tagBDSMWife's Toilet Slave

Wife's Toilet Slave


I have always been the slave of my wife Laura. Depending on her mood I am her feet licker, her ass cleaner, her human toilet, her maid, her doormat…in one word her thing! My wife has 2 younger sisters who are students living with their parents and 1 older sister who is doctor and just coming back at home for week-ends or vacation. I have always been very impressed by my father in law surrounded by women! At this time we were spending a week-end at my parents in law house on the seaside. We were only 4 as all the sisters were having fun somewhere else!

On the Saturday afternoon we were all coming back from a walk along the sea. When I entered the house behind my mother in law Nancy I noticed that she was removing her shoes. She was wearing quite high heels pump. As I was staring at her feet I saw her yellow sole and, above all, the grimy inner soles of her shoes! I must admit that this was very exciting…

I went on to our room. My wife came just after me and asked me to lie down on the floor. She began to wipe the soles of her boot on my face. Suddenly she leant forward and she slapped me over the face: "I saw you staring at mom's feet you little shit!" I tried to answer but she put her heel inside my mouth filling it with sands. She added: "tonight you will pick up her shoes and you will lick them clean inside and outside!" This prospect was very exciting but also quite disgusting as I was remembering the grimy soles!

The evening was quieter! I watched TV with my father in law whereas my wife spent a lot of time discussing with her mother in the kitchen. Around 10.00pm everyone went to bed.

My wife entered the room and ordered me to undress completely. She put me my dog collar and clamps on my nipples. She said: "now go to the closet inside the entrance and bring back the shoes that were so exciting!" I was scared: "But I could meet your father or your mother."

"I don't care, she said, do it now!" The room of my parents in law was upstairs and we were staying at the first floor but this expedition was very risky! I didn't meet anyone and I came back with the shoes: "kneel in front of me and lick them clean, the outside first!" I began to lick the sand on the leather and the soles and when they were enough shiny she said: "now I want you to remove the grime inside and to eat everything." As I was licking the first shoe someone knocked at the door.

"Laura?" It was my mother in law. Usually nobody was disturbing us after we went to bed. Anyway my wife had locked the door. I looked at her a bit scared. She said loudly: "Don't stop licking little slut! Come in Mom that's opened!" Nancy came in, closed the door and began looking at me with a large smile! I felt so awkward but so excited! My wife began to explain: "As I told you he's my little slut! he really enjoys licking my feet, my shoes, my ass, my panties and so on. But above all his dream is to be a human toilet and a fart eater! But I must admit that I didn't train him enough recently!" They were now looking at me finishing to eat the huge amount of grime I had removed inside the shoes with my nails and my tongue. Nancy just said: "That's very interesting!" She added: "Your father has checked the weather news and he is proposing to go sailing all the day tomorrow." My wife answered: "I will go with dad and Dan will stay here with you. Would you mind training him all the day long?"

Nancy smiled and said looking at me: "My pleasure Laura." She removed her panty and put it in my mouth while taking back her clean shoes and going out. Laura tied my hands in my back and went into the bed just saying: "I want you to chew this panty all night, don't forget!" I slept like this lying down on the floor beside the bed. Around 6.00 am I was waken up by the smelly feet of my wife massaging my face. She leant forward to remove Nancy's panty and she said: "good morning toilet!" She squatted over my face and began to pee while playing with the nipple clamp. I knew that I must not loose even one drop of piss. She was laughing: "The first shot of the day it the one you prefer, very sour as you like!" She finished and put the panty back in my mouth:

"Mom will pick you up when she need and she will be happy to find back her panty! You would be well advised to be a good slave today because I gave her a free hand to punish you as harshly as she wants…and I know her! See you tonight toilet!" I stayed there in the dark. I heard her having breakfast with her father. I also recognised her way of going upstairs probably to visit her mother. Later se came back to the bathroom next to our room but then she left directly. The house was now silent.

