tagLoving WivesWife's Date With Lyle

Wife's Date With Lyle


A casual friend of ours, Lyle, found out we had been experimenting with a more liberal sexual lifestyle. At this time experimenting meant we had been asking around about wife-swapping and swinger's clubs. We had actually made one excursion to Sans Souci, the alternative lifestyle couples club in Dallas at the time. He decided he would make his move while were very new at this. He ask me too lunch and over lunch he asked if I was ok with him asking my wife out on a date. Shocked, excited and curious all at the same time I assured him I would be fine with such a request. But I would not force Leah to do anything she did not feel comfortable with. Leah had already openly shared she would do whatever I ask her to do as we pursued this more liberal sexual lifestyle.

Later that evening Leah came into the den and shared that Lyle had called her and ask her out on a date. She also wondered if I knew anything about all of this. I openly shared I not only was aware of his intentions, I had encouraged him to pursue you as much as he wanted.

"Hmm, I know we have been talking about spicing up our sex lives, but I didn't know we going to move this quickly." She said apprehensively.

"You assured me you were ok with whatever I wanted you to do, if I remember correctly." I reminded her.

"Yes, OK, I did agree with that." She said with a hint of smile on her lips.

"So what did you tell Lyle?" I asked.

"That I would have to talk to you, because this was something we had discussed but I was not aware we were already going to be involved. What ever involved means." She continued blushing with shyness.

We began to discuss the what's, when's, where's and why for's of this new adventure. I explained to Leah my conversation with Lyle, which included my agreeing it was ok to take you out on a date. You know of course from our previous discussions if sent out with someone else, you were to do everything ask of you by that person and to do everything you could to please that person. And come home and share all the gory details with me. Leah agreed that was her understanding of our discussions.

So it all boils down to your willingness to continue to do as you are told as discussed, no matter what, to fuel new levels of sexual adventure in our relationship. Is that how we both see the situation?

"Yes, sir." She answered shyly. "But you still haven't told me what I should tell Kyle."

"I would assume, without asking me, you would have told Lyle that you would love to go out with him." I said confidently.

"But what if he wants to take me to his home after dinner and try and talk me into something more familiar. Have you thought about that part?" she ask meekly.

"Well, knowing Lyle, I think that is exactly what he expects to happen. I know that is what I expect to happen. Do you want to chicken out on what I thought we had agreed on?" I ask.

"No, no, I don't want to chicken out on anything you ask or tell me to do. I just wanted to make sure we both understood where this adventure is going." She continued sharing, thinking out loud, are you really ok with me going out with someone else? Am I really putting my self in a position to be unfaithful to you? Will you get angry and leave me? Will you think I'm a slut and not respect me anymore? What if me going on a date with someone other than my husband, opens up a can of worms in the form of emotions and trust issues that will harm our relationship?

I stand up wrap my arms around her, hugging her and whispering into her ear, "The very thought of you being an submissive slut makes me so horny I can't stand it. How can you consider what we are talking about as being unfaithful? We both know and are both excited about even discussing this plan. I love you now and I love the thought of you being submissive and I'll love you more when you are telling me all about your date with Lyle. And lastly, if I didn't trust you to the utmost I would never have asked you to consider going on a date with a friend of mine. Much less harming our relationship. I think, feel and believe it will enhance and reinforce our commitment to our marriage. Can you tell me when was the last time we got this excited just talking about something sexual. Much less actually turning our fantasies into real sexual adventures.

"No, I can't think of anything we have ever said or done that creates this much sexual excitement.' She purrs.

"Then go call Lyle and tell you would love to go on a dinner date with him." I suggest.

"Another thing." She adds. "He wanted me to wear something extremely sexy and daring."

"And what do you have in mind?" I ask with excitement in my voice.

"Well, you bought me that new flower print dress that buttons up from the mini-skirted hem to the low cut neckline, so I thought I would wear that, unless you are saving it for something else." She answers.

"Oh, you mean the dark green one that is almost transparent. See through?" I smilingly say in response. "What else would you wear with it or under it?"

"Oh, so many decisions to make. What is the message I want to convey to my new first time boyfriend date?' she says thoughtfully.

After a lengthy discussion, she decides and I totally agree she should wear the flowery dress with the highest heels she can find, at least five inches, appropriate jewelry, dark hose held up by a dark green garter belt. She was blushing at the thought of going out with a first time date, dressed in a CFM (COME FUCK ME) outfit. She also shared her fear and excitement over the thought of having sex with man other than me, her husband and only person she ever had had sex with in her life.

"What if he sees me and is turned off or doesn't find me sexy? She asks anxiously. "I would just die if he like what he saw.'

"Not to worry, my dear." I know for a fact he thinks you are hot, even when you aren't even trying to turn someone on.

"You're sure." She asks.

"Yes, my dear, I'm am sure beyond a doubt." I hug her again.

The more we discussed the particulars of the upcoming date night, the more excited I became. I had always had thoughts and fantasies of her going off with another person for sex and coming home and telling me all the gory details, but never dreamed I would go through with turning these thoughts and fantasies into realities. But it certainly seemed like it was about to happen.

I lean down to kiss her again, when she reached up and pulls my head down to her sexy lips and starts a war of tongues that is sure to lead up to passionate sex. She reaches down, grabs the bottom of my T-shirt and pulls it over my head. Throwing the T-shirt to the floor, she grabs the snap at the top of her shorts before ripping them to her ankles. Taking her thong to her ankles in the same motion.

I step back, look into her eyes and remind her it's still daylight, we are in the den and the picture window is wide open. She reached down and undoes my belt, saying, "So what, if I'm going out dressed like slut whore I might as well get started right now practicing that kind of behavior. So let that nosey neighbor across the street, who is always trying to peek at me when I'm sunbathing, get a real look."

By the time we fall back on the couch we are already assuming the sixty-nine position, pushing our faces into one another's sex.

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