tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife Exhibitionism: How it Began

Wife Exhibitionism: How it Began


The Beginning of Showing Off

This is how it all began, how I found out I enjoyed having her nude, showing her to others, and took advantage of various situations in the beginning. This short should help fill in the blanks of how it all began. Yes, this is a true story.

My desire to exhibit her body started during our dating years (long ago). We would usually end up the evening somewhere parking in the car. Before very long she would be stretched out across the front seat for as long as possible while I fondled her nude body. When it was time to get her home before curfew (she was only 16 at the time) I would drive through my home town, and then through the town where she lived with her still nude on the front seat beside me.

She would quickly pull on her clothes as we turned into her folks driveway. If we got there early, or if her parents were not up, we would often sit there and start messing around again. Many times I'd get her naked again before she had to go in the house. Once while she was totally nude her brother drove in behind us and she had to make a mad scramble to get covered up.

During her last year of high school she spent part of the time as a live in nanny, and many weekends she'd have to baby-sit. After the kids were in bed we usually ended up in her room with her completely naked on the bed (she wouldn't consent to sex before marriage) as I enjoyed playing with her body.

More than once the boys would get up and peek through the crack in the bi-fold door to see her naked. A couple of times they were too loud and gave themselves away so I'd have to chase them back to bed. I often wondered how many times the father took advantage of the same situation and peeked through the door as she was changing clothes.

We would occasionally double date with one of my friends, and it was during these dates that I realized I enjoyed showing her off. We were sitting at a drive-in movie and I noticed my friend kept glancing in the rear view mirror to catch a glimpse of what we were doing. He was being pretty subtle about it and didn't realize that I had seen him look into the backseat.

Even though I had taken off her bra, up until that time everything was still well covered. But, seeing that he was so interested immediately made me want to show off her titties; so as we continued to make out in the back seat I slowly unbuttoned her shirt and eventually opened it wide.

Sam was a bit surprised by this, but after seeing that they were busy in the front seat she simply closed her eyes to enjoy what was happening. It wasn't long before I saw Brian take a quick look in the mirror, and then a much longer look as he could see her bare tits. He stared almost long enough to make his date wonder what was going on so quickly went back to her.

He did keep looking in the mirror through the rest of the evening as I rubbed and pulled her little tits. I couldn't believe how turned on I was, I was ready to explode! This was a new level of excitement for me. It was only later in life that I realized this is the moment where my strong desire to expose her was awakened.

Afterwards my friend repeatedly asked us to go to the drive-in with them Sam didn't like him very much so I was never able to give him a good replay of that night. We did have a few moments here and there when we had gone somewhere else that he would be driving us back to her house, or my car so I could take her home. During those times I always made sure he got a little look at some skin.

I always told her how good she looked and that I was so proud of her nude body that I wanted to show her off. She wasn't too happy with the idea of my choosing to let people see her nude and thought that it should be enough when a bit of accidental exposure happened. So I had to leave it like that for the awhile.

Not too much later. just after she turned 18, I began taking nude photos of her. I bought her a Polaroid camera as a high school graduation present and by the end of June I had used it to photograph her totally nude. She was nervous about the photos, and who might see them so I offered to take them home with me.

Since the picture taking started before we were married, it was easy to continue on and off through the years. Unfortunately she destroyed those early ones since she felt they were improper, because they were taken before we were married. Over the years I've had the opportunity to share her photos with many people, and Brian was finally able to see her completely nude in this way.

Since those very early years I have always tried to leave the curtains open just a little bit more than they should be, or anything I could think of so someone might see her by accident. I've did every thing I could think of to make it an "accident" that someone might see she naked body. I must admit that I was quite creative in those early years and although she pretended not to notice Sam was well aware when a motel curtain not closed, or her bikini top would accidentally be tied to loose so it would fall off her little tits.

The house we lived in for many years had only sheer curtains on the windows and since the children were little we usually had sex in the living room while they slept upstairs. I don't think she realized how much you could see through those curtains as she never worried about them. The house was less than 25 feet off the sidewalk and I usually tried to have sex on the living room couch with her sitting on top bouncing up and down.

The last week we were living there I went out to the side walk while she walked around the living room nude, turning various lights on and off. It really didn't matter which light was on because no matter which one she clicked on; it was easy to tell that a nude women was walking around in the house. I had always enjoyed our sex in the living room and with at least one light on I suspect others did as well.

After I came back in I explained to her how clearly I could see her, and could easily distinguish her dark nipples and pubic hair. She seemed to be a bit embarrassed by the thought, but it was too late now. Even though she was embarrassed we did have sex on the couch again that night, with her sitting on top.

This time she could not deny that anyone passing by the front of the house would be able to tell a nude women was bouncing up and down on somebody's cock. I never did get a chance to ask the neighbors about how much they might have seen, but we lived there 5 years and often I could hear voices outside while we had sex.

Those were the early beginnings, after we left that neighborhood I finally admitted to her that I'd always wanted to show her off, and wanted to do it even more now that she was aware of what had been going on. She also admitted that she'd known the curtains were sheer, but not as see through as they really were, and figured that others could perhaps tell what we were doing.

We also talked about our dating and other times where we both knew that she was being shown off intentionally, and not accidentally. She also admitted that it was easier for her to comply with what was happening, and just go with it, than it was if she knew about it from the beginning.

The story "Showing Teacher's Titties" happened a couple years after we left this house, and that was the start of her showing off directly to anyone.

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