tagIncest/TabooYou Mustn't Tell

You Mustn't Tell


"Told you I'd come visit you tonight," Arthur Preston whispered as he slid under the sheet and slid next to his granddaughter Lisa, and although the single bed made for cramped quarters, as Lisa's grandfather moved against the skinny teen the snug fit suited the frisky senior citizen just fine.

"What if Mom or Dad come in?" Lisa asked as he felt her grandfather's hand on her shoulder.

"They won't," he assured his granddaughter, who made no move to stop his hand as it came off of her shoulder and moved toward her breast.


She hadn't stopped him out in the kitchen earlier in the evening, when he followed her out there to get a drink during the movie they had been watching, although she had been shocked when he came up behind her at the sink.

"You're way sexier that that girl in the movie," Arthur had said, referring to some little tramp that was starring in one of those steamy movies the whole family had been watching, and when he leaned up next to the nubile 18 year old and brought his arms around her to grab her breasts through her t-shirt, all she did was gasp in response.

"Grandpa," Lisa whispered as his hand went down under her t-shirt and burrowed upward, slipping right under her bra and easing it upward, replacing her lightly padded bra cups with his weathered hands while he nuzzled her neck under her light brown hair.

"Nice," her grandfather had said, surprised at first when he discovered how small Lisa's breasts were, but as he kneaded the lemon-sized titties and felt her nipples blossom under his touch, it didn't matter. "Can't you tell what you do to me? Do you feel it?"

Lisa nodded as he took a deep breath through her clenched teeth as her grandfather ground his crotch into Lisa's backside, making her quite aware of his erection.

"Tonight, after everybody goes to sleep," her grandfather hissed softly into her ear, nibbling her lobe as her soft, light brown hair buffeted his cheek and her sweet cheap perfume filled his senses. "I'm going to come visit you in bed. Okay?"

Lisa said nothing, and as her grandfather plucked at her breast buds he sighed and said, "I take that as a yes."

As suddenly as he had approached Lisa, he left, returning to the living room to watch the rest of the movie with his son-in-law and their wives. Lisa rejoined them, and Arthur was pleased when Lisa exchanged glances with him.

Her nipples were still popped out with the bumps visible through both layers of her clothes, and Arthur wondered if her parents had any clue about what was going to happen after the movie ended and they went to sleep.

It wasn't my fault, Arthur concluded. Lisa had been asking for it, at least that was the way it seemed to him. Wearing all of those skimpy tops and giving him peeks down the front when she would bend over. He might indeed be old, but not dead, at least down there. Far from it.


Lisa was wearing a long tank top and nothing else, so when Arthur's hand went to her breast through the baggy armhole of the top his grope found nothing but flesh, and like in the kitchen before, Lisa's little nipple got hard instantly.

"I love your titties, honey," her grandfather said as he massaged the breast before working his hand out from the armhole and pulling up the bottom of her nightshirt, letting his hand land on her flat tummy and moving it as slowly as he could toward, trying to make the moment last.

Arthur's long, bony fingers went over the pert belly button, and then her hand felt the exquisite softness of her bush.

"You don't have much hair down there, do you Lisa," Arthur asked as he toyed with the impossibly soft wisp of fur that lined her sex. "Do you shave down here?"

"No," Lisa whimpered, her body shivering as she felt her grandfather's fingers slide over her labia.

"So soft," Arthur said. "Are you a virgin, honey?"

"No," came Lisa's reply, her voice quivering under her Grandpa's hand.

"How many boys have you had?"

"Just one," Lisa whispered, her voice ragged as her grandfather's finger slid along the lips of her sex. "Prom night."

"Was it good for you?" Arthur grunted as he thought about the crude coupling that must have taken place. "Did you like his cock in you?"

"No - it hurt."

"Did he have a big cock?" he asked, dipping his finger into Lisa's dripping pussy. "He must have been bigger than the toy in your dresser."


"Couldn't help myself," Lisa's grandfather said as he dipped the tip of his index finger inside of her sex, causing her to let out a whimper as he told of his spying on her. "Young girls growing up fascinate me, and now that you're 18 I wanted to take a peek to see what you were up to. You put that dildo in your little pussy? That black thing?"

"Yes... ooh!"

"Why did you get a black one? Was the boy who fucked you black?"


"You've played around with other guys though," her grandfather asked. "Sucked on guys cocks?"

"Will you tell my Dad and Mom?" Lisa gasped.

