tagNonHumanYou Are Loved Ch. 01

You Are Loved Ch. 01


Authors Note: This is a long story, and will have a second part soon. Each part can stand alone as a story by its self. I encourage you to post feedback to make the second part even better. I also ask that you read the whole thing. There is quite a bit of setup needed for the second part, which is in this part.




We've all had dreams that were so real that waking up was a shock. The kind of dream that puts all other dreams to shame, like when you are a little kid and you dream about going on vacation, and just as you're about to leave you wake up. Mine were like that. This is the story of my dreams, and how the lead to the best sexual experience I've had. All names have been changed to protect me. I don't need people trying to hunt me down.

This is the story of me finally getting together with my one true love.

Part one. You Are Loved.

A gentile push. The warm sweet velvet of her body around mine. A slight gasp, and that wonderful tender moment of surprised penetration tantalized the two young lovers enjoying the pleasure of each other for the very first time. Movement complete with the climax in perfect unison, joy at finally doing what they had yearned to do for so very long. She smiles, opens her lips to speak, and I wake up.

Fuck, I think to myself. Always a dream, and now a dream I dare not try to bring to fruition. The girl in my dream is my best friend Rebecca, or Becky as we call her. A cute Aussie girl a year younger than I am... well was. She does not know what I am. I truly love her, and did even before I changed. I waned my first time to be with her so badly. I did not have a choice when it came to my first time however, but that is a different story.

I sit up and look around my dark room. I don't need a light to see my surroundings. Not anymore. Sigh. I stand up and pull on some cloths. Black pants with a red dress shirt, complete with dress boots. I put a bit of gel in my hair and put on my watch and Claudga ring. Ready to face the world again. I look in the mirror. I am a handsome devil. 6 foot 4 inches, with medium length red hair, a fair complexion and hazel eyes, I tower over everyone in on the street. Yes I am ready to face the world once again.

I won't tell you where I live. I would hate for you to find me. It's not that I don't love you. My readers are my best companions. But a horde of girls trying to hunt me down and seduce me has grown old. I am no longer the first time virgin of my dreams. In fact, I am nothing like I was when that dream was well within possibility. I sigh again. I don't want to leave my room, but hunger calls.

I step outside of my flat in an artsy section of a major North American city. It

is night, and the city really comes alive. I walk down town and take in the night air. Shall I go to the clubs tonight, or walk along the waterfront? The choice is as routine to me as getting dressed. I choose the clubs for this meal.

I choose a dance club, frequented by all sorts of people, from stockbrokers to young teens. I scan the room, and take in the mix of people. There are 19 year olds who have just turned old enough to go out and drink, and there are 30 year olds who come here to get away, and in some cases, try to get sex out of drunken 19 year olds. I fit in with the younger crowd. I was 20 when I died.

I suppose I should introduce myself to you properly. I am Anivier, or rather that is what I am known as now. When I was alive my name was Alex. I am a vampire. Yes, one of those who are cursed to walk the night, alone. Don't get me wrong; being a vampire has its benefits. I have excellent telepathic abilities; I have supernatural strength and senses. I can fly, and if I think hard enough I can light things on fire. I have a natural charm and charisma that being a vampire brings out strongly. I can fall in a sort of love with almost anyone. And this has been both a blessing and a curse. I can no longer enjoy the warm light of the sun. Bright lights are painful to my eyes. I no longer eat or drink any human food, and can no longer enjoy the warmth of hot chocolate, or the delectable taste of sweet tea. I can only know their pleasures by holding them and smelling them. I no longer can carry illness or be sick. Germs and Viruses die upon contact with my body. Sick people in my presence have a tendency to get better faster. I take advantage of this by volunteering in the local children's hospital on Wednesday nights. I am also no longer able to procreate, but everything else still works.

Back to the club... My eyes take in the undulating bodies. I smell the sweat, and fun and lust, not just for sex, but also for distraction from their lives. I send out my telepathic net, and soon find a sexual predator. This man has raped hundreds of girls who were too drunk to stop him. He has taken many more virginities than he can remember. His target for tonight is a beautiful young Asian girl, who is really 17 and got in using fake ID. I push harder with my telepathic net, and realize that he knows this as well, and it's turning him on.

I settle down in a booth and order an Irish coffee. I watch as he takes her onto the dance floor. She can barely stand she is so drunk. I feel for her with my mind. Her name is Mary. I catch glimpses of her life. Her boyfriend pressured her into coming tonight. He tried to make sexual advances and left her when she said no. This man came over with drinks and gave her a shoulder to cry on. She does not want to have sex yet. She wants to go home, but is to drunk to do it. She is scared; for all that she is smiling.