Suddenly I heard my mother in law going downstairs. I was listening carefully and I heard her going into the kitchen and then going through the corridor towards our room. She entered wearing a dressing gown and holding a funnel. She looked at me, she removed her panty and she began speaking: "first of all let me give you the rules toilet. You must not say anything unless you are asked to. You must obey without any hesitation. Each time you will displease me you will get a warning slap. When you will have reached 3 warnings you will get 10 strokes of riding crop. The next 3 warnings I will increase to 20 strokes and then each time you reach 3 warnings again I will double your punishment. Do you understand toilet?"

I answered: "Yes mistress" and I receive the strongest slap I ever had: "I am not your mistress, Laura is your mistress, you will address me as Madam, is that clear?"

"Yes Madam."

"Open you mouth" she said while putting the funnel inside. She squatted down and she began peeing. It was much sourer than the piss of my wife and the flow was huge and quick. I could not see the end and I began to suffocate making a lot of noise. Finally she stopped. She stood up removing the funnel from my mouth. She leant forward and I received another strong slap on the same cheek: "When I use a toilet I don't want to hear any noise." I was worrying as the warning was very easy to get!

She took my leash in my wife's bag and she attached it to my collar and she pulled on it to make me kneel: "Let's go" she said pulling the leash and forcing me to move on my knee as my hands were still tied in my back. We went through the corridor and she began to go up stairs. This was very difficult and she was not slowing down. Once at the top of the stairs she looked at me silently and she slapped me over the face: "You are too slow!" She went to the room of the youngest sister and she came back with a crop. "Give me your ass and count the strokes loudly."

She was whipping me very harshly and it was very painful. I was trying to count loudly but suddenly after 5 strokes she stopped, she asked me to raise my head and she slapped me again: "I don't feel your enthusiasm when you count! You should improve your behaviour very quickly as you have already begun your second set of warning! Your ass quickly!" She finished and believe me I managed to be enthusiastic!

She pulled me at the opposite side of the corridor near the sister's room. She opened the door of the bathroom and she explained to me something my wife already told me in the past: "We call it the ladies room because it is used only by my daughters and me. It was an agreement with the girls: they have to clean this bathroom themselves every week but my husband cannot use it. He has to go downstairs. This morning before leaving Laura came here and prepared your breakfast!" She pulled me inside and attached my leash to the toilet. I looked inside the pan and I saw 3 small turds floating inside. She untied my hands and she said: "Collect them, lick them and then chew them. Do it now one by one!" I looked again at the turds hesitating and she slapped me again! I took the first one in my hand and lick it before putting it inside my mouth. This was a very hard work. I did the same with the second one with Nancy laughing at me. It was really nauseating and I stopped before licking the third one. She slapped me 2 times saying:

" You have just begun your third set of warning! Lick it and eat it toilet while giving me your ass." She was now counting and I was chewing the third turd of my wife. She completed the 20 strokes and then she tied me the hands in the back and she shortened my leash putting my head closer from the toilet. She said: "I am going to have my breakfast and then I must go to the supermarket to buy some food for my dinner. You will stay here but you will not waste your time! As I told you my young daughters are supposed to clean this bathroom and this toilet. Unfortunately during the last 2 weeks they have been preparing their examination and they didn't have any time.

Naturally I didn't do it meaning that this toilet has been used by 3 women during 2 weeks without any cleaning. Now you are going to lick it clean entirely. Don't use anything else than your mouth and don't forget that 2 more warnings would mean 40 strokes of crop. You have about 1 hour." She left the bathroom and closed the door. I examined the toilet and I must admit that it was quite dirty and stinky. I had no choice and I begun to lick it clean using also my hair to remove some piss or shit or even hairs. This was risky but I didn't want to eat everything. I was still trying to get a perfect result when I heard Nancy coming back. One hour could be very short when you have to lick a toilet!

She entered, looked at the toilet and said: "That's not so bad for a first time! Did you use only your mouth?" Without any hesitation I said: "Yes Madam." She leant forward and sniffed at my hair. She smiled and slapped me twice much more strongly than before! "The first time is because you have used you hair, the second one is because you are a liar. Give me your ass and count loudly!" I received 40 strokes of crop and I was almost crying but still counting with enthusiasm thinking to the next punishment that would be 80 strokes. At the end she pushed my head inside the pan as far as possible and she flushed the toilet. Then she pulled me inside the tube, she untied my hand and she asked me to wash myself while splashing me with cold water. She ordered me to dry myself with the bath mat that was not so clean as you can guess!

