Yearly Checkup


It was that time of year already. It was time for my yearly checkup. Most women dreaded it. I did not. I don't know why, but I never really felt uncomfortable there. One reason may be that my doctor is super nice. Oh ya, and super cute. Pretty good combination.

My husband was always giving me a hard time because he had met him when he delivered our child and joked with me about him being cute. I could not deny, because he was, but girls don't think of their gynecologist that way. Most girls that is...

I have had this fantasy for years now about going there and being used on that little table with my feet up. Maybe I have read too many stories, but this thought has always been in the back of my mind. This year my checkup happened to be right on ovulation day (I'm like clockwork) which also happens to be my most horny time.

I new that when I made the appointment, but didn't think it would really be an issue. However, when I woke up that day I was ultra sensitive and ultra-wet. My husband was out of town that week and so I hadn't had sex in six days. When I got in the shower before work, I decided I better masturbate or I would not be able to concentrate all day at work. So I did. Nothing fancy, I just used the head of my shower over my clit for about 1 minute and orgasmed strongly, but quickly. Then set off for work.

My appointment was at the end of the day so I would just leave a bit early and it wasn't far from the office. The day seemed to drag on. I kept having thoughts. The thoughts I have had for years. I could feel myself getting wet in my cubicle and when I used the bathroom it was apparent how wet I really was. Good thing I wore a skirt. Finally, I was ready to go. I hopped into the car and set off.

During the short ride I could not help letting my hands wander a bit teasing my sensitive nipples. There are some days where touching my nipples does nothing. This was not one of them. With each touch, I felt moisture well up inside of my pussy. I reached between my legs and felt my thick juices soaking my cotton panties. Oh dear, this could be embarrassing. But then I thought, I'm sure it happens pretty often where his patients get very wet during an exam. And besides, is it so bad that he knows I enjoy it.

I should not be self conscious about this. It is normal and healthy I thought to myself. And so I continued a bit. Slowly running my thumb from my clit to my ass and back up again. Not masturbating, just enjoying myself. It felt great. My panties were soaked and I didn't care. You could probably smell my sex from across the room.

When I arrived the waiting room was empty. Not normal, but I normally go in the morning. So I picked up a magazine and read a bit. My heart was racing a bit. I really don't know why, but I was so charged up that I could have made myself cum right in the waiting room. I did not, however, I did continue to stimulate myself by crossing my legs and moving them around. I could feel my clit rubbing the inside of my thighs when the assistant came in.. "Jenny". And in I went.

After asking the standard questions she told me to put the gown on and get up on the table and he Dr. Kurt would be right in. So I did what she said, but Dr. Kurt was not right in.. In fact, it seemed to take a while. After several minutes, I reached down to feel down there and I was still very wet. There was a stream of wetness running straight down the path of my cunt down to my ass. I started to touch a bit and it felt great. I knew I would be fine because they always do "the knock" before they come in.

I began to rub more vigorously now. In fact, I felt an orgasm coming. It was then that I decided that I should just cum before he arrived. So I worked my clit as I pinched my nipples between my fingers. Just as I was about to cum... the knock. Oh no.. I thought.

"Ready" I said. Damn that could have been embarrassing.

"Hi Jenny" said Dr. Kurt.

"Hi" I said. And we exchanged pleasantries. All the while I was burning inside of my belly. Trying hard to catch my breath and regulate my breathing I waited for him to get his gloves on and begin the exam. As he put on his gloves he walked up to me standing between my legs. I felt my pussy twitch when he came closer. He put some jelly on his hand and worked it between his fingers and looked down.

Surely, he could tell I was engorged and very excited. But he did not say anything. He is a doctor and I'm sure in his business this has happened before. As he reached down he looked into my eyes and asked about the family. When I felt his two fingers enter me It was a wonderful feeling. A feeling that I was begging for. When they entered me I bucked a bit involuntarily. But he did not flinch.

As he entered deeper I avoided his gaze by closing my eyes. That was when I drifted away. With my eyes closed I lifted my ass off of the table noticeably. He took his fingers out and talked to me a bit undoubtedly feeling my sexual tension and trying to diffuse the situation. After a minute of small talk he entered again. This time I let out a soft moan and again bucked his fingers driving them deeper. He moved around inside of me and it felt wonderful. I wanted it to last forever. But soon he took his fingers out and said "everything looks good".

I did not want to hear that. That meant he was done. I said "Dr. Kurt, a couple of weeks ago I had some pain along the left side after sex." I am afraid I hurt something. Can you check that side especially? And so he reentered. I let out a more vocal moan this time and again closed my eyes and raised my hips.

"No, it all looks good" and he started to remove his fingers. I didn't know what to do, so I grabbed his hand and pushed his fingers back in me. "Jenny" he said "what are you doing".

"I don't' know " I answered. But I did know that it felt great. SO he continued to fuck me with his fingers as I moved my hips around wildly. The he used three fingers and it felt even better.. "Yes" I said. "Use them all" and so he put all four fingers in an was fucking me with most of his hand.

"No, all of them!" I said. And he looked at me.

"I will hurt you" he said. "No you wont, I have done it to myself before.

"Please Dr. Kurt." And so he lube up his glove and started to fuck me with his fist. At first just his fingers all together. And then with my urging I felt his whole fist enter me. I let out a loud grunt as all I could see was his wrist. With his other hand he used his thumb to work my clit. And periodically removed his fist and reentered me.. each time it felt better and each time my grunts were more vocal until I came with such force that I could not control myself. My juices squirted all up the doctors arm. I had never been a squirter until then. It was the most wonderful feeling. And my fantasy finally came true. I love my doctor.

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