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Wife's Party


My husband told me a story along these lines, so I've written it from his point of view. I'd so love to make it come true...


After a night of heavy drinking with my wife, she asked me to tell her a fantasy. I thought for a while, and she was fondling me, so I got a bit frisky.

"Hmm ... OK, it's more about what you - do something really outrageous - in public," I said.

"I see," she replied. "I went shopping with just my leather trousers and a skimpy bra last week - doesn't that count?" She hadn't, of course, but she'd got turned on imagining it.

"That was a good start, but it was just minor flashing. Something much sluttier this time, please."

"They felt me up, you know!"

"But you kept most of your clothes on"

"So you're saying you want me to flash strangers while I'm in state of at least partial undress and, presumably, let them feel me up a bit more?" I hadn't said any of that, but I nodded agreement anyway. "I might get carried away with them. How far would I go?" She was getting into this! "How can we define this sensibly ... OK, they mustn't come"

"Hey that's not fair - you can't drag people into your fantasies and then leave them hanging around!"

"OK, they can touch you, and they can come, but not at the same time. So if they get off on it, that's their business."

"OK. And what would your role be?"

"To be your plaything, of course - in whatever way you decide. The kinkier the better." She was really turned on by all this, and after a great sex session, we both fell asleep in each others' arms. The next few weeks went on as normal. We did the typical married people things - shopping, family commitments, work and stuff. One night while loading the dishwasher Jan told me she'd arranged a dinner party that weekend. It would be about half a dozen couples, and I knew only one person -- her college friend Suzy. She implied - but I guess never actually said -- that the rest would be some people from her new job. Jan's work involves a lot of making contacts with people, and we often have people round I don't know that well, so I didn't give it much thought.

In fact, until Saturday afternoon, when I returned from running various errands I'd forgotten all about it. Jan told me to hurry and get dressed, because our guests would be here soon. I went upstairs and changed from my jeans and t shirt into a nice shirt and chinos. My wife put on a killer backless black dress that was scooped in front, showing her terrific cleavage, and quite short, coming to mid thigh. Her black stockings and strappy black heels complimented the outfit perfectly. I wanted to take her for a roll before our first guest arrived because I didn't think I could make it through the night looking at her curvaceous body hugged by her new dress.

As the evening went on, there was some sort of sexual tension in the air. I had to have Jan soon, or I was going to burst. After a while Jan announced that she had an announcement to make. As everyone quietened down, Jan told our guests about "my" fantasy! "Mick wants to me to act outrageously. That's why you're all here -- Suzy recruited you because she knew would help me. But you all know that. All except my husband that is. Still happy with the rules we talked about?"

What rules? Ah, I remember now. I really had no idea if I was happy. It had been talk; I hadn't expected to do it!

"Go for it!" I replied. Yeah! She's going to flash a boob or her bum... get so worked up that she chucks them out and bangs me senseless. What Jan did then exceeded my wildest expectations. She slid the straps of her dress over her shoulders and let the garment slide down her body and hit the floor. There she stood in a g-string, garter belt and her stockings and high heels. My subtle trouser tent became significantly more pronounced.

"Come here sweetie. Sit in this chair. For me." I walked forward in a daze and sat in the chair as asked. Jan then went to the kitchen and returned with some nylon rope. She tied my wrists to the arms of the chair, and did the same to my ankles, tying them to the chairs' legs. I was as helpless as I could be. She then slid her black panties down her hips and threw them into the crowd gathered in our living room. There she was, my wife, in heels and stockings, standing in front of me, tied to the chair, amid our party guests. I was hard as could be. Never losing eye contact with me, Jan called to one of our male party guests and asked him to come to her. When he got to her, he kneeled in front of her, and started licking her pussy. She looked at me, licked her lips and played her nipples! My gorgeous - shy! modest! -

wife Jan, who I couldn't wait to fuck, was being worked on by a stranger, with me tied to this chair. Was that what I'd agreed to? May be in the strict letter, but it was rather stretching the point, I felt. Jan moved down, and started sucking this guy's cock like she was starving. Her head bobbed, her tongue wagged, and her technique looked like she'd soon make the guy blow his huge creamy load, all over her wonderful tits. But she didn't - she stopped before he could come, looking directly at me. "See, I stuck to the rules" her eyes quite clearly said. My cock was so hard, giving the seams in my boxers a workout, but she wasn't done - not by a longshot. Jan called to another guest and he too came to her. She stripped every stitch of clothing from his body, lay back on the carpet and told him to climb aboard, right in front of me! Does that count as touching? Hmm... He willingly obliged and they pumped away for a few minutes, but she didn't let him cum. As he climbed off her, she asked the rest of our male guests to disrobe and pleasure her, all right in front of me.

