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Who is the Writer, SusanJillParker?


An up close and personal look at the writer behind the stories.

I've been busy writing, since I joined Literotica on January 1, 2007 and before, of course. I started writing, when I was 13-years-old. Graduating magna cum laude with a 3.65 grade point average, I received my bachelors degree in English from Northeastern University in Boston in 1999. I nearly went to Emerson College for my MFA. Having passed the test, interviewed, and accepted, I decided not to go. Unless I was going to teach Creative Writing, I didn't see the need to spend more money and time in school, when all I wanted to do was write.

Northeastern only required it's English majors to take just 5 writing courses. I took 32 writing and creative workshop classes, all they had, everything from expository writing, creative writing, magazine writing, news writing, and screenwriting, while reading everything I could find on writing. The only writing courses I didn't take were technical writing and business writing; they weren't creative enough for me. In every writing class my classmates moaned and complained, when the teacher gave them a 4 page paper to write. Typically, I'd hand in a 16 page paper.

My best compliment was when I made my creative writing professor cry. When I handed in my final exam, he read my paper first, while waiting for the other students to finish their papers. I wrote a story, base on the story, the Odour of Chrysanthemums by D H Lawrence. Only I told the story from the miner's perspective and not his wife's perspective. My story told the tale of the miner committing suicide and making it look like it was a mining accident, so that his wife would get his life insurance and live a better life elsewhere. A time just after the industrial revolution, when people lived a hard life, (some things never change) it was a dark tear jerker.

Anyway, the next period I was sitting in the back of the room of a Charles Dickens class, when my professor strode in the room. "I just read the best story in my 30 years of teaching," he proclaimed holding my final exam paper over his head. Then, when he saw me sitting there, he said, "But it was from another class and another student, a business student." He quickly changed the subject to Charles Dickens, but I was thrilled. Of course, I received an A in that class. He later confessed to me that he submitted my paper to the Dean of English for a writing award that Northeastern University gave to promising student writers.

One of my professors was the late, great Dr. Robert Parker, no relation. He was the first person to earn a Ph. D in detective fiction. I don't know why he became a teacher, when he so hated to teach. I seldom saw him. I more saw his student teacher.

Anyway, he wrote Spencer for Hire that became a TV series with Robert Urich and wrote Blue Bloods that became a TV series with Tom Selleck. My screenplay professor wrote every Moonlighting screenplay but four with Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd. That was a great class. As our final exam, we had to meet him at a restaurant and pitch him our idea for a movie project. I got an A in that class, when I pitched my project that I wrote in '95 about the Boston Strangler never being caught and still being alive and murdering again, 30 years later.

In my screenwriting class, I had to read the book first, before watching the movie. We'd compare and discuss what the writer did to write the book to make it come alive in the readers' minds and what the director did to make the movie come alive on the big screen. The only movie I saw that was exactly the same as the book was Edith Wharton's, The Age of Innocence. Because F. Scott Fitzgerald was such a rich writer with his imagery and well crafted words, his story the Great Gatsby didn't come alive on screen in the way that it did in his book. Even though I love movies, typically books are always better. Rarely is a movie made before the book is written, but Piano, by Jane Campion, was written after the movie was released.

With nearly all of my stories posted to Literotica, I've written nearly 1,000 stories and 100 poems under several names. In 2007 and 2008, I wrote under BostonFictionWriter, where I finished in second place, both years, in Literotica's year long Survivor contest. In 2008, I was nominated as the most influential writer and poet. No other writer has ever been nominated for both categories. Even though I didn't win, it was exciting to be nominated. My story, Love So Young, written under my BostonFictionWriter name, a love story about a 25-year-old woman falling in love with a 50-year-old man, is said, by my fans, to be one of the best stories on the site.

