tagAnalWork: Taking Wendy Home

Work: Taking Wendy Home


When Rob got the poor exhausted waitress Wendy to his house, he helped her out of the car, carrying her up to his house and to the upstairs bathroom. Cum was leaking down her thighs in thick globs, and her poor abused asshole looked smaller than ever, as though it was swollen shut, pink and tight. It turned him on even more, although he tried to ignore that as he got her completely undressed and into a bath. She hissed as her abused nether regions were lowered into the hot water, it felt both stinging and soothing to her poor flesh.

Sighing, Wendy relaxed as Rob began to soap her body, washing her off gently and sweetly. She rested her head against his shoulder as his fingers caressed her body, running through her wet hair... all the while the cook's dick was getting harder and harder, tight in his pants as the naked waitress moaned with relief. Of course, to him her moan sounded more passionate than anything else, rather than just a tired woman's relieved moan of happiness as she was pampered after a long and exhausting night.

Wendy was feeling quite hazy and delightful, the steaming bath soaking away her tension from the long work shift and then the exhausting - if satisfying - sexual adventures in the backroom. Although she was aware of a slightly sexual feel from Rob, she didn't think much of it. After all, he had already pleasured himself twice in her tonight. And it was just so wonderful to be here with him, having one of her fantasy's fulfilled, and then fulfilling one that she may have had without even knowing it.

Lifting the slender girl out of the shower, Rob dried her off tenderly, his hands lingering on her breasts and ass, touching the smooth skin. Wendy sighed with happiness as she collapsed face down on the bed, unaware that Rob was now rock hard and starting lustfully at her ass, where the tight swollen hole was looking more alluring than ever between her creamy cheeks. He had to have it.

She cried out in surprise as he climbed on top of her, trying to get up, all she succeeded in doing was making it easier for him to plunge into her pussy. It took a few strokes to get her wet enough for him to slide all the way in, and she struggled against him some, pleading that she was too tired. All of it just turned him on more, feeling her wriggling underneath him, trying to get away, her tight wet pussy rippling... but that wasn't where the real prize was.

Relaxing when he pulled out of her pussy, thinking that he'd understood that she just didn't have anything left, Wendy cried out in shock and pain as he began to push his way into her abused asshole. It really was swollen shut, tighter than ever, and it hurt as he began forcing his way into the tight crevice. Crying out she struggled to get him off of her, even bucking her hips, but that just forced more of his thick dick up her tight ass. Tears ran down her face as he invaded her, it hurt soooo bad...

Rob thought that the skin was going to be peeled off his dick she was so tight, her entire body seemed rigidly against him and it just caused even more pleasure as she pushed against him. Groaning he pushed deeper into her, feeling her resistance, her squeal seeming to go straight through him and to his balls. With a low grunt, he got his hands under her hips and pulled her back against him, her firm ass slamming into his groin and he moaned as he buried himself completely in her tight hole, feeling its elastic walls spasming around him in protest.

Too tired to even put up a good resistance, Wendy found herself submitting to Rob's anal onslaught, her head hanging between her arms as he began pumping in and out of her abused ass... she'd had no idea that her masturbation in the back room would ever lead her to such anal abuse. Although she liked anal sex, this was more than she'd ever bargained for. And still her body found pleasure in it, began to involuntarily push back against him as he fucked her ass, feeling the tingles of pleasure growing in her belly as he stabbed deep in her back hole.

He felt both her submission and her growing pleasure, reaching around to fondle her breasts and nipples, slowing his strokes in her ass so that her pleasure could grow with his. Wendy moaned as he began to manipulate her body, feeling that she couldn't possible handle another orgasm, her body would just give out. And yet his gentle caresses and squeezes slowly stoked the fires in her belly, her ass squeezing him out of pleasure rather than protest. Rob grinned and put one hand to her pussy, stroking the wet folds as his thrusts became firmer, faster. Moaning, Wendy began to move even more underneath him, unbelieving that her body could still respond after everything she'd been through tonight. Her ass ached unbearably as he plundered it, and yet pleasure was still coursing through her pussy.

They moved in unison, her breasts swaying beneath her as he moved in and out of her ass, the ring around his dick looking chafed and sore. But she continued to push back against him, her ass accepting everything he had to give her, and her pussy growing wetter and wetter by the minute. He slid one finger into her wet hole, and then another... and soon after that a third; mimicking the double penetration that she'd had earlier that night.

Wendy moaned as the memory washed over her, Rob behind her in her ass, John in front of her fucking her pussy... the two of them moving roughly inside of her while she flopped between them like a rag doll, her toes barely touching the floor, her weight on the incredible thrusts of their dicks... John's violation of her asshole when he came... all of it ran over her like a stream, rushing through her body. Throwing her head back, she gasped as her pussy started to quiver, the three fingers inside of her wriggling and probing while her ass squeezed the invading dick.

She started to cum, amazed that she could her body was so tired. Everything clamped down, trying to stop the stimulation, trying to just hold onto her sanity as waves of pleasure rushed over her... this was perhaps the most pleasure-filled night of her life and she wasn't sure that she was equipped to be able to deal with that. It felt as though her body was shaking apart, everything was centered on her pussy and ass, especially her ass when Rob removed his fingers and started riding her ass like a bronco, knowing that she'd gotten her pleasure and so really letting loose on her tender hole.

Squealing in pain, even as she climaxed, Wendy's abused asshole tried to hold Rob inside in, making it even harder - and even more pleasurable - for him to thrust in and out of the tight space. Gasping, he bellowed and fucked, going like a steam engine on her poor exhausted body, knowing the abuse he was putting her asshole through and reveling in it. Her ass was delicious, and having had his first taste he didn't think he could ever have enough.

With a final brutal thrust that pushed her flat onto the bed, unable to hold herself up anymore, Rob's dick pulsed inside of her. Every spurt was felt in her poor ass, forcing its way through the tight, swollen ring into the deepness of her body. Wendy sobbed with relief as her orgasm finally began to subside, the hard dick in her ass still taking up most of her world as its stiff length dug so deeply.

Sighing happily, Rob stroked her back and hair, rolling off of her and pulling her into his arms, his limp dick nestling between her ass cheeks.

"You are amazing," he whispered.

Wendy relaxed in his arms, her asshole slowly snapping shut, swollen and bruised, but whole. Yes, she thought, yes I am.


author's note: I believe I'm going to let that be the end of this little interlude... it was fun for me and I hope you had as much fun reading it!

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