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Wife Fucks a Strange Man


Here's a story about an adventure my wife, Brandie, and I, had one night after leaving our favorite swing club, horny, and looking for fun!

We went out to our favorite playground, the TSC club in Nashville, TN. It's a swinger's club and we love to go there, meet people there, and play there. But, sometimes, the action there just isn't happening, or we just don't meet the right people, etc., so we just party, have a good time, then go home. This night was one of those nights. Brandie was wearing a very short, black, low cut nightgown, which isn't real shear, and almost looks like a very short dress. She wore no panties, or bra, but she had on a pair of sheer black thigh high stockings the tops of which were well below the hemline of her nightie/dress, and red high heel leather pumps that just screamed, "FUCK ME!" For being out in public, she wore a full-length leather coat that stopped just above her ankles. When the coat was closed, all you could see was her sexy feet in those red pumps, her ankles with a heavy gold anklet on her left one, and you could clearly see her flower tattoo on the outside of her left ankle, through those sheer black stockings. It really made you wonder, "What is that woman wearing UNDER that coat?"

At the club, Brandie had a couple of guys, (some we knew and one we just met), who danced with her, hugged, kissed, and made out with her, and copped a feel of her pussy a few times during the night. I, of course, fingered her several times while we were dancing and once I nearly made her cum, fingering her at the table while we were kissing, but that is about the extent of the action in the club. So, on our way back home, (which is about 45 minutes from Nashville), we were both sexually aroused but as yet, unsatisfied. We decided to stop in at the local adult bookstore in our hometown and see what was going on there. Here's what happened....

We went into the Movie Theater there, which is rather small. They have maybe six or seven old church pews for seats and a big screen TV that shows X-rated movies. When we went in, there was only one other person in there, a guy, sitting on the back row seat. Brandie and I sat two seats in front of him. As we sat down, my wife opened her coat so that I was able to rub her stocking clad leg. I loved rubbing back and forth from the bare skin above her stocking and over the lacy stocking top, back onto the silky feeling stocking covering her sexy legs. A few times I went high enough to rub her pussy a little bit and I wasn't surprised to feel that it was warm and moist. She occasionally rubbed my hard cock through my pants. We watched the movie for a while and another guy came in. He sat directly behind us. After a few more minutes of movie watching, the guy in the back left. Neither Brandie, nor I, had gotten a good look at the guy directly behind us, so at this point we were hesitant to start anything to involve him. So, we got up and went out of the theater to the bookstore upstairs. The guy followed us.

We wandered around in the store, and went into a large room in the back of the store, that is kind of separate from the rest of it. The guy followed. My wife and I whispered to each other about the guy. I told her he probably wanted to "play" with us, or at least with her. She told me she had gotten a good look at him and that he was clean looking enough that she wouldn't mind playing with him. The three of us were the only ones in this area of the store. I figured that he wouldn't approach us as long as I was right there, with Brandie, so I went into the other area of the store, near the front counter. and engaged the clerk in some idle small talk. I hoped that by leaving my wife alone, he would get bold enough to approach her and that maybe something would happen. What happened next, I am relating second hand, as my wife had to tell me what happened, since I wasn't there to see it.

Brandie had her coat opened, with her hands in her pockets, and she and the guy passed each other a couple of times as they both browsed the store. She made sure that each time they came close together, she held her coat open a little bit farther. She looked really sexy in that very short dress, (actually a nightie), and her shear, black, thigh high stockings, the tops of which stopped below the hemline of the short black dress/nightie, capped off by those sexy "come fuck me" red leather pumps and gold anklet. The store was brilliantly lit, so the guy had no trouble getting good looks of my wife and her sexy outfit as they passed back and forth of each other, browsing the merchandise on the shelves.

When he passed her the last time, he said, "I like your dress."

She said, "Thanks."

They both walked around in the store, she trying to look like she was shopping, and he was trying to stay were he could keep glancing her way and get looks at her. My wife was sure to stand in ways that gave him the best views of her without her coat getting in the way. A few times, she bent over, forward, (looking at something on a lower shelf), so that he got a good view of her tits as they fell out of the top of her nightie, until she stood back up and they went back into her top. She made a show out of making sure her tits, which had fallen out "accidentally" when she was bent over, got properly placed back in to the top of her nightie when she stood back up.

