tagIncest/TabooWith Mom Sleeping

With Mom Sleeping


It had been a difficult day for all of us.

Mom, Dad and I were exhausted, still somewhat stunned at the death of my Uncle even though it had been just over a week.

The day's funeral ceremony had been moving in incredible ways for all of us. For my Dad, the loss of an only brother; for Mom and I, the loss of someone we both loved almost as much as Dad, someone who was often around and part of our lives. I saw him as a man that always glowed; much like my father, with a radiance of strength and passion for life -- but with a sweet and gentle side. He was well built physically and oozed sexuality, raw maleness.

I would miss him.

There were times of achingly heightened sexual tension for me when he was around, I was attracted to him. If only there could be an opportunity created, I would often wonder, what might happen if I we had time together alone.

Oh, my dreamy self! Hopeless, I thought! But I wouldn't change it for a minute.

Strangely, I had also been attracted to my father in similar ways -- he and my uncle were a pair, could be mistaken for twins. A pair I'd like to share I knew -- imagining being together in bed with both of them at once, both penetrating my intimate, tight spaces at the same time and drowning me in kisses and embraces from both sides.


My love for my father stirred up tension and confusion in me. Confusion; well maybe no, let's be honest and call it 'wanting thoughts' in conflict with 'shouldn't do that thoughts'. It would keep me awake at night, wishing I were cuddled close to him in sleep, like I did when I was much younger; but differently, our sleep punctuated with searching kisses, whispers of love and the stir of our bodies together, naked in the dark under the covers. Our smells combined, our groans of ecstasy and pleasure mingling, drifting through the house at night and perhaps out the window to make the neighbours envious.

Did that mean I was not normal, that I was mentally unwell and should seek help? The feeling is too delicious to be wrong, even though sitting uneasy at times as I grapple with morals I'm told I'm supposed to have.

I had always loved him so, and put it down to that need for deep connection we once had when I was a child but I somehow broke in my early teens. I treated Dad and Mom badly, always arguing, being stubborn, wanting to break out and be my own person way too soon. I was difficult, so self centred and obsessed with my own bitchy self-importance. My body was blooming, beautiful and hot as I blundered through my teenage years.

I could get any man's eye and attention -- and many women, similarly. I loved romping about in sexy underwear with my friends and scoring them systematically as I relished a discovery that I liked girls and knew quickly the right things to do to turn them on, get them into my bed, whether they were that way inclined or not.

But that's another story for another day!

My straight fantasy to be with my father - was it the simple desire to be loved wholly again by him, (and again and again) in every sense?


I just needed to be with him, desperately.

We almost fell out of the taxi in our fatigue and walked arm in arm, the three of us, with Dad in the middle, toward the house. Our drunken footsteps and slurred conversation punctuated by laughter at nothing testament to a wrung out, long and arduous drowning of sorrows in the literal sense. We must have been quite a sight, with Dad on leaning our shoulders, it must have looked like we were propping him up, like he was a wounded soldier.

Well, he was - emotionally.

He'd also had quite a bit to drink and needed some nursing. Oh yes, my excuse to hold him close and get my hands on his muscles and chest for lengthy periods.


And to kiss him in appearance of caring for him, but perhaps my lips being a bit heavy and lingering on his face and body.

We'd had to leave our car at the after-ceremony family gathering at my Uncle's house; none of us were sober enough to drive. My Unlcle's wife and son said they would drop it over the next morning. At the house, I turned the key and opened the door while Mom held to Dad. I let everyone in.

My parents looked all out on their feet.

"I think it's straight to bed for us," Mom murmured, holding to Dad's chest and arm. Dad was looking at me lovingly.

I melted.

Why weren't we alone, if only! He leaned over, clumsily, kissed me so close to my mouth by accident or intent that our lips made contact as I moved to meet his, and it became a like a sloppy first kiss of two drunken people at the bar. I think Mom overlooked that, but wow, it had actually been like a lover's kiss, albeit a bad one, not a proper father/daughter kiss.

Mom and Dad walked up the hallway arm in arm.

I followed in interest and because I simply had to.

