tagInterracial LoveWife Pays Cause Hubby Plays

Wife Pays Cause Hubby Plays


"Fucking animals!"

One black after another. Apparently some famous basketball player with a good reputation (Bull shit!) had raped some poor innocent white girl. After that was a story about the black snipers going to trial. Following that story, a black woman had been arrested for leaving a child alone in her house for two weeks after being arrested for something else. And two of these animals had the nerve to run for president!

Heather didn't normally watch the news. She found it much too depressing. It was always showing how blacks were dragging this country down. Not that her husband was a saint, he was overly fond of beer and had a gambling problem, but he had never raped or killed anyone. Luckily, he had quit gambling six months ago, but he still drank his beer every night. The six pack Frank drank nightly no doubt contributed to the disappearance of the six pack on his stomach over the last five years since they'd graduated high school. His six pack abdomen had been replaced by a lump of pale, shaking flesh.

Heather was worried that if his paunch kept growing, he might not be able to get his entire 5 inch pussy plower into her. She'd loved his dick back in school and had seen a lot of it then, but for each of the four years they'd been married, she was seeing less and less of it. When she did get some, she was usually left disappointed enough that she had to finish herself off alone in the bathroom. Lately, she felt there was something missing in her sex life.

Heather thought her husband was an idiot. Any man married to a hot bitch like her should be fucking her twice a day. Heather hefted her breasts and winked at herself in the mirror that covered the wall across from the couch. She hadn't turned the tv channel because she was painting her toes, sitting naked on the couch except for a thong. She applied the red polish to the small toe on her left foot just above a silver ring. She put her ankle bracelet back on then sat back to let the polish dry while more criminals with black faces appeared on the news.

Sick of the news, she turned to stare at herself some more. What the fuck was wrong with Frank? I was the hottest girl at Nathan Bedford Forrest High, she thought. The nearly nude body reflecting in the mirror belonged to a Fredrick's of Hollywood model, a stripper, or a porn star. Long reddish-blond hair covered her head, surrounding bright green eyes and lips painted to match her toenails. Her skin was milky white, smooth, with no blemishes except for the occasional freckle. Large, firm knockers topped her chest. They were so perfect, they should of been fake. Her boobs were capped by nipples the color of pink roses and the diameter of fifty cent pieces. Frank used to joke that they were so pointy, they'd poke his eyes out. Her stomach was flat and surrounded by a thin tapered waist. Her thong was light blue and with her legs propped up on the coffee table, she could see the outline of her pussy lips through the tight material as well as a little wet dot in the center. Remembering all the fucking she and Frank had done in high school had her feeling a little horny.

No woman should look this good, she thought. Heather's closest friends and rivals in high school were now, fat, haggard looking women with screaming brats sucking on rapidly sagging teats. Thinking about Frank and her friends had her amazed that someone's body could change so much between 18 and 23. No doubt, if Heather had been a mommy, her body would be as fat as her friends, but her husband had a sperm count so low it was nonexistent. Their doctor had been flabbergasted. Frank's semen was practically crystal clear and until seeing the doctor, Heather hadn't known that semen was supposed to be milky white. Frank's problem had finally been traced to a childhood illness. If they were to have children, they'd need to adopt and so the unused room in the trailer sat empty except for trash bags filled with Frank's beer cans.

There was a loud banging on the door.

Heather jumped startled. She wiggled her toes and decided the polish was dry. She grabbed a pink halter top and pulled it on over her head until the playboy bunny was nestled between her knockers. Her swollen pointy nipples were clearly visible through the stretched material.

The banging came again. The pounding was so hard, it shook the trailer.

"Hold your ass. I'm coming," yelled Heather. She grabbed small, gray, cotton shorts and pulled them on. Black lettering spelling the word, BITCH crossed the two perfect globes of her ass.

Her visitor pounded on the door again.

Heather checked herself out in the mirror. The bottoms of her breasts were visible under the halter and the stud in her belly button sparkled. The shorts rode low on her hips and the straps of her thong were visible crossing each hip. Damn sexy, but then she liked to show off her body.

"Open up," yelled the visitor pounding on the door continually.

"Gawd dammit," growled Heather finally pulling the door open. "What?" she asked the hard, perfect male chest she was staring at. The chest was encased by a tight, white tee shirt. She followed the tee shirt to the arms whose biceps were as big as her thighs and gasped when she saw that her visitor had dark black skin. "What do you want?"

