Wicked Stepsister


"Hmmmm…" she mused. "Maybe take a little nap first? It feels nice…" She flattened out her chair completely and turned over onto her stomach. "Gimme some more sunscreen…"

He tossed the bottle over to her.

"Hey! Put it on my back!"

Her pout did not go unnoticed. Tyler lazily got out of his chair and kneeled over her, pouring more lotion into her skin, rubbing into her back.

"Mmm… That feels perfect…"

He bit the back of his tongue to prevent a sigh. There was no denying he'd been turned on all day, and straddling his girlfriend wasn't helping. I can't wait 'till we finally go to her room… His inhibitions were still too loose for him to care about his growing erection at his trailing thoughts. It didn't go unnoticed.

"I can feel that," Madison purred.

"Yeah, uh, well…"

"Better relax," she sighed, her eyes still closed. "You don't want me while I'm all sleepy, right? You want me to be your energetic little kitten…"

Hell yes… "Uh huh… So take your nap and I'll play with you later…" Just play it cool. Good things come to those…

So he reluctantly rose away from her and fell back into his own seat. Closing his eyes, he tried to breathe deeply and relax, tried to nap a little and pass the time. But he could still see his girlfriend's body; still feel the need between his legs. Just gotta chill for a little while… He tried to push his mind to think about anything else. He listened to the breeze, a bird chirping… I hope her sister doesn't come home and interrupt us…

The tent in his shorts, which had finally subsided a few minutes earlier, suddenly began to stir back to life. The corners of his lips curled into a small smile as he recalled seeing her earlier that day in that little outfit. Suddenly he was picturing her in his girlfriend's swimsuit…

He shook his head. Bad Tyler. He switched to the old standby of dully counting backwards from one hundred. Somewhere in the seventies he managed to stop thinking of Amber, and he finally dozed off like his girlfriend nearby.


His eyes fluttered open at the sound of the porch door shutting behind him. Tyler was immediately awash in confusion. He saw a long pair of legs standing by his chair… But out of the corner of his eye, he still saw Madison lying on her own. Trying to shake off the nap, he brought his gaze upwards. And swallowed big.

Amber looked down at him with a lofty smirk. The button on her miniskirt was undone, and her thumbs were wrapped inside the denim. "Hey sleepyhead."

"Uh- hi…"

He tried to look her in the eye, but she squeezed her legs together and began to shimmy the skirt down her thighs. Tyler's heart did a flip, but he remained petrified. What's going on? He couldn't quite shake the fogginess from his head. Am I drunk? He couldn't help but stare back down to her stomach, then to her waist… still trailing down, watching as she undressed.

"Don't tell me you guys passed out on wine coolers?" she almost laughed.

"N-no. We're just relaxin'…"

Rolling her eyes, "If you say so... Anyways. Becca and I are back, and I thought I'd take a quick dip!" She was wearing these tiny black panties that said 'Please Me' on the front.

Tyler stared.

Amber kicked the skirt away as it fell to the ground and then looked down at herself. "Oh, you like them? I thought they were pretty fun too. They have another kind, tease me, but… Oh I don't know, that seems a little too innocent, I guess. Maybe something Madison would wear?"

The mention of his girlfriend caused them both to look over at her. She was completely unaware of Amber's return; still sleeping on her stomach. At some point, Tyler realized, she had put on her iPod. She can't hear us…?

"Isn't she just so cute?" she redirected his attention to herself. "Better not wake her though. She might get grumpy!"

Before he could even respond, Amber brought one leg over his chair and stood directly over him, one foot on each side. She towered right above his waist, looking down at him… Him looking up at her nude legs, trying to ignore the sight between…

"So I guess I need to put some sun stuff on first, right? I'm not really the pool-bunny type, you know. Not like my baby-sis." She leaned down and put her left hand on his shoulder, reaching her right well past him to the bottle of lotion by his chair. Her halter top hung low and he could see right down her shirt. His eyes flew wide open as he looked, shocked that almost nothing was hidden, but he quickly averted his gaze.

"Okay, yep…" he mumbled.