The song ends and they return to their booth. The man gets up to go to the washroom. As he leaves I move over and sit in his place. Mary looks at me dazedly. I don't have to probe her mind to see that she is awed by my shimmering appearance, a beautiful young man, who looks so good it is almost unnatural. (I'm not trying to be immodest; being a vampire makes me look really good). I hold one of her hands in mine. Her heart is racing; I can feel it through her hand. I smile at her.

"Don't worry Mary. I won't let anything happen to you tonight."

She looks at me in shock.

"How do you know my name?" she asks.

"Let's just say I know lots of things. This man is going to try to hurt you and I won't let him. I will take you home tonight. And to your home, not to mine. Don't forget you are loved."

She smiles at me drunkenly. I am suddenly overcome with love for her. Remember I said I could fall in love with almost anyone. I kiss her gently on the lips, and wipe away the tears from her eyes. She returns my kiss, and opens her mouth. I break away before we go any further.

"I have to go and take care of something, Mary my love." I said. "But I will be right back and the I'll take you home."

I stand and move toward the washroom. I see the man standing in line for the washroom. I walk up to him.

"Excuse me sir, but there is a phone call for you, if you'll just follow me."

I lead him through the club until suddenly we are out in the back alley.

"What the fuck!" he says angrily. "I thought you said there was a call for me."

"I lied" I said, and moved for his neck.

He did not try to stop me as I drank from him. The warm taste of his life flowing into me overpowered all of my other sensations. His heartbeat grew fainter and fainter in my ears. I let him drop to the ground, but not before using my telepathic powers to let him know that I knew of all of his crimes, and that if he did not turn himself into police the next day I would come back and finish the job.

Don't for a minute think I enjoy dolling out the ultimate penalty. Sure it is in my nature to kill humans, and many of my kind have no problem with it, but I don't think I should be the moral compass for anyone. I just make it a habit to drain the scum who take advantage and harm their fellow humans. Those who are decent, and loving will find no harm from me.

I leave him in the alley and return to the club. Mary is sitting where I left her, alone and drunk. Her eyes are fluttering as she struggles to keep them open. I kiss her again and lead her to the exit.

"Now darling, where do you live?" I ask, but she does not answer. I look down at her sweet brown eyes and see her need.

"Come with me precious, there is a little park just down the street. You can sit down and rest there."

We enter the park just in time for her to throw up in the nearest garbage can. I lead her to benches that surround a small fountain, in a reclusive and dark part of the park, where people from the street cannot see her being sick.

"Why are you helping me?" she asks when she stops throwing up.

"Because I like you," I replied. "And because I don't like predators that would try to take advantage of your condition. Now tell me where you live so I can take you home."

I look at her, waiting for an answer but she has fallen asleep. Oh no, I think to myself. Now what do I do. Before you start saying, but Alex you should have expected this. It's so obvious; please remember that I was 20 years old and not much older than the beautiful girl passed out in my lap. What else could I do, but take her back to my flat. Not the smartest thing to do, when one wants to remain secretive but I could not just leave her there on the bench. Not my Mary.

I lift up into the night, carrying her sleeping body close to mine, her pert breasts pressing into my chest, and her head resting on my shoulder. I got back to my flat and laid her on my bed. The night was still young and there was a good chance I would be able to get her home before the sun rose. I admired her as she slept. Long black hair flowed over a petite frame, with small perky breasts. Her hips had a gentile curve that I found irresistible. Her long legs were visible below her skirt.

I felt a stirring in my pants. I've had sex with a fair number of women since becoming a vampire. What can I say; I am a creature of passion and lust. And love. I shake these thoughts away. I move towards my computer. Again I may be dead, but I am a total geek still. As I power up my brand new Mac Pro, I think of Becky and my dreams of late. Recently the dreams I've had of her have had a calling. As if she was reaching out for me in my dreams. Becky is no psychic that I know of, so I was unsure of what to do about it. I turned on MSN messenger and logged on. My screen name, Dryad of the Night, flashed up. Her name, Gentile Juliet, was not online. Rats. I opened an email and wrote her a note letting her know I was thinking of her and wanted to see her soon.

I should explain a bit about Becky. Becky and I have been best friends since we were both in grade school. Becky and I used to be teased mercilessly about our friendship by our families, which left us very hesitant to express ourselves in a tender or physical way. We'd never hold hands or touch much. It was a stretch to hug some times. I always knew she cared for me however, even with the shy attitudes we used to have. We used to live near each other in a small town on the east coast of Australia, but my family moved to North America to peruse their careers. It was a painful time for both of us, but we found a way to keep our friendship alive via MSN, Email, and all too rare phone calls and visits. I loved her... I still love her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It was safe to say that if I could have, I would have married her. She knows this. One summer I broke down and told her how I felt about her, but she said (wisely) that a relationship over such a long distance would not work out. It was a no, but not a never. The next week I died, but my rape and death are a different story.

