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You Started Something!


This is an email I received from the woman I shared a room with during a very erotic two week vacation at a nudist resort in France last year. I met her for the trip, which may be reported later in detail. We had corresponded after that, so I was aware of the background to what her following message relates. Of course, all of us agreed to my posting it here. I have eliminated names.


[He] had written me Monday evening, thanking me effusively for my visit, also from her. Our emails crossed; mine was just as effusive. I thought that took care of that after all he and his wife and I had done together. As good as it had been, it was a little embarrassing to recall the next day, back among colleagues. That sort of thing isn't supposed to happen, not with a happily married couple with two kids, and especially not when two of the adults are siblings. I rather thought that he, that they, felt about the same way. Maybe they did, but that didn't stop him from sending me the following late Wednesday night.


[her name]

Hi Sis!

You started something! After our weekend together before your trip, when [she] wasn't here, but then wasn't upset, I wrote you that maybe the thought of possible competition had a positive effect. You know it did! We all proved that last weekend. But I didn't expect this.

When I came home from work Monday evening, after the boys were in bed, she almost tore my clothes off. Of course, I helped. Nuff said, but also lots of nice talk about the weekend and your freshly shaved pussies. She really likes that, yours too, not that you didn't already know that, but I hadn't expected her to refer to it. I do too, as you also know.

Tuesday, we had to go to a school parents' meeting, and the boy were up too late. But tonight, she is standing behind me to make sure that I write that we both want to see you again. She just patted me on my shoulder.

We can't, of course, when the boys are here, but like last year, after all the grandparents and you are here on Xmas day, like in the past, she thinks we can get them to take the boys for a week, both with ours or with her parents, or maybe separately, probably easier to sell them that. She patted me again, so I guess I got that right. I did.

We're hoping that you - if that works out - can spend a couple of days with us. She just chuckled and said that I should add: "You know how." "With an exclamation point," she just said. "!"

I should tell you that the boys are in bed.

We hope you can, that you want to. Oh, and she says that maybe your friend from France would like to join us, not while the parents are here, of course; might give them the wrong idea about you two. You made it sound too interesting. [She] didn't say that, but she liked that I did.

Maybe I shouldn't have reminded her of that, the way she is massaging my shoulders. I should have, she just said. I think so too.

Oh shit! She is unbuttoning my shirt and saying that I should continue writing, telling you what she is doing.

More unbuttoning and pulling it out of my trousers. This could be difficult. She hopes so, she says.

Crap! She's crawling under the table! It will be! "Keep the keyboard clattering," she just said.

Zip, buckle, hook! "Help me take them off." You know what's going to happen! Wants them all off. <<<<<<<<<<<<< From raising my hips. It's your fault, teaching her to want to do that so much. She did before, only when I did, too. But I don't mind. Oooh! She does it as good as you do. Can't tell her that, <<<< but thanks for inspiring her!

MMMMMMM And now she wants to suck them, like you did. Oh, that feels good. I'm telling her what I'm writing. She nodded and hummed. Uhnnn! Is that how a vibrator feels?

Shouldn't have asked; she stopped and said that she hoped so. How does she know? Do you have one? Asked her. She does! Said she got it after you were here that time. She went to get it.

At least I can write for a minute in peace. What does she want to do with it? Hope it isn't bigger that my cock, not that she has seemed to be disappointed with it since then.

She just came back and read that with a snicker, saying that she had chosen one that isn't. Back under the table. Mmmm, and sucking my wilting cock again. "Bzzzz." Now vibrating on my balls. Still trying to talk: "Not as good as when you were sucking them, but you can't do everything at once." She nodded and shook her head.

"I need [someone] to help you." She nodded.

"God, that feels good! Suck and lick! There! Mmmm!"

"[She's] going to have wet panties when she reads this."

Vigorous nod.

"Like you do?"

Even better nod.

Mmmm "You want it?"


She got it. This is later. You know what I did then, and that wasn't all, both naked on the floor in the den with her on me. Somewhere above I said that we need you, but not tonight! Couple of typos, but try typing correctly when someone is sucking your cock? Of course, not yours, licking your pussy. Hmm! Maybe next time she can try to type, while I do it.

So please try to be able to join us, and if you want him to, too, and he does, we could fulfill her fantasies. She isn't having any right now, already in bed sleeping.

Love [brother]"

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