tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWho's The Boss?

Who's The Boss?


Author's Note: This is a work of fiction. The events within this story never happened and are solely created for the reading pleasure of this website.


Her name was Kathy. She was one of three supervisors at the call center where I was employed. She was a very beautiful woman. Brown hair halfway down her back, slender body and medium sized but very firm breasts that would make any man drool. Yet despite her amazing exterior Kathy was a horrible supervisor. She was mean, spiteful and very angry person who pretty much took out any of her frustrations on her employees who were working hard to make her look good to her bosses. I was a hard worker, one of the best sales agents on the floor but for some reason Kathy just had it out for me. She would nit pick every mistake and I would take the brunt of her anger even though I made 10% of the entire workforces stats. It upset me to no end because I didn't think it was deserved, but I took it anyway. She was in charge and I needed the job. I accepted that life wasn't fair and people like Kathy I had to tolerate to get by. She was a power hungry bitch and loved to force her power over people to make herself feel better. No one liked her, but still men couldn't help but get hard whenever she walked by. She was still a very hot woman.

One night I was at a house party with a handful of friends, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Kathy was in a very tight one piece outfit and partying with her own people. I didn't like her very much so the idea of talking to her or even interacting with her outside the workplace revolted me. I didn't even know she was going to be there, but there she was in her own corner talking to people and chatting it up. That's when a friend of mine came over and whispered in my ear. "Dude, I have something for you." I looked over and he had a pill in his hand, a small pink one and I had no idea what it was.

"What's this?" I asked.

"It's something that will knock that bitch out." he said. "I was saving it for something else, but I can see how much you'd love to use it on her. For all the riding she's done to you, give her a little back. Toss it into her drink and it will knock her out. She'll be awake but unable to fight back, if you know what I mean. When she wakes up in the morning, she won't remember a damn thing so don't worry about her trying to get back at you."

I looked down at the pill in my hand, and thought why the fuck not. After all the bullshit Kathy had given me... she deserved a little payback. I walked over to where Kathy was standing and greeted her with a smile, "Can I get you a refill?"

She looked back at me and then down at her empty drink. "Sure Peter, thanks."

I took her glass to the kitchen and put together a new drink for her, and without hesitation I tossed the pill into her drink and gave it a moment to fuzz out. When it looked normal, I grabbed a new drink for myself and walked back out. I handed the drink to Kathy and she quickly took a huge sip. "Thank you Peter, that was very nice of you."

"Not a problem." I said as I sipped my drink.

"This really is a nice place. It's huge."

Kathy nodded in agreement. "The place is owned by a close friend of mine. Have you seen the backyard?"

"I haven't the pleasure." I replied.

"You have to see the garden. It's amazing." Kathy said as she took my hand. She led me to the back door and we exited to the back patio. She was being semi-nice to be so I started to feel a little bad about what I was doing. Yet thinking to all the mean things she said to me on the floor, all the crap she gave me for little or no reason gave me all the incentive I needed to be patient and wait for the drug to kick in.

We walked about fifty feet from the house into the back area, and the garden did look amazing. There was even a small structure near the back.

"What is that?" I quietly asked.

"That's the guest house. A small place for visitors to stay." she answered and then she put her hand to her head and I knew what was going on. "I'm feeling very dizzy. I may have had too much to drink."

"Is there a bathroom in that guest house?" I asked.

"Yes, I think I might need to use it." Kathy replied.

We walk over to the guest house and the door was unlocked, and there was no one there as well. it was perfect. I watched her stumble and I quickly reached out and grabbed her. I took what was left of the drink and placed it on the table. She suddenly became very limp and I knew the drug was really kicking in. I picked her up and slowly dragged her into the small bedroom that was in the guest house. I laid her down on the bed and she was very confused. "You all right, Kathy?"

"I think I've been drugged!" she replied, "Did you see anyone put something in my drink?"

"As a matter of fact I did." I calmly replied.

"Who did it?" she asked, "I'm so drunk I can't move!"

"I did, you fucking little cunt."


"I did it, and that's not all I'm going to do to you." as I said that I started to undo my fly and take my pants off.

"No, please, don't." she said as I could see the tears in her eyes. She knew what I wanted to do to her and based on her condition there was nothing she could do about it.

"Too late for begging now, bitch." I said as I slowly climbed on top of her. "I'm going to cum in every orfice of your body, and there isn't a fucking thing you can do about it!"

"No... please..."

I didn't listen to her as I started to tear the dress from her body. She wasn't wearing a bra but as I tore more away I could see a red thongs clinging to her pussy. She started to cry louder and I responded by slapping her across the face. She was still crying but not as loudly now, and that was much better. With her entire dress off, I took the pleasure of feeling and licking her beautiful breasts. The same ones I had stared from my cubicle for years. I even made her yelp when I bit into one of her nipples, not too hard but hard enough. Speaking of hard... my cock was rock hard and ready to go. I worked my way down and slowly slipped off her panties. I held them up for her to look at, "I'm going to keep this. A trophy for what I am about to do to you."

