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Anna shivered at the contact as flashbacks from her wild weekend of sex orgies played out in her head. She pulled Rosa close and kissed the woman deeply, pushing her tongue deep into her mouth.

As they kissed the two men moved in behind the both of them. Alex pressed himself bodily against Anna's back and she moaned and leaned back against him.

Rosa, seeing how the men were reacting to their display, stepped back to allow Alex to grope Anna-Maria.

"I hope this means you're going to give me a great big order before we leave today," Anna said, surprising herself with her bluster.

"I think it's safe to say," he muttered as he ground his newly erect cock against her bum, "you'll be a sole source provider before the next hour is over."

"Good," she said.

She turned and went down on her knees in front of him. With a loving look in her eyes she mouthed his penis and then took the head and two inches of shaft past her lips. Alex gasped and watched in amazement as she slowly sucked him. Rosa too was enraptured at the sight of her protégé. She had thought that Anna would wash out after this meeting. She didn't believe this morning that Anna-Maria would have a cock in her mouth before the end of this day.

"Go ahead," she said to John.

She nudged him toward the pair and then he was waving his cock in front of Anna's face. She eyed it calculatingly as she slid her mouth back and forth over Alex's penis. Then she took both cocks, one in each hand, and started stroking them slowly and deliberately as she stared both men in the eye.

"I think," she said in a sultry voice, "sole source provider for the next year would be appropriate. What do you think?"

John gasped and nudged his cock toward her mouth.

"That might be okay," he said raggedly, "provided you come in to make sure the orders are arriving on time each week."

Anna licked at his cock head like a lollipop and held it just in front of her lips tauntingly.

"Maybe once a month," she said with a grin.

"Two weeks!" Alex gasped. "Every two weeks or the deal's off."

Anna grinned and took the heads of both their cocks into her mouth briefly.

"You're so hard," she said playfully, "to negotiate with."

She licked at them again and then nodded.

"Every two weeks it is," she said with finality.

Both men sighed with contentment and Anna looked toward Rosa who was gently masturbating her pussy with one hand as she watched. Rosa was impressed at the young girl's ability to keep her mind on business while handling two of the nicer cocks she had ever seen in her life. She knew now that her client list would be in good hands.

"I think I could use some help here," Anna said, "because I really want one of these men to fuck me."

"What a great idea," Rosa said.

Anna stood up and then leaned forward over the meeting table waving her bum slightly and smiled at the two men.

"Well," Alex said to John, "I don't know about you, but I've had her once and I want her again!"

John grinned and waved him forward, watching as he penetrated her easily from behind.

"Don't worry Darling," Rosa said grasping his cock and fondling it gently. "You can give that thing to me any time you want!"

She then went to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. She watched Alex slide his cock in and out of Anna's pussy while sliding John's cock in and out of her mouth. She moaned happily as John gasped and she started stroking him with both hands while sucking the head past her lips.

Alex was reaching forward and cupping Anna's tits while he fucked her. Anna turned her head and kissed him hungrily. She was about to cum again and she whimpered to Alex to fuck her deeply. Alex shoved in as deeply as he could but he didn't speed up. He wanted to feel every inch as he slid past her lips and into her channel.

Anna clenched her thigh muscles which made her pussy grip his cock more tightly.

"Cum for me Baby," she whispered and then kissed him again. "I want you to shoot your cum deep inside me again."

Alex groaned and shoved hard and then it hit. His cock throbbed while he came and his eyes rolled back in his head. Anna gasped and put her hand on Alex's bum, pulling him in deep while he came.

"I'm so wet now because of you," she said.

Then she gasped and quivered as her own orgasm hit her.

At about the same time John came all over Rosa's tits. She held his cock just below her throat while it sprayed white over her breasts. She was smiling broadly and then massaging his semen into her chest.

"I hope you gentlemen are happy with our negotiations today," she said.

Both men nodded as they sank into chairs. They were still fully clothed though their limp cocks were hanging out of the zippers of their dress pants.

"I think we're all going to get on just fine," Anna said with a grin.

After they left the building and got into Rosa's car Anna turned to her.

"Am I going to have to fuck all of my new clients?" she asked.

"Not all of them," Rosa said, all business like once again. "Some of them are too old to fuck. They can't get it up anymore. Some of them have no idea what I'll do for a sale so negotiations are enough to get them to open their checkbooks. Others hold out for everything they can get.

"Those guys, well, you'll probably have to fuck them. But don't give in too easily. Otherwise you'll be spreading your legs for every man you meet."

"Like you do?" Anna asked slyly.

"Yes," she replied, "like I do."

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