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Wife Dating Game


My wife Ro and I (Pierre) have started exploring more of our sexual fantasies lately. It all started when we jointed a Swingers network. Chatting with other couples who are in the Lifestyle has become quite the turn on, and leads to some fantastic sex. We have met up with a few couples at strip joints. Ro usually wears something very sexy and makes sure her blouse is unbuttoned enough to show off her nice cleavage. I am unsure if it is the strippers that get Ro so turned on or the fact that we may be swapping partners for sex at some point during the night. I have learned that Ro is a generous tipper towards the dancers and often is rewarded with a hug or kiss on the cheek.

For me it is the whole sexual ambiance. Everybody has sex on their mind; you have the strippers and you have my wife getting me aroused with her flirtatiousness, or as I said earlier the prospect of have sex with someone other than my wife.

Ro is a very beautiful lady. At age 53 she still turns heads and when we go to swinger events she also causes heads to rise. She has short dusty blonde hair, gorgeous legs and a very healthy chest. Not many people know this but Ro got her nipples pierced about 3 years ago and that is what seems to have started her sexual liberation. Our sex life for the most part has been great, but with the thought of these new adventures sex has been better than great.

With this new sexual freedom we have become more open with our sexual fantasies. Make that I have opened up more about my sexual fantasies, but Ro enjoys listening to them. They usually end with both of us having a great orgasm. We have talked of going to Vegas and have Ro wear one of her newly purchased sexy mini dresses to a casino bar and see how many men show interest. One of the dresses has a sheer front and can be quite revealing with the right lighting and angle. This is the dress I would encourage her to wear. I would be on the other side of the bar so I can watch all the action. As far as where could this lead to we will have to wait and see. I can honestly say I have watched Ro making out with a couple of guys through ours swinging connections and it gives me a rock solid hard on. In our fantasy if she found someone she was interest in having sex with I would let her lead the gentleman back to the room and meet up with shortly after. My fantasy is to see them making out when I get there. Then when Ro gave me the ok I would join in and we could have a hot threesome.

The fantasy we have been discussing lately is having Ro go out on a date with a gentleman from the swinger sights. One night after we had a few drinks we talked about this fantasy a little further, and I knew Ro was interested when she said, "Are you sure you would feel ok with me going out on a date with another guy?" I said, " Ro you know I love you and you mean the world to me. What we have is the most wonderful marriage anyone could dream about. You know I get turned on watching you make out with another man. I am not jealous because I know at the end of the day we will be together. If it is something we both will enjoy lets go for it."

We really do have a wonderful marriage. It is not often you find someone who you can laugh with and cry with. We love each other's company and truly miss each other when we are apart for an extended period of time. We mean the world to each other.

I told Ro if she was not interested that is fine after all it is a fantasy and it can be played over in my mind as many times as I like.

Instead Ro said, "I am getting quite turned on thinking about it and if you want to pursue this I am more than willing to go out on a date if we can find the right guy."

We started looking on line in the swinger sites as with most of the swinger sites there are more single males than there are couples. We searched in a 100 mile radius from our town. We were looking for a professional gentleman who would have the same interests as us. We soon found out this was not going to be easy. We soon narrowed it down to seven guys. We sent out emails to see if they were interested.

We waited a couple of days then we both jumped on the computer to see if we received any responses. Six guys expressed interest noting how beautiful Ro looked in our profile pictures. Guy #7 also expressed interest in my wife's looks, but said he was not interested in meeting up with a couple. Ro is not the shy one when it comes to online chatting and told the 6 guys who expressed interest that they need to send pictures showing their face and any other pictures they want to send. Then brief descriptions of things they like to do. We would then narrow our choices down to three after we reviewed all the responses.

The next night we opened our email and four of the guys responded to our email.

Ro immediately turned two down because she was not impressed with their appearance. One of the guys Ro rejected missed the point of things you like to do. His response was "I like sex and I like to eat pussy"

Now guys I know we all like sex and most of us like eating pussy, but if you are trying to get a girl to go out on a date with you I don't think that is the first thing you should tell her when she asked what kind of things do you like to do.

Ro informed the other two guys that she will get back to them later in the week. She also sent them a facial picture of herself, so they know we are not just playing games.

The next night the two other gentlemen responded to the email. Both looked clean cut, but one was only 5' 5". Ro was not interested in looking down at her date, so he did not make the cut.

