedroom she didn’t let on.

Cindy handed a glass to Carol and said, “Make yourself comfortable.”

In our bedroom we have a sitting area with a love seat and a winged back chair. The chair and love seat face each other. From my position in the closet I had a good view of both the chair and the love seat.

Carol sat down on the love seat. Then she said, “You said I should get comfortable so I will.” Then she kicked off her shoes and lifted her feet onto the love seat and rested her head on the armrest. As Carol swung her legs onto the chair I got a quick, but very nice peek up her skirt. It was enough of a peek that I was able to see that she was wearing black panties. I felt my cock move inside my pants. I could feel the sexual tension building in the hope that I might see much more of Carol’s panties before the night was over. Cindy sat down in the chair facing Carol.

For the next few minutes Cindy and Carol sipped their wine and talked about what they had done during the day. Finally Carol said, “Okay already. Tell me what you brought me up her to tell me.”

Cindy started, “Remember when we lost that bet at the bridge party and the payoff was that I had to go out and get laid?”

“Of course I remember that. We went to that bar in Denver and you fucked that guy named Bill and told me all about it on the phone the next morning. Is that what this is about? Did you do him again?”

“That’s not exactly what this is about but that’s where the story begins. Guess who else was in the bar that night?”

“I have no idea. Who was there?”


“You’re shittin me. Did he see you?”

Cindy said, “Well in a way he did.”

Carol asked, “What do you mean?”

Cindy explained to Carol about how I was able to see under the table and how I had watched them from below. She told Carol how I had seen the panties she was wearing and noticed that the crotch was soaked with semen when she came back to the table after Bill had done her in the van.

Carol said, “He was watching? If he saw all of that why didn’t he confront you right then and there?”

“At the time he didn’t know it was me. All George could see was the lower halves of our bodies. Specifically our legs, thighs and our panties under the table.”

“You mean he was looking up my skirt too?”

“Yes. Does that bother you?”

“Actually no. It probably should, but it kind of excites me a little.”

Cindy said, “I think everything excites you a little.”

“You’re probably right. Anyway, tell me the rest.”

Cindy said, “Well, when I got home I planned to take a shower but George got home before I finished undressing so I tossed my dirty panties in the laundry hamper and quickly got into bed and pretended to be asleep. Apparently when George went into the bathroom he happened to look in the hamper and saw my panties. He thought they looked like the ones he had seen under the table earlier so he picked them up. That’s when he noticed that my panties were wet from Bill’s semen. George smelled it right away and knew what it was and what it meant.”

“Oh my God. What did he do?”

“Right then he did nothing. He didn’t mention it. The next morning when I was telling you all of the gory details of my adventures with Bill, George was listening in on the phone extension in his workshop. I thought he had already left for work or I never would have said anything on the phone.”

“So he heard you telling me how you fucked Bill in the car and then how you went to his hotel room and fucked him again?”

“Yes. He heard everything.”

“He must have gone ballistic.”

“I don’t know what he was feeling. He still didn’t say a word to me. I never had any idea he knew about what happened until Thursday night. What happened was that Bill called me Monday night and asked me if I would like to meet him at the same bar on Thursday night. I told him there was no way I could do that shouldn’t have called me. He apologized for calling but then told me that if I changed my mind he would be there Thursday night.

“Because of what George already knew about my activities he was listening in on his shop phone again, and heard my conversation with Bill. But he still didn’t say anything to me about it.”

Carol said, “How did you find all of this out? That George watched us at the bar and that he found your wet panties and that he had listened in on your phone conversations?”

Cindy said, “This is where the story gets really interesting. The next day, after Bill called, George asked me if I would like to go out for a sexual adventure Thursday night. I told him I would love to and asked him what he had in mind but he wouldn’t tell me anything.

“On Thursday night Bill chose the clothes he wanted me to where and to my surprise he had laid out the same clothes I wore the night I had sex with Bill. I didn’t say anything but I felt very uneasy about it. I wondered if maybe he knew something, but then I thought, ‘How could he.’ I tried to convince myself that it was just a coincidence. There was no way he could have known.

“George decided as we were leaving the house to take my van instead of his car. We drove into Denver and George pulled into the parking lot next to the bar you and I went to that night. For a minute I was sure he knew but them we didn’t go into the bar. George walked me around to the back of the building to a door that had a sign that read Tony’s.
We went in and George guided us directly to a booth along what I thought was the back wall.