Finally she pulled me toward her room. We entered the room. On the floor there was a huge pile of panties and stockings. She asked me to remove her shoes and to eat the grime inside. The soles were hot and very smelly. As the grime was moist it was very easy to remove it and I found a huge amount at the end of the shoes. She was looking at me with a smile but without saying anything. Then she undressed, put a spandex suit, a pair of sneaker and climbed on her exercise bike. She said: "I am going to have a 1 hour exercise and during this time I want you to lick all these panties and to suck all these stockings. As you guess they belong to me and to my daughters. When I will check I don't want to see any spot or mark any more!" I began licking the panties checking one by one if the result was acceptable. She was looking at TV but sometime I felt her eyes resting on me. I was doing my best even if some underwear were really stinking! I managed to finish my work before she stopped.

She was bathed in sweat and I guessed that I would have to lick again! She sat on the bed and she ordered me to remove her sneaker. She was not wearing any sock and her feet were wet. "Lick them clean!" she said. Her feet were really stinking and I discovered a huge amount of grime licking between the toes. She seemed to enjoy this mouth massage. She stood up and removed the top of her suit. She raised her arm and ordered me to lick her armpit. Then she told me to lie down on my back. She remove the bottom of her suit, she took the funnel and put it in my mouth. Without a word she peed once again in my throat. Then she sat on my face putting back the clamps on my nipples. Her ass was very sweaty and smelly. She said: " after my exercise I usually need to shit! I am going to fart and I don't want to smell anything. Seal your mouth around my asshole and lick it clean."

She farted twice very loudly. Her farts were very bitter. I felt her pushing inside my mouth and with my tongue I felt a turd coming. She was much taller than my wife and I was worried by the possible size of her turds! I was right! The first turd began to slide into my mouth. It was enormous! I had no other choice than to fill my cheek with it. She stopped and stood up: "chew it toilet, I want to see you chewing it!" She slapped me again: "I don't accept this disgusted expression on your face!" I swallowed everything and she came back on my mouth. The next turd was not smaller but she didn't stand up, still pushing and forcing me to swallow it directly. There was another huge fart and then another smaller turd. She was still sitting on my face. There was a break and I heard her leafing through a magazine: "don't stop licking toilet if you want more! This will be your second warning!"

I was licking deeper and deeper inside her asshole when I felt a flow of liquid shit sliding in my mouth and then another turd. She had finished! "Lick my asshole clean now toilet!" She stood up and slapped me as planned! Then she took her moist spandex panty and rubbed my face. She put the panty inside my mouth and tied my hand again. She said: "Give me your ass for 80 strokes. I know that you had only 2 warnings but I change the rules!" This time I really cried and I stopped to count after 50 strokes.

She said: "I will count myself but now you need 2 for 1! It's also a new rule!" I received 60 more strokes instead of 30! Then she forced me inside a closet containing several of her shoes. She spat on my face and she said: "For noon I am going to have some Mexican food with a friend. When I will come back you will have your lunch!" The day was not over and at this time I could not imagine that I was going to become a family slave for the 4 sisters and their mother. I will probably never forget this Saturday night of October when my wife Laura decided to reveal to her mother Nancy that I was her lifestyle slave licking her feet, her ass, her panty…and being her human toilet! The day after she went sailing with her father and asked my mother in law to train me.

She did it very well! For those who have missed the part I of this story they must just know that at the end of the day my ass was burning due to more than 200 strokes of riding crop, my tongue was burning due to all the things (shoes, panties, stockings and…toilet )! I have licked clean and my throat was burning due to the amount of piss and shit I have swallowed! But I must admit that I was very proud and excited! As I explained in the part I my wife has 2 younger sisters Jenny and Linda living with their parents while studying at university and 1 older sister Meg coming very often for the weekends.

