tagNovels and NovellasWithout Remorse Ch. 06

Without Remorse Ch. 06


This is a crime thriller with some romantic sex, and a smidgeon of violent non consensual sex and interesting by-play between various characters whom I hope you'll enjoy.

Definition of a Sociopath – someone unconcerned about the adverse consequences for others of one's actions and with a total lack of moral compass.


Kelly flirted outrageously with Mike, the noise swirling around them in the pub that they had agreed to meet at. It was a new Gastro Pub, with a young and rowdy crowd, great food and very good wine. Picking up her fourth glass of wine and eyes twinkling across the table at the man sitting opposite her she asked, "So how come you've not been grabbed by some woman and pinned down yet? A good looking, and if I may say so, very sexy man like you?"

Balancing his chin on his hand Mike smiled back, "You're very forward."

"Does it scare you?"

"No I like it. I like a woman that knows what she wants."

"......and what is it you think I want?"

"Mmmm.....I think you want a good time....."


"some masculine attention...."


"a bit of romance...."


"and a lot of very hot steamy sex."

Nodding her head she held his gaze. "So your place or mine?"

Standing up and holding out his hand he asked, "How close is your place?"

"Close enough for us to get there before I jump your bones in public."

Laughing as Kelly got up and wobbled a little he threw his arm around her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Better get a move on then officer, I'm all yours."


Her hands leaning on the bathroom sink, her body balanced forward, her feet apart and back, her face watching herself and Mike in the mirror, she pushed herself back with each thrust of him into her, his hands ran over her body, squeezing her breasts, running down her belly, rubbing her buttocks, stroking her back. His face stared into hers in the reflection, his mouth open panting as they had sex, his hard penis sliding in and out of her tight and sensitive hole, the sounds of small grunts mingled from both of them as the speed of the thrusts increased along with her pleasure.

Arching her back forward and pushing harder against him she felt him grow inside her as the tight coil of pressure built in her lower belly, skin slick with sweat she lifted one hand from where it rested against the cold hard porcelain and lowered it to touch herself, rubbing her clitoris so that her pleasure peaked and exploded.

Behind her his pace became frantic until with one strong push he stilled, and his hands holding her around her waist tightened as he pumped his seed into her.


Jake lay on his back, his wife astride him, her hands stroking his chest, her nails scraping through the wiry hair on his chest, the afterglow of making love settling like a soft haze in the small bedroom, the musky smell permeating his senses, his heart rate slowly going back to normal.

Whispering she leant down and kissed his lips, a soft and gentle kiss, "You've still got it buster."

"Practice makes perfect."

"At least tonight the baby didn't interrupt us."

Watching as she leant back, running her hands through her long thick hair, pushing it up and back behind her head and down her back so that her breasts lifted up, the now large and hard nipples pointing up and out he told her, "I love you so much. You know that don't you?"

Giggling and laying down over him so that she covered his prone body she replied, "You had better love me you big oaf, I've just wrecked my body giving birth to your child."

"No babe, not wrecked it. Made it even sexier than it ever was before."

"You think so?"

"Yeah, those nipples are now the size of bullets. Just thinking about them makes me hot."

"You up for another round.....?" but just then the unmistakable sound of the baby crying came through the baby monitor on the bedside table.

"Your turn or mine?" Jake asked.

Climbing off him his wife told him, "I'll get it this time, you the next." and pulling on her dressing gown in deference for their house guest walked out the room and into the tiny nursery to see to the baby.


Hanny sat chewing on her fingernails as she looked down at the shivering girl next to her, and asked her, "You sure you don't want me to get you to the hospital? St Thomas's Hospital is just over the river, we could walk down to Waterloo Bridge and over to it."

Shaking her head the sick woman told her, "No! No hospital. Just get me some pain killers in the morning and a hot drink. I just can't seem to get warm."

"They would keep you warm in the hospital!"

"I told you no hospital."

Biting her lip Hanny sat worried, the girls face was now a very sickly colour, and there was a fine sheen of sweat on her face, even though she said she was cold. First thing in the morning she was going to go and get some medication and see if she could filch another blanket for tomorrow night to put over Janice.


Arriving by car in the centre of London the contract killer Archie sent by Micky McShaunassy's solicitor parked it across the road of the Police Station that his sources had told him the Detective that had come down from Great Yarmouth was being based at, and settled down for the night, waiting for him to appear so that he could follow him.

The gun tucked into the holder in the small of his back pressed against his spine as he tried to get comfortable, and he shifted a little to remove it and place it in the door space amongst the crisp packet wrapper and crumpled serviette from the hot dog he had eaten on his journey down south. His orders were to get the girl and cop and eliminate any chance of them testifying, and he was a man who always completed his assignments. It was a matter of principle to him. To do his job and do it well. After all he had a reputation to uphold.


Morning saw Hanny begging with the early morning commuters as they made their way to their offices from the underground station that she stood outside. People either streamed past her ignoring her or the occasional kindly person dropped a few coins in her hand. Pretty soon she had enough money to get what she needed and scurrying off she went in search of a chemist, and finding that it was not due to open for another half an hour walked down to the early morning café and bought her and Janice breakfast of hot sweet tea and a couple of bacon rolls.

When she returned her male friend with the shaven head and tattoos asked her, "You got anything for me?"

Hanny looked over her shoulder at the man, "Andy you're big enough and ugly enough to get your own. This is for Janice. She's sick and needs it more than you."

"Well fuck you and fuck Miss high and mighty!" and getting up staggered out into the cold daylight, "I thought we were a team until you met up with her, the stupid cow."

Ignoring him she helped Janice to drink the tea telling her she was going to go out again to get the pain killers and to just try and rest. Then getting up, her own cup of tea in her hand she left the arch recess and made her way back to the Chemist shop up the road.


A pounding headache and a dry mouth left over from last night when after she and Mike had shared another bottle of wine before making love again, this time on her bed, Kelly walked carefully into the team room for the morning briefing.

Sitting down she looked across the room to find Ben watching her, his right eyebrow raised in a questioning look, and sticking out her tongue at him just as the chief entered the room, she turned and looked to the front of the room.

"So far we have no sight of the girl, and the CCTV footage shows very little, except the victims all walking along with men, each dressed differently, each making sure that their features are not revealed, and then disappearing into thin air. Any suggestions?"

Jake looked across at Ben who nodded encouragement, "Ben and I have a theory we would like to chase up. Look for further links to one firm between all the sites."

"Ok, get on it, and you two," pointing to two of the team, "Check out the alibis gathered yesterday, the rest of you keep looking for this girl. She must be somewhere."

Getting up Jake walked over to his and Kelly's desks, "You can sit here while Kelly's out looking for the girl. Lets get on with it; I've got a good feeling about this."


The killer Archie sat in his car waiting for Ben to come out when he heard a knock on the window next to him, and winding down the window saw the face of a traffic warden bending down and looking in at him.

"You can't park here."

Straightening up in the seat he told her, "I'm not parked, I'm waiting for someone."

"Sorry Sir but you can't wait here. Please move on."

Getting angry he said, "I will as soon as the person I'm waiting for comes down."

"This is a no parking or waiting area between nine and six thirty, please move on or I'll be forced to write you a ticket."

"Fuck off you bitch."

Pulling out the machine she started to write the ticket, walking around to the front of the car and as with all tickets in London she started to get out the camera to take the picture of proof when the man, seeing the camera started the engine and drove off pulling into the flow of traffic to avoid having his image captured on film.

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