I looked at the clock, it was almost 3 AM. I felt Mary stirring in my bedroom and went to her.

"How are you feeling my sweet?" I asked.

"Better. The air in this room seems to be sucking the illness out of me. I feel almost sober." She started to cry. "Thank you for helping me. When Rick...that's my boyfriend, well my ex boyfriend now I guess. When Rick started pressuring me for sex tonight, I was so scared. I don't know why I always end up with the losers, but he seemed so sweet at first. I guess he was just frustrated. He'd wanted to go to the next level for weeks. I just did not feel ready yet. When he left me for some dumb bimbo he met in the club, Mitch came up and bought me a drink. I think he put something in the drink because it hit me hard. The next thing I knew you where with me and we were leaving. I am so sorry." She sniffled. "Thank you for being there and helping. And I don't even know you name."

"I'm Alex," I said.

There were a few seconds of silence. Her eyes closed and her breathing became shallow. I stood and watched her. I was thinking she had fallen asleep when she whispered, "Hold me, Alex."

I gently lay down on my bed and reached out to touch her cheek. After a gentile caress I gather her to me, and press our bodies together. She reaches for me at the same time. We lay there, noses touching for several minutes. Then she sighs and impulsively I reach forward and kiss her. With a gentile moan she kisses me back and opens her mouth. This time I reach forward and our tongs touch. As we explore each other's mouths, she starts to caress my chest and back. I run my hand under her shirt and up and down her back, over her bra clasp. She lifts her leg and rolls me over on to my back, straddling my chest. I lift up her shirt and undo her bra. I caress her little breasts and remove my shirt. She leans down again and kisses me. I roll her over onto her back and lie between her legs. I take one of her small breasts into my mouth and let my tong dance over the nipple. She moans in pleasure and reaches for my pants button, and slides off my pants. I return the favor and we are soon naked in each other's arms. Her sweet aromas fill my nose as we continue to explore each other with our hands.

"Alex" she says, "Take me. I've never felt so safe"

"Ok, but let me know if you want me to stop. I don't want you to be hurt."

She nods and gives me a brave smile. I lay her on her back again and run my hand over her moist entrance to make sure she is wet enough to take me. I kiss her and place the head of my penis at the opening of her vagina. Impulsively her vagina starts to pull it into her warm depths, but I hold steady.

"Are you ready?" I ask.

She nods again, and I push in gently. I've had sex with lots of girls, but I'll never be desensitized to the feeling of the first penetration into a vagina. Her juices coat the head of my penis, and as the head pops in I feel the resistance. I stop to let her get used to the feeling so far. She is so tight; I need to apply some pressure just to stay in. I look her in the eyes and she nods again and I push in all the way, the tip of my penis touching her cervix. She cries out in pain, and I kiss her letting her get used to the feeling of me being inside her. She wraps her legs around me again and I start to gently move inside of her. Her deep brown eyes reflect the wonder of the moment. Her soft and moist tunnel envelopes my hard cock. I quickly feel a stirring within me, and using my psychic skills I time my orgasm to be in sync with hers. I flood into her warm belly and she cries out in pleasure. Sex with Vampires has its benefits.

We cuddle for the longest time, both of us drifting off to sleep in each other's arms. I awake first and turn on the opera Faust. I light come candles as the wonderful score plays from my studio quality monitors. "Rein! En vain j'interroge" I think about the words, "Damn, I look in vain". Sex is good, and sex with Mary was great, but it always seems to be missing something. The shimmering light from the candles reflects on the walls. I hear the chime that I have an email from my computer. Mary wakes up.

"Now my sweet, I had best get you home." I say.

"Thank you. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for the sex, it was wonderful. I'd rather it was with you than with Mitch or Rick." She replied.

I smiled at her, and we walked to her home. When I returned, I checked my email. Ah Becky had replied.


I have to see you. Can you make it down? The sooner the better, it's an emergency. I need you here.



I sat back and stared. Her messages were usually long and bubbly. I could tell something was wrong. My interest was also stirred, she never said Love Rebecca, in her messages. It was usually just signed Becca, or Becky.

I can't be there tonight. The sun will be up soon, and it would look too suspicious if I turned up in one night. She does not know I am a vampire. She cannot know. I write her an email and tell her I'll be there as soon as I can. I tell her I'll be on the next flight out.

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