Now that we have narrowed it down to three guys, Rob, Jay and Jeff. Ro decided we would play Wife Dating Game. She sent out an email to the three guys and explained the rules to them. The rules are as follows:

On Thursday night Ro will set up a chat room and ask each of the guys three questions. The guy that answers the question the best gets 1 point. After the 1st two questions one guy will be eliminated. Then she will ask the two finalists 1 more question. Whoever answers the questions the best gets to be my wife's date for the evening?

I can't believe how turned on I have been since we started playing out this fantasy. Our sex has been mind blowing. It is quite obvious Ro is turned on as much as I am. It is now Tuesday night I told Ro, "Thursday when you are chatting with the guys I want you wearing something real sexy. I want to see how hard you can get them and I want to be able to feel how wet they will make you."

Ro said "I have been wet for the last week, but also feel a bit nervous. I am sure a couple glasses of wine will cure the nerves issue. As far as the wetness goes that may not end until the date is over."

When Ro got home from work on Thursday night we had a light meal then had a Martini on the patio to help easy Ro's nerves. We finalized the questions we would ask the guys. We discussed it earlier and decided most of the questions would center on the date itself. We had been chatting with the guys the last couple nights to help us get to know them better. The guys were informed that they would have to travel to a restaurant out of town for obvious reasons. We told the guys to be in the chat room at 9 o'clock.

Ro asked, "Why again do you want me wear my sheer teddy?"

I told her, "1st for my benefit. You know it turns me on when you wear it. 2nd the person you pick to take you on a date Saturday night will get a glimpse of his prize on the web cam. We will not turn the cam on until the others have left the chat room or we have kicked them out. You can then do a little modeling for him and get him excited for Saturday's date." Ro didn't have a comment for this, but at 8:45 she disappeared into the bedroom and reappeared 10 minutes later looking absolutely stunning. It's show time.

All the guys were ready to play here is how the chat went:

Ro: Hello everyone here is your 1st question.

Ro: When you pick me up for our date Saturday explain how the initial greeting will go.

Jay: I will bring a bottle of my home made wine. We could all have a glass before we head out on the date.

Jeff: I will want Pierre to answer the door so I can introduce myself to him first. Then with a rose in hand I will walk over to you and present you with rose and give you a nice peck on the cheek.

Rob: When I see you Saturday night Ro I will walk up to you and give you a gentle hug. Then give you a big kiss on the lips.

Ro: Wow all good answers, but the winner of question 1 is Jeff.

Ro: Jay you didn't show any affection towards me during the greeting.

Ro: Rob you came across a little aggressive for the initial meeting. We can heat things up later.

Ro: Jeff excellent answer. And after the peck on the cheek we might turn that into a lip locking kiss before we head out as I know my husband would love to see that.

Ro: Jeff you win the first point.

Ro: question number 2

Ro: What kind of restaurant would we go out to eat at, and what would be my appropriate attire?

Rob: I would take you to an upscale restaurant because that is what a beautiful women like you deserves. I would like you to wear a dress that can be very sexy.

Jay: I was planning on bring over some prime rib that we could grill up. That way you will not need to get all dressed up.

Jeff: I was looking at casual dining. You can wear comfortable clothes, besides it is what's inside the clothes that will be getting my attention.

Ro: Ok 2 good answers. Jay I think you are missing the whole meaning of the word date.

Ro: Good answer Jeff but this is a onetime shot so let's make it hot. I am not going out for beer and a burger on this date.

Ro: Rob you get the point. This date is about sex and how aroused one of you guys can make me. An upscale restaurant with me in a sexy dress (you will have to guess or find out if I will have anything on underneath) is a good way to start.

Ro: Jay you have been eliminated. It was nice to get to know you but I am going to kick you out of the chat room.

Ro: Rob and Jeff you are tied with 1 point each. Here is the final question.

Ro: After our dinner date. How do you see things progressing? Keep in mind we have a finished basement with full bar. There is a private patio area that also contains a hot tub, as the neighbors are always gone on the weekend. The house has 2 spare bedrooms.

Rob: We would have a nice drink in the bar and play a game of strip poker. After we are both naked we could head out to the hot tub and get to know each other a little more intimate. Then I will let you lead and see where things go from there.