In the master bedroom they kicked off their shoes and lay across the big bed together, fully dressed. Dad in his suit, Mom in her formal dress, short and black, similar to what I was wearing. Stockings and jewellery, makeup all still on. They were simply too exhausted to be bothered changing. I watched from just inside the door.

My heart was heavy, I felt so alone.

So alone.

Tears began to well in my eyes. "I don't want to be alone right now," I said. "Can I lie down with both of you?" I almost choked on my words, but my emotion, my feeling was real. I needed to hold on to my father, to be close to him at that time, more than I ever had. Not because of the kiss, but because I needed to feel his strength, his love and protection and his gentle, sweet calming side -- to know just by being close to him that everything would be alright.

I waited for Mom's approval as seconds ticked agonisingly slowly, till Dad finally lifted his head from the pillow and murmured, "Okay honey..." Mom mumbled, "Mmmm hmmm, okay then darling," as she drifted off instantly to sleep, with one arm across Dad's chest, and one leg across his leg as she lay, with her head on his shoulder.

Excitedly, I removed my shoes and rested my head on his other strong shoulder, draped my stockinged leg over his leg and placed my hand next to Mom's hand across his chest.

Though uncomfortable in my formal dress, nice underwear, jewellery and stockings, I soon fell asleep too against that wonderful man. Little wonder Mom was in paradise. It was blissful there. I had returned to the shoulder of strength, love and security I knew as a child.

We must have all slept through the remaining afternoon hours, for I woke in the dark, still where I was when I lay down with them. None of us had moved.

I wriggled in more closely to savour the feeling of holding Dad and kissed him on the shoulder, then the neck and stirred my hand across his chest -- simply could not help myself, I needed to. The kisses, I knew, were beyond kisses of simple care. They were about love, searching. I couldn't stop wanting another kiss, with the same desire but less clumsy than the previous one we shared.

He stirred, part awake. He lifted his head, kissed me in my hair, then on my forehead.


I continued to kiss his neck, then his cheek and raised my head to meet his kisses, till our lips were close. A slight pause, then I went for it, searching for his lips like this was okay and nothing was wrong here, all was natural.

I guess I was hoping that In the dark he wouldn't know if it was Mom or I that was kissing him.

And to my disbelief, he responded! Maybe he had thought I was Mom, was confused in the dark about who was on which shoulder? Or maybe he was still affected by drinking and not thinking right -- or maybe he was affected by the drinking and was thinking right, knew what we wanted!

Wow the kiss burned.

I was instantly wet in my private place and felt the scratch of my nipples, hardening against the lace of my bra.

My Dad was always so strong and in control, always no nonsense and would not, I thought, have kissed me like that. Was he was feeling a need to dive deeply into passion, just as I did, to be distracted from the hurt of the day, to be healed at that time with a desperate dive into lovemaking.

Maybe he just wanted me, had done for some time? Yes that was it I knew! Lying down together that way had been the catalyst!


He took his other arm from underneath Mom, who was still sleeping - and embraced me as his lips covered mine, delicately yet powerfully, like a lover. Wow, I had never been kissed that way!

I looked nervously over his shoulder to Mom. He turned too.

Mom was stirring, rolled over to have her back toward us.

Double yes.

Having Mom close by didn't seem to matter, we stayed right there, in thrall at each other's closeness. Our eyes were getting used to the dark, we both knew what was going on by that time. My father's hand traced the contour of my hip down to my tiny waist and then to my breast as he kissed me more deeply, both of us trying to be as quiet as we could, I knew.

I ran both hands in his hair, then over his shoulders and back, wondering if this was a dream or really happening! Our smiles in the dark were all we needed, no words. I knew we were right, though what we were doing was supposed to be wrong. I knew it would be! It felt natural, not unnatural. Tender and warming, not creepy. This most handsome, loving man and I were truly making a steamy connection.

I sat up, awkwardly, removing my small black formal dress, slipping it over my shoulders and dropping it on the floor. I glanced across to Mom, still rolled on her side facing the other way, still sleeping, starting to breathe a little more deeply.

My father's eyes were huge in the dark. I reached behind my back, unclipped my bra and let it fall. His hands found my breasts, lovingly. I shook my hair free from its ribbon, let it free to cascade down over him. His smile broadened. I raised my hips, slipped my panties off and added them to my dress and bra on the floor.

