tagBDSMWild College Nights Ch. 01

Wild College Nights Ch. 01


"I got you a present," Becky said, holding up a thin black band of leather. It took Liz a moment to realize what it was.

"A collar?" Liz asked with a sly smile. "Really?"

"Yeah... well," Becky stammered slightly, blushing. "Derrick invited us to our first bondage party and it seemed right 'cause... um..."

"I'm your sub," Liz purred, leaning her curvy body toward the young blonde coed.

"That's right," Becky said firmly, despite the flush of red covering her face. She held up the collar, easing it around Liz's neck. "You're my sub. You know, Derrick says the collar has real meaning."

"Oh, yeah?" Liz whispered, staring lovingly into Becky's eyes.

"Yeah," Becky continued. Her voice was firm and demanding, but Liz could feel Becky's fingers shaking as she held the collar around her lover's neck. "It means you're mine. So no more ass-raping guys at parties..."

"He ass-raped me first," Liz countered. "And I bought you a new hairbrush."

"... and no more blowing guys in bars or fucking them in parking lots..." Becky continued.

"Hey, I only did that because I was looking for a guy for you," Liz pouted. "It's not my fault you picked up Gary on your own... and before you say anything, I only fucked Gary because you told me to and usually only when you were there too. I still don't get why he broke up with us."

"Liz!" Becky's tone became threatening.

"Sorry," Liz pouted.

"No more fucking people unless I say so. OK?" Becky barked. "The collar is supposed to mean you're mine, really and completely."

Liz's face softened. Reaching up, she laid her fingers on the side of Becky's face and smiled.

"Silly," Liz whispered. "I'm already yours. Really and completely yours. My mistress."

Leaning forward, Liz kissed Becky gently and pretended she didn't taste her lover's tears.


"Invitations, please," the goth at the door asked.

Between the shaved head and facial piercings and heavy black clothes, the doorkeeper was imposing. Liz wasn't entirely sure if the goth was male or female, but she supposed it didn't really matter. If it did, she expected she'd find out.

Meanwhile, Becky was handing over her invitation while clearly trying not to stare. The goth made a show of first examining their invitations, and then examining them. Becky squirmed a little under the doorkeeper's dark gaze.

Liz knew Becky was a little self-conscious. The whole drive over, her lover had been fidgeting with her outfit, though Liz kept assuring Becky that she looked very hot. The tight black stretch pants emphasized her long legs and round ass, and the under-bust corset borrowed from a friend in the theatre department, combined with the low-cut dark blouse, did wonders for Becky's pert breasts. No, Liz thought, Becky had no reason to feel self-conscious.

For her part, Liz didn't feel concerned, just a little chilly. Her short, lacy black dress, with its spaghetti straps and open back, had probably been designed to be a nightie, and the hemline didn't fall much below the bottom of Liz's ass. The only other thing she was wearing was her new collar. The cold air, the touch of soft satin and her own excitement had all conspired to make Liz's nipples so hard they ached. The night breeze swirled up Liz's legs, chilling her flesh and occasionally exposing her bare ass.

Finally, the goth smiled, causing lip-piercings to flash in the streetlights, and waved them in.

The club seemed to have started life as a gas station some years ago. The front room was small, decorated with flyers for local bands. On one of the ratty-looking couches that crowded the space lounged a couple, one a skinny man in a mesh shirt and tight black jeans, the other a chubby girl in a filmy black dress. Curls of cigarette smoke made a cloud above their heads.

"You're new," the skinny man drawled, his eyes crawling hungrily over Liz's body.

"We're friends of Derrick's," Becky replied, managing to sound tough.

"Oh," the chubby girl purred, pressing herself against the man. "Master Derrick is in the play room on the left, showing off his new sub."

"Thanks," Becky said. Turning to Liz, she barked, "Come on."

Following, Liz shivered. She always loved it when Becky got commanding.

The large back part of the club had been divided off into a number of smaller rooms. Through the open door on the left, Liz and Becky could see a small, smoke filled room. More ratty couches lined the walls, these occupied by an assortment of people dressed in what Liz was taking to be the standard black. However, she barely noticed them. Her attention was fixed on the heavy wooden frame in the center of the room and the couple with it.

Derrick was a tall, lean man, dark and handsome. He wore loose-fitting black pants, and his well-muscled chest was bare. The woman with him was petite and presently covered only by her own long blonde hair. Her hands were bound and tied to a rope that hung from the top of the wooden frame. As small as she was, she seemed to be balancing on her toes as if she were in fact hanging helpless from the frame. Liz felt her breath quickening at the sight.