A few minutes later, he was at the end of the same aisle that she was in, near the entrance to the front part of the store. My wife knew that he wasn't going to make any first move, and that if anything was going to happen, she was going to have to make it happen. My slut wife was horny, and wanted some action! The guy appeared to be about to leave the store, and as he took what might have been his last look at Brandie before leaving, she lifted the front of her skirt, revealing her cleanly shaved pussy, then she reached down with the other hand and rubbed her bare pussy for him to see, pulling her finger tips up between her pussy lips and trying to part them a little bit to show him the pinkness in between. He stopped dead in his tracks! Any thoughts he had of leaving were now forgotten! He squatted down to look at some videos on a rack, but in reality was trying to get a better look at my wife's pussy. She helped him out.

She walked over to where he was squatted down and stepped right up to him so her pussy was right in his face. She pulled the tail of her skirt up so that her bald pussy was just inches in front of his nose! He reached up and felt her pussy, reached around and rubbed her ass, and he leaned forward to lick her pussy lips. My wife dropped the tail of her skirt on top of his head, grabbed his head in her hands and pulled him into her crotch, her coat going on both sides of him so that he appeared to be inside her coat with him. She told me she thought she could almost squat down a bit, pull her coat closed around him and hide him inside her coat. With a big grin on her face, she said she thought about doing that and letting him eat her to an orgasm right there, but she wasn't sure how she could stand up through all of that and if anyone saw her, the "lump" under her coat, the slurping sounds, and her moaning through an orgasm, "might" give away what she was doing! We both broke out laughing.

She said that after a couple of minutes of him alternately fingering and licking her, she could feel her pussy getting wetter and she was getting hotter! She grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back. Then she leaned down towards him, her tits falling out of her top as she did. He took the opportunity to grab a quick feel of her tits. His tweaking of my wife's nipples sent a direct thrill from her nipples to her clit and made my wife sort of shudder as if having caught a chill. My wife gave him a little kiss on the mouth, which he had just had on her pussy, and then she whispered to him to go back down to the theater and we would join him in a few minutes.

Not knowing any of what I had just related to you, I saw the guy walk past me and quickly disappear through the door that led to the steps going down to the theater. Then Brandie came out of the back area, out into the front area of the store, pulled me away from the front desk and clerk, and told me what had happened. I got an instant hard on, thinking about my wife acting like a total slut with this stranger in an adult bookstore! I asked her what she wanted to do, and she told me she wanted to go back down to the theater and have some fun. So, we went back down to the theater.

When we went in, the guy was standing against the wall in the back of the room, so we just took a seat on the same bench we were on before. As we sat down, I slid my wife's coat off and hung it over the back of the bench so that she would be sitting there wearing nothing but her nightie, a pair of thigh high stockings, and a pair of shoes! Knowing she was dressed like that in an adult bookstore made my cock spring to life inside my pants. It started to twitch and harden, again!

Once we sat down, I was to my wife's right side, the stranger came up and asked if he could sit with us, which of course, was OK with us. So, he sat down on the left side of Brandie. My wife and I, were both pretty sexually aroused and feeling playful. While we watched the movie, my left hand was rubbing my wife's stocking clad leg all the way up to her bare thigh and she was rubbing my hard cock through my pants. I pulled my wife's right leg up over my left knee, and as I did, she slid her ass a bit forward on the bench. The other guy could plainly see what I was doing. He watched as I rubbed my wife's leg all the way up to the bare part above her stocking top and I let my fingers rub across her pussy, occasionally running them up and down her moist slit. This brought forth gentle moans and gasps from my wife. She pulled her skirt up a bit so that her pussy was completely uncovered and our stranger friend could clearly see my fingers on her pussy. It didn't take but just a few minutes for him to get the idea, and his right hand ventured onto Brandie's left leg. He began to rub her leg, venturing ever higher. She helped him out by spreading her legs even wider, and I watched as my slut wife put her left leg up over his right knee, so that he had free access to her waiting pussy. Seeing my slut wife opening her legs up for this total stranger sent a thrill through me and made my hard cock twitch and strain at the material of my pants. I ran my hand lower on my wife's right leg, so that I wouldn't be in this stranger's way as he worked his hand towards my wife's crotch.

