tagLesbian SexYoung Mary Ch. 3

Young Mary Ch. 3

byRed Hugh©

The roleplay had excited the pair beyond their wildest expectations, it seemed destined. Ted's marriage had broken up with his wife muttering about his perversions and Mary just loved older men and to play the young innocent.

That night things continued with Mary snuggling up to Ted and asking him to love her like he had her 'mummy'. She told him again how sorry she was she'd been bad.

She had come to bed wearing wearing innocent powder blue little girl underpants and pyjamas. Quite the virgin. She asked Ted to explain everything to her in graphic detail and feigned embarrassment again as he pulled her pants down. As he reached for her underpants she clamped her legs together and told him again she was very scared. He soothed her orally through the material of her panties and slowly she spread as did the wet stain on her crotch.

In time she let him pull them off and asked him what they should do. As he was so large he suggested she straddle him and control things. This she did with her pyjama jacket open and her little breasts sticking out to be carressed by Ted's big hands. As she put her 'virgin' hole to his cockhead she shivered and taking in a little at a time sat down on him. She even pretended to break her maidenhead with a cry and a clamping of her cunt muscles.

The illusion complete she cried out "Oh Daddy" and began her thrusting. Ted waited for her and as she built towards a climax he started to thrust up into her. As she lost control he let himself go into her. Falling to her 'father's' chest she whimpered an "I love you" and kissed him. It had been a hell of a night for Ted.

In an hour or so after a lot of kissing and with dried cum on their groins Ted broke character to thank Mary. Suddenly maturing beyond her years She explained how she just wanted to thank him for being so pleasant and kind to her and not thinking her too much of a slut for how she liked to behave or how she made her money. Sticky and slightly uncomfortable they took a bath and Ted broached the subject of where things might head from there.

Mary was as forthright as she felt she could be. She had prostituted herself to gather sufficient funds to enroll for an arts course. Her parents had cast her aside as she had disgraced herself by admitting she willingly fucked her teacher. She hoped to make a fresh start once she had the money and in a year's time would be old enough to enrol for her course.

She would whore for her first year as there would be no allowance. At the end of her first year she could apply for a scholarship and close her legs or open them as she pleased. The school was in the city about a mile away.

Ted pondered his response. He proposed a deal. She was welcome to stay and live with him. She could have the second bedroom as her own. He would even see if she could get in another year's schooling if she wanted. He told her he enjoyed her company and would like in exchange to continue to have sex with her. She was overjoyed and agreed. They settled on a one month trial which flew by with much happiness and sex.

She had tried to ring her parents the next day to let them know she had moved and was safe but her mother told her that she was dead to her parents and was a worthless whore who brought nothing but shame on her family. She sobbed for a couple of hours but by the time Ted got home had composed herself. He had to go south the next day and hired a van to collect her meagre possesions. Her bed was a mattress and her furniture cardboard boxes.

Mary was keen to go to school to complete her final year. They concocted a story about her returning from Australia for her last year and in exchange for a generous consideration an exclusive girls school accepted her without too many questions. She would come home to her 'guardian' and from time to time express her love as only a very naughty schoolgirl could. Things worked well.

Ted and Mary were happy with eachother and neither felt the need to stray even though they had agreed that it was acceptable so long as neither lied about it. Sometimes Mary would bring a classmate home to study or hangout. Ted was always the attentive guardian who quietly appreciated the extra gymslip in the appartment. Sleep-overs happened from time to time. The girls would share a bed in Mary's room and Ted would sleep with a pair of her used panties at his nose and around his cock as he wanked.

Mary became especially close to a girl called Bridgitte a curvey redhead. She often slept over and early one morning after Bridgitte had slept over Mary came into Ted's room and handed him a pair of unfamiliar panties. He took a sniff and looked up at her quizically.
"They're Bridie's. I had my first girl last night" she kissed him and he could taste her friend on her lips.

"We'll get dressed and I'll walk her home and be back for a fill-up of you. What ever you do don't cum just yet."

