tagFetishWorshipping Joan Ch. 02

Worshipping Joan Ch. 02


A month later, Joan had slowly reduced his ability for querying anything she told him to do. To counter any office tension Joan had appointed him as logisitics co-ordinator and he was moved to the portacabin office next to the main building. It was easier this way; he worked on his own and if she did need his talents while at work and that just wouldn't work if he was at home, waiting for her. Instead, she had spent the weekend at her house encouraging his tongue to go ever deeper inside her and informing him that he would now be working in the portacabin.

"So then, are you going to undertake the new role and do as I request?" she said to him.

"Yes Boss" he replied, slightly defeated.

She smiled down at him and looked him in the eye.

"Don't worry, you will still be paid and I will still be your boss, but it's necessary. Look at it this way, I need you in there because you are reliable and I can trust you" she had said to him and could see his features softening as he tried to look for the positive in that declaration.

The next day, Joan had told the team he was being moved to the portacabin and he began the first day in his new job. He was the only one in the small building and apart from piles of paperwork, it was relatively featureless. His desk had just one chair for himself and a small filing cabinet for any necessary stuff he needed to keep. His pc was strictly monitored with bbc about the most exciting thing he could look at. At lunchtime, he looked up to see Lorraine walking across the car park. He opened the door and she stepped in with a big smile and walked over to his desk.

"Hi there, I heard you were the new admin guy. Anyway, I need you to find this file for me" she said, waving a form at him.

"Um, sure Lorraine, it's just down this isle I think" he said smiling and went to find the documentation.

She waited by his desk and five minutes later he returned brandishing the files.

"This should be for that whole month" he declared.

Lorraine was standing grinning at him, holding one of the 2 biscuits he had kept to eat that afternoon. He was also due to go out and grab a sandwich and watched, hunger pangs sounding as Lorraine ate the biscuit in front of him.

"Mhhmm, not bad. Nice biscuit. Well, aren't you going to thank me for coming over to relieve your boredom today?" she said.

"Um, thanks Lorraine" he said to her but she shook her head.

"Nice polite boys know that actions speak louder than words" she said and sat on his desk.

He knew exactly what she meant and approaching her, he knelt in front of his chair. Slipping her thighs over his shoulders, Lorraine gasped at the initial contact of his tongue, then reached over to his Tupperware box.

"It's your lunchtime, isn't it?" she said, glancing down at him.

"Um, yes Lorraine" he replied, then resumed teasing her pussy gently.

Without comment, Lorraine took a hold of his hair in one hand, pulled his head a short distance from her crotch and reaching down with her other hand she pushed the biscuit inside her pussy.

"Don't say I'm not kind and considerate. Make sure you eat every molecule of that lunch though, I can feel it start to moisten already" and with that, she pulled his head back to her crotch.

His tongue was trying to coax little bits of biscuit gently out and slurp them down. She lounged against the wall behind the desk, eyes half open as he licked thoroughly inside her, valiantly capturing each soggy morsel of biscuit and consuming it, before darting back inside her. It took him at least 15 minutes to get every piece and then he simply began to slowly pleasure her.

45 minutes later, Lorraine let his tired mouth take a rest and slipped off the table. Adjusting herself a little, she looked at him and smiled.

"Thanks for finding that stuff, I'm not sure I'll get a chance to return it over the next day or two but you can count on me to bring it back personally" she told him, beaming from ear to ear.

He looked dejectedly at the clock on the wall, realising he now had no time to get his lunch and having hurriedly checked he had no chewing gum, he was left with the taste of biscuit and pussy juice in his mouth.

Lorraine chuckled to herself as she walked back to the office. She passed Joan when she got back and mouthed a silent thank you to her. Joan had decided that he could be a useful tool in her armoury. Office politics often meant resolving things, especially amongst a team of talented but strong opinionated women. They were loyal though and Joan had wondered if offering his oral talents to them as a bargaining chip when she needed to bargain over something wasn't such a bad thing. She had even wondered about trying out a date with another guy and this way, one of her colleagues could babysit him for an evening if she did so, without him being any the wiser. She needed to make sure he wouldn't be resistant to anything though and an idea had formed in her mind. Clicking on the website in front of her, she hit the order button.