While Liz watched, Derrick walked in a slow circle around the woman. His face was impassive as he studied her. All his attention was focused on her, and he seemed oblivious to his audience. Finally he finished his circle and stood silently behind her. Slowly, he reached out. His hands softly caressed her hair, sliding down her face as he gathered up her long, fair tresses. He gently pulled the woman's long hair behind her, revealing her naked, perky breasts and hard bud-like nipples.

Reaching over to a small table beside him, Derrick returned with two old fashioned wooden clothespins. With patient deliberation, he slid one clothespin over the woman's nipple and let it slowly close. The woman whimpered and gasped. After a long pause, Derrick closed the other clothespin over her other nipple. The woman moaned. Liz's hands involuntarily brushed over her own sensitive nipples and she gasped.

Derrick started to slowly circle the woman again, his eyes fixed on her face. She was looking back at him, her breath coming in short gasps, her eyes full of longing. Liz noticed that Derrick was holding a long, thin switch only seconds before he lashed out with it. The women yelped as the thin leather crop smacked against her ass. Derrick continued to circle her, lashing out with the crop as the whim took him. The woman gasped and jumped with each strike. As she watched, Liz moaned softly. Without thinking, She cupped her own breast with one hand while her other hand slid along the silky fabric of her dress, down her belly, down her waist, toward the hem.

Becky grabbed Liz's arm. She jumped, startled out of her lustful trance.

"Come on," Becky said. Liz could see Becky's face was flushed. "Let's go see what else is going on."

Liz stared at Becky for a moment, confused, but allowed herself to be led away. She wondered why Becky didn't want to stay and watch. Even more, she wondered why Becky looked angry, maybe even jealous.


The room Becky led them to was similar to the one they had just left. Ratty couches lined the walls, surrounding a wooden frame from which hung a naked body. In this case, the body was that of a dark-skinned, powerfully muscled man. Liz thought she recognized him as one of the college football players, but she wasn't sure. She didn't really follow sports closely, and she was certain none of the promotional pictures of the team depicted them bound, naked, oiled, shaved and hugely erect. Perhaps, Liz thought as she took a place on a couch beside Becky, they should.

Circling the naked black Adonis was a young woman in shocking red. With her red heels, her narrow red skirt and tight red corset, the woman seemed to be aggressively defying the club's unspoken black goth dress code. Her spiky black hair was cut cruelly short, accentuating her boyish face, which smiled viciously at the crowd gathered on the couches around her. Where Derrick had ignored his observers, this dominatrix clearly reveled in them. Apart from one hand, which was lightly caressing her sub, she seemed to ignore him.

"My Toy here is perfectly trained," the red mistress drawled softly to her audience.

Her fingers slid along the man's body and pinched his nipple, squeezing and twisting it viciously. The man, Toy, Liz supposed he was called, stood stoically accepting this small abuse.

"He will not make a sound, unless I command it," the mistress continued.

The mistress's hand ran down her Toy's body, sliding between his legs and cupping his heavy, dark balls. Liz's eyes grew wide as she watched the mistress's fingers tighten. She could see his oiled muscles tensing, but he remained still and silent. After a moment, she released him. Her fingers slid upward, grasping his hard shaft. Slowly, the mistress stroked her fingers up and down, rubbing her Toy's long dick.

"He won't come, unless I command it," she said, leering at the audience.

"I bet you could make him come," Becky said quietly, leaning over to Liz.

"What did you say?" the red dominatrix barked. Obviously, Becky's comment hadn't been quiet enough.

"Leave it, Caitlyn," a man's voice said, evenly. "She's new..."

Liz glaced over at the couch next to theirs and gave a short gasp. She recognized the man as her art teacher, Professor Ashton. Absurdly, she wondered if her recognized her, but the dominatrix's next words distracted her.

"Someone should tell her not to contradict her betters," Caitlyn snapped.

"What did you say?!" Becky said, shocked.

"Someone should have trained you better," Caitlyn sneered. "Subs like you don't talk back to Doms. Your Master should give you to me for some training. You'll obey just like my Toy here."

"First, not a Sub," Becky snapped back. "Second," she continued, nodding toward the bound sub, "I'm not impressed. I bet my Lizzy can make him come, whatever you 'command'."

"Oh, you bet she could, do you?" Caitlyn smiled.

"Caitlyn..." the professor said warningly.

"I'll take your wager," Caitlyn continued, her voice overriding his. "Your girl can orally pleasure my Toy and try to make him come."

