tagLoving WivesWife Version of the Strip Club

Wife Version of the Strip Club


We were going home from a date that night. We had dropped the kids off at Brian’s parents for the night, so I was looking forward to a nice relaxing night when we got home. I thought that without the kids, we could go home, watch some TV, go to bed and sleep in late.

We went to dinner and a movie and were on our way home when he asked me if I wanted to do anything else. He seemed let down when I told him I just wanted to go home and relax. He got awfully quiet, like he was pissed. He had suggested dancing or a walk, but both of those just sounded to energetic for me. I had a long week at work and was tired, I just wanted to go home and relax.

Then it hit me! There it was on the other side of the street, “Exotic Dancing,” a sign for one of the local topless dance clubs. He had been trying to get me in there ever since I told him that I went into one of those places once on a dare in college. “Pull over there,” I told him.


“You heard me. Pull over there before I change my mind.” The look on his face went from one of disappointment, to one of wonder as he pulled the car into the parking lot.

I was a little nervous when we first entered the club. First, I was looking around the club, hoping that I wouldn’t find anyone I knew. Then I was looking at the men’s faces, expecting to see a bunch of perverts undressing me with their eyes, or hands coming out to paw at me as I walked by, or worse yet, their dicks in hand stroking away. I found none of that. The last time I was at one of these places, I was with a group of friends and we were pretty ripped. We sat at a table close to the door and I did my best to keep my eyes on my friends. I didn’t see much of the place then, so I didn’t have much of an idea of what to expect now. I guess that my biggest fear was that these guys would think that I was a slut or something, but it looked like as long as I had clothes on, they weren’t going to pay me any attention.

I was so busy looking around the place, trying to figure out what everyone was thinking of me that before I knew it, my husband was seating us at the one of the dance floors. This meant that we were going to be closer than I really wanted to be, and would actually have to look at the girls. I would have said something, but the club was crowded, and I didn’t see any tables open.

The waitress brought our drinks over to us, and my husband left the change on the rail. I don’t know when he had ordered the drinks, only that they had appeared. The girl up on the stage was crawling around, wiggling her butt in the faces of the men sitting around the stage. She was naked except for a small g-string. Sometimes, she would roll on her back with her feet spread in the air, giving them a view of her barely covered labia. The song ended and she started to climb off of the stage and onto the laps of the waiting men, giving them a lap dance, finishing each one by rubbing her breasts in their face. It appeared to me like she would pick these men out at random, but my husband tells me that the dancers spend the first song determining who will give them the most money.

Next thing I knew, she was climbing down onto my husbands lap. It was so funny watching the expressions on his face. It was like he didn’t know whether to run and hide or to sit there and enjoy the show. I sat there and laughed through his lap dance, then it was my turn. She climbed off of his lap and onto mine. I wanted to tell her that I wasn’t into that kind of thing, but I was still busy laughing at my husband’s predicament. I let her do her little thing, but when she went to squeeze my face between her boobs, I backed off, laughing even more. Then she was off of my lap, climbing onto the next guy’s lap. I wasn’t paying attention, but my husband told me that the crowd was hooting it up until I backed away from her. Apparently they loved it.

What is this thing that men have about women getting it on with each other?

I politely refused the lap dances offered to me by the next couple of dancers, but the third girl almost begged to give me a lap dance. She came straight out onto the dance stage and over to me. She was still dressed as she moved our drinks out of her way, trying to come down to my chair. I told her no, and she hesitated. The men around us started jeering me on, and she put her hands together, lipping “please,” in prayer fashion, like she was begging. I gave in to the cheering of the crowd and let her down.

She started out with a normal lap dance routine, but then her dance changed from the norm. She went down on her knees with her face inches from my crotch. Next she started coming up, stopping when she was in front of my belt line. Looking up at me with begging eyes, she reached up and slowly started to untuck my shirt. I wanted to tell her no, but I gave in to the cheering of the crowd. The shirt I was wearing that night buttoned up the front, and she pulled it out enough to get at the lowest buttons. Dropping her look from me she started unbuttoning my shirt, pretending to kiss my belly as she undid each button. She got up as far as my bra and I called it off, bringing my hands up, and pulling my shirt closed. She continued up, pretending to kiss each one of my breasts through my clothes. Next she came up to my neck, I could feel the warmth of her breath on the side of my face. Then she moved by my ear and purred, “thank you,” into it.

