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As usual, all participants are eighteen or older.


Lola was a big girl. She stood six foot three and weighed one eighty or so. She wasn't drop-dead gorgeous. Her tits were on the small side but her hips flared way out. She wasn't a fat ass, she just had big hips.

Herman was a senior in high school when he met her. Most kids were scared by her size but Herman was seven foot three. He was the center on the basketball team. Girls weighed heavily on his mind. He knew he would have a good college basketball experience and he might even get to the NBA but he couldn't get a date with any of the high school sweeties. This was pretty perplexing to him.

One day his coach asked him,"Why don't you have a girl friend?"

"I don't know coach. None of the girls will date me. I can't figure it out. I know I'm not exactly Adonis, but I'm not home made mud either. I wish I knew."

Herman, like Lola, was a little on the ugly side but that wasn't his problem.

The coach did a little investigation and then told him, "Herman, the reason the girls won't date you is because they all believe you have a giant cock to go along with that giant frame. They're afraid of you."

"That's not true coach! Mine's only seven and a half inches long. It's smaller than most of my team mates' dicks."

Herman's shoulders slumped as he realized that the only way to prove he didn't have massive genitals was to show them to the girls and he wasn't about to do that.

Coming out of the library one day and not paying attention to where he was going he ran right into Lola, knocking her on her butt.

"Watch where you're going, you big moron!" Lola shouted at him.

"Damn! I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching and I am so sorry for running you down." Herman pled with her.

He reached down, grabbed her by her armpits and hoisted her to her feet. Lola didn't know anybody who could lift her, much less so easily and casually. She was shocked.

Herman said, "Let me make it up to you. I'll take you to Johnny's café after school and buy you whatever you want."

Now that Lola was standing, she realized how big Herman actually was. For once, she had to look way, way up to see a boy's face. Granted, it wasn't the face of a movies star, but then Lola knew that she wasn't exactly Heather Locklear either.

"You don't have to do that. I wasn't really watching either," she chuckled.

"I really want to go with you after school. Come on. I won't hurt you."

"Well, okay, if you really want to," she stammered.

Lola had never had a date. She had been groped at some sporting functions, but that was about it. Suddenly she was nervous about meeting a boy after school

Right after the final bell they met at the appointed place. Herman smiled at her, took her hand in his and led her to Johnny's.

They had to sit at a table because Herman didn't fit in a booth. Herman looked across the table and into her eyes. She was looking back at him. Their hands met across the table as the waitress approached. She left them a couple of menus and went back to the kitchen.

"What'll you have?" Herman asked her.

"I'll just have a burger, some fries, and a coke," she replied.

Herman summoned the waitress and ordered her sandwich for her. He had two double cheeseburgers, onion rings, fries and a chocolate milk shake.

"Coach wants me to put on some weight so I won't get pushed around in the paint," he explained.

"Why? What do you weigh now?" she asked.

"Two forty. They want me to get to at least two eighty. I don't know why. Nobody pushes me around very much anyway, but they are the coaches and they know best."

"Well I think you are just fine right now."

"Would you consider going on a real date with me?" Herman asked hopefully.

Lola was so excited she almost peed. "Yes, yes of course I'll go out with you! Nobody ever asked me out before!"

Herman smiled and squeezed her hand. "Let's go to the park after we finish here," he suggested.

"Okay," she readily agreed. She had never been to the park with a boy either. As they left the café, Herman grabbed her hand in his extra large paw. She smiled and squeezed his fingers. Herman walked her to a park bench near the lake and sat down beside her. He had to bend over to get his arm around her shoulders.

"This won't get it," he said, "Why don't you sit on my lap?"

"Well alright but don't hurt me," she replied demurely.

When she sat on his lap Herman felt his cock start to rise right under her butt and knew he had made a mistake. Too late now! He just knew she would slap him and run home. Instead, she giggled and wriggled her butt on his hardon.

"Some of my slutty friends told me about this but this is the first time I ever felt it," she whispered, "I like it!"

"I like it too," replied Herman.

He tilted her head up and kissed her lips. She responded by returning his kiss but since neither of them had done it before; they knew nothing of tongue kissing. They just pressed their lips together and were happy.

"Would you consider being my steady girlfriend?" Herman asked nervously.