Three days later, her package arrived and she asked him to come round to her house after work. He did so and found Joan in a surprisingly pleasant mood. She even kissed him, leading him to her bedroom and although he kissed his way down her body, licking her to orgasm, she pulled him up so that he could fuck her. He drove into her like a man possessed and she clutched his back, groaning with pleasure as he pistoned in and out of her. Eventually, he pulled out just in time before he came and slumped off her. Joan seemed content to let him rest briefly and stroked his face until he felt himself dozing off. It was only briefly but something woke him and he felt something strange around his genitals.

"Joan, um, I mean Boss, what's that?" he said confusedly.

Over his crotch was a metal device.

"That? Well, I've decided you can fuck me and boy was that good. We are definitely going to do it a lot! But when I decide. So in the periods between us doing it, this will keep you out of mischief; it's a chastity thingy" she said offhandedly.

"Um, is it locked?" he asked.

"Yeah and don't think I'm going to give you the key. Just please me and be a good boy and I will take it off quite a bit. You enjoyed fucking me yes?" she asked.

"It was wonderful Boss" he admitted.

"Well, the more you do as I say, the more often it comes off. Now then, I need your help with something at work" she added.

"Anything Boss" he replied, wondering if she might take the cage off him again tonight.

As if reading his mind Joan continued.

"Now, if you agree, the cage thing can come off again tonight" Joan added.

"Just name it Boss" he said eagerly.

Joan smiled to herself. He had no idea what she was asking him!

"Well, you know the women from Portnacraig office joined recently and the cultural fit hasn't been easy. Keeping them all happy has been even harder. And I'm not sure how they found out but they seem to think you are some willing accomplice for Lorraine and myself to relieve stress and they're not happy about it. They've threatened to go to the press and say you are the office letch and everything. So I've had to placate them to help you and keep the team balanced" Joan went on.

"Boss, I'm with you though" he added worriedly.

"I know you are and I'm happy you've obeyed me so far. Anyway, the only way to get round this is that sometimes, they may expect you to relieve their stress so you may get the very, very occasional visit to the portacabin from now on" she told him finally.

"Oh right. But I thought it was just you Boss" he said, hoping he was convincing Joan that he really did like her.

"Yes, obviously but just for a short time I need to keep a lid on a potential scandal. So do as I say. Now then, a bit more of this tongue and I think your little contraption might have to come off" Joan said, moving to sit on his face.

The following week at work he was in the portacabin and Joan was at her desk, the new report for north sector already done by Helen. She hadn't been strictly honest with him as there was no anger or scandal. But she did need things completed and having a team of women to ease her job was worth it. As a bonus they were allowed to use rent a tongue as he was known. Helen was to be the first but there would be others too. In effect, Joan was using him as some sort of oral hooker and she reaped the benefits. Having the contraption wisely on his crotch meant she still had control of his cock and he would do anything she said to have her unlock him.

"Come in" he said, as the portacabin door went.

Helen waltzed in and gazed at him.

"Um, I guess you know why I'm here?" she asked slightly nervously.

He thought then immediately realised what was going on.

"Um, yes. Do you want to sit or stand?" he offered.

She didn't answer but walked over to his desk and stood in front of it. He immediately knelt and pushing up her skirt revealed her hold ups and a thong. Swiftly parting her material, he licked gently at her pussy and she gasped, chestnut hair shivering on her shoulders in excitement at being licked out. After a few minutes, he glanced up to see Helen watching him work at her. When she saw him looking up, she pressed his face into her pussy so he concentrated on pleasuring her.

Half an hour later, she pushed him away and without a word smoothed her skirt and left. The next day the door went and it was Muriel, the stern, dark haired woman who at 43 was the oldest in the team. Her confident manner unnerved him and she strode to his desk as he got out of his seat.

"C'mon now, don't go all shy, I've looked forward to this all morning" she said.

He helped remove her skirt and she hooked a heavy leg over his shoulder as he licked deep inside her pussy. After some time his shoulder ached from supporting her but it wasn't for another 10 minutes that she shuffled back and proceeded to lay out on his desk as he knelt in front of her now.