Seeing what she had done, I whispered into her ear, "You fuckin' slut! You want his fingers in your pussy, don't you?"

My wife leaned towards me, grabbed my head with her hands, stuck her tongue in my ear giving me a wet, sexy kiss on my ear and neck, then she whispered back, her hot breath on my ear, "YES!" Then she gasped a bit and said, "They're already there!"

He had taken the invitation, and slid his hand up to her crotch, working his fingers into Brandie's wet cunt! I could tell the moment his fingers made contact with my wife's pussy because she let out a gasp, then a moan, and I saw her close her eyes and bite her lip. I knew his fingers were in her pussy! I love seeing my wife in this kind of action up close. I know how good her wet cunt feels and I know how good it makes her feel to have fingers in her pussy. So, I really enjoy watching this kind of thing from this close.

I turned towards my wife and slid my right hand up the inside of Brandie's right thigh so that I could feel the back of the stranger's hand and his fingers in my wife's pussy and confirm that he was finger fucking my wife right there, in the adult bookstore movie theater, with me sitting right there beside them. I even leaned forward a bit so that I could see that he had a couple of fingers shoved as deep into my wife's cunt as he could get them. I could hear the wet, squishing sounds of his fingers working and out of my wife's soaking wet pussy. This really turned me on! I had my face right in front of my wife's, her eyes were closed, and she was moaning and obviously enjoying this stranger's fingers in her cunt. I clamped my mouth on my wife's, and kissed her hard. I slid my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it as if it were a cock, all the while this strange man was fingering her pussy. The whole time we were kissing, this stranger was finger fucking my wife, occasionally pulling a finger out of her fuck hole and running it over her clit, which brought forth gasps of pleasure from her. As my wife and I were making out, she was moaning into my mouth and around my tongue from the sexual sensations this stranger's fingers were bringing to her pussy.

I pulled the top of Brandie's nightie down letting both of her tits fall out. I grabbed her right tit and started squeezing and massaging it, taking time to roll the hardened nipple between my thumb and finger. Our stranger friend turned towards her and switched the hands that he was using on my wife's pussy. Then he bent down, and took my wife's other tit into his mouth and sucked on her nipple as he continued to finger fuck her. Here my wife sat in an adult bookstore movie theater, dressed like a slut, acting like a slut, with me on one side kissing her, and playing with her right tit, the stranger was finger fucking her and sucking on her left tit, the whole scene was so erotic, she was in shear sexual ecstasy! My wife was moaning and purring like a contented kitten about to explode. And that's exactly what she did! My wife tensed up, pulling me almost into a headlock, squeezing the stranger's hand between her thighs, my wife groaned and grunted through a tremendous orgasm. I could smell the scent of her juices running all over his hand, her ass, and the bench under her!

I heard our stranger friend mutter, "DAMN!" When my wife relaxed, he went back to work fingering her cunt.

I asked him what was wrong, and he said, "Nothing's wrong, man. That was just an awesome orgasm she just had."

As he was working his fingers in and out of, and up and down my wife's pussy, she was leaning on me and I could hear her breathing and moaning, and, I could hear the squishing sounds of his fingers in her wet cunt. I was getting very turned on and my cock was hard as a rock! I undid my belt and pants and let my cock out so that I could stroke it while I watched the other guy finger fucking my wife.

I had been making out with my wife through all this, but then she pushed me off from kissing her so that she could breathe better. She was really moaning and gasping for air. I sat there, next to her on the bench stroking my cock, with my left arm up on the back of the bench, she was leaning over on me while I watched this other guy continuing to suck on her tit and finger fuck her. I had to stroke carefully because the scene before me was so erotic I was on the verge of blowing my load any second, but I didn't want to, YET!