Before we left my parents in law house at the end of the weekend my mother in law came into our room while I was preparing the bags. She sat on the bed with my wife: "I really had a great day training your slave and as your father will not be here during the next weekend I was thinking that you could come back for a 2 days training! I am convinced that Jenny and Linda would enjoy this kind of game and I could ask Meg to join us for 2 days." My wife immediately agreed: "Oh Mom that's a great idea! Could you explain the situation to my sisters?"

I was scared thinking at the same time to my ass, my tongue and my throat! 5 women using me during 2 days…I must admit that I already dreamt of this situation but now it was going to be real. My mother in law came in front of me and said with a smile: "We will prepare everything for your training this week, don't worry…but I want you to prepare a toilet chair so that we can use your mouth as a toilet comfortably without wasting anything. I want your mouth to be under a funnel as close as possible from our body without touching it. You must use Plexiglas so that we can see you and you must add a link on each side so that we can attach your hands. You are a design engineer, aren't you? You have 5 days!"

I spent 3 days at the office using my CAD software to design the perfect toilet chair! On Wednesday evening my wife received a phone call from her mother. She closed the door of the room but I still could hear her laughing loudly probably discussing of the weekend festivities! Suddenly she opened the door and called me: "Dan, they want to talk to you!" I came inside the room and kneeled in front of the phone. She put the speaker: "Toilet is kneeling and listening to you!" The first one to speak was my mother in law Nancy: "Toilet, as you guess we are really enjoying preparing your training. I can tell you that the ladies room are already very filthy just waiting for your tongue and you would probably be delighted to learn that I stopped taking shower this morning just for your mouth! 3 days! could you imagine?" And actually I couldn't!

Then came Jenny the youngest sister: "Hi Dan! Mom has shown me a picture of you licking my panties and my stockings. I am now preparing special ones for you!" At last came Linda the second studying sister: "Hi Dan, according to me you have always been an insolent fellow and I would be delighted to use you as a toilet. I think that I will spend hours on your mouth reading cartoons!" I understood that I was going to pay for all the jokes done about her. My wife was laughing and she told me: "It seems that it's going to be your weekend!" Then I took 2 days off to purchase the material and manufacture this toilet chair! I added a black cushioning for their buttocks and then I asked my wife to test it. It was working very well! On Friday evening my wife ordered me to prepare my slave bag: the toilet chair, the dog collar and the leash, the nipple clamps and a small metallic chastity belt! She told me to have a shower and to go the toilet: "You will not have time for this during the next 2 days!" We arrived there around 8.30pm. I parked the car in front of the house and I entered following my wife. My mother in law and her 2 daughters were waiting for us in the living room having a cup of tea with cookies. I was standing in front of them with my slave bag. My wife sat down in the sofa next to her mother and said: "OK toilet undress yourself, kneel in front of us and show us your slave toys!"

I quickly removed my clothes and I began putting my "toys" on the coffee table. My wife stood up and came in front of me. She put me the chastity belt first: "With this we will not have to see your erection all along the day!" Her mother and her sisters were laughing. Then she put me the collar and the leash. She picked up a kind of one-piece tight fitting swimming suit in her bag and asked me to put it on. It was covering my chest but not my arms and at the bottom it was a kind of short. It was really tight fitting and I could felt the pressure on my chastity belt. She made 2 holes around the nipples with a pair of scissors and she put me the nipple clamps! She sat back beside her mother and said: "Mom, as this training is your idea and as you are the host I let you manage him now! You should remind him your rules!"

Nancy began to speak: "Toilet your training will stop next Sunday evening when you leave. Until this moment you are our thing. You are not allowed to speak unless if you are asked to. You must move on your knee. You are not allowed to eat anything except what we give you. You are not allowed to go to the restroom or to wash yourself without our command. Anyway when you will not be used and supervised by one of us you will be attached under your toilet chair." She took a plastic bowl and she added: "This plastic bowl is your new plate. All along the day we will put inside what we want you to eat. We will decide later your feeding time. Each time you will displease us you will get a warning. Every 2 hours you will get at least 20 strokes of riding crop for example and 20 more for each warning you have received. Actually each time one of us will select the way and the location of your punishment: for example riding crop on your ass! Naturally in the morning we will have to take into account all the night punishments!

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