Becky smiled down at Liz and nodded.

"When she fails," Caitlyn coninued, "your ass is mine."

"What?" Becky said, looking suddenly uncertain.

"When your girl fails to make my Toy come," Caitlyn replied, "your ass is mine. You will orally please my Toy and while you do, I will beat your naked ass. Right here, right now. If I'm feeling very generous, I'll let my Toy come in your mouth before your ass starts to bleed. Now tell your girl to get started."

Liz looked up at Becky, who looked slightly panicked. Liz could tell Becky had gotten herself in over her head. Her lover had been upset about something, though Liz wasn't sure what, and had let that get her in trouble. Now, Liz smiled to herself, it was up to her and her oral skills to get Becky out of trouble. With a slight shrug, Liz gave her lover a reassuring smile. Gracefully she swayed over to the bound man in the center of the room and sank to her knees.

Kneeling in front of Caitlyn's Toy, Liz took a moment to examine his dick. Liz was quite a fan of the male member, enjoying penises in all their various shapes and sizes. Toy's dick was long and thick, lighter brown at the tip and growing darker toward his heavy balls. He was completely shaved and his dark skin shone with oil. Liz sighed at the sight and, unconsciously, her fingers slipped between her legs, parting her wet folds.

With a low moan, Liz leaned forward and nuzzled the heavy, dark balls that hung in front of her, inhaling the sweet scent of oil and the musky odor of skin. She wrapped one hand around the thick shaft while continuing to stroke herself with the other. Her tongue flicked out, licking Toy's balls. She sucked first one and then the other into her mouth, moaning as she tasted each one. All the while Toy remained still and silent, seemingly indifferent to her attentions.

Slowly, Liz licked her way up his thick, dark shaft. Rolling her tongue over the tip, she smiled. Toy was still and silent, but she could taste the pre-cum flowing freely from his dick. Liz moaned as she lapped up the sticky, salty fluid. She could feel Toy's hips rock slightly, pushing his shaft against her mouth.

With a gleeful smile, Liz wrapped her lips around the tip of his dick and sucked. Toy's body tensed, resisting the pleasure of Liz's mouth. She purred. Bobbing her head up and down, she slowly swallowed more and more of his thick shaft. She could feel him struggling to remain still. His muscled tensed and flexed. His whole body tried to arch away from her.

Liz moaned. It was thrilling to feel his struggles, to know that he wanted her and fought to deny it. Too turned on to deny herself, Liz's fingers played frantically over her own clit. Her lusty moans were muffled by the thick shaft filling her mouth. Her own pleasure mounted in a steady wave.

With her other hand, Liz grasped Toy's powerfully muscled ass, pulling him toward her. She pushed her head down, forcing his shaft into her mouth, gagging as it pushed too deep. Her whole body shook as she fucked this hard dick with her face.


Becky could only stare as Liz knelt on the club's floor, sucking the bound man's dick. The little black nightie Liz insisted was a dress had ridden up far enough to expose her bare, round ass and, if Becky looked closely, she could see Liz's fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy. The coed's curly brown hair shook as her head bobbed up and down vigorously, swallowing the long , brown shaft before her. Becky could hear Liz's moans and the little gagging noise she made as the dick sank into her throat.

She wondered distantly why she had gotten them into this. Sure, the stuck-up bitch of a dominatrix talking down to her had pissed her off, but Becky realized she had started it by bragging to the whole room about Liz's cock-sucking skills. Now her lover was sucking a strange dick in a room full of strangers (not, Becky supposed, that Liz hadn't done that sort of thing before) and Becky's own ass was on the line.

"How long do you think we should let this go on?" Caitlyn wondered aloud.

Becky wondered if Caitlyn hadn't been right. The bound man the dominatrix called Toy hardly seemed to be reacting at all to Liz's oral assault. His face remained impassive, and he hung from the wooden frame, perfectly still. He was indifferent to the curvaceous brunette passionately gagging on his huge member.

"Don't worry, dear," Caitlyn smiled, looking at Becky's dismayed face. "You'll have your turn at him soon enough. I'll let you suck his cock for as long as you like. Of course, my crop will teach you some manners while you enjoy that privilege. Look how much your friend enjoys it."

Liz clearly was enjoying herself. Her entire body was quivering, and her moans, muffled as they were by the thick dick in her face, were becoming louder. Becky recognized the signs and sure enough, a moment later, Liz's body spasmed as an orgasm washed over her. Even as the coed's body shook with pleasure, Liz continued to suck Toy's indifferent dick, forcing the hard shaft deeper into her mouth.

