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Working Overtime


My senior year in high school finally came to a glorious end with graduation. I can say with all honesty that myself, along my friend Benny the Beaner left behind a legend. One, which to this day, no male student has have yet lived up to. You see, The Beaner and I boinked two middle-aged female faculty members through out our senior year. The best some of our classmates were able to do was to bunny hump a couple of perky cheerleaders in the boys' shower room. Compared to what the Beaner and I accomplished they were merely nothing more than rank amateurs.

The sexual tryst during my senior year happened with a certain Mrs. Huxley, my math teacher. Unfortunately it ended with her nervous breakdown several weeks before I was to graduate. Though I knew her inevitable crack-up would happen someday, still I wasn't quite prepared for it. You see every time Huxley and I would have wild unadulterated sex she would develop a massive guilt trip and then only to be followed by uncontrollable sobbing afterward.

I wasn't a witness to the Huxley flip-out, as it is now called, but several of my fellow geeks told me of what happened. Mrs. Huxley was teaching her third period math class when suddenly for no apparent reason she stopped talking. For several seconds she just stood there, eyes glazed over and staring at her class. Then, without saying a word, she went to her desk and took out a huge flesh colored dildo from the top drawer. The fake phallic had a suction device attached to the bottom so she was able to affix it at the center of the desktop. While hiking up her skirt in front of the class, she peeled down the white cotton full cut panties she always likened to wear. Holding the panties in her hand Huxley began to twirl them above her head and began screaming like a wild cowgirl. She then let them loose to go flying smack dab into the middle of her now shocked students. The panties landed onto the face of Fat Willie Nurdlinger. (I swear to you his actual last name is Nurdlinger.) Now Fat Willie is probably the most disgusting obese adolescent human I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. I can only compare his girth to "Jabba the Hut" of "Star Wars" fame and for him to have any female's panties land on him is a stroke of pure luck, an event, which would not take place again in his lifetime. So it was with great relish that Fat Willie removed the womanly prize from his face and sniffed them.

What happened next makes me to this very day wish I were there. Huxley hopped on to the desk and with her skirt still hiked up, squatted down on the fake dick and promptly proceeded to insert it into her hot slimy pussy. Her swollen labia enveloped the dildo as she rode it up and down. She squeezed and kneaded her titties as she masturbated. One of the witnesses swore he saw her cunt juices flow and form a small puddle at the base of the adhered dildo.

By then some of the male class members were cheering Mrs. Huxley on while others, both male and female, rushed out in total shock. Huxley continued with her masturbating show by fingering her swollen clitoris in a mad sexual frenzy while yelling obscenities at her small audience of male students.

I was told Fat Willie waddled up to Huxley and tried to lick her pussy. She immediately swatted him away like an annoying fly.

The whole incident ended with three female teachers and two paramedics prying Huxley off the plastic dick and strapping her down on to a stretcher. My friends said she threw her hips up and down screaming for someone to fuck her as they took her away in an ambulance. She was immediately rushed to Saint Ignatius Psychiatric Center.

Fat Willie, by the way, grabbed Huxley's dildo and took it as a trophy. I understand he still sleeps with the thing and masturbates while smelling it. I can relate to that.

As for Mrs. Huxley, she did well at the psychiatric center, but they never did let her near the kosher dill pickles. I think they were Clausen's.

Beaner ended his affair with Mrs. Connelly, his earth science teacher, with far less complications. She simply moved away. That's not say the Beaner wasn't affected by her moving. According to my little round friend, Mrs. Connelly was a genuine screaming, raging, fifty-one year old blonde nymphomaniac. To an eighteen-year-old pervert like himself, a woman such as her is a rare find.

I confessed to Beaner that earlier in the school year I witnessed the little sex act on the desk between he and Mrs. Connelly. Beaner gave a little chuckle and said he had seen Huxley and me going at it. As matter of fact it turned out Mrs. Connelly also watched Huxley and I bumping uglies while she masturbated out in the hall. It was how Beaner got into Connelly's pants in the first place.

The day I first banged Mrs. Huxley, Beaner saw my truck still in the school parking lot and wondered where I could be. Going back inside to look for me he stumbled upon Mrs. Connelly peeking through the door to Mrs. Huxley's classroom. Of course being curious by nature, (yeah right) he went over to investigate. He told me Connelly stood there watching Huxley and me fucking our brains out while she had her hand inside her slacks furiously fingering with her pussy. It struck Beaner then he just might have a good chance to score a piece of old teacher ass. So, as he told it, he just went behind the masturbating teacher, reached up under her blouse, and grabbed a handful of saggy middle-aged booby. Slowly he rubbed his crotch against the crack of Connelly's ass.

The next thing Beaner knew he was in Connelly's classroom watching her peel out of her full cut granny panties letting her oversized ass plop out and then spreading her meaty used cunt lips. Beaner buried his face in her blonde muff so fast she fell back against her oak desk with her little legs flailing about.