“We had a bottle of wine and a nice dinner. After dinner George pulled the drapes on the wall aside and showed me that we had a view under a table that was on a floor above us. George told me to keep looking under the table and he got up and left the room.
Less than a minute later I saw a man’s legs appear under the table. It looked like the guy had a napkin between his legs for a moment then the man got up and left the table. Suddenly George was next to me again.

“George explained to me that he did that demonstration so I would understand what he was about to tell me. Then he asked me if I knew where he had seen the panties I was wearing for the first time. I guessed, ‘In my lingerie drawer?’

“Then he told me that he had seen them under the table above us. He told me he didn’t know at the time it was I wearing those panties. He told how he had become extremely aroused watching the activity under the table. My activity. Seeing my panties before, then again after I had sex. He said that seeing my panties soaked with semen had him so hard he couldn’t stand up for a long time.

“Then he told me how he had found my panties in the hamper when he got home and that’s when he realized that it was my legs and my wet panties he had been watching and had made him so horny.”

Carol said, “Holy shit. You must have been scared out of your mind. What did he do to you?”

“He didn’t do anything. He said that he listened to me telling you what happened and realized it was a one time fling and decided to let it go rather that throw our marriage away. But then Bill calls me and George hears that conversation. I told Bill I didn’t want to see him and George was satisfied that I was not planning to cheat on him again.”

Carol asked, “So, what did he do? He must have done something after telling you that he knew everything.”

Cindy said, “When I get so hot just thinking about this, so if you don’t mind, I am going to slip my hand in my pants while I’m telling you the rest of this.”

Carol and I both watched, her from the lounge chair and me from the closet, as Cindy opened the front of her pants and slipped her hand inside her panties. That really got me excited. My cock was rock hard, but I couldn’t tell what Carol was thinking. She just stared at Cindy with a funny smile on her face.

Cindy was working her fingers inside her panties as she began talking again. She said, “Carol, feel free to take care of yourself if you feel the need.”

Carol was now watching the movement of Cindy’s hand and looked almost as if she was in a trance.

Cindy began talking again. “After George had told me everything I was devastated. I thought that he was going to tell me he wanted a divorce and I began trying to tell him how sorry I was. George stopped me then told me something that shocked me. He said that he knew that Bill had said he would be there Thursday night. George said that he wanted me to go upstairs and find Bill and get him to sit with me at that table so that George could watch us from below. I was afraid that George was going to start trouble with Bill, but he assured me that he didn’t even want to meet Bill. Here’s the shocker. George wanted me to put on a show for him under the table. He wanted to look up my dress as Bill and I sat at the table. Then he said that after a while I should take Bill out to the van and have sex with him like I did before.

“It took George several minutes to convince me that this was really something he wanted me to do. And that he just wanted to watch. At first I was a little upset and nervous about the whole thing but I decided that it that was what George wanted, I would do it.

“So, I went upstairs and sat at the table. Not more than five minutes could have passed when Bill showed up. We danced a couple of times then sat down. For a few minutes he hand his hands all over me. Then Bill pulled his cock out of his pants and pulled my hand over to it. In spite of my uneasiness about the situation I began to get aroused. The thought of George watching me play with Bill’s cock had me so hot that all I was ready for anything.”

Carol said, “You were jerking Bill off while George watched under the table?” Carol’s voice sounded funny, like she was having some trouble breathing.

Cindy said, “Is this story getting you as hot as it is me?”

“It’s pretty hot.”

“Then don’t make me be the only one fingering herself.”

Carol laughed and said, “Yeah. Don’t mind if I do.” Then she slid her skirt up over her thighs, exposing her sexy black panties. Then she lifted her legs into the air and in one quick move she removed her panties, revealing a completely bald pussy. When she slipped her finger between her lips I almost climaxed in my pants. I saw that Cindy noticed Carol’s shaved mound, but she didn’t say anything.

Carol said, “I’m ready.”

Cindy said, “I played with Bill’s cock for a little while then suggested that we go out to the car. Bill was in such a hurry to go to the car that he almost got his cock caught in his zipper.