"Of course not honey," Arthur said, sliding his finger deep into Lisa, and savoring the tightness that had not been affected by the rubbery cock Lisa had stashed in her dresser. "This is all between you and me."

"Yes. I have."

"How many?" He asked, and when Lisa said four he added, "Lucky guys. All boys your age?"

"Yeah, except for one guy - he was older."

"You like sucking cock, honey?"


"Let's get this shirt off of you," Arthur said, and without her fighting he tugged it up his granddaughter with ease. "There we go. You smell so nice."

Lisa's grandfather nibbled on her now exposed nipple, and while her hands were momentarily tangled up in the shirt up by the headboard, his lips kissed their way up her side and under her arm, his tongue gliding lightly through a moist and lightly scented armpit that was as smooth as butter.

"Ohhh," Lisa shuddered.

"Like that?" her grandfather asked and after she nodded he added, "So does Grandpa. Here."

Arthur released the grip he had on Lisa's wrists, and after reaching down and unsnapping his pajamas, brought Lisa's hand down to his cock.

"Huh?" Lisa grunted, startled when her hand got placed on his fully engorged organ, and her grandfather kept his grip on her wrist after she had pulled away.

"What's the matter, Lisa?" he asked. "You said you've been with guys before. It's okay. Hold it."

"There," Arthur sighed as he pushed his granddaughter's hand back on the base of his erection. "Nothing to be afraid of. Feel how hard I am?" he asked. "Stroke it. Squeeze it hard. Not bad for a 70 year old man, huh?"

"It's so big," Lisa whimpered as her fingers tried and failed to encircle the shaft, and the feel of her hand trembling made the cock surge as a result.

"Bigger than the boy you had sex with?"

"Omigod yes," Lisa gasped.

"Here," Arthur said. "Now slide your hand up. That's it."

Arthur guided his granddaughter's hand slowly up the entire length of his organ, reveling in the confused sounds she made as her hand kept going and going until she finally reached the tip.

"There you go,' Arthur sighed as she got to the gooey tip. "Rub your finger on the head. Feel my cum dribbling out? You're driving me crazy. You like my cock?

"It's really big," Lisa managed to mumble as her finger rubbed the opening of her grandfather's drooling cock.

"I know," Arthur said.

"Do you want me to - you know - suck on it?"

"Yes, but I want to do something to you first, because I think I've gotten you really horny, haven't I? You're really wet," Arthur mused as he reluctantly pulled away from Lisa's hand and sat up, pulling the sheet away before crawling down to examine her sex.

His eyes having adjusted to the murky darkness, he looked down between his granddaughter's legs at the little wisp of hair his hand had been playing with before parting her thighs and getting his creaking body to get down between those legs.

The smell of her pussy was overpowering as her legs opened up, the aroused state making Lisa's pussy wet and pungent, and the dewy down that greeted Arthur's cheeks was as soft as a cloud when his tongue made contact with his granddaughter's clit.

Lisa's thighs clamped the head between them hard as the experienced tongue danced around her sensitive pearl, and even though his ears were covered Arthur could hear Lisa trying desperately to keep quiet as her orgasm roared through her body.

Her body thrashed around as she came, with Arthur holding her down as she bucked and squirmed, and after her orgasm ended her body still trembled with aftershocks as her grandfather raised up from Lisa's pussy and knee-walked up between her spread thighs.

"Got to have you," Arthur grunted as he brought the tip of his cock to her dripping pussy.

"No," Lisa whimpered, but Arthur was too inflamed to hear her.

"You know you want it," he hissed as he pushed the bulbous knob of his manhood into his granddaughter, and stifled her squeal at the entrance of his glans through the narrow opening. "Ssh!"

"Damn, you're tight!" Arthur hissed as he tried to get in deeper, only to find his granddaughter's pussy too tight, her nerves no doubt a part of it. "Relax."

"Too big," Lisa cried softly. "It hurts."

Arthur contented himself with sliding the head of his cock in and out of his granddaughter, with Lisa letting out little gasps with each thrust until he felt himself coming, shooting his seed into her pussy when he could hold back no longer.

"Sorry," Lisa said as she looked up at her grandfather as he knelt between her legs, her eyes going to the now-spent cock that swayed around her sex, the organ still enormous even now that it was flaccid. "It really hurt."

"You'll get used to it, honey," he said as he rolled down beside Lisa.

