tagLoving WivesWife Loses Bet Ch. 02

Wife Loses Bet Ch. 02


I wish I had a video camera of that, and little did I know that she was blowing her third cock from the other side as the cum was dripping down her chin since she was seemlessly taking cock after cock that was presented. Oh how I love my wife.

I knew that with all the images of my sexy wife sucking all of those cocks and tasting their loads of cum that I wasn't going to last long fucking her tight wet pussy. I pulled out just in time to save myself from adding my load of cum inside her and zipped up, exiting my booth. I knocked on the door where my wife was to still find that it was unlocked from when I had left her. If only the line of hard cocks waiting for her had known it would of been a full blown orgy right there and I wouldn't be able to stop them.

I slipped inside our booth to find that my wife had this huge grin on her face as she continued to stroke this long cock before her. I leaned down close to her and asked if my cock whore had been good? She stated that she was very good as this is her 5th cock she had sucked on and that one had even fucked her pussy. I smiled with approval as her tongue reached out and licked the pre-cum dripping from the cock in front of her. The strand of cum stayed intact between her lips and the cock as she pulled away, savoring the taste of his cum. I pulled her head close to mine and kissed her so hard as a slight reward for being so dam sexy as my cock whore for the night.

I then told her to finish what she had started as it was not nice to keep such a hard cock waiting from her valuable skills. Back she went to sucking him and licking his balls, to the point that as you could hear him moan I pulled her mouth off of his cock and reach out and stroked his cock to an orgasm that shot out onto my wife's lips and cheek, she then opened her mouth just in time to receive his second eruption straight onto her tongue. As he soften and pulled that amazing cock back thru the hole I stood my wife up and covered up her tits with her dress and quickly exited the booth to the dismay of the growing crowd waiting their turn.

We left the adult bookstore and headed downtown to our favorite wine bar to relax and enjoy the sexy, slutty mood that the night had developed into. My wife thought that was going to be the extent of her debt, but we left the adult bookstore and headed downtown to our favorite wine bar to relax and enjoy the sexy, slutty mood that the night had developed into.

As we entered the wine bar, we realized that it was the weekend and the bar was somewhat packed with couples wanting to relax and have a good time. I led my wife through the crowd towards the end of the bar where we ordered a nice full glass each of our favorite wine.

My wife leaned in after the order was placed and asked me if I had intentionally led her through the crowd to have her tits groped by the men elbows as she passed them or the hands that grabbed her ass when she slid between the crowd. I looked at her and saw that she wasn't really upset at the fondling, but was just sharing the information to get my cock hard knowing that other men were feeling her up as we passed.

A brilliant plot filled my brain at that moment and I told her that this would be a good time to go to the bathroom and freshen up a bit. My wife stared straight into my eyes knowing that I was asking her to make her way through the crowd to get pawed at again. On top of that I told her to take her time and I would wait right here for her with her glass of wine. Again she gave me that look of knowing that if she found the right guy it would be ok to stay close and let him have his way with her. I smiled as she turned toward the bathroom and watched her sexy ass move through the crowd until I couldn't see her anymore.

I had just finished my glass of wine and enjoyed watching the crowd that was gathered and ordered another glass which was delivered as my wife rejoined me and quickly took her glass from me and as she was heading up the stairs, briefly told me that there was this particular sexy older man that she was going to meet. I was mesmerized for the moment, but watched her leave and quickly followed to appease my voyeuristic fantasy at that moment. I saw her walk toward a man that was still in good shape betrayed by his salt and pepper hair. The man reached his hand around my wife's neck pulling her closer as his lips and tongue invade her mouth in a very sensual kiss that lasted for several minutes it seemed. He then walked her to a darken corner of the rooftop to several chairs and they sat down. Very soon he had pulled my wife onto his lap and there seemed to be even more kissing and I believe he was fondling her nipple through the dress, but I could not be sure as it was pretty dark in that corner.

I saw my wife emerge from the corner and walk to the stairs where I was still at and motioned for me to follow down the stairs. Her nipples were hard and noticeable through her dress which I couldn't stop staring at until she turned away and walked down the stairs holding the rail so she wouldn't fall.

As we left she related what had happened with the older man, that she got stuck behind trying to get to the bathroom and as she tried to push thru and had straddled his hand which found its way under her short dress to her bare pussy. He had rubbed her clit for a little while as she was packed in by people.

He turned and smiled at her willingness to let him finger her pussy so easily. Being in the role of a cock whore that I wanted her to be for the whole night, she was going to enjoy every bit of it. They then found their way to the bathroom door where he asked her to join him on the rooftop to get to know each other better. My wife said she smiled but did not commit until she had found her way back to me and knew I would encourage her escapade.

On the rooftop when they had sat in the corner the gentleman had placed his hands back on her pussy, strumming her clit ever closer to an orgasm that was so needed. My wife had reached out and found a very thick cock pressing on the confines of his pants and began to unzip them to feel the amazing man meat in her own hands. When my wife had finally pulled all of his cock through the zipper he lifted my wife up off her chair and onto his lap sitting her down spearing her wet pussy lips perfectly, letting her body weight impale my wife on his cock deep.

They slowly fucked right there in the chair and she said he was talking very nasty in her ear about what a sexy whore she was to get fucked so easily in public, and as she was nearing her orgasm he made her tell him that she was a cock whore and her husband was watching her taking his cock right at this moment. This spurred him on even more to ask her if he was the only other cock she had taken this night which my wife responded that it was her second in her pussy but she had sucked 5 cocks earlier. That must of been too much for him to hear as he exploded and filled her cunt full of cum. As my wife pulled off his cock he said to her to go and have a night to remember.....

That is when she came over to me at the stairs and little did I know that the older mans cum was dripping down both of my wife's thighs as she walked down the stairs. We left the wine bar to go to our last destination for the night of paying up on her bet. To be continued

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