tagLoving WivesWife Has Fun in Key West

Wife Has Fun in Key West


We just came back from spending four days in Key West Florida. We had a great time and had two great adventures to share with Judy. Before we left, we agreed that Judy would pack the minimum amount of clothing. As we often do on our trips, underwear for her was not allowed. We took the convertible and planned on making the trip down the highway exciting. Once we got on the highway, Judy unbuttoned her blouse and the breeze forced her shirt open; exposing her breasts. She was wearing a fairly short skirt that buttoned up the front. She unbuttoned the skirt up to the waistband. She was essentially totally exposed to the trucks we were passing. As we approached a truck I would slow until I was riding alongside the driver. Judy laid back and let them have a great view of her body. We got lots of noise from the air horns as we went by.

Once we got off the highway we stopped at Key Largo to eat. Judy did not button her blouse; she just tied it in a knot under her breasts. She wasn?t hiding too very much. She buttoned a couple of the buttons on her skirt; leaving it open just below her mound. The place was more of a pub filled with locals; looked like mostly boaters and fishermen. Everybody noticed Judy when we walked in; they really couldn?t help it! We sat at a small table that faced a small bar. There was no waitress so I walked up to the bar and got us a couple of beers. I brought them back to the table and Judy said that she had to go to the rest room. She slid off her stool, pulling her skirt back and up, exposing everything. By now most of the men at the bar knew that she was not wearing panties.

When she came back from the bathroom I noticed that she had loosened the knot on her blouse and much of her breasts were exposed. We took our beers out to the back patio overlooking the water. We leaned against the rail to watch the water. I knew that Judy was putting on a great show for the guys in the bar looking out and those sitting on the patio. Leaning over the rail her skirt rode up and exposed most of her ass and cunt. I left her to get a couple more beers and when I got back there was a guy standing beside her talking to her. I walked up to the other side and I could see her tit and nipple; so, I am sure that the guy on the other side was getting an equal show. Judy made no attempt to hide anything. She introduced her new friend to me and we sat at a patio table. It was glass top and Judy was showing everything. We had a few more beers with the guy and after a bit got up, I paid our bill and we headed back onto the road. We talked about the great show that she put on. She wanted to know if I got excited watching her. She knew that I did!!!

That was our first adventure...rather tame, I know. But, it was just a prelude to the rest of our long weekend!

Our second day at Key West we went out on a snorkeling trip. The boat was small and had us and five other swimmers and two crew members. Judy was the only female. We went out about seven miles and moored to a buoy. Judy went into the small head and changed into her swim suit. When she came out, she drew the attention of everyone. He suit was a tiny string bikini. The bottom was not much more than a small patch of cloth held together by string. There was no back to it. The top was two tiny patches of cloth just barely covering her nipples. It was not a new suit; she has worn it before. She loves showing off in it. The dive master seemed to take a lot of time getting Judy geared up. From a distance I was watching and could only see her backside. From where I stood she looked naked. The tiny strings didn't hide anything. We all got into the water and headed for the reef. Most of the guys had cameras and were taking pictures. I could tell that many were of Judy. We were called back to the boat so that we could head to another dive site. I couldn?t wait to see the looks on the guys when Judy got out of the water. I knew that her suit exposed everything once it got wet. When she removed her snorkel vest, her nipples were clearly visible and you could see the slit between her legs.

Several off the guys asked to have their picture taken with her. This she gladly did. Most sitting her bare ass on their leg or lap. She would playfully grind herself into them with obvious results. On the way to the next site the crew played some music and Judy danced with several of the guys. We dove on the next site and again, Judy attracted more attention in the water than the fish. She told me that she posed underwater for many shots. She even pulled her little bottom aside to give the guys something special to photograph. When she got out of the water this time we all noticed that the strap from her vest had tucked her bottom into her mound; basically hiding the cloth. It looked like a string in front. When she removed the vest she didn't bother fixing it. Even I was getting aroused!

We had about an hour run back into Key West so Judy took a towel up to the bow and laid in the sun. She took her top off and laid there pretty much naked for all to see. Several of the guys asked to take pictures. She said yes, of course. She even posed for them. She slipped her tiny bottom off and let them take pictures of her totally naked. The boat captain agreed to stop for a bit so that we could go for a swim near a sand bar. Judy dove in naked. Three of the guys did the same and soon they were all romping on the sandbar in the nude. We were playing in the water and surf and all the guys had their hands and other body parts all over Judy. What a great time we had!

We finished our run back into Key West and promised to meet up with some of the guys in town later in the evening. We met the guys as Fat Tuesday and had a few drinks and Judy danced with all of us. The song changed to?Private Dancer? and Judy and one of the guys started to dance. She was dancing with a really sexy movement. And one of the guys shouted?Oh ya, take it off!!!? Judy turned and laughed at him and pointed her finger like she was scolding a naughty boy. He said again "Come on Judy, take it off." Judy continued to dance to the very sexy song. She looked toward me and got my nod and she turned to the guy and danced right in front of him. She was wearing a short skirt and a skimpy bathing suit top. She turned her back toward him. He pulled the string and untied it. Judy held it in place and turned to face him; she backed away a little and let the top drop to the floor as she continued to sway to the music. She was now topless and dancing for these guys. She turned her back on the guy and backed into him and pressed her body against him still swaying to the music. She took his arms and pulled them around her to hold her while she danced. He started to rub her hips and was soon caressing her breasts. He cupped them completely while she danced her "Private Dance". A bouncer came over and told her that she had to put her top back on. He said that it was too early for that stuff. She turned around and picked up her top and put it on. We invited them to our beach villa for a little more fun. Only two of the guys came because the others had plans.

I don't even remember these guys' names. We got into our room and Judy said that she had to use the bathroom. When she came out she was totally naked. She came right over and sat on the lap of one of the guys and he started to play with her tits and rub between her legs. She said that she couldn't wait any longer and needed somebody to fuck her. She got up and took the first guy into the bedroom and the other man and I followed a moment later. When we got into the room he was naked and already fucking her. Judy looked over at me and bit her lip and came while she looked right into my eyes. Judy looked at the other guy and asked if he had his condom on yet. There was a pack on the table and he was naked in a second and she helped him put the condom on his very enlarged dick. She kissed the tip of it and told him she wanted to feel him inside of her. After they both had fucked my wife they left and Judy and I had great sex for hours. We still had three nights in Key West!

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