tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWinds Of Change

Winds Of Change


My name is Kal. That's really all you need to know about me. Why? Cos' my tale is about her… and what she did to me… taking away five months of my life.

I'm a normal guy, a bit depressed at times, but normal. I live alone, work everyday, except for when I have a couple of days off a week. Don't really eat much, except for when I'm at work. My life is what they call SSDD. Same shit, different day. But it's mine. That night I was with her… everything changed.

When I'm off, I like to see if I can get a date, go out on the town, right? That night, I met Tess. Oh we had known each other long before that… been dating for a little over three months. Tonight I would really get to know her tho. I was taking her out to dinner. Tess was the talkative type and I really loved her conversation. She was funny and whimsical. She was the type of woman you didn't have to impress with your wallet… and she was very caring. Tonight, I found she especially cared for me, and when I took her home… I found she was a very passionate woman also.

Tonight was going to be different. I had noticed in the past few dates, that she was getting too chummy. Maybe even used to seeing me, growing more attached with every date. I couldn't have her doing that. So tonight would be our last date... I would maybe email, explain to her later. But I had to cut her loose tonight. Must be subtle about it, not too obvious.

So, we arrived at her place, she opened the door and walked in, letting me in after her. It had been a long time since I'd seen sex, and I was hoping for some good feedback. I know how women are at giving into their urges, so I was surprised when she quickly gave in to mine! I wanted her with a passion… those heaving breasts, that ass, the more than ample thighs. All held at bay by those beautiful eyes which stared up at me as I ran my fingers down her back.

The sex was great! More passionate than I'd ever felt from her before. As I kissed her, my fingers continued to run down her smooth back. I heard her moan slightly as her cheek stroked the stubble on my face. I had always managed to have at least three days growth, cos' the friction turned her on. I began to kiss and suck on her neck, when I felt her fingers stroking my crotch ever so slightly. She had a way of doing that. My cock was already twice as hard as when we had arrived. We kissed until I finally decided to have her. She had removed her sweater and jeans until all she was wearing were her undies. My right hand stroked the crotch of her panties feeling them wet from the incessant dripping of her pussy. At that moment, she released my cock; almost fighting its way out of my pants with a mind of it's own. I managed to tease her a bit, rubbing my hardened mound against her panties.

"Now... Tess muttered. Please... now!" I pressed myself against her as she lay there, giving her small subtle kisses as my cock continued to rub against her. She shook so much until I ripped her panties down and entered her slowly fucking her the way she liked it. She had totally wrapped herself around me as we continued screwing into the night....

Finally, I shot my load into her waiting pussy and lay upon her, my arms curled around her moaning and wet body. I was sated and sad at the same time. I had to tell her... had to. After a little fingering from her, my cock began to get hard again, and I pumped her wet pussy for all it was worth. I kissed the tears I saw running from her eyes. It was good. Twice more I came and she ran her fingers thru my now soaked hair.

Two hours later, we lay there, and I heard her say in a soft, lulled voice...

"I wish this could never end.". We sighed in unison. I used to love when we did that. It was as if we were thinking the same.... our thoughts bonded. Now it hurt me. I got up looked at her. She lay there smiling tired and rejuvenated at the same time. I had to say it....

" Tess, it's over."

"Hmmm?" Tess mumbled, her left hand had wandered to my crotch again.

"I.... I can't see you anymore." I continued. She looked at me in disarray, rising to meet my eyes.

"Why? Is something wrong?" Tess said stroking my hand.

"I just can't see you again..." I said my head hanging down.

"We've been together for a few months now Kal... Tess started. I feel I know you very well. I know everything there is to know about you." She ran a hand down my shoulder. I didn't wanna hurt her. I searched for an easier, less painful line.

"It's not you, it's me." She knelt there staring at me, her eyes glistening in the near dark room. She sighed.

"No, it's me. she said. I've done something.... something to upset you. She turned away, and I briefly saw a tear run from her eye. What is it? What have I done?"

"Sigh.... alright. I began. You're getting used to me, aren't you?"

"Of course, she said. It's been five months we've been together." Her voice shook.

"Yes, but... what I'm trying to say is... you seem to be getting possessive. Hanging onto me too tightly. I said.

"What's wrong with that?" she replied. She looked hopeless.