In 2009, I wrote under CarBuffStuff, PositiveThinker, and WmForrester. My story, I Love You, Mommy, written under my WmForrester name, was the most read story in all of 2010. Presently, it sits as the 94th most read story on Literotica's all-time, most read list with more than one million hits, not bad considering there are more than 50,000 writers and more than 3 million stories on the site. I would have had two other stories in the all-time top ten most read stories, written under my BostonFictionWriter name, had I not pulled them for publication in 2007. After only being on the site for two months, my mother-in-law story had 850,000 hits and my sister-in-law story had 650,000 hits. I can only imagine how many hits they would have had 5 years later, millions, no doubt.

In 2010, I wrote under the name of AndTheEnd and again finished in second place in Literotica's year long Survivor contest, the writer with the most stories in the most categories wins. I'm one of the few writers on the site, who writes in nearly every category. I write in thirty of the thirty-five categories. With writing a lifelong apprenticeship, writing in different categories helps me grow as a writer by stretching my imagination. Even though I've never had anal sex, am not into bondage, don't have a fetish, other than being an exhibitionist, am not gay, lesbian, or a cross dresser, I can imagine those who are, while writing about them.

In 2011, I wrote under my SuperHeroRalph name and won the 2011 Survivor contest. Without doubt, bar none, I am the most prolific author on Literotica. There may be one or two other writers who have written more stories than I have, but no other writer has written more words than I've written. Only, unlike so many other authors who throw words on a page, don't even name their characters, never mind develop their characters, all of my stories are real stories. All of my stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. All of my characters, specifically my main characters are developed for the reader to see them in their mind. Too many writers don't even bother with dialogue, but just launch into the sex scenes. Without developing characters, the reader doesn't bond with the characters and doesn't feel the tension and realize their struggle. Too many writers just tell their story with huge paragraphs of narrative without showing their story by use of imagery and dialogue. The reader must see what the writer is seeing to enjoy the story.

This year, for 2012, I decided to write under my real name, Susan Jill Parker. Many of my readers, especially, when I wrote under my names, BostonFictionWriter, CarBuffStuff, and PositiveThinker thought that I was a man. I'm not a man. I'm all woman. Yet, being the baby in the family and having grown up with four, big, protective brothers, I've always been more a Tomboy type of girl. No doubt, just as they've inspired many stories, growing up with four older, forever horny brothers has influenced my writing by allowing me to write from the male's perspective. Preferring to throw a football, hit a baseball, and shoot a basketball than to play with dolls, I've always been athletic. Whether, skiing, water skiing, ice skating, or shooting, it was always my dream to compete in the Olympics. Alas, now too old, it's as much fun to write about doing all of that, than doing all of that.

Tired of answering the same questions, for the record, I'm 5'8" tall, weigh 128 pounds, and take a size 4/6. Naturally blonde with blue eyes, I'm a 36C with a toned 24" waist, 36" hips, and shapely legs. Without doubt, if ever I stopped running, solely based on other members of my family, especially my cousins, I'd be heavier. No, sorry, but I won't send you a naked or topless photo of me, nor do I want a photo of your cock. A Leo the lion, I'll be forty-years-old on July 26th for those of you, who want to send me a birthday card.

Much of what I write is from my real life experiences. A writer can only write what he or she knows. Many of my stories are true. My story, Exposing Oneself, a Sexual Disorder, written under my SusanJillParker name, from the garage door and through the mall, but for the sex at the end, is all true. My story Valentine's Exhibitionism/Voyeurism is true, too. My Ex was a voyeur with a wandering eye and it took me to strip naked from a distant window for him to notice me, which is why he's now my Ex, the foolish man.

My recent Earth Day contest story, Collecting Bottles, Cans, and Friends, is mostly true, too, but for the graphic sex throughout. I may be an erotic writer but I'm not a whore, even though I did spend four, happy, and sexually active years as a swinger in the swinging lifestyle, first with my ex and then with my girlfriend. We weren't lesbian lovers, if that's what you're thinking. Anyway, as in the story, Collecting Bottles, Cans, and Friends, I was homeless for four long, miserable months, after the Susquehanna River flooded it's banks in September 2011, before cresting 30' over flood stage.