"Oh, yes of course. I've never had a boyfriend. This could be fun."

"I'll get you a ring tomorrow so it'll be official. Don't worry about a thing. This is great! I've never had a girlfriend and I'm dying to see what it's like."

She snuggled into his neck. "Oh, Herman, this is so right! Wait'll I tell mama!"

"I guess I'll have to meet your folks. I hope they like me."

"Are you kidding? Daddy's a big basketball fan. I'm sure they'll like you."

She wiggled around on Herman's cock, giggling and chattering. Herman was absolutely fascinated by her. She was so soft and she smelled so good. He put his hand on her tummy and rubbed it. She tried to scoot his hand up to her breast, but he wouldn't do it.

"This is our first time together. We need to know each other better before we start anything heavy," he explained.

"Oh god! You must think I'm such a slut," she sobbed, sure she had blown it.

"No, I know you're not a slut. You just don't have any experience. Neither do I. We'll learn together," Herman replied.

A tear rolled down her cheek and Herman licked it off.

"Oh Herman! That was so sexy! Are you sure you're not a playboy in disguise?"

Herman laughed out loud at the proposition. "Boy, you couldn't be further from the truth. I don't know anything about girls, only what I've read in magazines."

"Mom and dad will be expecting me soon, so we better go," she said.

"Okay, I'll walk you home."

"You don't have to do that."

"It'll be good exercise. Besides, I need to know where you live."

"Okay honey. Is it all right if I call you honey?"

They strolled along hand in hand to her house. She opened the door and invited him in.

"Mama! Come see what I've got!" she yelled as she entered the house.

Her mother entered from the sewing room, took one look and yelled, "Fred! Get in here!"

Her father came out of the den. He was about six foot five and must have weighed close to three hundred pounds. Her mother was six feet tall and weighed around one forty.

"Mama, daddy, this is my new boyfriend, Herman Edwards," she beamed.

Herman stuck out his hand and Fred shook it. Lola and Emmy went to the kitchen while Fred escorted Herman into the living room.

"So, you're the center on the basketball team huh? What do you have planned for my little girl?"

"Well sir, we haven't made any plans. I just met your daughter today and I really like her. I already asked her to go steady with me."

"You're not one of those playboy types are you?" growled Fred.

"Oh no sir! I have never had a girlfriend before. Your daughter is the first one to volunteer to go out with me."

"Hmmm, well at least you are into sports. I know that the high school team is going to the state tournament in about three weeks. How do you think you'll do?"

"We should do pretty good sir. We have one of the strongest ball teams this school has ever seen. I'll be disappointed if we don't win the state championship."

"You kids will be graduating soon. Where are you going to college?"

"I haven't decided yet, but it'll have to be somewhere that Lola likes and I haven't discussed it with her."

"You must have some idea though?"

"Well sir, I've been scouted by a dozen teams but the one I like best is UCLA. I hope Lola likes it."

"You seem to be awfully attached to my daughter. You did say you just met her today, didn't you?"

"Yes sir, but I usually make up my mind pretty fast about important things and your daughter is important to me."

"I kind of like you, son but I'm telling you, don't hurt my daughter." Fred had no fat on his body. He looked like he could lift a car.

"No sir! I might do something she doesn't like because I don't have any experience with girls but I would never allow her to be hurt."

The girls returned to the living room. Fred and Lola went to the kitchen. Emmy sat in a chair and looked at Herman.

"Herman, my daughter is a virgin. I want her to be a virgin when she gets married. Do you understand?"

"Yes maam. But we are both really inexperienced. I don't think we even know how to kiss the right way. I would never take advantage of Lola."

"You've got a lot to learn," Emmy chuckled, "Just don't learn too much too fast."

"Yes maam. We won't have that much time anyway what with the state championship coming and all. I really like Lola. I would never hurt her."

Herman accepted the offered soda and all four of them chatted for half an hour or so. He excused himself and left for home. Lola went to the bathroom.

"Well Emmy, what do you think?" Fred asked.

"Did you see the way she looked at him? They'll be breeding like bunnies before the fourth of July."

"I'm afraid you're right. Better get her some birth control pills right away," Fred agreed.