"You seem to feel that I'll be here... always. You're becoming... dependent upon me. Not for money or shelter, mind you, but.... affection. I can't do that to you. I want you to be free.... stand on your own two feet." I stood dressing, getting my clothes on. Tess sat in the bed, naked, in shock, not knowing what to say. Whew. At least she wasn't angry... or so I assumed.

As I finished buttoning my shirt, I turned to see Tess standing before me. Her eyes puddled with tears. It was hard. I ran my fingers down her sides once more. A tear ran down and I wiped it away, speaking.

"Believe me, this is the best thing for both of us. You'll see." Saying that, I kissed her on the forehead and turned to leave. She made no sound. I turned the doorknob and then there was sudden darkness!

When I awoke, I could see nothing. I could feel that my hands and feet were bound...tightly. I would have thought she had some kind of narcotic in her tears that knocked me out if it wasn't for the bruise I felt on the back of my head. I tried moving any which way, but could not. My mouth was also covered with what felt like... duct tape. It was dark, and I had no idea...Tess had knocked me out, I remembered that. She had been angered at my attempt to leave her. She had been furious! As I tried to move more, I realized that I had a minimal amount of clothing on. My briefs. Great. I sighed thru the tape.

The first thing I wanted to say was... why? But it was all too obvious. She wanted me to "stay" awhile longer. Hmmm.... sarcasm doesn't help any. As I became even more aware, I realized that I was blindfolded. What good would a scream do? But I did my best. Yelled my ass off with all that tape and shit on my face. There was no response to my garbled noises... and my throat hurt like hell.

Not hearing anything for a long while, maybe an hour or two, my anxiety and frustrations wore me out, and I fell asleep. When I awoke, I heard what sounded like paper bags and a door closing. Then I heard water running. The aroma of fresh coffee being made wafted into the room. I was hungry. More than that I was eager to find out what was going on here? I tried to budge my hands. Nope, still tied very tight. I heard the shuffling in the kitchen pause for a moment as if waiting...listening. Was she watching me? Was she even here? Even more frustrated, I struggled, trying to wriggle free. Suddenly, I heard footsteps approaching....

"Are you hungry?" I heard Tess' voice say.

"I guess so...." I said morbidly. She stood there for awhile, maybe looking at something, I heard her make a small sound like a gurgle. Then she walked away. Soon I smelled things cooking... smelled like chicken.

"Tess?" I yelled. I heard something being put down, and then her footsteps coming towards me to stop.

"What?" she said almost snapping at me.

"It smelled like you had some coffee going in there, a few minutes ago. If it wouldn't be too much, could I have some?"

I felt her move away from me and leave. Had I hit a nerve? Something must have happened to her. Something that ticked her off. Tho' we'd never spent the night together, I knew how Tess was on a bad day sometimes. She...

Suddenly I heard her returning.

"It's drinkable." I heard her say as she moved up next to me. She paused for a moment...hovering. What was she doing? As she removed the tape, I felt a straw being put to my lips.

"Drink ." I heard her say.

As I drank from the straw I remembered relishing the warm coffee flowing down my throat. Of course, she knew how I liked mine. She let me drink until I was finished and then quietly walked away. That was the first of many small, mundane meals. An hour or two went by, and all I could hear was the tv murmuring and sometimes I heard her moving around. But she never came back to the room. If I hadn't coldly dropped her as I did, we could talk about what was troubling her now. As she'd told me times before… sometimes all she needs is a good release.

It had been three days of a steady diet of scrambled eggs in the morning and chicken and rice soup in the evening. Some coffee every now and then. If I could see, I'd swear I was beginning to grow feathers! Of course, she would never let me loose to relieve myself, she had bought a bedpan for this. With what she was feeding me, there wasn't much solid waste... relief was quick. This morn, I awoke to the sound of running water. I'd learned to listen to many things. The birds in the morning and the crickets at night. Also the sounds of traffic. I'd also noticed that traffic sounds different in the morning than it does at night. As I continued listening for awhile, I heard the water being turned off. I could smell the sweet scent of baby powder and colognes. Then I heard muffled footsteps not far away. They paused.