Being unemployed for so long, having exhausted my 99 weeks of unemployment and all my savings, I moved to Pennsylvania from Boston in June to live with my elderly mother, after I no longer could afford my rent. We lost everything and I mean everything in the flood, as the flood water was contaminated with home heating oil. Still, I should have a problem, as three people died in the flood, one man was a fireman trying to rescue an elderly man trapped upside down in his car. Both were swept away. Now, I live in one small room in the house of a kind and generous church lady, who has opened her heart and house to us, until I can find permanent employment and get my life back to where it was. My brothers helped us with money, but with three of them living in Ohio and unemployed, and the other in California and underemployed, none of us were living on easy street, an understatement.

I lived in a homeless shelter with my Mom from September to the end of January in Harrisburg and ate my meals at a mission. For those who have never been homeless, I don't know if you can, but imagine spending the holidays homeless. It's so bittersweet, when the best time of the year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, is still the worst time of the year. Having to be the strong one, all my mother did was cry. Instead of listening to Christmas carols and hearing people laughing, we listened to the people yelling and fighting. It was horrible. A shelter is a place that no one should experience and there were lots of single mothers with children living there. After suffering so much so young, I can only imagine what those children will take with them from the experience of living in a shelter, as adults.

Lucky that I could defend myself, glad my brothers had taken the time to show me some moves, I had homeless men and others hitting on me, while trying to cop cheap feels of my ass and tits. They tried forcing me to do things that I'd never do with them. I watched other women, good women, desperate mothers with hungry and sick children to feed and buy much needed medication, fall to their knees to take them in their mouth for just a few dollars. How sad? So sad. What has this country come to that we have so many people, too many people that are hungry, homeless, unemployed, and underemployed. Before they give our money overseas, our politicians need to help our citizens first. Only, they won't. There's no money in giving us jobs. There's only money in "spreading Democracy."

Already having lived not such an easy life, it's cathartic to relieve my mind of my woes and worries by putting my thoughts to paper. Having written more than six million words that have amassed tens of millions of hits, my passion is writing stories, developing characters, and creating imagery that makes the reader see and feel what I see and feel. It's fun and I'm having a good time. Actually, if it wasn't for my writing, excited each morning to get up and write, I would have lost my mind.

Now that you know something about me, I'd love to hear from you. Mostly, I'm writing this non-erotic story to ask for your vote and for your feedback. Too many readers don't vote. I don't know why that is? Maybe they figure if they vote, somehow, their wives or girlfriends will discover they're reading dirty stories, I mean, of course, erotic literature, on a porn site, I mean, of course, on a creative writing site.

For every 1,000 readers, who opens a story to read, only 5 readers will vote. That's a shameful statistic, but a true one. Still, that number pales in comparison to the next number. For every 10,000 readers, who opens a story to read, only 5 readers will leave a feedback comment and/or add me or any writer and/or my story or any story to their favorite lists. Now, how would you feel, if you put so much time and effort in writing a free story and readers can't even take the time to vote and/or make a comment.

As most of my stories are contests stories, I'm dependent upon you, dear reader, for your voting support. I'd love to win a few dollars in a contest. Literotica has monthly contests and six theme contests, Valentine's Day, Earth Day, National Nude Day, Summer Lovin', Halloween, and the Winter Holidays contest. Whether you read my story or someone else's story, please vote, comment, and/or add me and/or that writer and story to your favorites list.

We writers write because we love to write and must write but, also, we write for your sexual pleasure, I mean, of course, your reading enjoyment. We writers write for free. Just as Literotica does not charge you to read the stories nor does Literotica pay us to write them. All that I ask in return for writing you my story is for you to vote and/or make a comment.

It's a common courtesy when reading one of our stories to vote and/or comment. Your vote and your feedback is the only payment that we writers hope to receive. Your comment tells us not only if you enjoyed the story or didn't enjoy the story but also why you enjoyed the story or didn't enjoy the story. Think of your feedback, if you will, as applause. Would you go to a live performance and not applaud? It is no different with writers, who write stories for you on Literotica. When you read a story either applaud or boo. We really don't care which, so long as you explain why you applauded or booed. One of the worse comments to leave is, "I liked the story. I thought it was good." Or "I didn't like the story. I thought it was bad."