Slowly, Liz's body calmed, and her muffled cries fell silent. Her head ceased to bob on Toy's thick shaft. For a long moment, Liz just knelt there holding the heavy dick in her mouth then she slowly lifted her head. Becky groaned, defeated.

"Giving up at last," Caitlyn sneered. "How disappointing for you."

Liz stood and turned to face the red-clad dominatrix. With a sultry smile, the brunette slid her arms around Caitlyn's neck and leaned forward. Becky felt her stomach drop away, stunned by her lover's evident betrayal as Liz kissed Caitlyn's smug, smiling lips.

Suddenly, Caitlyn stiffened and hastily pulled out of Liz's embrace. Becky stared, confused as Caitlyn gagged. Thick white fluid poured over the dominatrix's chin and down onto her corseted cleavage. Liz smiled wider, allowing the last of Toy's sticky white cum to drool from her lips and down onto her own full breasts.

Laughter and applause filled the room.

"Hmmm, I guess we win after all," said Liz loftily.

Becky grinned wildly, realizing that Liz was right. Despite his stoic silence, Toy had been unable to resist coming in Liz's mouth, and she had, rather pointedly, shared that cum with Toy's mistress.

"Ugh," Caitlyn grunted, wiping the cum from her chin and looking appalled as it oozed between her breasts. "Yes, alright, you win. Toy, I will deal with you in a moment."

"First things first," Becky admonished.

"What?" Caitlyn looked genuinely puzzled.

"We had a bet," Becky continued. "I won. Your ass is mine."

"I didn't..." Caitlyn started, indignant.

"If you had won," Becky bulled over her, "I would have sucked off your boy while you beat my naked ass... but I won. So you get to lick my Lizzie while I beat your naked ass. Right here, right now."

"Fair's fair, Caitlyn," the professor chimed in, almost lazily. "You would have insisted on your forfeit. It's only right that you pay the same price."

Caitlyn glared at the man for a long moment. Then, without taking her eyes off him, she pulled down the zipper on the side of her long red skirt. Unwilling to wait, Becky grabbed the edge of the skirt and pulled it off, dropping to her knees as she did.

"My, what a pretty pussy." Becky knelt in front of Caitlyn's naked thighs. "All neatly trimmed and so very, very wet."

Becky's fingers grazed between Caitlyn's legs, teasing the edge of the dominatrix's swollen pussy. Caitlyn gasped involuntarily as Becky brushed her clit. Becky's fingers danced lightly over slick folds, drawing a deeper moan from Caitlyn.

"Such a pity you didn't bet pussy," Becky sneered, leaping quickly to her feet.

As Caitlyn glared furiously at her, Becky practically danced over to Liz. Taking her lover firmly by the shoulders, she guided Liz back to the couch.

"I knew you could do it," Becky whispered, settling Liz onto the ratty cushion. With firm hands, she pulled her lover's knees apart. "Try not to come too quickly," Becky added softly.

Leaping back to her feet, Becky spun to face Caitlyn and stopped suddenly. For a moment, she just had to stand there and stare at the other woman. The formerly haughty and commanding dominatrix looked oddly lost and vulnerable as she stood, her lower half bare and pale except for the dark strip of hair above her pussy. Her cruel face was flushed. Her corseted cleavage was still shiny with a mixture of saliva and semen. Becky felt a rush of savage desire at the sight.

"Now," Becky barked, "you will get down on your hands and knees and pleasure my sub until she comes. And I will beat your ass while you do."

Caitlyn quivered, glaring defiantly at Becky. Her eyes raked the audience, lingering on the professor. He simply stared back at her.

"Well?" Becky sneered.

Caitlyn took a step forward, but Becky's hand flew up.

"I said on your knees," Becky snapped. "Crawl."

Staring daggers at Becky, her face almost as red as her corset, Caitlyn lowered herself to her hands and knees. Stiffly, she crawled over to Liz and lowered her face between the brunette's legs. Liz gave a deep sigh and settled back against the ratty couch as Caitlyn started to lick her.

Glancing around, Becky spotted a hard-looking crop sitting near the frame from which Caitlyn's Toy still hung, his thick dick now hanging softly. Picking up the crop, Becky smiled at him. Without really thinking, she reached out and wrapped her fingers around his thick member. Slowly, she pumped her hand up and down, feeling his slick meat begin to harden under her touch. His dark eyes stared past her, toward, Becky realized, his mistress and the brunette cock-sucker who had bested them both. Becky gave his dick one more hard squeeze before turning her attention in the same direction.

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