"Don't forget my asshole" Muriel said lustfully and his tongue dropped lower to do her bidding.

Muriel came twice and it opened up a can of worms in some ways for him as the other women heard he enjoyed licking ass too. First off was Helen who returned before he had even seen any of the other women. She opened the door and strode to his desk.

"Hi Helen" he said mildly.

"Is there something wrong with my ass?" she asked him.

"Um, no absolutely not" he assured her.

"But you did Muriel's first" she accused him.

"Sorry, I didn't know you liked that. Um, I'll show you" he offered.

Helen responded by turning away from him and gripped the desk, letting him roll up her skirt. He kissed her cheeks then his tongue worked gently down her ass crack until it approached her rosebud. Taking a lick, he pressed against it gently until it yielded and his tongue was inside.

"You'd better do as good a job with me. Muriel hasn't stopped bragging about it" she pouted and then sighed as his tongue responded with a deep probing action into her ass.

Helen must have been aroused as she played with her clit while he rimmed her and reached an orgasm. Then she turned around and hopped onto his desk, pulling his face into her pussy. He ate her to a second orgasm before she left, a little calmer than she had arrived.

The next morning Morvern appeared unexpectedly. Lorraine led her in and smirked at him.

"Morvern has just started with us but I think she's overdue a proper welcome. I'll leave you to it. See you later" she said suggestively to Dominic and waltzed out, leaving Morvern looking at him expectantly.

"Hi, um, do you want to come over here?" he offered nervously.

"Sure" she said cooly and moved to stand in front of him.

He knelt and she slowly lifted her skirt and deftly slid her knickers down her legs, stepping one leg out of them. This was a little different for both of them as Morvern had actually been at school with him. He didn't say anything but licked her pussy as if it were a duty he had to complete. Morvern remained silent at first but the situation was getting to her in a good way.

"You're quite good" she said a little in surprise.

He didn't answer but stuck to his task, sucking on her outer lips then darting his tongue inside.

"Ugh, if only the girls knew about this. You're much better than my boyfriend; that's it, right inside" she gasped excitedly.

The more excited she became, the more she talked.

"Did you do this when we were at school?" she asked him.

"Um, yeah but not with anyone from school" he replied.

"Damn, if I'd known, you could have done this every day. I'll be over here every day to make up for it though. And I hear you like ass too. I'll find that out after I cum" she said gleefully.

Morvern let him lick her a while longer and her excitment was obvious.

"If I hadn't promised Joan not to say anything I'd let the whole school know but you're lucky I can keep a secret" she said excitedly, not far from orgasm.

Morvern was true to her word, cumming hard then turning round so he could rim her ass. And Lorraine was true to her word too, arriving that afternoon and sitting on his desk to enjoy a good tonguing while reminding him that he was eating her out before the new girls so she still wanted his best moves.

It was hard enough servicing the girls and as much as he enjoyed eating pussy, it was clear they were happy to use him whether he wanted to or not. His initial days of going down on Joan at her desk seemed like a blissful memory now as he never envisaged this scenario developing.

Meanwhile, Joan had been out with 3 different guys and was with one of them again. He was a real charmer and Joan loved how her new found confidence was making her feel and possibly look more attractive. The guy had her on all fours and she groaned as he fucked her hard before crying out he was going to cum and shooting his load over her back. They lay spent on the bed before Joan glanced at her clock. After quick showers, the guy left asking if he could see her again. She said she would think about it and went into work with the glow of someone who's just had sex that morning. Her smile faded though as she spied happy looking Lorraine waltzing to her desk.

"You're looking good Lorraine" Joan quipped to her.

"Yeah, well I had an early visit to the portacabin. Feeling ready to tackle the day now" she said smiling.

Joan wandered off to loos and sat there thinking. It was all very well having this guy and that guy in her bed but she surprised herself by realising she missed Dominic and that wonderful tongue of his. The arrangement she had with the other girls was so that her working life was made easier and so she could date other guys but she was surprised to realise she was jealous. Joan knew she would have to come to a decision soon and it would either be to leave things as they were or have Dominic move to another company and reclaim him for herself only again.