The song ended and she climbed onto Brian’s lap. I could hear the crowd going wild over the little show she just put on. She took her top off, threw it on stage and started grinding her hips into my husband’s lap. When she was done with my husbands lap dance, she climbed back up on stage and started looking for her next customer. I looked around, and the guys were all hooting when I would look their way. I started to button my shirt back up and was going to ask my husband why he thought men liked the two women thing so much when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned and the guy tapping me on the shoulder offered me money if I show him my tits. Now, this was new territory for me, I had been naked on the lake before, and flashed my tits at a Mardi Gras festival, but those were situations where only a couple of people would be able to see me. Here everybody would be able to see me. I told the guy that I wasn’t a dancer, so he offered me more money. I told him no and he asked me to just open up my shirt and flash him my bra.

I turned and told Brian what he wanted, hoping that he would help me back out. Instead, he told me if I wanted to, to go ahead and do it. I turned to the guy to tell him no when something got into me. Instead of saying no, I reached up and undid the next button, and then the next. I pulled my shirt open and flashed him my bra. He handed me his money and started to walk away.

I was surprised when I started to pull my shirt shut and button it back up when I heard the table behind us start chanting, “more, more, more…” My build is similar to Anna Nicole Smith, whom I always thought was fat. I could never figure out what men saw in her. I always considered myself fat, but my husband tells me that is a bunch of nonsense, that I am round in all the right places. After that night, I am starting to believe him.

Hearing the guys behind us chanting like that was a real ego booster for me, I couldn’t believe that anyone would want to see my breasts. So before I got the first button refastened, I turned around and flashed them my bra. They cheered at this, and I pulled my shirt shut. I had turned back to the stage, getting ready to sit back down when they started a new chant, “tits, tits, tits…” I turned around, and a couple of them held up money towards me.

I leaned down to my husband to ask him what he thought. I got the same reply from him as before, so getting up my nerves, I turned back to them, opened up my shirt, and lifted my bra up, shaking my breasts back and forth. One of them got up and handed me a wad of ones. I turned to sit back down and this time the guys sitting around the stage were giving me various signals that they wanted me to show them my tits as well. One last time, before I buttoned my shirt up, I lifted my bra and turned so that most of the guys sitting at the stage could see.

When the dancer that started all of this was done, she went over to one of the guys sitting across from us, took his hand and led him to an area in the back of the club. It was raised a couple of feet off the floor and enclosed with walls that only went up about three feet. . These walls were tall enough that I could only see from about mid waist up. She sat him in a chair and started to give him a lap dance that lasted about the entire length of the song.

I asked my husband about this and he told me that was the private dance area. I asked him what those consisted of and he told me that he never had one, so he couldn’t tell me. I kept watching and I could see the dancer remove her top while dancing and I saw her arms and shoulders move like she took off the skirt and maybe the g-string. I couldn’t see anything below the chest, so I was just guessing. I asked Brian if he thought that she was naked and he couldn’t tell me. I asked if he thought that they might be fucking and he told me no, pointing out the security camera over looking the area.

I kept watching the private area, thinking that this was something that I could do. It was semi private, so no one would be able to see all of me. It wouldn’t be like I was on show for the whole club and it would turn on Brian to beat all hell. The next time the waitress came by, I asked if I could take my husband back there, and ordered us fresh drinks. She told me that she didn’t know and would have to ask. She came back a few minutes later with our drinks and told me that I could. I paid her for the drinks and chugged down half of mine trying to summon up the courage for what I was about to do next.