Now, I'm going to be brutally honest here, watching Mrs. Elizabeth Connelly getting undressed is nothing I would want to describe. First of all the woman is short, about five foot three. Second, she's a little on the chubby side. Not fat mind you, but chubby, sort of like the Pillsbury Dough Boy with tits. Believe me I couldn't get hard over her if you stuck a gun to my head and threaten to shoot. In fact, I may even beg you to. But for some ungodly reason she got Beaner hot and bothered. It might have been the silver dollar sized, bubble gum pink aureoles. Then again it could have possibly been the thick curly patch of blonde pubic hair, which surrounded her constantly wet and ready pussy. But I'm very sure what did it was the pinky finger sized elongated clitoris that poked out of her blonde bush that got Beaner humming.

Beaner's tongue action on Connelly's clit put her into hip thrashing orgasms, as he would flick it quickly back and forth. Connelly's stretch marked potbelly quivered as the Beaner did his tongue thing. Or so he said. I really didn't want the visual.

He truly loved how wet she got and how his cock felt as it slid in and out of her matured womanhood. My fat little friend would get extremely turned on by the steady stream of obscenities Connelly screamed out when she orgasmed.

If one believed Beaner, Mrs. Connelly and he performed every sex act imaginable, including some they made up, in every place imaginable. He confessed to fucking her in the back of a Wal-Mart during the day and a supermarket parking lot at night. Once they got it on in a choir loft at the local Presbyterian Church, but not before he explored her anal desires in a confessional at a local Catholic Church. At least Beaner did not discriminate with denominations. He said he sexed her pussy, her ass, her mouth, between her titties, and he even tried to stick it in her ear once. The only thing he didn't do was light her farts. Which he so desperately wanted to do. Needless to say, Benny the Beaner had issues.

Then Connelly's husband went and spoiled it all by taking a vice president's position in California for his employer. After Mrs. Connelly moved away Benny the Beaner went into a deep depression. It lasted for a whole day.

With high school behind us now our thoughts turned quickly to full time summer jobs. We were eighteen and knew full well that independence meant working and earning money.

My mom knew a lady who worked for a temporary agency and she promised to put a good word in for us. Soon Beaner and I would be working in the file room for a large corporation. Deb Schultz headed Document Control, as the company called it, and she was the type who let you knew she was large and in charge. Beaner and I had to call her Mrs. Schultz. Heaven forbid if we should slip and call her Deb.

Deb Schultz was a lanky woman in her mid-forties with short red hair, which she kept combed back. The thin black horn rimmed glasses she wore gave her the look of a very stern librarian and also did a good job of hiding a very pretty pair of green eyes. I couldn't really tell what her legs looked like because she always wore slacks. But at least her slacks were form fitting. I could tell from them she had a nice well-shaped ass. She didn't have panty lines either so that told me she had a fondness for thong underwear. As for her tits all I could say is that she had a set. I didn't know what shape they were in because she wore loose turtleneck pullover sweaters or high collar button down blouses. The one feature I did like about Mrs. Schultz was her lips. They were full with just a little pout. Absolutely perfect lips for cock sucking.

Our job would be simple enough. Beaner and I would go from department to department gathering up files. The files would then be scanned and burned onto CD's. Then we would data entry the file numbers.

"The job may not be rocket science," she said, "but it is the hub of our business."

It may have been a hub of business, but to us it was poon heaven. Every type of woman imaginable worked in the office. Tall women, short women, women with big tits, women with small tits, a cornucopia of pussy all waiting to be feasted upon. Women who wore slacks so tight they had camel toe crotches. Some of them wore skirts so short they would have been better off coming to work in just pantyhose. Beaner and I wondered which ones we would be fucking.

On our first day in the file room we were introduced to the file room lead, a black man named Charlie McGregor. He looked to be about in his fifties and must have been a football player in his younger days because he had that type of build. Charlie took the Beaner and I under his wing the very first day.

"You boys see all that pussy out there in the office?" Charlie asked with a big grin.

"You bet." I replied.

"Sweet stuff." Beaner chimed.

"Well, don't be fuckin' with none of it or Schultz will be all over your butts." He warned.

The look on Charlie's face told us he wasn't kidding around. Any dreams of pumping some office pussy had been shattered like crystal on a granite floor. Still Beaner and I flirted with a couple of the ladies and were able to cop a feel here and there when Schultz wasn't around. I learned from talking with some of my co-workers stress at the office was so high a little sexual play was welcomed.

As time went on Beaner and I became very close to Charlie. He entertained us with stories of his sexual exploits. Some of which seemed to take on super human qualities. Since the Beaner and I only screwed our respective teachers and nothing else we didn't even try to top any of his stories.

One of our favorite pastimes became categorizing the women in the office. We listed them as screamers, moaners, and AWOLs. A.W.O.L. Anal With Out Lube. That particular designation we reserved for the absolute office bitches. Deb Schultz heading the list.