"How'd that worthless husband of yours get a fine piece of ass like you?" said the black man. He was actually handsome with a crew cut and goatee, but looked like a thug with tattoos on his arms and a do-rag wrapped around his crew cut.

"What do you want?" she asked again. Heather was wondering it she could slam the door shut and pull the chain. Would it even keep out a man so big? It was too late though, the man was already pushing himself inside.

"Where's Frank? That dick you're married to, owes me money and said he'd pay me back today."

Heather felt a pit form in her stomach. Frank was gambling again and they were flat broke. To keep from staining her coffee table, the nail polish was sitting on a growing pile of second notice bills. She'd always known his fondness for playing the ponies would hurt them in some way. "What are you going to do?"

"Kick Frank's white ass if I don't get my money. Damn!" The black man said the later because he was taking in Heather's outfit or to be exact the body under the outfit. "That lazy man of yours is dead meat if I don't get my money. Worst employee I fucking have."

"You're Samson?" Heather crossed her arms across her chest, embarrassed that his gaze was hardening her nipples.

"Yeah, that's right," said the black man. "Now you can pay me or I'll wait for slow poke to get home." Samson punched one beefy fist into his other palm for emphasis.

"I don't have any money," said Heather, she'd spent their last cent on groceries and Frank's beer. Stupid shit head Frank had not only borrowed money from a black animal, but he'd borrowed it from his big brute of a boss. The man who could leave them even poorer. The man whom Frank constantly complained rode his ass every day screaming obscenities at him for being lazy and screwing up all the time.. "Frank's probably at the tavern since it's Friday. Would you like a beer?"


Heather walked the few steps into the kitchen. She reached up to get a glass out of the cupboard. As she stretched, her halter rode up her breasts until Samson got a good view of her lower nipples. That's why Heather wore this outfit, but she never expected to be showing off her body to a dangerous black animal. She opened the refrigerator for a can of beer. The blast of cold air hit her breasts. Heather felt her nipples grow completely hard until goosebumps peppered her areola. Samson openly stared at them when she handed him the beer. "Perhaps, there's some other way we could repay you?"

"Bitch," said Samson reading her shorts, "you're the only thing in this shithole worth anything. If I can't have you, then I'll just hafta wait for fat Frank to get home. I should fire his lazy ass."

"Are you going to hurt my husband?"

"Only if he don't pay me what he owes me. Then he's dead meat. Holy fucking Jesus!"

Heather finished pulling the halter over her head and stepped back as the black man's large hands had unconsciously jumped up as if to squeeze her tits. Sally Jesse and Springer had taught her that black men were sex starved animals especially for white women, though they seemed to prefer their white women fat. She hoped her body would be good enough for Samson. Heather didn't have any money or valuables, but she did have one skill she excelled at. "If I suck your dick, will you promise not to hurt my husband?" Samson just nodded staring in shock at her tits. As an after thought, Heather added, "and you promise not to fire him?"

"Uh, sure baby, but you haft do whats I tells ya."

"Like what?" asked Heather suspiciously.

"Like to start, I'd like to see you out of those shorts.

"Ok," said Heather. She felt a little sick to her stomach at the thought of sucking a black man off, but in her experience the more aroused she made him, the sooner it would all be over with. She turned around and bent down to touch her toes, her bare breasts were visible between her legs to the black man. The word BITCH was staring at him as she reached up and slowly pulled the legs of her shorts down.

"Your ass is fucking unbelievable," said Samson grabbing his crotch. "Now lose the thong." He reached out and squeezed her two ass cheeks.

Heather jumped out of his grasp. "Hey! No touching!" She pulled the thong back up.

"No deal. There's gonna be touching. Now come here. NOW!"

Shit, she thought. He was going to run his dirty black hands all over her body. Heather was breathing heavily as she stepped forwards. She shivered with disgust as he bent forward and kissed her belly, slipping his tongue inside her belly button and around the stud. He grabbed her hips to hold her still and kissed up her stomach. Heather crinkled her nose in disgust from his wet kisses, but that changed when he reached her breasts. They'd always been overly sensitive. Samson's tongue slid up her lower breast and across her nipple sending a spasm through her body. The thick tongue came back down, this time circling her nipple before he sucked the entire tip between his lips. Heather sucked her bottom lip into her mouth to keep from crying out in pleasure. A moan did escape her lips as his teeth gently closed on her nipple and nibbled on it. Samson then sucked it like a baby for a few times before kissing his way over to her other breast.