"You didn't wear - you know - a rubber," Lisa said as she rolled onto her side, her hand going to the limp cock that was hanging on her grandfather's hip.

"Aren't you on the pill?"


"Well, I don't think I'm still firing live rounds at my age," he chuckled as he looked up at the ceiling, enjoying the feel of his granddaughter hand gently stroking his cock.

"Didn't mean to be a baby," Lisa said. "I was scared."

Lisa reached over and turned on the lamp next to her bed, the low setting providing enough illumination for Lisa to see what she was holding that had violated her, and her grandfather chuckled when he saw her reaction.

"Oh man," Lisa whispered as she looked at the long beige hose, her finger tracing the outline of the head of the cock, now hidden by the foreskin.

"Keep stroking it honey," Arthur said. "And tell me when you started thinking about me."

"Huh?" Lisa said.

"The way you've been since we got up here," he said. "You've always been so shy and everything. Don't you think I noticed the way you were teasing me? Letting me look down your blouse?"

"Cathy," Lisa said.

"Who? You mean that chubby girl who was with you when we arrived?"

"Yeah," Lisa said as she kept rubbing her hand along the underside of her grandfather's cock, which she had pulled up to rest on his stomach. "She told me about how good it was."

"How good what was?"

"Sex with your grandfather," Lisa explained. "Cathy - she's been letting her grandfather do her for a while. She said that older guys do it better than guys our age. Then when you showed up she told me to check you out, because she had you had a big one. You could see it even though your pants are baggy."

"Didn't know it was going to be this big though," Lisa mused. "You're getting hard again."

"Modern medicine works wonders," Arthur sighed as he felt his cock stir to life. "Although you have something to do with it too. Plus, thinking about you and your friend turns me on too. Do you two ever play around?"

"Grandpa!" Lisa giggled.

"Don't blame you if you did," Arthur said. "That would be fun, being with you two in bed."

"Oh gee," Lisa said. "You would do that?"

"Sure," her grandfather declared. "Think I could handle you two?"

"I can't even handle you," Lisa tittered before freezing as the sound of footsteps in the hallway made them both hold their breath before the bathroom door closed out in the hall. "I think my pussy is too small. Cathy - I bet she could handle this. She's done it with way more guys than me."

"It was just nerves honey," Arthur said. "Next time you'll do better."

"I was just imagining Grandma," Lisa whispered. "She's even littler than me."

"And she does fine," Arthur said. "Not as much as I like it, but she does it. Even does it another way every once in a while."

"You mean?" Lisa said as she stared at the erection she was holding upright. "No way! She takes you in the ass?"

"On special occasions,' Arthur chuckled. "Maybe some day we'll do it."

"No way."

"Want to try again?" Arthur said, and Lisa nodded, jumping off the bed to her desk before running back with a plastic ruler in her hand.

"Want to see how big it is," Lisa giggled as she held the pink measuring stick along the underside of her grandfather's cock. "Cathy won't believe it. Holy shit! Your cock is almost a foot long."

"I don't think you measure it way down where you had the ruler," Arthur explained with a chuckle. "I do want to get at least 6 inches of it in that sweet pussy of yours, but this time I'll get you ready for it."

"There," Arthur was saying as he slid the rubbery dildo into Lisa's cum-filled orifice.

After getting Lisa's toy out of the drawer he had seen it in earlier, he had lubed it up and worked it into his granddaughter's pussy, enjoying her biting the pillow while he loosened her up.

Lisa was thrusting up her pouting mound at the 7" toy, the tiny wisp of golden fleece making the black tool seem even bigger, and as Arthur used some of the lotion on his throbbing erection he knew the time was right.

Yanking the dildo out, he tossed it aside and climbed in between his granddaughter's thighs again, and while it wasn't all that easy, when he push this time he managed to squeeze more than the head of his cock in.

Lisa's stifled squeal sent a chill down Arthur spine as he pushed further inside her vice-like pussy, and when he looked down he saw that she had taken about half of it in.

"Good girl," he sighed as he began thrusting in and out of her tight hole, looking up to see Lisa's hands on her breasts. "That's it. Play with your titties for Grandpa."

It was tough to keep quiet, because the bed was squeaking and Lisa was whimpering,but not even the thought of having his wife or Lisa's parents coming through the door stopped Arthur. He pulled his glistening spear almost all the way out and then slid back in several times, enjoying the sight the that cute little pussy being impaled by his thick manhood, which was stretching Lisa out to the limit.