"Tess?" I said groggily. I heard no reply. She was watching me tho. The scent of the baby powder filled my nostrils momentarily. Then I heard her walk away again. The next day, I noticed her step was more... bouncy. She was humming. She seemed happy again. It reminded me of myself when I was depressed. I haven't felt like that in days... haven't had time to. Sigh. I heard her rush to the bathroom, and then the door close. She was....moaning? Could she be.... no, just because I was beginning to feel that way, didn't mean that she was. Woman are different in their rituals and times of lust. Hey, it could just be that time of the month. She's been in there an awful long time. Later, I could smell that somewhat metallic smell. Tess used to mention that she'd get really horny after this time of the month. I remembered loving it so much! She would be very animal-like, aggressive, and be extra kinky when it was after that time. So the both of us were going thru a period of not touching ourselves.... how totally ironic!

Most of the day, I had nothing to do but think and sleep. Oh yeah, Tess was kind enough to leave the radio on when she left. It was her way of not leaving me completely alone. Also, it blocked any screams I'd try to make even with my lips bound in duct tape. So, I listened and counted the hours. I would hear the neighbors talking as they entered and left their apartments. I had even tried to signal them once, bumping my head against the wall. After doing that for awhile, you tend to knock yourself out. Sigh... bad idea. Ever so often, I felt myself flinch downstairs. Yes, having your hands free does have it's other privileges. In three days, I hadn't been allowed to give myself the "cool jerk" I would give myself every few hours. So, when it was that time, I'd begin to have "slut fantasies". I had trained myself to automatically have them, when I wanted to get off quickly. Mmmm... a good, clean jerk was what I needed now. I could feel myself getting hard. Half of the time I was seeing the blackness I had seen for days, the other times I was seeing cheap looking women. They writhed... bent over the backs of beds and chairs with their wrists tied, as I fucked them for the sheer pleasure of it! I could feel my cock tightening several more notches. Before long, I knew I'd have a raging hardon, and no way to relieve myself. I could feel the precum running down my cockhead. Oh, god... Then I heard something move! A bag rustle. Was she here? Again, I saw myself fucking the girl on the chair. The juices flowing from her aroused cunt, drenched her bush as I held her close and screwed her. Her sheer panties revealed the cleavage of her ass which turned me on even more as I....

Then I heard quick steps. Where was it coming from....outside? My cock knotted a bit more. In the distance, I heard the door slowly open and keys jingling. The soft rustle of bags being put down. I heard the radio being turned off, the tv come on. Another drop of cum running down my cock. Tess would see it, of course. After a few minutes, I could hear her footsteps approaching me.... slowly.

Her steps briefly slowed down before me. She lingered there... almost leaning from side to side. "You've been busy. " she said quietly. I could hear a smile in her voice. I looked up at her, my eyes unseeing, my mouth with a sneer on it. Tess removed the tape from my lips. In doing so she crouched down closer to me. I knew what she was looking at. Sweat ran down my brow, almost absorbed by the mask covering my eyes. I felt Tess' fingers rub my brow. I could smell her cologne, sense her lips so near mine. It made me all the more harder.

"Have a nice day?" I said hanging my head down. I wanted her to tell me what she was thinking.... and I hoped... At that moment, I felt her finger rub across the front of my briefs, were I knew the precum stain was, and my cock fighting to get out. I was shaking ..... all I wanted was release! I craved a fuck, a lay, a hole for God's sake... jack me off! I felt her fingers move the moist cotton that separated her fingers from my rigid member. I almost passed out as I felt her warm lips touch my cock.

As her lips surrounded my cock, I shuddered with relief. I felt the head explode with cum running down it! I felt her tongue lapping around the sides of my tool, catching each and every drop of it's sweet juices. I almost cried from the pleasure of how delicious it felt! She continued to lick and suck my cock...and I relished every minute of it. Sooo good. I then eased back against the wall sighing in sheer bliss, my eyes closed. I fell into yet another deep slumber.

When I awakened, the first thing I heard was a train in the distance. Then as my senses became more aware, I heard the tv playing in the other room. my mind went back to what happened earlier, before I'd fallen asleep. I could feel a faint smile rise on my cheeks.

"Are you hungry?" I suddenly heard Tess ask. She had been here... watching me! For how long?