This time it was a little different. Samson's mouth still gave her nipple a workout, but now his hands were also on the move. One hand slid along her thigh and between her legs. It moved up to her crotch and reached into her ass, grabbing the thong. Samson slowly pulled the thong down, using his other hand to pull the straps over her hips. His finger hooked the thong moving down the inside of her ass. The tip of his finger pushed harder against her ass hole making her jump, but didn't penetrate. Instead, it kept moving down. The tip slid across her pussy lips which much to Heather's shame were very wet, parting easily for his finger.

Samson's finger pushed against the entrance to her pussy, but kept going until it was teasing her clit. Heather hadn't been touched like this in a long time and she was struggling not to enjoy this. Her body was fighting her. Her clit was swelling as his wet finger teased around it. His finger then slid between her pussy lips again. Samson suddenly thrust his finger deep in her pussy just as he sucked her left nipple hard between his lips. "Oh fuck yeah," moaned Heather as she came all over his finger.

Samson was exceptionally skilled with his finger. He didn't stop after giving her the one orgasm. He held his finger in deep and started rotating the tip around while continuing to suck on her breast. Samson was a big man and his finger was nearly the size of Frank's penis. Heather closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations. The black man's free hand came up and squeezed her ass cheek, one finger close to her anus. This time he did push the finger hard against her anus. Heather opened her eyes to protest as his finger pushed in, but found that instead of being unpleasant, she was cumming a second time.

Heather's legs went weak as the large orgasm wracked her body. It had been years since she'd cum, and never twice within minutes of each other and never one this big. Samson quickly grabbed her waist and lowered her to the ground as she collapsed to her knees between his legs. This wasn't supposed to happen. She wasn't supposed to enjoy it.

The buxom, strawberry-blond rested her head on his knees while she caught her breath. "I'll take that blow job now," he said.

Heather looked up to see that he had helped her by unbuckling his belt and opening his pants. He'd removed his tee shirt revealing his hard, muscular chest. Samson had the chest of a professional weightlifter and he put Frank to shame even when Frank was in shape back in high school. There was also a curiously large bulge underneath his slacks.

Heather's revulsion was disappearing a little as she reached up for his zipper. Samson may have been black, but he was a handsome manly man. She felt she needed to repay him for the two orgasms she'd had. Heather grasped the zipper gingerly and began to pull down. The bulge beneath his pants seemed to swell, the added pressure helping push the zipper down. Samson lifted his hips while she helped pull his pants down. She'd never seen another man's penis and was starting to get a little eager.

Samson wore tight white underwear that appeared about to burst. It almost looked like he had shoved a big knobby snake in his pants. She could see a serpentine head shifting. Heather found her hands were shaking as she grabbed the rim of his underwear and pulled out. That was just the opportunity the snake had been looking for and Samson's cockhead shot up not only beyond his underwear, but beyond his bellybutton. Heather stared at Samson's monster penis and she kept staring mouth agape in shock.

Samson's hand came down and pushed his underwear free of his nut sack. "Looking at it ain't gonna make it cum, baby. Use that pretty mouth of yours." Samson bent his cock forward and rested it on Heather's lips.

His voice brought Heather out of her shock. Samson's shaft must of been thirteen inches long and as thick as a big mag flashlight. "Fucking liar," she mumbled as she took in balls the size of tangerines. She was thinking about her husband and the fact that he'd told her he was well-endowed with a five inch penis. Samson seemed even bigger as he pushed it down and she stared down his shaft. He held his cock bent as Heather began to kiss and lick around the golf ball sized head.

Samson let go of his cock and the shaft sprang up to slap against his belly. Heather reached up and grabbed it, pulling it back towards her mouth. Heather paused, confused. She was acting as if she were eager to suck on this man's big black cock. She pulled her head back and stared at it some more. The swollen head was light brown while the shaft and the rest of Samson's body was dark black. A pulsing blue-black vein ran the length of his shaft and smaller veins crisscrossed the surface. The black man's big cock started getting closer to her mouth again and Heather suddenly felt Samson's hand on the back of her head, pulling her forwards. She gave in and opened her mouth.