Truly, I'd love for everyone to like the stories that I write but it's so much better for a writer to know why you liked the story or didn't like the story. How are we writers going to write better stories for you, dear reader, if you don't tell us what you want and what you enjoy reading? Help us to help you. Vote, comment, and add us and our stories to your favorites list. Those interactions on your part inspires us to write better stories.

What is worse is when the story leaves the main board and languishes in the archives. The story still receives many hits but rarely receives a vote and never a comment. Do you think that because a story is archived that the writer does not need, want, appreciate or look forward to your feedback or vote of confidence? That story still appears on our page and we know when someone has voted and/or commented.

Surely, you took the time to read it. Surely, you must have been curious about the story to open it. Surely, you either enjoyed it or didn't enjoy it. Surely, after reading the story, you must have an opinion to share or a question to ask. Why not take a second to cast your vote or to write your comment?

By casting a mere vote, you can still remain anonymous if you want. You don't have to register with the site and log in with your screen name, that is, unless you want to leave a comment. Because of the huge number of bashers on the site, sorry, but I don't accept anonymous comments. You must register and log in with your screen name to comment on my stories, but you can still vote for them without having to register and log in with your screen name.

Personally, when I'm writing, I never read. Other than term papers and final exams, I didn't write a damn thing in college. Then, as soon as I graduated, I was a writing fool. I couldn't stop the flood of stories. I wrote six novel length manuscripts in five years.

Just as I can't write, when I read, it ruins my writing when I read someone else's work. My creative juices dry up and I stop writing once I start reading. Conversely, when I'm reading, I never write. I can't write, when I'm reading the work of others. Further, when I do read a story that I enjoyed, I vote and make a comment. On the other hand, if I read a story that I did not enjoy, usually, I'll vote but I won't comment, unless my comment is constructive and not destructive.

I never bash a fellow writer. I know the pain he or she had to endure to create, develop, write, rewrite, and edit the story. How rude is that? I dare say that if I was standing before you, you wouldn't bash someone to their face, so why bash the stories of writers, who are here to entertain you?

Yet, over and again, I've read comments from bashers who think that it's funny to bash the stories of those writers, who write here. Curiously though, most of these bashers can't even write a single grammatically correct sentence. Their illiteracy backfires more powerfully than their bash. Yet, they have the audacity to bash a 10,000 word story because of a typo. They only show everyone what fools they are.

So, if you take the time to read the story, please take the time to vote and/or to comment on the story after you have read it. After a while, we writers throw up our hands in frustration and say, "What's the use? No one liked my story. No one voted for it or commented on it. I give up. My writing must suck."

Now, what if all the writers suddenly felt that way and stopped writing their stories because you did not take the time to vote and/or to comment? That's right; there'd be no more stories. As a show of good faith, I want everyone and I mean everyone who reads this story to not only vote for this story but also to comment on this story. For once, just once, I want to see the hit total equal the vote and comment total. For once, just once, I'd like to know that there really are real people reading my stories.

I thank you in advance for your vote and/or comment.


Please vote, comment, and add me and my story to your list of favored authors and favored story. Thank you for reading, voting, and/or commenting on my story.

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by Anonymous

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by Tiger2705/12/18


Nuff said!

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by Fawndoll04/07/18

Thank You.

I wish to start by saying, Thank You for sharing who you are so freely and open as you have to strangers.
As someone with a desire to write and an appreciation for well ordered words for me to read.more...

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by Kishoredreamer03/17/18

Thank you for everything

Reading your biography was an inspiration. I am amazed on how much effort you have put over the years with no monetary benefits. I will keep in mind to appreciate other people efforts in Literotica. Imore...

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by StiffinKent11/20/17

Thank you

I enjoyed reading your autobiography, it's clear you write because you are compelled to do so. Fortunately, it also benefits all of us, your readers!

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by PETERWIMSEY06/13/17

Thank you

For opening yourself up, if you pardon the phrase. I was actually quite moved by what i read. All i can say, from this reader at least, is your efforts have not been in vain and your time certainly hasn'tmore...

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