"Yeah.... I could eat." I replied clearing my throat, abruptly. This time, I heard her leave. How long had I been asleep? I listened to her stir in the kitchen. As I relaxed against the wall again, I felt my cock was also in a satisfied slumber. Tess had given it what it needed... maybe even what she needed. Would it happen again? I listened as the neighbors entered their apartment quickly slamming the door. Guy doesn't his own strength. I continued to relish the feeling of Tess' lips on my cock. For a brief moment, I imagined her milky, warm pussy sliding over my stick, but not now. It was all a dream... another woman, something I could never imagine with Tess. She wants too much. Or seems to. Noticing her footsteps as she entered the room, I ceased my lurid fantasies and hung my head. I was feeling a little somber now.... dunno why.

I heard her sigh... maybe in response to my moping, maybe something else. Then I heard her...

"Eat." she commanded. I did as I was told of course. I felt no other choice. A tear ran from my eye as I swallowed the soup she fed me. I could hear the pregnant pause. She wanted to say something.... and I wanted to say something. But she fed me in silence, and I never coughed it up. Why was I here? When was she gonna let me go? Was she gonna let me go? I heard her scoop up the last of the soup, and spoon it into my waiting mouth. Then she paused in front of me, and stroked her fingers thru my somewhat matted hair. I felt her lips brush my forehead. Then she was gone. I felt she was getting soft.... I checked my hands again.... still just as tight.

I wanted to see what her problem was... what was going on? As hard as I could, I thumped the floor with my heels. It hurt, lord it hurt, but I heard her coming!

"Do you have a problem?" She said in a hoarse whisper, half-snatching the tape from my face. Lord, oh lord. I had finally recovered enough from both pains to speak.

"Look, I.... I'm sorry about what I did and all... but how long, Tess? How long are you gonna keep me here?" After a few minutes of silence, she gave me an answer.

"I dunno.... I really don't." I heard her mutter. I felt her replace the tape and leave. I didn't try the thumping anymore. I was depressed, I was frustrated, I was bored, and I was getting HORNY again! An hour or two later, she gave me something to drink. It had tasted mediciney. Tho' I questioned her intentions... I drank it anyway. I suppose it put me to sleep.

More days had gone by with me being depressed. A month had gone by now. I lay there and let Tess feed me, and she was there when I needed a crap. Two more days had gone by. Today it was raining. It was quite dark outside, I could sense it. The rain was even more depressing to me. I sat slumped over, awaiting sleep. I heard Tess arrive.... the door softly closing. After hearing nothing but the rain for a couple more hours, I heard Tess approaching me. Still I sat slumped. Not like anything was gonna happen, right? I wasn't sure, but it felt like she'd sat down about two or three feet from me. I hadn't been shaved for days, and I felt her hand brush my cheek. I didn't give a fuck. She does that when she is feeding me. No big...

Then I felt Tess' hot breath near my face. Her cheek brushed against mine, and I heard her softly moan. I felt my own eyes close in anticipation. My cock was so stiff it almost hurt. I felt her fingers caress my chin as her lips brushed against mine. She hadn't put the duct tape on for days... I hadn't made a sound in days. Sigh. I hoped, I nearly begged for release. Today, I was needing it badly. My cock needed it badly. Her left hand softly grabbed my cock, as I felt her thumb stroke it up and down. Her cheek continued to caress mine as she gave me light kisses. So good! So damn good! I felt her tongue push into my mouth as she kissed me... almost swallowing my lips with hers. I kissed back, hungry for any kind of bodily contact. I was about to get my wish!

My breathing was hard, irregular, as I felt Tess slowly pressing her body against mine, while still fingering my cock. She was quite naked from what I could feel, and clung very closely to me as she kissed me, rubbing the fingers of her right hand thru my matted hair. I felt her trembling fingers take my rigid cock and submerge it into her now dripping, wet pussy. The way she'd been shaking, maybe it had been dripping for hours.... dare I say, even days? There was nothing for me to do now but thrust into her now as she thrusted upon me, her gasps and moans coming quicker with an occasional "fuck me you bastard" that I could hear her mutter every now and then. As the rain began to pour harder, and claps of thunder quickened our fucking pace, I finally came with pain, screaming almost. Due to the pain and pleasure I was feeling, it subsided quickly. Both the bout of sex and the storm outside. I felt Tess release me, and limply fall back onto the floor... sighing.

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