“ As soon as we were in the back of the van Bill had his pants off and let me know that he wanted me to suck his cock for him. I wasn’t sure if George had followed us out of the bar and was watching us or not. I was kind of hoping that he was as I took Bill’s cock in my mouth. I made a big show of sucking him just in case George was watching. After about ten minutes of receiving my best blowjob, Bill pushed me down and lifted my skirt. He pulled my panties and began eating my pussy. Thinking about George wanting me to do this and feeling the pleasure that Bill was giving me I couldn’t hold back. I had a tremendous orgasm. When it passed I lay back and Bill got on top of me and pushed his cock inside me. As he was pumping me I was surprised how quickly I felt myself building toward orgasm again. No sooner did my second orgasm hit than Bill exploded inside me. I could feel the heat as he spurted his semen in my pussy.

“When Bill pulled out I quickly put my panties back on and straightened my clothes. On the way back into the bar I could feel Bill’s semen running out of my pussy and into my panties. I was hoping that by the time I got to back to the table that my panties would be soaked through. As we entered the building I told Bill that this was the last time we would get together. Bill brought me back to the table and then left. As I sat at the table I spread my legs to make sure that George would be able to see my soaked panties.
I move my legs back and forth to tease him a little. After about ten minutes of this George came up the stairs and walked past me without looking at me. I got up and followed him out to the van.”

I could see that Cindy’s story was getting to Carol. She was fingering herself intently with a glazed look on her face. When Cindy stopped talking for a moment and took a sip of her wine, Carol looked at her and said, “Don’t stop now.”

Cindy finished her wine then said, “When we got to the van George told me to get in back then he got in with me. Guess what he did then?”

Carol looked up quickly, apparently surprised by the question and said, “I don’t know, what did he do?”

Cindy said, “George put his head between my legs and pressed his face into the crotch of my panties.”

“Holy shit. Weren’t they wet from Bill cum?”

“They were soaked.”

“And George stuck his face in there?”

“He not only did that, but then he pulled my panties aside and ate my pussy. He stuck his tongue inside me and sucked all of Bill’s juiced out of my hole. It was the most erotic thing that ever happened to me. It seemed that I had one continuous orgasm the whole time George was eating me and it got so intense that for a minute I didn’t know where I was and I began to feel like I was going top pass out.”

Carol said, “Wow. I have never had an orgasm that intense.”

“I never had one that intense before either. Was that a hot story or what? Did it turn you on?”

“Are you kidding? Of course it turned me on. Can’t you tell by how deep I have my fingers buried in my cunny?”

Cindy looked at Carol and said, “When did you shave your pussy?”

“Oh, I’ve been shaving it for the last two years. My husband says he likes the fell of my bald cunny on his face. Truth be told, I like the feel of his face on my bare cunny.”
Both girls laughed at Cindy’s remark.

Cindy still had her hand in her pants as she continued to watch Carol finger herself. After a few minutes Carol looked over at Cindy and said, “This isn’t fair. You get to see my cunny but I don’t get to see yours. How bout taking your pants off to make things equal?”

This was something I hadn’t expected but I felt electricity in the air as Cindy striped off her pants and then removed her panties. When she did this Carol sat upright on the love seat so that she and Cindy were facing each other.

Now I should tell you that Cindy does not trims her pubic hair. She has a beautiful triangle of very soft very fine dark hair. When Carol saw Cindy’s downy like bush she said, “Your hair looks so soft. If my hair were as soft as yours my husband would love it. Mine is very curly and stiff and that’s why he likes me to shave it off. I’m sure Jim would love to rub his face in that.”

Cindy said, “George doesn’t like me to trim mine because he likes the way if feels.”

It was interesting that both of them kept fingering themselves as they talked, especially
Considering the topic of conversation.

Suddenly Carol suggested that Cindy come sit next to her on the love seat. To my surprise and delight Cindy agreed.

As Cindy got up from her chair to move over to the love seat Carol never took her eyes off Cindy’s bush. When Cindy sat down Carol asked, “Would you mind if I felt your hair?”

Cindy said, “I guess not.”

Then Carol reached over with her right hand and gently ran her fingers through Cindy’s soft hair. “Wow, this really is soft. I love the way it feels.” As she did this Cindy closed her eyes.

I couldn’t believe how all this was working out. This was way beyond what I had imagined and was getting better all the time.

Carol ran her fingers up and down through Cindy’s hair a few times then she let her fingers slid lower so that they lightly touched Cindy’s labia before moving back up through her hair. I look at Cindy to see what her reaction would be but she didn’t move. She just sat there with her eyes closed. Carol continued running her fingers up and down

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