Jeff: You said this was a night of sex and sexual arousal. After dinner when we get back to the car before I open the door I will lean in to give you a passionate kiss on the lips. If it is reciprocated I will know you are having a good time. Then I will open the door for you. When inside the car we will continue making out. At this time I will find out if you are wearing anything under your sexy dress. My guess is you have on a sexy bra but no panties. After my hands have thoroughly searched the playing field we can start the trip home. If you are wearing a bra I will kindly ask you to remove it. When we get back to your home I think it would be best if all three of us had few drinks out on the patio. Then we could hop into the hot tub and get to know each better. With your husband's approval I would like to take you to one of the spare bedrooms and have hot sex.

Ro: Wow now that I am horny as hell I have a tough decision to make. Jeff I liked the fact that you were going to make me hot and bothered the entire evening. Rob I liked the idea of strip poker, but Jeff's is the winning answer.

Ro: Sorry Rob, if my husband is interested in playing out this fantasy again we will let you have your turn.

Rob: That is a deal, enjoy your date.

Pierre: Jeff for winning the Date my wife game you are going to get a special viewing of Ro. Turn on your web cam. Ro will be modeling her sexy sheer lingerie.

Ro stood up and I made sure the camera was facing her. She gave Jeff a few sexy poses then slowly turned around.

Jeff: Wow Ro you are even more beautiful in person. I can't wait to see you in person Saturday night.

Ro: Thanks I will see you at 7 pm Saturday night.

Jeff: I am looking forward to it.

Ro and I immediately headed to the bedroom. I had my clothes off in record time. Ro's nipples were hard and her pussy was soaked. I knew I was not going to last very long so I reached for her favorite vibrator. Before turning it on I used it to tease her nipples. Then I traced my finger over the nipple and soon was flicking my tongue rapidly across the nipple. Ro was moaning quite loudly I swear she was having a nipple orgasm. Then I inserted the vibrator and she had an explosive orgasm. It was one orgasm after another. I soon removed the vibrator and slid my cock into her pussy. It didn't take long and we both came together. We are both eagerly waiting for Saturday night.

I was not surprised that Ro had picked Jeff out of all the guys. When we asked to send facial picture plus any other picture you would like to send. Only 1 guy did not send a picture of their package. Jeff has the biggest cock out of all of them. I am not saying Jeff did not have good answers, but I do believe the judge was biased.

On Saturday both Ro and I were excitedly nervous. Early on we said that at anytime either one of us wanted to back out for whatever reason there would be no questions asked and we would not go through with it. I think both of us thought the other one would put an end to this. Suddenly it was 6 o'clock and Ro said she could use a stiff drink and headed to the bedroom. Knowing I also needed one I headed down to the bar and made up two drinks that would calm our nerves. By the time I got to the bedroom Ro was in the shower. I opened the curtain to hand her the drink. I saw she was shaving herself. When Ro shaves herself there is no hair left on her body from the neck down. I am sure she will be doing an extra thorough job tonight.

I went back to the living room with my drink and turned on the TV. I honestly do not know what I watched while I waited for Jeff to arrive my mind was spinning. All of a sudden I saw a car pull into the driveway. I called after Ro to tell her Jeff has arrived. I met Jeff at the door and we introduced ourselves.

I asked, "Would you like a drink?"

Jeff said no.

He said, "I made reservations for 8 o'clock and it is an hour drive away so we needed to be going shortly."

Jeff said," I am honored that you guys had picked me to help live out your fantasy."

I told him we're a bit nervous but excited that this night was about to happen.

Then were heard Ro coming down the hallway and made her entrance into the living room. I turned and my jaw dropped. Ro looked absolutely gorgeous. She was dressed in one of her new purchases. She was wearing a black sexy tube dress that left little to the imagination. It came straight across chest with no straps. It wrapped around her with the length going no lower than the middle of her thighs. She had on spiked high heels with the open toe, and she had painted her toenails red.

Jeff was equally mesmerized by Ro's beauty, as he stood frozen in time. He then regained his composure and walked over to Ro and handed her the rose he brought with him. Then leaned over and gave Ro a kiss on the cheek. The drink must have eased Ro's nerves, because when Jeff started to back away Ro pulled him back in and gave Jeff a real kiss on the lips. Jeff told Ro that they needed to get going if they were going to make their reservation on time. Ro said she was ready then came over to me and gave me a hot passionate kiss. I told her to enjoy her date.

She said, "I'm sure I will; see you when we get back."

Then out the door they went, I watched from the window as Jeff opened the car door for Ro. Ro got into the car and away they went there goes my wife on a date with another guy. At first I felt a little jealous, but the hard on in my pants told me I was quite excited knowing my wife was on a date with another guy.