She kissed him again and left shutting his door as he reached for his cock to stroke it while he listened to the girls giggling in the bathroom.

Bridgitte has always known that she liked both boys and girls. Her time in the gym changing room was time she treasured. She had grown to like Mary after first lusting after her. They had become friends and she loved being able to share Mary's bed when she slept over. The night in question they had had wine with Ted at dinner and got a bit giggly.

Still in an uninhibited mood she sat in bed watching Mary strip and, naked, throw on a t-shirt for bed. Her juices began to flow into her panties. She hadn't known a boy or a girl sexually but masturbated regularly. As she had watched Mary bend away from her and drop her panties she began to touch herself as she sat cross legged. Mary turned suddenly to look for something and saw the movement at the front of Bridgitte's panty crotch.

"Bridie, what are you up to?"

Bridgitte didn't have and answer but the wine had raised her embarrassment threshold sufficiently for her not to die of shame.

It dawned on Mary "You're having a wizz!"

"I'm sorry. Guess I'm caught"

"That's fine I do it all the time. Why now?" then slowly "Was it something I did?"

Bridgitte lowered her head.

"It was! You were looking at me and doing yourself."

"Please Mary don't let on I'm sorry"

"Honey, I won't tell and by the way I'm pretty flattered. Do you like girls?"
"Yes, and boys but I'm still a virgin as you know."

"Carry on if you like. Do you want to look at me properly?"

"I don't know I guess I just got carried away with the wine and everything but , and please don't laugh but I think you're very sexy."

That did it Mary got into bed beside Bridgitte and summoning her courage gave her best friend a hug.

"And I think you're pretty cute too and if you want to do yourself feel free because now I'm horny and need my little toy."

With that she reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out a slender flexible vibrator Ted had given her. Bridgitte's jaw dropped.

Mary lay back pulled up her T-shirt and went to work on her pussy with 'Little Ted'

"Go on Bridie I'm not going to do this alone"

Bridgitte fell on her friend kissing what ever she came into contact with. Mary had actually expected a bit of communal masturbation but Bridgitte's lips felt nice. She handed the vibrator to Bridgitte and asked her to "Do me". Bridgitte had never been so close to a girl but she knew how and where she liked to be touched.

Mary's legs were spead her pussy wide open for Bridgitte's inspection. Now that she was at school and had to be naked in the communal showers she had let her pubic hair grow back, at least a little. Bridgitte kissed her friend square on the lower lips. She ran her tongue along her crevice to lubricate and open her to take 'Little Ted'

"Fuck me Bridie. It won't hurt me. Put it in I won't take long."

She felt a soft vibration at her entrance and a soft kiss on he clit. As her little lump expanded into Bridgitte's carress the vibrator probed her passage. Bridgitte fucked her with it and began to lash her clit with her toungue applying more and more pressure. Moisture running down her crack and over her anus to wet the bed Mary let go onto her lover's face.

Bridgitte looked confused and worried as she looked up. Had she gone too far? Was she ruining a friendship? She was reassured as Mary asked to 'do her'

Bridgitte was a virgin and asked Mary not to pop her cherry or even finger her tonight but to just lick her and hold her. Pulling Bridgitte's wet panties from her she quietly dropped them to her side of the bed as a present for Ted. Bridgitte was swollen and open her pussy was lightly haired with red ringlets. Mary feeling very dirty pushed her friend's legs right back and spreading her wide licked from her arsehole all the way to her clit gathering mositure as she went. Swallowing to savour the taste she went to work on her friend's prominent swollen clit. It was about the size of a good sized pearl and all she did was wash it with her tongue holding it between her pouted lips.

Bridgitte went wild snorting and humping her friends face. Crying out her pleasure as Mary accidentally grazed her centre with her teeth. Remembering her friend's lack of protest as she licked her arsehole she slipped a finger down to tickle it. As Bridgitte bore down one wet climactic time Mary's finger accidentally took her anal virginity as it sank into her up to the second knuckle.

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