Arthur felt her pussy contract around his cock savagely as she came, and unable to hold back he came as well, filling her womb with his seed while her pussy seemed to be tried to push him out with contractions.

"Omigod," Lisa gasped as she felt the massive organ inside of her begin to go limp, finally sliding out of her as her grandfather leaned over her. "I'm never going to be able to walk again."

"Sure you will," Arthur said as he straightened up and pulled on his cock with long strokes, squeezing the last drops of sap onto his granddaughter's mound. "So, would you want to do that?"

"Do what?"

"You and me and your friend Cathy," Arthur explained. "I'm here for a couple of more days."

"You would really do that?" Lisa asked. "The three of us together?"

"Why not? Don't you think your Grandpa can take care of both of you?" he said. "Between you two and my pills, I bet I can. Unless you think your friend won't do it?"

"Cathy? She'll do it," Lisa replied.

"Well, you set it up," Arthur said as he climbed off of the bed and got his pajamas back on, his back aching from the workout. "Better get back in bed before your Grandma misses me. Night."


Arthur looked down at his granddaughter, who was on her knees looking up at him while her mouth stretched wide to take in the head of his cock, and although she couldn't get much more than the head in, she tried like crazy to do her best.

They were in the basement of Lisa's house, while upstairs the rest of the family was walking around unaware of what was going on down in the cellar. They had snuck down at Lisa's request, for two reasons.

One was to tell her grandfather that Cathy was most definitely interested in meeting him, and would be over before lunch. Upon hearing that, Arthur had taken his pill along with a bunch of Advil because his knees and his back were a bit sore from last night.

The second reason Lisa wanted to be alone with her grandfather was simple. "I didn't get to suck your cock last night," she said, so she proceeded to pull it out of his pants and went to work, while her grandfather tried to enjoy it without popping his nut.

"Let's wait until your friend gets here," Arthur said as he helped his granddaughter to her feet and stuffed his cock back under wraps before they went upstairs and out to the garage, where Arthur pretended to be interested in Lisa's car, a ten year old Mazda.

"Where are we going to go?" Arthur asked, and Lisa told her grandfather that there was a place way back in the woods where they went with boys that was secluded.

"Wouldn't it be nicer to do this inside?" he said when Lisa explained that Cathy's mother didn't work so they couldn't go there, and with her house full of company that was out, Arthur suggested a motel.

"Cool," Lisa said, and made up an excuse for having her disappear with her Grandpa.

"So tell me about Cathy," Arthur said while they waited for Lisa's cherubic friend. "I saw her yesterday, but really didn't pay that much attention to her. "I know she's a redhead. Real, I'm guessing?"

"Yeah, but she shaved her pussy," Lisa explained. "That made her grandfather mad, because he likes hairy ones, and Cathy really had a gigantic bush. She's going to let it grow back though, on account of how her labia are so big she thinks it looks gross."

"Never had one without hair," Grandpa mused. "Although you don't have very much around yours."

"I know. Cathy's was so hairy it grew on the insides of her thighs and way down to her ass crack, and that kind of embarrassed her, but her Grandpa liked it."

"He seems like a kindred spirit to me," Arthur suggested. "Must be a child of the sixties like me."

"I guess. He even had her stop shaving her pits over last winter," Lisa said while making a face. "You should have seen her."

"I should have," Arthur repeated.

"She's a couple months older than me. Just turned 19. She's kinda chubby. Big butt and really big tits. She's like a double D cup I think."


"You'll probably end up liking her more than me," Lisa pouted.

"Don't be silly," Arthur said and he looked around before squeezing his granddaughter's butt. "You're a little hottie and with always be my favorite."

"Here she comes," Lisa announced, and her grandfather turned to see Lisa's friend coming up the driveway.

Now that he was about to get to know the girl more intimately, Arthur looked the teen over. She was about 5'4" and was chubby but seemed pretty solid. She was definitely a redhead, with flaming curls and a galaxy of freckles that were revealed with the tank top she was wearing that exposed her shoulders, neck and arms.

Under the yellow tank top Arthur could see the heavy duty harness that was straining to contain a huge pair of jugs, and the shorts Cathy was wearing showed a pair of legs that were plump but shapely.

"Hi, Mr. Preston," Cathy said, her toothy smile wide as her eyes went down to Lisa's grandfather's crotch.

"Hello. Looking for something?" Arthur asked playfully.

"Lisa said you got a big one," Cathy said while blushing. "I told her you did."

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