In the next few minutes, Jan had four guys in various ways, all while I was helpless in my chair. Like before, she didn't let any of them cum in her or on her. I was close to cumming in my pants, and Jan sensed that. Just as I couldn't take any more, she offered me some relief. She got up from the floor and again went to the kitchen. She returned with a sharp knife and made her way to where I was sitting. She took the knife, and proceeded to cut off all my clothes, without untying me. She shredded my shirt first, and pulled what was left of it from my body, and then went to work on my chinos and boxers. Rapidly I was stark naked, tied to a chair like a death row convict, in front of all these guests. The pre-cum was oozing from my prick, making a mess of the chair and my pubic area.

But still, I was as turned on as I ever had been. Since Jan had played with all of our male guests in front of me, I was expecting her to fuck me as an encore. But no. She asked the women to disrobe and join her on the floor in front of my chair. Jan passed out a few vibrators and dildos, and soon, they were all furiously masturbating just inches from where I sat. By this time, I was trying to move my hips as best I could so that I could achieve orgasm, but the rope constricted my movements. I needed to cum, but I just couldn't. .When their cries of orgasm had died down, Jan graciously untied me. I was about to throw her to the floor and give her the most intense fuck of her life when she handcuffed me! She led me out back to our swimming pool, and sat me down on a lounger. She then handcuffed me to the chair, guaranteeing I wasn't going anywhere. With that, she disappeared for a few minutes. That gave me time to think. I was naked in front of all these people, watching my wife with total strangers, and I never quite imagined she'd get THAT outrageous! I needed to cum something fierce!

When Jan returned to the back yard, she carried a hammer and a few tent pegs, which she hammered into the ground. When she was done, she had sweat glistening all over her body, and was panting. "OK, stud, let's go." she told me. Jan then undid my handcuffs and led me to the stakes. She laid me on the ground, and tied my wrists to two stakes, and my ankles to the other two stakes. There I was spread eagle in my own garden. Jan then jumped in the pool to wash the sweat from her fabulous body. As she swam, our guests began to filter out into the backyard. They were mostly naked and giggled when they saw my predicament. When Jan finally climbed from the pool, she came over to where I was and lay down on the grass next to me. "Having fun, lover?" she queried." I need to cum. Please? Please?" I said.

"All in good time. Okay?" Jan gestured to one of the male guests at the party and asked him to come to her. When he did, she whispered in his ear, and they soon got going right next to me on the grass. They moaned and groaned for a few minutes and when the guy was near his climax, she leaned over and said "No coming when I'm touching them, is that right?"

"Yes" I replied. It seemed a bit silly sticking to this technical "I'm only doing what you said" argument, but it was clearly her game and I wasn't going to spoil it.

"OK" she said, pleased with herself. She pulled his cock from her and had him aim at me. His goo landed on my chest, and Jan proceeded to rub it into my skin! She then had the next guy come to her, and proceeded to do the same, ending with his cum aimed at me. She did this with the next four guys. Just when I thought my balls were going to rupture, Jan promised me some relief. She swaggered toward the house and returned with a new toy - a slim, strap-on dildo and pillow

under her arm.

She stuck the pillow under my ass, so that my ass was elevated a few inches in the air. She lubed up the dildo with some KY and spread some on my asshole too. As the plastic invaded my bowels, my cock grew harder and harder. Jan grabbed onto my waist and began fucking my ass in earnest. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. As the dildo slid in and out, Jan grabbed hold of my cock and began jerking me off. In moments, my orgasm was building and finally, it burst forth and I shot all over my belly. Jan stopped her ass-fucking and smeared my cum into my mouth. She let me rest for a while, and then returned. "My husband is all dirty! Should we clean him off?" The crowd yelled their suggestions.

"Throw him in the pool!"

"Hose him off"

"No. I have a better idea," said Jan. She straddled me, and a pained expression painted her face; then, a warm liquid splashed over me. We'd never talked about watersports, but whatever you think about it just then it was so sexy it wasn't true. She aimed over my whole body, washing me down. She paid special attention to my cock - making her stream land on my pole and balls. When Jan was done, she casually wandered off and talked to our guests, leaving me laying there.

Later, when all of our guests had left, Jan asked me if I'd had a good time. "You bet! Can you untie me now?" I said.

"I have to pee again. Want it?" Jan purred.

"No, I enjoyed it while I was so turned on, but not now. Just fuck me"

She crouched down and mounted me. Her pussy was so slick, as was my cock. We finally fucked.

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While She Had Him Tied Down

She should have castrated him and given him a penectomy.

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