Over at the portacabin, Morvern had led Dominic to a corner of the room where they wouldn't be seen immediately, even if someone came in. She had let her skirt slide off and now stood slightly bent over a stack of archives as Dominic knelt behind her and rimmed her deeply.

"That's it, go nice and deep. I've got my boyfriend starting to lick my ass now when he goes down on me. He did pretty good last night before he fucked me. It's enjoyable though just having the oral and nothing else. Say, you think a guy would do that, like my boyfriend, you know just go down on me some nights and nothing else?" Morvern asked him.

"I know I would" Dominic wisely replied.

"Yeah, you would but I would love it if my man did too. Right, I need to cum, hang on" she said and he stopped to let her turn around.

Once in place, he began to lick Morvern's pussy while she held his head close. It wasn't long before she came and she reluctantly let his head go, quickly donning her skirt. Joan had walked in just after her orgasm and as she made for the door, she realised Joan was there.

"Oh Joan! Sorry, um I'd best be off" Morvern said quickly, darting back across to the office.

Joan regarded him then sat on the wide seat at his desk. Dominic immediately crossed to her and without any prompting, laid a kiss on her foot first. He followed that by kissing up one leg until he reached her thighs. Joan parted them, her denim skirt and lack of knickers making it easy for Dominic to start licking her pussy immediately.

"I've been thinking, how would you like that chastity device to come off for good?" she threw at him.

"Oh Boss, that would be amazing. Really? Um, I would say yes please and thank you forever" he gushed.

"Yeah, I guess you would. And that's my dilemma. I've created a monster here; the girls are all up for this scenario but truth to tell I might want you for myself. I mean how would you like to date me, be my only man, fuck me and go down on me when I want huh?" she offered.

"If you don't already know I want that, then I would add nothing would please me more Boss" Dominic offered her.

Joan thought about it and Dominic used the time to lick her skillfully.

"You'd have to leave the company. You couldn't work here any longer, not with the current state of affairs. Besides that Lorraine more than anyone else seems to have forgotten you belong to me, not some joint partnership. So I need you to find a job and soon. I'll make sure you have interview time off but it has to be as quickly as possible. I have other guys who would love to date me you know, so I'm making a decision to choose you over others" she added to him pointedly.

"I know Boss. My friend owns an IT outfit; I think I could work there without even an interview. And the pay is excellent. And it's about 10 miles from where you live so I would be close by you" Dominic added.

"Mhhmm, that sounds promising. Okay, well I can't keep a leash on that lot out there, so sort it with your friend this week. It's Wednesday today; you can have this afternoon off and tomorrow to see him if you want then finish up here on Friday. Don't bother working your notice; or that lot will have you spending all day working over their sordid desires. Look, I'll be honest I've tried other guys and well the truth is as irritating as it might seem, you seem to have got to me. So are you ready to give yourself to me or not?" she threw at him.

"I am yours Boss and yours alone" Dominic implored.

"Well show my pussy how much you've missed it before I go back to work" Joan urged him.

Dominic took to the task with relish, eating her pussy as if it were an interview he couldn't bear to fail. Joan sat back and when she came, she felt his mouth eagerly sucking at her juices, as she sighed with pleasure.

"No one can do it as good" she muttered almost to herself.

Then she stood up and left before they could talk again.

Dominic busied himself with contacting his acquaintance in the afternoon and the guy was only to happy to have Dominic on board. He spent the next day sorting out some stuff before returning to the office on the Friday. Joan had also promised him she might take the device off that weekend and he was already looking forward to pleasing her after work. He arrived to find Joan had unexpectedly taken the day off, although it was his last day. She had texted him to say she was out doing stuff but wanted him to be at her house for 7 the following night. Dominic managed to sort any computer files he wanted to keep pretty quickly and sent them to his gmail account, then ran the roost over the place, realising he didn't have any actual personal possessions at work. By 9.30am, he had little to do but the portacabin door went just then. Lorraine stood there regarding him.

"So you're abandoning ship are you? Well, life will be a bit duller but may as well make the most of the last day huh?" she asked him.

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