Then, only in my lace-top, dark stockings, I sat before him, feeling his adoration. I began to undo his tie and unbutton his shirt. He sat up, watching across his shoulder in the dark.

Mom was stirring.

He froze.

She was mumbling something we couldn't understand, maybe in her sleep? She certainly wasn't telling us to stop if she knew what was happening.

So we continued.

I helped him raise himself and slip off his trousers and socks, again, for the floor beside the bed. I filled myself with the sight of him naked in the pale light and was more than very damp down below, my juices running onto my inner thighs.

Then, the sight of his erection in his underwear had my hand reaching immediately; I took the length of it gently, my heart pounding wildly.

He let out a sigh that I thought would wake Mom.

I held a finger to his lips, to hush him. I helped him slip out of his underwear and we sat together holding each other and kissing in the dark while Mom slept nearby.

Our eyes were locked, as were our bodies, there was no stopping.

I was driven crazy by the thought of taking him in my mouth while Mom lay sleeping beside us. I think my father knew where I was going as I lowered my head, wrapped my lips silently around his penis; swelling, gorging so incredibly huge between my lips. There was moisture on it already, salty, slippery. I had dreamed of tasting him this way.

I started to silently and gently work my way up and down on him.


He was so restrained, not making a sound but his face told me it was quite an effort. If Mom could only see. This was wicked, cheeky, like I was a rebellious teen again doing whatever the hell I wanted, careless.

Mom turned over, dropped her arm, on Dad's chest.

Ahhh. Difficult.

I watched, my lips still wrapped around his penis. I watched that hand realise it was touching bare flesh and then begin exploring.

Oh no.

Agonisingly, it travelled toward my busy hand and mouth, instinctively looking for his hardness. "No way, go away," my senses screamed! He was mine! Now what would I do?

Her hand wrapped around him penis just as my lips and it parted ways, taking the last of his juices.

She pumped slowly, still half in sleep as I lifted myself from the bed and hid just over the edge. I was fuming! But scared, really scared at being discovered.

Mom was stirring, awake.

I heard the rustle of fabric -- she was taking her clothes off and working on him the way I had done! Arrrrgh!

My heart was sinking incredibly fast and I wanted just to leap up on the bed and shout, "Wait your turn, woman! I had him first!"

I heard her devouring him, then enquire,"Hey where's Kellie?"

"Erm, must've gone to her own bed," Dad replied.

"So how did you get this way then, why didn't you wake me if you were horny?" she questioned.

"Guess I thought you were too out to it. And boy do I need to get my load off. It's killing me."

"Mmmm, me too," Mom murmured low, taking him in her mouth again.

"I need you -- now!" she gasped.

I could identify with that!

I began to shiver as I hunched by the bed, listening. My juices were everywhere. This was extremely not fair.

Mom climbed on Dad, rode his penis immediately urgently and hard, wildly, bursting for her own release from the emotion and hurt of the day. I heard her orgasm almost straight away, and the bed just shuddering along with her breath as she collapsed helpless upon him. Then, kisses, murmuring. That was it? I hope so, and I hoped that as I heard, Dad hadn't climaxed yet? I wanted that.

Mom began her gyrating again. Grrrr. Then Dad rolled her over threw her on her hands and knees and pounded her wildly from behind. She groaned beyond control. The bed shook more violently and like a race to the finish, Dad's thrusts became stronger, harder.

Mom screamed, "Ohhhh nooooo I'm going to goooo! I'm going to, going to ahhhhhhhhh, oh what you do! I'm...ahaahhahaha ohhhhh. I'm coming! Give me me harder, harrrderrr!"

She collapsed with all her weight on the mattress. I sat silently, not knowing what to do. Minutes were agony, then I heard rough breathing. They were asleep!

I was furious, so furious.

And sobbing like a hurt child.

I picked up my clothes, stood to leave, in tears.

As I turned, I felt my father's hand reach out and touch my arm.

My heart lifted.

Bursting with joy, I watched as he turned my mother on her side and tucked her in under the covers to sleep.

He smiled.

In the dark I saw his erection straining. He had saved himself for me.

Oh yes.

I was so full, erupting with love, leading my father by the hand, taking him with me.