Tyler began to wonder if she held that position longer than necessary. She finally leaned back up and uncapped the bottle, squirting some into the palm of her hand. "You're not being very talkative," she stated.

"Huh, well… You know, just woke up."

"Don't be borrrring!" She brought her left foot up to Tyler's chair and nudged him over, pushing it against his hip and resting it on the seat. Next, she bent slightly and began rubbing the lotion into her thigh.

"Didn't realize I was your entertainment," he tried to joke.

"Don't you wanna be?" she bounced back without missing a beat. Her hands continued to run down her leg, along her shin and calf, her right hand nearly brushing against Tyler as she reached her ankle.

"The- uh- thought… hadn't…" he had a hard time finding the words, watching Amber's hands like he was hypnotized, "…crossed my… mind."

"Huh." She brought her foot away from the chair and stood tall again. "How come?"

Tyler furrowed his brow, having no comeback to the question. He brought his hands to the edge of the chair and started to prop himself up, but Amber deftly brought her other leg over and rested her foot right on his thigh. His eyes shot down and stared at the predicament, once again feeling frozen in place.

"I mean, like, we get along pretty well. You and I." She once again began to smooth lotion into her skin, but this time as she leaned forward, Tyler could feel the weight of her body press into his leg, pinning him.

"S-sure…" He anxiously looked over at his girlfriend again, thankfully seeing she still seemed completely oblivious.

"Anyway, I'm just saying we should probably hang out sometime. You know, so I can get to know the boy who's stolen my little-sister's-heart." She smiled sweetly, punctuating the last three words with a sing-song voice. And with each passing second, her foot inched a little bit closer to Tyler's crotch.

At first he didn't notice what she was doing. Then he pretended not to… But as her toes reached the curve of his thigh that dipped between his legs, he couldn't help but feel his stomach drop as his cock began to twitch.

"Is something wrong?" Her foot dug in a little closer.

"No," he practically coughed.

"Well you're not saying anything…" Her hands were down to her calf now, slowly trailing in little circles. His mouth went dry as he watched… practically expecting her to reach out and grab his dick. No matter how hard he tried to will himself to calm down, he could not deny the clear outline of a bulge growing against his shorts. I'm doing to die.

He looked over at Madison again, then down at his lap. Fuck… He could feel his face starting to flush. His eyes pulled up to discover Amber staring directly at him. She had one eyebrow cocked and this… indefinable smile. "If you won't talk… will you at least make yourself useful and do me?"

What?! "Uh- heh…"

She rolled her eyes, took her foot off of him and flipped around. "Hello? My back! I can't reach!" She let the bottle drop into his lap.

"Oh. I think you'll be okay."

"No way! I'm totally exposed in this thing!" she pouted, tugging at the halter-top. She was still standing over his chair and suddenly decided to crouch down. "Here, I won't even make you get up!"

Jesus! How am I getting myself into this? She was sitting on his legs now. "Can you reach?" she asked softly. But without waiting for an answer, began to scoot backwards until her ass was nestled firmly against his erection. He could feel it. Oh god, does she know? She has to know…

He looked over at Madison again, now completely unnerved. He didn't know what would be worse; if she stayed asleep or woke up. "I dunno if I should, Amber…"

She practically scoffed. "What's the problem? We're practically family. You're like… my brother, you know? Just do my back already!"

Her sudden firm tone stunned him, and he convinced himself to comply because he didn't want her to shout and wake his girlfriend. So he tentatively, nervously, got some lotion and pooled it into his hands, then pressed them against her upper back. She immediately reacted with a soft moan. "Mmm… Make sure to get it all over…"

And he did. What am I doing…? His hands moved slowly and deliberately, trying to be as neutral and passive as possible. But it was making it take forever. At least it seemed that way…

"Lower back too…" she prodded.

He had to pour lotion into his hand again and delicately rub it into the small of her back. She leaned forward a little bit, bringing her hands to rest on his knees, tracing his skin as she found her balance. His body shivered at the touch and he recognized she was allowing him access to the very edge of her bikini line.

