tagFetishWomen Who Naughtily Pee at Work

Women Who Naughtily Pee at Work



Natasha stood in the Ladies toilet with her pants and underwear stretched tightly around her shapely ankles. With her curved naked bum cheeks on full display she defiantly held up the office kettle up to the waiting mass of black curly pubic hairs that grew around her pussy lips. Seconds later a sharp hissing arose from inside the kettle as from her pee hole shot a clear stream of hot shooting piss. The sound continued, growing slightly in volume as Natasha increased the strength of her toilet, squeezing her piss out as hard as she could. This was the perfect revenge for the way she had been treated and besides it was turning out to be a great experience. She had never imagined that taking a naughty piss in the office kettle could be so much fun. Staring down past her waist and the naked flesh on display with her panties being off, Natasha marvelled at the sight of seeing herself peeing into the kettle. From out of the base of her hairy vagina, her clear stream of piss was still gushing strongly out of her body. The thrill was building by the second as she continued relieving herself. Now in the back of her mind was an even more naughty idea to try finishing off her pee somewhere else in the small room.

Slowly the stream of piss flowing out of her cunt began to wane as Natasha brought her pee shower under control. She finished topping up the kettle with her pussy effluent with two final spurts of piss which involuntarily escaped her muff. Putting the kettle and its special contents down on the sink top she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her jet black hair that lined her pretty face in a short crop mirrored the midnight pitch colour of her pubic hairs. Staring at her pubic triangle in the mirror Natasha marvelled at just how easy it was to take a piss without needing to sit on the toilet. So much so that she quickly took two steps forwards so that her pussy lips brushed over the rim of the ceramic sink.

A moment of nervous expectation passed as Natasha contemplated what she was about to do. Here she was, a grown woman, about to get her kicks from pissing into a sink bowl. Barely a second later and Natasha's pee hole opened at the base of her exposed vagina as she started her new wee. Gasping in delight she marveled at the vision of her clear urine shower spraying into the ceramic sink bowl. 'This really was a fantastic thrill' she thought now busily pissing into the bowl for all she was worth. She knew full well that all the other office girls would now be unsuspectingly be using the sink to wash in, having no idea that she had used it for her toilet.


From Lindsey's pee hole shot a bright golden stream of hot flowing piss, shooting away from her black curly haired vagina and descended to the office carpet below. Within seconds her pussy shower was washing over the floor, staining it with her hot urine as the material hungrily absorbed her warm pee.


With Jeannette's wide bum cheeks spread wide over the bathroom sink, the new temp started to take a hot yellow steaming piss right into the sink bowl. Instantly a soft pattering sound rose between her creamy thighs as her golden shower landed against the far wall of the basin. Content with herself and her naughty pee, Jeannette stared down past her parted legs at the yellow flowing stream squirting out of her cunt. She loved watching herself take a piss, especially if it was somewhere naughty like now. The way in which her pussy spray squirted from her cunt lips coupled with the feeling of relief issuing through her bladder was sheer heaven.

Pissing in sink bowls was only one of Jeannette's numerous ways in which she liked to pee without bothering to use a toilet. On several occasions at work she had stopped behind at work after everybody else had gone home and used the opportunity to misbehave. It was great fun to remove her panties and visit the desks of the girls she liked the most. Once there she would lift her skirt up out of harms way revealing her hairy triangular shaped mass of pubic hairs that formed her pussy, before standing right up to the girl's chair. Butterflies would dance in her stomach as she stood there desperately trying to release her pee. After several seconds she would always manage it and then she would be rewarded with a short stream of hot piss gushing out of her muff and spraying down over the chair below. Jeannette was always careful to only do a little pee over the chair as to leave a non-too obvious stain for the next day. However this was always difficult to do as once she had started to pee over the chair she simply wanted to cover it all with her piss, allowing her golden fountain of pee to cover every inch of the material. This was not helped by the delicious sound her pee made as it rained down over the chair's covering.

The last time Jeannette had peed over a chair at work, the furniture in question belonged to the delicious Natasha, a raven haired beauty who worked at the far end of the office. After peeing over the chair fabric for several brief seconds Jeannette twisted her bare hips and subjected the chair's back rest to a quick golden pee. The soft hiss her pee made as it sprayed across the material was giving her an enormous thrill. So much so that when she sealed her pee hole tight shut she found she simply couldn't put down her skirt. Looking around she desperately wondered where she could finish her wonderful pee stream. She longed to able to just squat over the floor and finish off her wee by pissing over the carpet. However, this was too big a risk as the carpet stained too easily. Looking desperately around she contemplated the numerous cardboard boxes lined with paper documents that filled the room. In her mind's eye she imagined squatting down so that her large wide bum cheeks hung suspended over one of the boxes, before she allowed her golden stream its urgent release. The sensation of emptying her bladder into one of the boxes would almost be worth the risk, but there again, maybe not.

Finally inspiration came to her as she surveyed Natasha's desk contents. Opposite the keyboard, her yellow coffee cup stood a quarter full with cold caffeine. This was simply too much of an opportunity to miss and within seconds Jeannette was holding Natasha's coffee cup up to her exposed vagina. She stood trembling as she desperately tried to pee into the cup held up to her muff. The realisation that Natasha would be drinking from this very cup in the morning was making it almost too difficult to go through with the act of pissing into it.

Unfortunately for Natasha, Jeannette finally overcame her nerves and her pussy flaps parted as her pee hole opened to allow a new squirting flow of piss to come jetting out before spraying into the cup. Immediately the level of liquid inside started to rise as Jeannette topped its contents up with her gushing pee stream. Staring down past her belly Jeanette gasped in thrill as the sight of seeing herself peeing into another woman's cup. This was simply so incredibly naughty!

By now, Jeannette's bladder's needs had overcome any kind of constraint she had over holding back the force of her wee. Instead her piss stream jetted out of her cunt with increasing force causing the cup's contents of piss and coffee to splash around and yellow droplets of pee splashed over the rim to land over the wooden desk top. By the time Jeannette had finished off the rest of her pee into Natasha's coffee cup she was on the verge of sexual climax. Putting the now almost full cup of hot pee and cold coffee on the desk she shakily placed herself down on Natasha's piss stained chair, enjoying the warmth of the damp piss stained material on her warm bum cheeks. Spreading her legs and placing both feet spread apart on the office desk, Jeannette plunged two fingers into her moist cunt hole and started to slide them in and out in quickening motions. Her whole body was trembling now with hormones derived from sexual arousal and the pumping motion with her fingers increased even more.

Seconds later and Jeannette reached her orgasm. As she came a new stream erupted from her cunt and started to play over the desk top. Female cum sprayed over Natasha's desk as Jeannette exhausted herself with the memory of her pissing. Gasping for air she stared down between her sweat covered legs as her stream vanished from sight. After several moments of recomposing herself, Jeannette shakily got to her feet knowing it was time to clean up. After wiping down the desk top and soaking up the piss spots on the chair she reached over to the coffee cup. She hesitated and then decided to leave the piss filled cup for the morning cleaner. She doubted that anybody, especially Natasha would every guess at what she had done and she wondered what it feel like in the morning when she witness Natasha drinking her coffee from a cup that had been peed into.


Fran's hairy pussy was hovering only inches above the lid of the box she had now intention of taking a piss into. Finally she managed to overcome the butterflies in her stomach and within seconds a hot flood was making its way through her body to her waiting muff lips nestled between her creamy thighs. Her pussy lips parted as her pee hole opened and as she watched on as a thick torrent of strongly flowing urine jetted out of her cunt and started to spray into the box and its paper contents.

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