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Yesterday's Trip


Yesterday was hot as hell and my best friend had called me to go with her to Disney's Animal Kingdom. I was kinda glad she had called me because then I wouldn't have to spend the whole day home with my family. Just so ya'll will understand let me introduce myself, my name is Beth. I'm 18. I have long reddish brown hair, blue eyes that turn gray when I'm angry. I have long legs that as I've been told repeatedly they go on for miles, I have a nice even tan and just recently got my tongue pierced. I also have been told that I could have been a gymnast since I am so damn flexible ... now boys clear all those nasty thoughts from your minds. On second thought don't bother. =)

So like I was saying, Krystal and I were out in the heat at a Disney park up in Orlando. I wore a tight white tank top, with some tight ass white shorts. Krystal was dressed in something kinda like a halter dress. Just for detail I'd better tell ya Krystal is a tiny girl, she's 18 but she looks like she's 15, she has long blonde hair and great legs. She wears a 32 C just like me. We both have a 26 inch waist and nice firm asses but we don't believe in wearing underwear whatsoever ... no bra's and no panties. Oh, and we're bi. =P

So as soon as we got inside we went and got ourselves some maps and a couple bottles of water. Krystal wanted to go see some bug thing and when we started walking we passed a group of really cute guys I could feel them looking at us. I ran up to Krystal and we kissed. I could practically hear the whole group let out a small groan. I giggled and smiled back at them. Krystal and I made sure to sit up front right by those guys when we got to that bug thing, which turned out to be a 3D show. Well, silly me I was sitting right next to one of the hottest guys from the group and when I got scared I kinda jumped onto his lap. He held me for a few seconds till Krystal pulled me back toward her. When I was properly seated again I smiled thinking about the bulge that had been slowly getting harder under my ass as I sat on the hottie's lap.

After the show Krystal and I met the guys and we agreed to hang out for a while. The hottie's name was Josh. We all decided to head for Asia. Halfway there I noticed that Josh and I had paired off and Krystal and Josh's boy Shawn had kinda gotten together. Josh noticed around the same time I did and told the rest of his crew that they'd catch up with them later. When we got to the part of the park labeled Asia we all agreed to go on the water ride to cool off. Krystal and I looked at each other knowingly.

The ride only seated four for each raft so we got lucky. We had fun. The guys told us that they we're college students celebrating the end of the school year but hitting all the Disney parks. They were from Colorado and were only gonna be around for a few weeks. Krystal and I decided to invite them for a weekend back at our condo in a week. The guys were grateful that we could house all eight of them. Shawn and Josh kinda looked at each other funny and got kinda quiet after the first wave hit. Then I realized why. The wave had hit Krystal head on. She was now wearing a transparent piece of cloth. I giggled. Then the next wave hit me. I welcomed the cool water and the hot looks that Josh was sending my way. It was like my body couldn't decide if it wanted to stay cool or if it wanted to burn up all together. When we got off the ride the guys used their bodies to protect us from other peoples stares. If you have ever been to Animal Kingdom then you know how some parts of the park are secluded by vegetation. They got us to one area that was like that and we stood there dripping wet for a few minutes. The guys had gotten wet carrying us from the ride that it looked like they had gotten hit by a few waves themselves.

I decided I was uncomfortable wearing wet clothes that I took my scrunchii and pulled my hair up them reached under my hair and untied my top. I peeled it the rest of the way off and wrung the water out of it and spread it out over a rock. By the time I was stepping out of my shorts, Krystal was spreading her dress out. The guys stood there staring for a few seconds then got naked in record time. I looked at Krystal and we smiled at each other. We knew exactly where this was going. We started swaying slowly, we danced over to each other and started rubbing up against each other. The guys were in awe. I leaned over and captured Krys's lips in a passionate kiss. While I was kissing her she wrapped one leg around my body and was rubbing her cunt against my hip and pinching my right nipple with her long nails. When we broke our embrace we turned to the guys and found what we were looking for. We shared another smile then we both turned and walked sexily toward them. We ran our hands over their chests. Then we stepped back and pushed them back till they were leaning against the rocks. Then we leaned up against their bodies, pressing our breasts into their chests. We kissed them till they almost lost their breath. Then we both slid down them till we reached what we wanted and took their cocks into our small, hot, wet mouths.

We worked them like the pros we were. I personally can deep throat a 40 oz. Olde English bottle (Thanx to my friend Billy). I ran my tongue along the underside of Josh's cock and I could feel him tremble. The new piercing helped me in this area. I was so glad I had that since his cock could barely fit into my mouth. As I've already told you I can fit a lot in there. So you can imagine how big his cock was. I didn't even bother to dwell on it since I didn't want to think of how it would stretch my tight little 18 yr. old cunt. I was beginning to get the hang of it when he groaned out and shot strand after strand of cum down my throat. I swallowed every drop. God he tasted sweet. I licked his cock clean and was glad he had enough staying power to not grow soft after his first cum. He pulled me up his muscular body. He had that nice six-pack I love. I looked over at Krystal and saw she was still at work on Shawn's massive tool. Geez, where did these guys get these cocks? =)

Josh grabbed me under my ass and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and could feel his shaft pressed against my stomach. He turned me around and laid me against the rock and pulled back a second to place the head of his dick against my hot, wet, love hole.

He leaned back the pushed the head in. I had to stifle a scream. I bit his shoulder as he pushed it the rest of the way in. I had never felt so full. So stretched. He had to be as wide as one of those damn Olde English bottles. Possibly as long as 11 inches. The longest I'd had before was only about 9 inches. He thrust into me with a fierce energy but I met him thrust for thrust. He sawed in & out of my tight little twat so fast I thought I was on fire. I was burning up. I could feel my orgasm starting at the tips of my pink little toenails. Josh had to kiss me to keep me from screaming out as my orgasm overtook my body and my nerves became quivering piles of Jell-O. A few thrusts after I came he emptied himself into my baby sized cunt.

We kissed and leaned back watching Krystal and Shawn finishing up. Shawn threw back his head and buried himself deep in Krystal's wet, velvety sheath.

When we were all done we got dressed, gave the guys our phone numbers and went on our way.

Krystal and I were happy for a little while but then decided we needed more cock. Damn we were craving it bad today.

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