tagLoving WivesWife Secretly Fucks Her Son's Friend Ch. 02

Wife Secretly Fucks Her Son's Friend Ch. 02


A few weeks later I was looking at Joyce's cell phone messages and came up on one from Josh asking her if she would like to come to a party he was having at his parents house and she had answered yes it sounded like fun.

But after I read down to the others he had told her that the party was on hold for now because his parents had changed their plans.

So I decided to tell Joyce that I was going on another work trip this weekend and would be gone over night to see if she would tell Josh he could have his party at our house.

The plan worked, She had sent him a text that I would be gone and the party could be at our house so I went to work setting up my hiding cameras in different rooms so I would be ready for what ever happened.

Saturday rolled around and I left for my trip so she thought, Night came and I came back to check things out to find that Josh had already got there and some other cars showed up, But all I seen was a bunch of guys and no girls.

When no one else showed up for a bit I let myself into the garage to check out the action on my laptop to see what was going on inside the house, To my surprise Josh and his buddy's was playing cards around our table and Joyce was serving them drinks and food.

Josh then took Joyce by the hand and lead her out of the room and came back a minute later, I was wondering what was going on and then Joyce came walking back into the room wearing a sexy sheer gown with high heels on her feet.

You could tell she had no bra on and a sexy pair of panty's underneath, I could hear the guys cheering when she walked into the room and Josh told her she was the hottest server they had ever had for there poker games.

I could not believe my wife Joyce was walking around in front of these eight guys in their twenties with a sexy see thru outfit serving them drinks and stuff in our house and then to my next surprise Josh told the guys that as a bonus for winning each hand they could touch Joyce or have her do something for them, There choice.

Thirty minutes later they had a winner and he asked Joyce to come over to him and when she walked up to him he turned in his seat took his hands and lifted her gown up past her tits and sucked her nipples into his mouth back and forth from tit to tit squeezing and sucking on her hard nipples.

He finally stopped and they dealt another hand of cards, It wasn't long before Josh won the next hand and Joyce walked over to him as if she was there slave, He then took her gown and slid it off of her so that she had nothing on but high heels and white lacy panty's in front of these guys and they were whistling and clapping like they where at a strip show.

Josh then told her to get down on her knees and suck his cock during the next hand so after the cards where dealt Joyce got on her knees and started sucking Josh's cock, The rest of the guys could not take their eyes off of Joyce giving Josh a blowjob.

I felt like I didn't know this person that I had been married to for years doing all this stuff like a slut would do, But then Josh told every one to stop for a minute as he stood up and told Joyce to open her mouth as he jacked his dick off into her mouth, The guys cheered as Josh shoot his load on her face and mouth.

After that the guys said they wanted some of this action and stopped playing cards grabbed Joyce by the hand and took her into the living room where all eight guys striped her panty's off and was pawing at her like hungry wolves.

In minutes Joyce had a hard cock in her pussy, One in her ass and two cocks being shoved into her mouth all at the same time, She was moaning and grunting as these young guys fucked every hole she had, My dick was hard as a rock watching my wife get double penetrated as she also sucked two cocks.

As they started to cum at about the same time she took a load in her ass and the other three emptied their cocks into her open mouth, I could not believe my eyes at my wife with a mouth full of cum from three hard dicks and she let every one see all of it before she swallowed.

The next four guys took there spots and she was being fucked again in every hole, By this time I had pulled my cock out and shoot my load, Then every else shoot there loads with Joyce having their gooey loads dripping from her pussy, Ass and mouth.

Joyce washed up and then they all got in a circle around her as she sucked each cock till they were hard again and then they just started fucking her again like a assemble line with each guy fucking her mouth then to her pussy, Then her ass and back to her mouth until every one had fucked a hole at least four times, Joyce had been fucked thirty two times among these eight guys in each hole, Josh then told Joyce that each guy was going to jack off and shoot there loads into her mouth but she could not swallow until every one had came in her mouth then she could swallow.

Joyce began sucking each cock until each guy was close to cumming then she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as each guys emptied there cock juice into her mouth, When every one finished shooting there wad in her mouth Joyce had to show every one all their cum and it looked like she had drank a vanilla milk shake with all the white jism in her mouth then she was told she could swallow it.

Joyce really looked like she enjoyed being these guys sex slut, It was like she had found another part to her self that I had never seen before and I kind of like it in some twisted way seeing my wife being a slut with these other guys.

Every one finally left and I have another video to add to my collection until the next meeting with her boy toys, I'm also thinking about telling her what I know so maybe I can join in on the action myself instead of just watching.

Until next time and I hope its soon!!!

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by Anonymous02/17/18

Total crap

1 star. This is worthless. Why stay married to a heartless Cunt. But like most of the sissy Cunt writers in the LW sewer they have to make the husband a complete wimp.

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