I grabbed Brian by the hand and led him back to the private dance area. The same dancer (I found out later that her name was Tisha) was up there when we got there. There were several seats there, and little cocktail tables for drinks. I sat Brian down and started my little dance. Standing back away from him, I started by unbuttoning, and removing my blouse. Still standing, I next removed my slacks, wiggling to the music trying to make this as erotic as possible. Then I started to give my husband a lap dance, trying to imitate what I had seen the dancers do. As I started into this, Tisha finished her dance and led her customer out.

I looked out over the wall expecting to see everybody staring at me. Instead, I saw only one or two faces looking my way. I couldn’t even tell if they were looking at me. Feeling more comfortable with what I was doing, I leaned back on Brian’s lap and undid my bra. I rubbed his face in my tits, pulling back and sticking first one, then the other nipple in his lips. Then I kneeled between his legs and pulled my panties down to my knees. I came back up sliding across his body pulling my panties the rest of the way off. It felt exhilarating to say the least! I was naked in a club full of men and only my husband could see me! I wanted so much to fuck my husband then and there, but he said that he thought that it was a bad idea.

I finished my dance and started to get dressed when Tisha came back with another customer. My husband and I were on our way back to our seats when one of the guys sitting behind us stopped me and asked if he could have a private dance. I looked at Brian expecting him to say no and got a go ahead instead.

I didn’t want to do it. I mean, getting naked for my husband was one thing, but for a complete stranger was another thing all together. It just seemed a little to intimate to do with a complete stranger. I was going to say no, but then Brian leaned in to my ear and whispered, “Go ahead and do it, just imagine that it is me that you’re giving the dance for.” I hadn’t moved, so Brian added, “Do it for me, please.”

I wasn’t sure if I could do this, but if it would make Brian happy, I would try. I walked over to the guy and took him by the hand, leading him over to the dance area. Tisha was up there giving another dance when we arrived which made me feel safer. If things got out of hand, she would know what to do.

I started with my clothes on, sitting in his lap with my back to him. I unbuttoned my blouse as I wiggled in his lap. I started to pull it off, and when I got it to my shoulders, he pulled it the rest of the way off. That was a bit of a reality check for me when I felt my shirt moving away from my fingers. It confirmed for me what I was doing was really happening. Next, I turned around and sat back in his lap. With my eyes closed, I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, letting it drop into our laps. There, I did it: I was topless sitting on this guy’s lap.

Flashing my boobs for a crowd of men was one thing, but sitting on this guy’s lap and stripping for him was totally different. I felt so vulnerable at this moment. I opened my eyes and looked at his face. I don’t know what I was expecting to see, but the expression I saw was a smile, like a little boy opening a birthday present. This made things a little easier and a little less nerve wracking for me.

I leaned forward, and rubbed my breasts against his chest. Moving up, I backed away a little and teasingly moved first one nipple then the other within inches of his lips. I was afraid that he was going to lean forward and suck on them or bite them or something, but he didn’t.

Then I stood up and unfastened my slacks. I watched his face as I wiggled out of them. His expression was one of lust as his eyes never left my body. I am rather hairy down below, and my pubes are long and grow down the inside of my thighs a little. I normally shave and trim this area during the summer, but it was still spring and I had not gotten around to getting ready for swimsuit season yet. Seeing the expression on his face change as his eye bulged out at this sight was kind of amusing.

It was the same look that my husband gives me when I do something sexy for him like shaving my labia or wearing lingerie to bed. Seeing a stranger look at me like that was a little relieving if not arousing. Again, it was not what I was expecting. This guy was not acting the way that I thought that a pervert would act. I guess I was expecting him to be drooling at the corners of his mouth or pulling his penis out of his pants or something like that.

Feeling more comfortable with what I was doing, I moved back in, and continued with my lap dance. I sat down in his lap again with my back to him, rubbing my ass against his lap. His hands came up gently caressing the outer part of my leg, never trying to move his hands to the inside of my legs, or up to my ass. I hardly noticed this because I was busy feeling his erection through his trousers, and getting a little worked up myself I might add.