"No peter, please don't... please..."

"Fuck you, you little cunt! You think I was going to take your abuse forever!" I forced her legs apart, and I could see the look on her face which was one of absolute fear. "This is for all the bullshit you rolled my way." just after I said that, I slammed my hard cock into her body. I could see by the look on her face that it was her nightmare come true. I grabbed both her wrists and pinned her to the bed and started to fuck her pussy as hard as I could. I rocked her body as hard as I could, and each time I pumped my cock into her, I could feel her pussy getting wetter. She was trying to squirm but the drug left her weak and unable to fight back. "No, please stop!" Every time she called out for help, it just made my cock harder and I kept pounding the shit out of her, trying to go deeper and deeper with each thrust. I had so much resentment, so much hatred for this woman. I looked down at her, "Who is in control here?"

"What?" she said through clinched teeth.

"I said who is in control here, bitch?"

"You are, Peter. You are."

"That's right cunt, I'm in charge here." I said as I kept thrusting into her tight pussy. "And I'm going to spread my seed inside you, and you're going to take it all in."

"No, don't... please don't!"

I didn't care what she said, I kept fucking her as hard as I could, and the more she cried the more turned on I was about being in control of her. I was the one with the power, and I exercised that power without hesitation. With one more thrust, I shoved my cock as deep into her as I could, just in time to blow a huge load of sperm into her unwilling body. I could feel her body squirm as she tried to fight back but there was nothing she could do. I unloaded everything I had into her, and grinned down at her with complete satisfaction. I was in control, and I was just getting warmed up. I turned her over on her back and started to finger her. After playing with her pussy for a few moments, I used her juices to lubricate her ass. She started to squirm again, but I responded by holding her down as I took my index finger and slid it into her tight asshole.

"No peter, not my ass. not there!"

I didn't care what she said, and kept fingering her asshole, going a little deeper with each thrust. After doing that for about ten minutes, I started to get hard again and was ready for round two. I got back on top of her and held her down with all my weight. I could feel her fight back as I put the head of my cock into her tight asshole, and she wailed in pain as her tight ass took the first few inches of my cock. With each thrust I went deeper into her and I could tell by how fucking tight she was that she had never let any man into her ass before. She was an ass virgin. Just that thought made my cock harden even more and I started to pump her ass almost as hard as I did her pussy. I could see by the look on Kathy's face that she was in pain, and I didn't give a shit. I wanted to make her feel the pain, and I kept fucking her virgin ass as hard as I could.

"Please peter, it hurts!"

Her ass was very tight, I knew it wouldn't take long for my cock to unload again and it did. I could hear her whine as I let loose another wave of sperm into her body. After that I crawled off her limp and defeated body, and admired the view. She was broken, hurt and feeling just about as bad as many people feel when she abused them. I took out my cell phone and took a few pictures of her amazing body. I even grabbed a handful of hair and forced her to take my cum covered cock into her mouth. I took an amazing picture of my cock in her mouth and forced her to suck the cum off my cock before finally tossing her back on the bed to cry in the feetle position. "How could you do that to me?" she said as she cried on the bed.

"It's easier than you think." I replied, "You hurt us so much we didn't care what happened to you. This was the best fun I've had in forever. Forcing you was better than many women I've had willingly. I was in control and I loved it." I could still hear her crying as I put my pants back on.

A few seconds later it was quiet. I walked over and checked on her. She had passed out. She was all right, just sleeping. Like my buddy said, when she woke up the next morning, she'll remember nothing. I had a feeling she would know something happened based on the ripped clothes and her very sore ass with my cum dripping out of it but she would likely not tell anyone out of embarrassment that it was an affair she couldn't remember. To be fair, I rolled Kathy on her side, just in case she vomited. As much as I hated her, choking to death on her own puke was not part of the plan and I wanted her to wake up and live with this. Knowing that she was safe to leave, I went to the bathroom and freshened up before returning to the party.

I went back to the party and had a few more drinks and mingled before leaving with my friends. I never told my friend who gave me the pill what happened, but when he looked my way, I gave him a nod and he understood. I didn't see Kathy again at work until at least a few months later. She was a changed woman, based on her attitude and posture. She was talking to people in our center rather than at them, and there was a small bump in her belly that I couldn't help but notice. I guess I wasn't the only person who took something home that night. I took the time to walk up and welcome her back. "It's great to see you again." I said with a warm smile.

"Thanks Peter," she said with a warm smile. "It's good to see you too."

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