We closed the door silently, walked out into the hallway. I was taking him somewhere to be alone with him.

He couldn't wait; he stopped me, pinned me to the wall and burned kisses strongly into me. I wilted under him. I held his erection constantly, could not believe what I held in my hand. My other hand roamed against his chest and around his strong shoulders.

He lifted me, carried me through the darkened house, to the spare bedroom. We closed the door and returned to the kissing that we simply could not stop.

Our passionate whispering of, "Love you love you love you..." filled the room as we pulled back the covers and lay together in the bed, still kissing madly with each moment. Our hands roamed each other's bodies desperately, urgently, confirming we had both wanted this for some time.

His hands found my opening, his fingers caressed my clitoris and slipped inside my private place where only one boy had been, my friend Michael. This was so different though, my Dad was a man - stronger, bigger in many ways, including what I held.

I stroked his bursting penis with my hand, more urgently. As his lips found my breasts, I gasped for breath, taken wholly here in a wash of being a woman born, with my man of dreams.

I had to have him inside me, desperately, to complete the feeling.

We had no care now of anything but each other and the moment.

I rolled onto my back and permitted him between my legs. What a sight in the moonlight filtering through the window! My handsome, handsome, muscular father lowering himself upon me, penis thick and heavy looking for my opening.

I felt his penis probing around against my clitoris while we kissed and kissed again. I raised myself on my elbows, lifted my knees to my breasts so that I could watch the moment, see him entering me. He was rubbing the head of him around my opening looking for its place; I squirmed wildly as the beautiful head of his penis clipped into place between my folds.

We stopped kissing, to stare at each other -- full, open honesty that was sobering. We were truly in love, this was meant to be.

Though intense the moment, we smiled and he began to push. I went into dizzying falls watching him slowly enter me until I had all of him inside. "Ohhhhh yes!" A groan escaped me, loudly; I could not help it. I could not have cared that Mom might have heard. She may be awake. But I could not stop, he could not stop.

We rode our bodies together like true lovers, changing positions quickly, randomly and without plan as we tried to know each other so totally in such urgency. I went tumbling over one climax into another and then lost count of how many! Then felt his swelling heat within me. He was ready to burst! His strokes were so hard and fast, the bed was shaking and surely we were making enough noise that Mom would wake.

He tried to pull out of me, but I would not let him, held him tightly into me with my stockinged legs. He erupted inside, gasping and shuddering, lips pressed into my neck.

"Kellie I'm going to... ohhhhh I'm..." he moaned as he exploded so deeply. I was totally gone, helplessly fallen for this man with all my being.

I was truly a woman now for the first time, his woman...

"Hey you two!" Mom protested angrily, standing in the doorway.

She had crept in and may have watched us for some time. Ooops. She was still in her stockings; had her long hair down too.

"Looks like I was only the first course! Maybe I missed the entrée too! Kellie! I should have known with your father naked and hard there was something going on with you two. What? I'm stunned. Kellie, I don't..."

Dad jumped from me to go to her. My heart sank but I felt no guilt, this was love that needed playing out.

I hit a brutally hard wall wondering of the consequences.

I cried for long, tormenting minutes with their hushed and urgent conversation playing out in the background. What had I done, I had not been thinking. Yes I had. It was what I wanted, maybe poor timing and execution though.

I was aware of both his and my own juices oozing from me and reached down to take some in my fingers, put it to my lips, to taste.

They both came to the bed, turned me over and sat next to me. Mom no longer seemed not to be angry?

She kissed him and took his penis into her hand, then smiled toward me.

"Kellie, why don't you come back with us," she said, taking me by the hand.

I was shocked. I didn't know what to say.

She said quietly, "I knew it would be on between the two of you some day, so I understand, I think? I know how much you obsess about each other. When we all lay together I kind of knew it could end up with something strange going on. You know, I slept with my father once too, but when I was much older than you. It was wonderful and a fun, bonding time, but nothing like you two - what I saw was incredible and I think it'll be hard to keep you apart won't it?"

I nodded.

"I don't want to break us all up over this. I can't be angry at the two of you. Just don't do it behind my back like this ever again."

I felt a great relief.

Dad hugged me. We kissed again and stayed close together. He was getting hard again against me.

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