It was time to lose the panties, now or never. I did the same routine as I did for my husband. Turning around, I bent down between his legs with my face just inches from his penis, as if I was about to give him head. I was close enough that I could see it twitching through his jeans. I bent my head down, like I was going to give him head, hooked my thumbs in my panty’s elastic, and pulled them down to my knees, moving myself up at the same time. I lifted my head enough that I could look into his eyes, pulling my panties down further and standing up more. Finally, I was all the way up, and naked all the way down. I was still bent over as I was moving my face up along his chest. I stood up straight, watching his face for a reaction I saw a big grin melt onto it. I was about to sit back in his lap when Tisha quickly moved over to me and whispered in my ear that full nudity was not allowed and that I needed to put my panty’s back on.

Oh, that was embarrassing; I was completely naked and didn’t need to be. I bent down and pulled my panty’s back up before anyone else saw. Then I stood back up and sat in his lap. He seemed disappointed that I had put my panties back on but I explained to him that I was not aware that I wasn’t supposed to.

I sat on his lap naked except for a pair of panties and talked to him. At first he was trying to get me to take them off again, but then I think that he soon realized that I wasn’t a dancer and gave up on that, changing the subject. I was sitting facing him, with my legs straddling his lap. The way we were sitting, I could feel his erection against my slit. We weren’t moving so I didn’t think anything about it, but when he figured out that I was an amateur, I felt it start to twitch. As it was, I was a little aroused, but this was turning me on.

I liked the way this felt, so I kept talking to him. The song ended and Tisha left, taking her customer with her, leaving me alone with him. As soon as they were both off of the platform, I reached down and rolled my panties down a little bit, exposing some of my pubic hair for him. Next I ground my crotch into his, feeling his erection press harder against me. I rolled my panties down a little more, showing most of my pubic hair to him. I was feeling more comfortable with the moment and while my hands were down there, I pulled the crotch of my panties to the side exposing my most private area to him.

I was watching his face while I did this, and I don’t know how to describe the amazement I saw in his eyes. He looked up at me like he was making sure what he saw was true. I just nodded yes to him and leaned back, lifting my ass up, trying to give him as good of a view as possible. When I was sure that he had seen enough, I sat back down, leaned forward and pressed my breasts against his face, giving him a ‘tit sandwich,’ as my husband likes to call it.

I finished my dance with that, and got dressed leading him back to his table. He handed me money for his dance and I went back to my husband. When I sat down, I told Brian all about the dance and that Tisha told me that full nudity was not allowed a little too late. He asked me if the guy got to see my pussy and I punched him in the shoulder, calling him a dog. He asked me again and I told him yes. Then he asked me if I enjoyed showing myself to a stranger and that’s when I realized that I not only did I enjoy, but that I had been quite aroused by it. I had been so reluctant and nervous that I never let myself realize what a turn on it had been.

I went to the bathroom after that and discovered that in the back was the entrance to the dancers dressing area. While I was in there, Tisha came in and introduced herself to me. She thanked me for what I let her do earlier because shows like that drastically increase the tips. She asked me if I ever thought about shaving or at least trimming my pubic hair. I told her that I usually trim in the summer, but hadn’t done recently because I couldn’t stand the razor burn and the itch when it grew back. She asked me if I liked showing myself off and I told her that I didn’t know for sure, it turns my husband on and I was having a good time. She suggested that if I was going to do any more private dances that I should at least trim up, and shave around the bikini line, offering to supply the trimmers and disposable razors. I thought about it for a moment and took her up on the offer.

She took me back to the dancers dressing area and had me pull my pants off while she got the shaving supplies. She commented that my panties had to go, they were too much like old lady panties, nothing sexy about them. She went over to a clothing rack and came back with a g-string on a hanger. I tried them on and there was a lot of hair sticking out all over the place. She handed me a pair of electric trimmers and told me to get as close as I could. She disappeared for a couple of minutes while I was doing this. When I was done, she suggested that if I would let her try something that it would be closer than a razor but without the burn. I asked her what she had in mind, and she showed me some wax strips and a heating applicator. We talked about it and she talked me into letting her do the inside of my thighs.

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