"I wish I could take this top off, but there's, like, nothing on underneath…" Tyler's hands froze at her comment and he could just picture the grin on her face. "And that wouldn't be so bad but, you know, we're not that close…" She pushed her body back into him further, knowingly brushing her ass along the length of his hard-on. "…yet."

And with that, she pulled herself off of him completely, taking a step away from the chair. She turned and stretched her arms up high, showing off every inch of skin she could for him. Her hands fell back down to her sides and she winked, "Thanks, Tyler."

He tried to mumble a 'no problem' but she quickly twirled away and found herself at the edge of the pool. She brought her hands up again, getting ready to dive… He couldn't help but admire the shape of her legs and butt, the small of her back… Then she was airborne for a second, followed by a deep splash as she submerged herself.

The loud crash jolted his girlfriend awake from her blissful nap.


Madison pushed herself up from the chair and rubbed her eyes. She noticed Tyler was already awake and looking at her with an odd smile. Pulling the buds of her iPod out of her ears, she mumbled a sleepy, "Hey…" and looked toward the pool. And there was her step-sister… What the hell is she doing here? What is she even *wearing*?! She appeared half-nude, at least some black cloth clinging to her chest, but…

"Finally awake, huh?" Tyler teased.

Her eyes flashed red. "How long have you been up? How long has she been here?"

His eyebrows shot up in surprise and he instantly knew he'd made a mistake. "Just like a minute! I mean, me being awake… I dunno when she got here."

Her glare scrutinized him, then caught sight of a jean skirt next to his chair. She couldn't think up anything to say as her throat closed in irritation.

"Ohhh look who woke up!"

The two turned their heads to the pool to see Amber holding onto the side, water dripping down her face. "Your boyfriend looked so bored by himself! Shouldn't sleep when company's over, sis."

"We were relaxing, until you interrupted us," Madison retorted.

"Oh, if you say so…" she winked at Tyler. "I invited Tyler to come join me…"

He didn't even give his girlfriend a chance to react, "Uh- that didn't happen."

Amber's jaw dropped in a little scoff. "Are you accusing me of being a bad hostess? Fine. Then I'm inviting you right now." She cast off the edge of the pool and pushed herself back into the water, floating on her back for a few moments to show off her body, and then sinking down to wade some more.

He couldn't decide if she was flirting or challenging… but now she was definitely ignoring both of them. He returned his attention to Madison. "Aaaanyway," he rolled his eyes.

"You can go in if you want," she answered flatly.

"No thanks. Unless, I mean, if you were going to go in too."

"Maybe. It's hot." She got up from the chair and walked over to the bucket of drinks in the shade, taking one. Tyler had no idea how to respond. Is she playing some kind of game? She propped her sun chair back up so she could sit in it, and got back on to drink.

"Okay then. Lemme know…" and he sat back too, not knowing how to react.

The two of them remained there in silence. Madison tried to appear aloof as she enjoyed her drink. Tyler attempted to look anywhere but at her step-sister, and eventually settled on closing his eyes because he couldn't help himself. Not that he was explicitly trying to check her out, but she was the only interesting thing going on…

For her part, Madison couldn't decide whether to jump in or not. She didn't want to give in to her. If I go in, then Tyler will go in, and then she'll flirt with him. If we stay out here, she knows I'm afraid to go in. If we go inside, it's like we're running away… The thoughts kept turning over in her mind, stressing her out even more. By the time she finished her drink and decided to work up the gall to get in the pool, it was too late.

Madison had no sooner gotten up out of her chair when Amber began to pull herself out of the water. She cursed herself for the timing.

"Finally getting in?" Amber asked as her feet set down on the deck. Her toned body glistened with its wet sheen as she effortlessly stood tall. Madison reflexively straightened her back and tried to push her chest out a little.

"Uh huh."

"Good, 'cause I need to dry off before I go back inside! I totally didn't bring a towel!"

Tyler tried not to stare at her chest. The halter top was completely drenched and clung mercilessly to her breasts. He could make out nearly every detail, as if she was proudly naked and showing off. The material was even thin enough that, though it was black, he could still catch the outline of her nipples. Amber looked over and caught him in the act, and he just knew she was gloating on the inside. At least Madison can't see me…

"Wow, good foresight!" his girlfriend replied sarcastically and stepped up to the edge of the pool. She craned her neck and eyed him, "Wanna swim?"