Some point during the blow job, Heather began to enjoy herself. Actually, it was almost immediately. She took the head into her mouth and nimbly ran her tongue all around the surface. Her other hand found the shaft and started stroking it. Heather had thought she was skilled, but that was sucking on Frank's prick. Her husband's entire penis had easily fit into her mouth with just the tip teasing her throat. Heather felt like gagging with just Samson's cockhead in her mouth. Sucking Samson was a challenge and she loved challenges.

Heather forced the thick cock into her throat and started bobbing her head. Heather's throat made purring sounds as she took the cock deeper and deeper. "I think the slut's enjoying her dark meat," said Samson. Heather gave him a mean look, but continued bobbing her head. "Not as easy as little old fat Frank, is it? I bet I'm twice as big."

Heather paused for air. Samson was more then twice as big as her husband, but she didn't want to give him the pleasure of knowing that fact. "Just warn me when you're going to cum," she said before returning her mouth to his shaft. The base had grown slick now and her hand slid more rapidly along it while she'd managed to swallow seven or eight inches. Her free hand hefted and massaged his balls which were starting to contract. The thick shaft was swelling even thicker. It jerked in her mouth and Heather felt it pumping semen into her belly. Disgusted, she pulled back as more of the hot fluid shot down her throat.

"I'm gonna cum," groaned Samson, a little too late.

Heather's mouth filled with hot sperm and the head prevented her from spitting it out forcing her to swallow. Heather pulled back freeing the cock from her mouth just as it blew another wad which splattered from her nose to her neck. Heather pulled the spitting head down away from her face and several more wads covered her tits. Heather moved his cockhead around, using it to rub his semen into her skin and nipple. "It is white!" she murmured a little shocked. Her chin and breasts were covered with milky white sperm, so different from Frank's. It even tasted different, richer, more potent, filled with protein. It was like egg nog compared to skim milk.

"If your a good girl, I might let you suck me again some time."

"Not on your life," she replied, but found herself tempted. Would practice allow her to swallow the whole thing? "I just did it to pay you back."

"No, you did it so I wouldn't kick your husband's ass. He still owes me my money."

"Oh." Heather hadn't released his shaft. She was still stroking on it, awed that sperm would still pour out of the head every time her hand moved forwards along the shaft. It had only shrunk an inch or so and was still hard enough to fuck.

"Let me fuck you and we'll call it even."

"No. I'd consider it, but you're too big."

"I ain't met no woman yet who couldn't handle my black schlong. Now, you said you was broke and didn't have no money. Somebody's gonna pay me back. I'm just trying to do you a favor, see, and you'll be doing Frank a favor too. Now we can try and I'll just push it in a little at a time, see how much you can take and all."

"I'm not sure..." Heather jerked her head back as Samson's cock thrust forward through her hand, once again rock hard.

"Whatever. I need the money more then I need to get laid."

Samson may have needed the money more, but his cock seemed to be more interested in the sex. If anything it looked harder now then it had the first time. Heather just had to know how much of his big dick she could take. "I guess we could try."

"Ok. First, we should probably make sure you're juiced up." Samson laid down on his back on the carpet." Come here, baby." Heather made to straddle his waist, but Samson stopped her. "No, no baby. Lay down across my chest facing the other way." He waited until she had obeyed him then added, "Now back your pussy into my mouth."

Heather felt her already wet pussy get a little wetter at his words. Frank hadn't gone down on her in years and she'd enjoyed his tongue more then his penis. Samson grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide as she backed into his tongue. When it came, Heather nearly jumped off his chest. Samson missed her pussy entirely and his tongue licked her anus. She was thankful, she'd showered before he arrived. Samson swirled his tongue around her anus before moving it down to her labia and sending a shiver of pleasure up her spine. His tongue then slid back up to her ass, then down to her pussy. Heather began liking having her ass licked almost as much as her pussy. Finally, he quit licking up and down and just worked his tongue into the folds of her pussy. Heather found herself humping backwards into his rigid tongue. Samson's finger once again pushed into her ass hole and Heather found herself cumming again. Nor did Samson let up, he continued to steadily tongue fuck her. Heather grasped the big black cock under her nose and started kissing all over it as a way of saying thanks. Minutes after telling Samson, "not on your life," Heather found herself sucking Samson's cock again and another orgasm building. This was incredible. Heather had gone years without an orgasm and was about to have her fourth one in an hour. Soon her cum was pouring down Samson's chin.

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