Herman and Lola were both straight "A" students and both received academic scholarships to UCLA. Herman was offered an athletic scholarship but he turned it down. He did accept an invitation to join the basketball team. The state tournament concluded and, as expected, Herman's team won the championship and he was voted MVP. A couple of pro scouts talked to him but he was set on a college degree.

"Talk to me in four years," he told them.

"What are we gonna do this summer?" Lola asked.

"Well part of it will be taken up by basketball. The rest of the time we can do whatever we want," he replied.

Lola was worried about the time between high school graduation and the start of college. She decided to talk to her mom about it.

"Mama what are we gonna do this summer? I don't want to waste it. I want to spend the whole summer with Herman."

"Go ahead. You are eighteen now. You can do what you want."

"Yeah, well I know that. I don't want to get Herman in trouble with daddy. On the other hand, I don't think I can make it through the summer as a virgin."

She had expected her mother to get upset at this revelation. Her mother just chuckled and hugged her.

"Oh, honey, nobody expects you to tough it out all summer. I saw the way you looked at Herman. I told your daddy that you two would be breeding like bunnies by the fourth of July. All he said was 'Get some birth control pills'. You're only young once. We'll go to the doctor this week and get you some pills. I know you don't want the burden of a baby through college. Just be careful. In college the girls will be on him like a pack of wolves. They'll know he is gonna be a star some day. Treat him right and don't get upset by the actions of other people."

"Mama, I love him. Do you think he will want to marry me? I'm not exactly your trophy wife."

"If he loves you none of that will matter. Find out how he feels about you. Use your good judgment."

"I don't have any judgment when I'm with him. I just get weak."

"Don't worry about that. Just go to him and love him and let love run its course."

Lola pondered the discussion with her mother. It sounded like she had been given permission to sleep with Herman. The longer she thought about it, the more certain she was. Now she had to see if she could get Herman to confess his love for her.

Herman dated her almost continuously for the next three weeks. He realized he was in love with her but he didn't know how to tell her. One Friday they went to the movies. Herman was in the habit of kissing her every chance he got. As long as she was in his arms he felt good.

The next Saturday he took her to the beach. They spread out their blanket and rolled over under the umbrella. He took her in his arms.

"I'm gonna try something my team mates told me about," Herman said.

"What is that?' she asked.

"Well, when I kiss you, and I'm going to kiss you, open your mouth a little."

"Are you sure about this? They're not playing some kind of joke on you are they?"

"I don't think so. Let's try it."

She opened her mouth a little and Herman pressed himself to her. His mouth opened and his tongue slithered into her mouth. She was shocked. She didn't know what to do so she tried pushing his tongue back with her tongue. Soon he was sucking on her tongue and she was loving it. They played with each other.

When they broke the kiss, she looked at him and said, "Wow! That was so hot. That must be a French kiss!"

Herman lay panting on the blanket.

"Let's do it again," He said.

She hovered over him and then stuck her tongue into his mouth. She let herself explore every square inch of him. Then she felt him sucking on her. She was breathing hard and so was he.

"I want to do that all the time!" he exclaimed.

"It is so nice," she answered. She could feel herself getting wet between the legs. "I love you Herman," she ventured.

"I love you too Lola."

She squealed and hugged him tighter. "What are we gonna do about it?" she asked.

"Well, let's get married," Herman answered.

"Are you asking me to marry you?" she whispered.

"Well, yeah. That's what people do when they're in love. I want you for my wife. I want to love you and hold you for my very own."

"Of course I'll marry you. I don't know what you see in a plain girl like me but I don't care. I do want to marry you."

"You are not plain! You are beautiful. I don't run with plain women. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. Don't ever say you're plain."

"Okay, okay, don't get upset. Now that we're engaged, I think we should try some new things."

"Like what?"

"Well, you could feel me up."

"But we're right out here on the beach!"

"Look around you. Is anybody else getting felt up?"

"Well, yeah."

"Just stick your hand under my bikini top and squeeze me a little."

Herman felt her soft breast for the first time. He also felt her hand clamp onto his cock through his swim suit. Then she slid her hands down the front of the suit and grabbed his bare cock. It started rising. She giggled.

"If we weren't out here on the beach, I'd kiss it," she said.

"Maybe we should get away from the beach," he replied.

"Where can we go? We're too big for the car."