I tried to keep myself busy during the evening, but my mind was only on one thing. The picture in my mind of my wife giving Jeff a hot kiss kept giving me such a hard on. It was now 10 o'clock I figured they would be back around 10:30. At 11:00 I was beginning to worry as they still had not returned. Finally at 11:20 I saw the headlight as they pulled into the driveway. Jeff got out first and went over to open the door for Ro. They then embraced in a kiss that seemed to last forever. Ro must have had a good time. I have a feeling Ro did this for my viewing pleasure as I am quite sure she knew I was watching.

Later on Ro told me everything that took place on their date. She said on the way to the restaurant they just chatted. She said Jeff was easy to talk with and she felt very comfortable with him. When they got to the restaurant Jeff asked for a corner table in the back that was a little secluded. With it being a corner table Jeff sat adjacent to me rather that across from me. He ordered some drinks and we both loosened up some. Jeff ordered a bottle of wine with our meal. The food was wonderful. Soon Jeff had his hand on my leg. My leg must have enjoyed the attention because soon I was getting a tingling sensation between my legs. Jeff's hand slowly made it to the hem of my dress, and I was enjoying the touch. He was soon under my dress and working his way further up my leg. Suddenly his hand brushed across my now swollen lips. I loved the touch and Jeff could tell.

Jeff said, "Well I see the initial body search reveals no panties."

He continued teasing me with his hand and also leaned over and gave me a kiss. I was so hot and moist. With the tablecloth draping over the table no one in the restaurant knew what was happening under the table. He then inserted a finger into my wet pussy and I let out a little gasp.

He then asked, "How about we finish the search outside?"

When we got back to the car rather than opening the door for me Jeff turned me around took me into his arms and gave me a full passionate kiss with lots of tongue. Now I know why he parked in the far end of the parking lot. It was dark out and where we were parked no one could see us. Jeff's hands started at the bottom of my dress and were soon underneath my dress. He was working his way up the front of my body. His hands felt good caressing my body. As he continued running his hands up towards my breast the dress was riding up also. Soon I felt him at the bottom of my breasts.

Jeff said, "Well after a complete body search I must admit I love it that you are completely naked under the dress."

I felt exposed but I knew no one was around and I was so turned on. His fingers finally made it to my nipples. He found my nipple bar bells and gently tugged on them causing me to slightly lose my breath it felt so good. My whole dress was pulled up over the top of my breasts. Jeff finally broke the kiss and took a slight step back without removing his fingers from the nipple bars. He took a good look at my nakedness and smiled and said, "You have the most beautiful body I have ever seen." His finger then took hold of my erect nipples and he gave them a gentle pull as he squeezed on them. I let out a loud moan I was so turned on. He came in to give me another kiss and continued to play with my nipples. He could have put me on the hood and the car and taken me right there. I soon reached down and ran my hand across his crotch. I could feel his hard cock through his pants and it felt big. We soon broke the kiss and decided we had all night to play.

After we got into the car Jeff pulled me towards him and gave me another kiss as he did he pulled my dress up to my waste leaving my bottom exposed. He then took the top of my dress and pulled it down underneath my breast. He said this is how he wants me dressed for the ride. That way he can play with me all the way home. I was way passed turned on to argue. He soon started the car and pulled out of the lot. He then had me lay on my back with my head resting on his lap. Then he told me to put me to take my shoes off and put my feet on the passenger door. His free hand was soon playing with my nipples again. I knew this was going to be an enjoyable ride home. He kept playing with my nipples slowly going back and forth. I was starting to have shortness of my breath as he continued on with this foreplay. Then his hand began to travel down to moist swollen pussy. When his hand finally touched my pussy my hips jumped as I had been waiting so long for the touch. He had no problem sliding in one finger then another. He began fucking me with his hand. I had an orgasm in record time. He continued fucking me and I had a couple more orgasms. Wow it felt so good. After I recovered I turned over unsnapped Jeff's pants and slid the zipper down. I pulled out his cock. It was huge; I began sucking on his cock. Jeff must have been as turned on as I was, because it was not long and he was shooting his cum into my mouth. Then I did something I have never done before. I began swallowing Jeff's cum. He kept shooting load after load into my mouth. Finally I could not swallow it all and some leaked out and ran down my chin. We both were spent. Jeff pulled over at a rest area and we got ourselves cleaned up before we made our way back home.

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