The faux-pleasant tone of her voice couldn't mask that it was more of an order than an invitation. "Yeah, definitely." He got up and moved to join her.

"Oh, now you want to go in. Shucks, if I didn't know better, I'd think you didn't like me!" Amber's eyes bored into his as he walked passed her, trying to ignore the comment. She played it off without a hitch and flopped into Madison's chair. Her arms stretched out behind her head as she made herself comfortable, smirking at the two as they dove into the pool. "Oh well, I guess I'll be the responsible one and play lifeguard."

Tyler wasn't sure how to play out this situation, but he quickly realized Madison had her own plan. As soon as they both re-acclimated to the water, she launched herself toward her boyfriend and practically landed in his arms. Her legs immediately wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck. Tyler, grateful for the seemingly positive affection, grabbed onto her ass to hold her afloat.

The two twirled in the water until his back was to Amber. He noticed immediately that his girlfriend's eyes shifted from his to focusing behind him. He couldn't quite read the expression on her face, whether it was anger, triumph… Regardless, she returned her gaze to his and moved in for a kiss. Tyler reciprocated, thinking it would just be a quick one. But Madison wouldn't pull away; her lips opened up against his, parting his mouth open and allowing her tongue in.

He recognized what was happening. She's trying to make her sister jealous. Somehow that cheapened it for him, and he was mildly irritated at being used. On the other hand, however, he of course still enjoyed making out with his girlfriend. And the building sexual tension he'd been feeling all day was certainly adding to the 'pressure'. I wonder what Amber is thinking. Is she jealous? Does she care?

Madison was thinking the same thing.

Maybe she likes it. I wonder how she kisses… His erection became that much more obvious.

Madison wasn't thinking that. She was sure it was all her.

The kiss finally ended and the two broke away, once again enjoying the water. Madison clearly made it a point to be as affectionate as possible, and the longer they went, the louder her giggles and sighs became. The two of them stole glances at Amber from time to time (unbeknownst to each other, of course), to tried and read her expression.

She made no effort to hide the fact she was plainly watching them. Her expression remained fairly cool though. Madison was desperate to make her scowl, but it just wasn't happening. At least she doesn't have anything to say to us. She felt she was, for once, winning against her step-sister. Nonetheless, she was still a little unnerved by Amber's attentiveness. Was she plotting something? Just trying to get under her skin?

Tyler experienced similar feelings. He would occasionally even make eye contact with her, but could not read her mood at all. Why does she just watch us? What does she want? He couldn't shake the odd sensation that everything was just a show right then. His actions were led by Madison, who was trying to get a rouse out of Amber… How long is this gonna last?

The answer came soon enough. Amber finally got up from her chair. "Okay kids, I'm going inside… So no more horseplay, okay?"

Madison called back to her, "What's the matter? Couldn't stand the sun anymore?"

"Maybe I just got tired of your PDA." She had one hand on her hip as she looked over at them, the curve of her stomach turning in along her side, showing off her figure.

"Oh, I didn't realize you were so into us that you had to stare the whole time."

Amber's eyes locked into Tyler, who had been silent during the exchange. "Well some of the eye candy was pretty hard to resist. Right, Tyyyyler?" She brought her hands behind her ass and made a cute little pose, bending her knees a little.

"Don't you have, like, company in the house?" Madison tried to mock.

"Yeah, she was making us some drinks."

"Not interested."

Amber laughed. "I meant me and her. Not for you guys. They're a little more interesting than your little coolers."

"Whatever, go see your girlfriend then."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I wouldn't want to be so inattentive, like some sisters can be." She spun around to go inside, but caught sight of her skirt, still rumpled by Tyler's chair. Her legs stayed as straight as possible as she bent over to retrieve it.

Goddamnit, Madison cursed. She glanced over at her boyfriend who was dutifully trying to look confused. Why does he always have to fall for her stupid act? She's such a slut! In an attempt to draw attention away from her step-sister, she splashed a small wave into Tyler and tried a playful smirk.

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