"How about I take you home? Mom and dad are gone for the weekend. It'll be just the two of us."

"That's a good idea. Let's go!"

They packed their beach equipment into the car and headed for his place. She kept a death grip on his cock all the way home. They jumped out of the car and raced up the front steps. Herman opened the door and picked her up. He carried her into the living room. Kicking the door shut he hugged her tightly into him and they started another French kiss. By the time they broke the kiss they were both puffing and panting.

"I love you Herman," she breathed into his mouth.

"Let's go to my room," he answered.

Herman had a big custom made bed. Lola looked at it and giggled.

"So this is where I lose it," she sighed, "Things couldn't be better!"

"Well, what do we do first?" Herman asked.

"Getting naked would be my guess," she answered.

Herman took her bikini top off and gazed at her breasts. He had never seen real, live titties before.

"Oh, they're beautiful," he remarked.

He peeled her bottoms off and just stared at her almost bare pussy. He knew he would worship it forever. He reached out and gently squeezed it. Lola giggled.

"Your turn!" she happily announced.

She stripped his suit from him. His cock popped up and slapped his belly. Lola grabbed it and kissed it.

"It's so pretty and not at all like the idiots in my class think it is. They think you've got an elephant cock. This is perfect, especially that big purple knob on the end. I love it!"

He pulled her down on the bed beside him. He squeezed her tits and thumbed her nipples eliciting a sharp gasp. He felt her hands as they explored his nuts and squeezed them gently.

"We're gonna have so much fun!" she exclaimed. "Kiss me, you big brute. I want to feel your power!"

"Too late! You've got all my power. I am your slave. Command me!" Herman gasped.

She crawled down his body and kissed his cock again. She enveloped the big purple head in her mouth and sucked hard.

"Oh god, you're killing me," moaned Herman. "Don't ever stop!"

He lifted her by her hips and brought her pussy down to his eager mouth. It was wet with her excitement. He licked the moisture off and then licked her entire slit. He felt the little bud at the top so he licked it too. Her hips slammed into his mouth and he heard her scream around his shaft.

"Let's do it now!" she cried.

He dragged her up on the bed and rolled on top of her. Her legs opened for him. His cock edged toward her hungry pussy.

"This is gonna hurt you," he said.

"Well, it won't kill me. Make me a woman. Do it now!"

Herman plunged through her maidenhead and buried himself deep within her. She squeaked a little when her cherry popped but there was no everlasting pain like she had thought there would be. She could feel Herman's cock throbbing in her quivering pussy. It felt good and right and natural.

"You've got to promise to fuck me every day," she squealed.

"Yes maam!" he replied as he started his love dance within her.

He thrust into her. She returned his thrusts. He looked into her eyes. They were as deep as the ocean and reflected her love for him. Faster and faster he pumped her.

"Fuck me hard Herman. Don't stop! I need all of you."

"I'll be doing this as long as we live. Oh god, Lola, I love you so much!"

Lola could feel their love juices running down the crack of her ass. She started to tremble. There was no control left in her. Dancing under Herman like a marionette, she came and came and came. Her pussy clamped down on Herman's cock, sucking the semen out of him. He straightened out over her. His toes curled and his fists grabbed the sheet. He was in another world as his climax reached maximum intensity. When he came he was all the way in her, next to her center.

"Uh, uh, uh, Herman I can feel your cum shooting into me!" she squealed.

"It's not mine anymore; it's yours, my gift to you. One day, it'll make us a baby."

Herman collapsed on top of her. She loved the feeling of his weight on her. She could feel his sweat draining onto her. What a feeling! Her man, on top of her, pumping her full of juice! Her newly acquired cum felt all warm and squishy inside her. So this is what all the excitement was about. Herman's big, strong arms embraced her as he took his weight from her. He rolled to one side with his cock still in her.

"Don't take it out Herman. It is where it belongs. I want it in me all the time."

"I'll do my best but we have to get a hamburger every now and then."

"Oh Herman, don't be so practical. Be romantic. Tell me how you feel."

"I've never felt this way before. Maybe I will leave it in you all the time. You're so soft and tight and wet. I could fuck you forever!"

"Mmmm, that's more like it," she hummed. "Maybe later you can cum in my mouth. I want to see what it tastes like."

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