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Year-The Future


Luan's eyes twinkled as she stared steadily into Daire's face, his abilities had grown strong since she had last felt this alive in his presence. Her body tingled and her heart raced, her own powers seemed awakened; even more-so then when the explosion occurred. In the aftermath of the horrible explosion Luan, Daire, Ethan, and the handful of gifted people that remained melted into the landscape. They lived off of what nature gave them, coming across bodies, ruins, cities, towns, wildlife. All had perished in Luan's Bomb, that's how earth's new history began to be re-written. As the band traveled they came across numerous people who had survived, because they had strong gifts. It was during these brief wanderings that Daire began to notice Luan's rapidly failing condition, it came and went. She would recall faces and names but had no memory of location, on the good days she could remember everything, but on the bad days, she fought for her life. Making war with the party that she had been traveling with for weeks at a time with, Ethan and Daire did their best to try and help her remember, they desperately attempted to keep her mind grounded; but it wasn't until the first time she ran off that the two men realized the depth of Luan's prior abuse and torture.

Daire meditated and prayed every night and every morning for her return, Ethan became his co-leader, assisting in keeping balance and order among the group, half of which were apart of the original LOCK. Daire was the one who never lost hope that Luan would truly return to the community again, no matter how long it took, he would remain true to her.

Luan's eyes glistened with tears of recognition as she came up from her trance of memories, or rather their memories.

"Daire." she whispered.

"Oh Luan!" exclaimed the man, he jumped up and snatched the woman into an eager tearful kiss. Luan cupped the back of his head, kissing him back.

"I never thought I'd remember, Daire I - I'm so sorry." she murmured between their lips.

"Shhhh, shhh. I have never resented you and I have never forgotten you Luan. I knew you would come back." said Daire soothingly.

Luan broke the kiss and looked out at the erotic happenings.

"So what are they doing?" she asked, feeling clear and free from the darkness that she had been under.

"Everyone has a life partner, and there is a mating session once every month, to see who gets pregnant. Ever since you ran away, we have been people searching, looking for survivors, gifted or human. We have rescued over a dozen so far. Now we must focus on bringing more life into the world." explained Daire honestly.

"And this is all my fault." stated Luan as she moved to the edge of the doorway to gaze up at the black starless sky.

"But it is not the end Luan, we will continue to search and rebuild." returned Daire as he joined his beloved.


"Just like I did. One day at a time. But come you must be tired my love. Do you think you will be alright?"

"Yes I know I will be alright this time." answered Luan as she let Daire lead her into an inner room. The two spent their first night together in five years.

Luan Nyla Ailis frowned as she held the lifeless limp body of the five year old in her crouched embrace, this wasn't the first time for the young woman; Luan was only 22 and yet she had seen more death then some of the oldest war veterans. Luan wasn't positive what year it was though the destruction told her awestruck mind that something had hit the town of Mattison extremely hard... the word extreme didn't even begin describing what had befallen the woman's hometown. It had been years since she had last seen her childhood town, and the chaos and devastation was caused by her. Was this war zone really the future now? Or could it be something more like Daire had told her. Luan now remember everything that her trapped pain-stricken mind had not been able to for so long, she was now a free woman, free from her past, clear head. Gifted people would be the next step in the Earth's history books.

Laun Ailis looked back down at the dead boy in her arms... yes she would be here to help rebuild, she would find more survivors. She didn't know the exact date but she would make sure that it would all be written, this wasn't just mere history... it is the year of the future.

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