He was in a hurry, he wanted more, and after only a few minutes of this finger play he stopped sucking her tit and whispered to my wife, that he wanted to eat her pussy. She was definitely game for that! So, she twisted a little more to her left, leaned back further on me, almost laying down on her back with her head in my lap, my hard cock sticking straight up next to her face. She pushed her left leg against the back of the bench and putting her right foot up on the back of the bench in front of us, my wife opened herself up to this stranger. He got down on the floor between her legs and started to lick her already wet, pussy. The moment his tongue touched my wife's pussy, she gasped and shuddered all over. He went to work eating my wife's cunt and bringing forth more moans and heavy breathing from Brandie. She really loves to have her pussy licked.

I was sitting there holding my wife's head in my lap, looking right down into her face. She had her eyes closed, but the looks of sexual ecstasy that she had on her face were absolutely beautiful! Her expression changed several times as she would open her mouth and gasp, close it and moan, purse her lips, bite her lips, a couple of times she opened her eyes and looked straight up into my face. One time she looked up at me and said, "Oh, he's eating my pussy sooo gooood!" As he continued to lick, suck, nibble and eat her cunt, she began to moan louder, things like, "Oh that feels soooo goooooooood! Yes! Oh yeah! Lick it! Fuck YES! He is eating my pussy soooooo goood!"

My wife isn't usually this vocal with someone she has just met, (Hell we didn't even know this guy's name!), so I knew she had to be really enjoying this guy's tongue on her wet, hot snatch. I also knew that the slut being dressed the way she was, getting her cunt ate by a total stranger in an adult bookstore, while I was there watching her, was all a big part of what was turning her on. I watched, as this man we didn't know, was eating my wife's pussy. My hard cock was still standing up in front of me, next to my wife's face in my lap, and my wife and I took turns stroking it as she was enjoying the tongue in her cunt.

The way she was laying on me, on her back with her head in my lap, I was occasionally holding her head up with my right arm and hand, and making out with her, but mostly I liked to just sit and look into her face, or between her legs as this guy ate her pussy.

I began to talk to her, whispering into her ear, asking her if it felt good and was he eating her pussy good, and was he making her hot. Her answers to all my questions were positive moans and gasps. I knew she was getting close to another orgasm and soon she started to tense up, pushing her ass up off the bench, arching her back, and moaning in a way that I knew she was cumming!

I asked her, loud enough for our mystery friend to hear, "Are you cumming?"

She moaned, "Yessssssssssss!", as she went through the ecstasy of her orgasm.

After she camedown off her climax, the guy kept fingering her and licking the juices from her pussy lips.

She rose up and whispered in my ear, "What can I do for him?" Wanting to get my permission on what she could do.

I told her anything she wanted to do, would be OK with me. I whispered in her ear, "If you want to fuck him, go ahead."

So, she turned over and away from him, put her left foot on the floor, her right knee up on the bench, bent over and started sucking my cock. The guy was still on his knees and with the move my wife just made, her ass and pussy was now right in front of his face. I figured that her slit had to be partially open, soaking wet, deep pinkish, almost reddish colored from her sexual excitement, I almost wish that I had his viewpoint of my wife's pussy at that moment. He stood up and dropped his pants all in one, quick motion. Standing there, behind my wife's ass, with his hard cock sticking out, he was about to fuck her, when it hit him that I was there.

The guy hesitated a moment, he looked at me and said, "Can I fuck your wife?"

I said, "Sure. Go ahead. That's what the slut wants!" As my wife heard me refer to her as a, "slut", I heard her moan around my cock. My wife loves to be thought of as a slut, not a whore, or a bitch. She feels like being a slut means she's a sexy woman, desired by men, and that she can have almost any man she wants. It makes her feel sexy and horny when I, or another man, refer to her as a slut, especially during sex. It heightens her sexual arousal. And I like for the other man to hear me referring to my wife as a slut because it sort of sets the tone, and lets him know that this is just all about the kinky sex.

Once he had my approval to fuck my wife, the guy positioned himself behind her on the bench and slid his cock into her. As his cock entered my wife, she moaned and clamped her mouth hard on my cock and I nearly lost my load right then into her mouth! Grabbing my wife's ass on both sides, he started stroking his cock in and out of her hot cunt.

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