We tried to avoid Schultz wherever possible. Her very presence seemed to instill this sort of uncontrollable fear. She could be easily described as a bitches bitch. If someone told me Schultz happened to be a dominatrix I would believe it.

Considering the job things went along quite well that summer until the last day of our employment. Charlie came into the file room with a pissed-off look on his face.

"Bitch! That fuckin' bitch!" He exclaimed as he walked into the room.

I asked what was wrong and Charlie lamented how Schultz called him into the office and chewed his ass out for not having all of the month's files scanned and burned onto disks. He said he would have to work a double shift to finish up the files.

Since Charlie had treated us well all during the summer the Beaner and I felt the least we could do would be to stay over and help him finish up the rest of the files. He appreciated the help and we all started to work on the files in earnest.

The office was completely deserted by 5:30 PM. The Beaner and I were diligently working burning the scanned files onto disk. As the evening wore on we noticed Charlie was nowhere to be found it the file room. Wondering what happened to him the Beaner and I began to search the office. After all even though we were doing Charlie a favor we weren't going to do all the work ourselves.

Suddenly we heard groaning noises coming from one of the executive offices. As we neared the door we heard the unmistakable sound of a woman reaching orgasm. Peeking inside we almost died at the sight the sight before us. There bent over the desk with her ass in the air for all to see was Deb Schultz.

At that particular moment Deb glanced back over her shoulder at the sight of eleven plus inches of almost fist thick Mississippi black snake and gave what could only be described as a wanton plea to be ravaged. With masterful maneuvering Charlie rubbed his cock up and down the somewhat hairy crack of her ass teasing both her ass and cunt.

I can honestly say we were watching a great craftsman at work. Centering his cock against her ass hole Charlie twitched his hips ever so slightly. The movement caused the foreskin of his immense pecker to peel back as the bulbous knob slowly parted the puckered ring of her anus. It became obvious Deb Schultz's ass hole was not virgin territory. She took it all with a look of sexual joy on her face.

Charlie finally managed to push the thick knob of his dark cock into her ass. Things were heating up to a high flame as Charlie pumped his enormous black meat in and out of Deb's enflamed asshole. I turned at looked at my friend who by now was salivating. Weird animal noises began to emanate from the fat little pervert's mouth. Finally Beaner couldn't stand it anymore. Before I knew it he dropped his pants, underwear and all. With his slacks and boxers around his ankles he hurriedly shuffled to the front of the desk looking very much like a sex crazed penguin. Charley and Deb looked up when they saw Beaner standing at the other side of the desk. Charlie gave my chunky friend a shit-eating grin.

Deb looked up also with her mouth agape in great shock as she stared at my 19 year old friend's thick uncircumsized penis. The middle-aged woman gave her lips a lick, took her hand and wrapped her fingers around 7 inches of prime teenage meat. Deb began to lick Beaner's cock like it was an ice cream cone. Little flicks along the sides of the shaft and a big slurp on the head. Then with one big gulp Deb shoved Beaner's thick man missile into Deb's open mouth.

Beaner leaned heavily forward pushing his groin against Deb's face slipping every inch of his cock past her tonsils and into her throat. I could see shudders running through her body as the two cocks worked at her.

Beaner gave a grunt and holding her face tightly to his pelvis shuddered to a climax flooding her mouth and throat with teenaged cum. As he pulled his limp dick from her throat Beaner guided and then pushed Deb onto her back atop Charlie who without missing a stroke had managed to fall backwards onto the floor pulling her with him while continuing to fuck up into her rectum.

By then I had completely undressed and ran over to the action. I pulled her legs apart and in one rapid thrust sank my stiff pecker into her cunt. Her ass hole and cunt were filled with hard throbbing cock with only a thin membrane separating them. By then my friend had gotten his second wind and once again fed his cock into Schultz's mouth and fucked it into her throat.

It was an absolute gangbang fuckfest. Charlie, Beaner, and I fucked away at all three of Schultz's orifices. We all came at the same time in one glorious syncronized climatic finish. Cum coated her thighs, stomach and ass as well as her chest and face almost making it appear as if she had bathed in thick sticky globs of cum. Then it was over as we fell exhausted around her Schultz was left to lie on the floor glazed with the sperm of her ravishment.

Then Schultz heaved herself up on her elbows and looked at us through cum covered eyes. She suddenly burst out in a wide toothy grin and exclaimed, "That was the best fuck I have ever had in my entire life!"

With that she got up, gathered her clothes and headed out the door.

I turned to Charlie and with a bewildered look asked him, "What the hell just happened here?"

Charlie laughed a hearty laugh and explained how Deb Shultz may look like a bitch and act like at bitch on the job, but in reality she happened to be the type of woman who wanted wild and outrageous sex. It seemed Shultz's husband was a limp dick when it came to satisfying her kinky needs. I just shook my head in disbelief.

It was from then on Beaner and I would return to the company every summer to work while we were in college. Deb saw to that just as long as we groveled at her feet during the day and abused her during the night.

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