tagErotic CouplingsYour Day Has Finally Ended Ch. 01

Your Day Has Finally Ended Ch. 01


Your day has finally ended. A long hard day that was well worth the fight. Ron is gone and Andrew will always be with you. You collapse on the bed seemingly exhausted. After checking the house and Andrew and being satisfied that all is well, I ditch most of my clothes and join you.

With only the light of the TV I pull you close and we settle into a very comfortable spoon. Although I'm fully exhausted too, this position soon causes a familiar feeling between my legs. Gently I start to rub your arms, across you stomach, squeeze your hand. This only causes more problems on my end. Slowly I remove your shirt. Thankfully it's a button down and not a T-shirt. You groggily help me. I'm not sure if you are helping or just moving the way I roll you. Pulling you back into the spoon I feel your sweet delicate skin against mine. I slowly massage your stomach again, exploring and enjoying every inch of your smoothness. This is entirely too much for me to handle. I unbutton your jeans and almost tear them off. Once again you seem to assist in the task.

Rolling you onto your belly I straddle your hips and sit on your butt. Leaning down I give you a full body hug. Although the hug feels great, my cock between your cheeks feels even better. Sitting up I start to massage the tenseness from your neck. You quietly moan your approval. Taking this as a sign to continue I start kissing, nibbling and licking your neck. I make sure to hit that special spot right behind your ear. A louder moan tells me that I hit the spot exactly right. Sitting back up I continue, working my way down to your shoulders. Across your back, damn straps in the way. Woohoo.... just my luck, a bra with hooks in the back. Quickly removing it I resume working those very tight muscles in your upper back. I feel them as they relax into putty in my hands. Sliding lower, making sure to get every inch of every rib. Following the tightness takes my hands to your sides. Accidentally I lightly brush the side of your tit, you shiver, and I smile. Back to my initial plan I head back to your back. Lower to the really tight area. This may take some time. Still working side to side I spend all the time needed to feel the last muscle relax. Now that the "work" is done, it's time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Once again I lie down and give you a whole body hug. Feeling the completely relaxed and comfortable mood this has put you in gives me other thoughts.

Quickly and quietly I turn around. Still enjoying the comfortable seat I had but facing your feet now. Starting at the top of your thigh I continue my ministrations on your left leg. Rubbing, squeezing and massaging my way to your foot. Back to the top for me as you try to squirm and force your body to my hand. Ignoring your silent request, I continue down your right leg, ending with even your toes massaged and relaxed.

Now there's very little skin that I haven't touched. Back to facing forward I slide down to rest on your thighs. As I do my cock slides down your crack causing both of us to shiver. Aiming to the only remaining part of "unmassaged" part still facing up. Firmly I take a cheek in each hand and start gently kneading them like handfuls of bread dough. Your moans and sighs are now very obvious and telling me that you aren't asleep anymore. My rough hands are now feeling every soft, smooth inch of your ass cheeks. You push back harder and farther than before and I resist even more than before. My thumbs gently slide together and into the small crevice they share. Gently they tease and tickle your rosebud, causing you to inhale deeply but in a moanful tone. Never discussing it before I'm not sure if this is good or bad. I slide my hands lower; my thumbs find your warm wetness. Slowly sliding down your outer lips I can feel your love juices dripping out. You push into my fingers enjoying the feeling. You raise your hips to allow me better access to your honey pot.

Teasing you as much as I have and holding back as long as I could, I finally pull your panties to the side and slip in to taste your sweetness. You're as sweet tasting as I had imagined. Taking the lead, you push me back, roll over and start climbing up my body starting at my feet, dragging as much of your body as you can across my skin. Your reach my crotch and tease me as I had done to you. Gently blowing warm air across my bulge but continue without touching. Continuing your climb you start licking and kissing from my belly button up. A slight side trip takes you to my nipples. You gently take one in your lips, licking it, sucking it, and thoroughly enjoying it. I wonder to myself if you somehow know how sensitive my nipples really are. Your teasing only causes my cock to ooze more and jump against your tits that in turn causes your rock hard nipple to stroke & tease it even more. Finally you realize that neither of us can wait any longer. You climb up and it's your turn to straddle me.

As you sit, you carefully and teasingly make sure my cock rides through your pussy lips, hitting your clit on the way. Then to tease me more and help your self, you start sliding ever so slowly. Your clit runs the length of my cock every slide, teasing me even more. Almost at my wit's end you finally slide up and plunge my cock as deep into your pussy as it will go. Both of us let out sounds that make a jungle seem tame. We rock and move in unison as we finally enjoy fully coming together as friends AND lovers.

Riding me, slowly at first, you throw your head back grinding yourself into me. Taking the lead back, I roll us over so I can pound in to you harder. I take your legs and slide them up so they are over my shoulders, squeezing your pussy tighter against my now throbbing cock. Sliding in harder and faster, I can feel my seed ready to make its exit. A sudden and unexpected image hits my mind and causes a change in my initial plans. Quickly I pull out and fire my load towards your stomach. What I forgot to think about was the extreme state you had me in before I pulled out. My cum flies passed your stomach and onto your tits. With a look of bewilderment on your face I figure an explanation is necessary, but in your condition it will have to wait.

I slide down and start sucking on your pussy lips with all the desire I have. I want to taste your juices and I want to taste them now. Using my fingers I pull your lips apart and expose your very engorged clit. Now that the target of my plan is in sight I take it in my lips, gently tugging on it while my tongue flicks across and around it. You start shuddering as your climax approaches. With my hands now free I slide one then two fingers into your hot hole, fucking you deeply with them while I continue my assault on your clit. You grab my hair and pull as hard as you can, forcing your pussy against me and gushing your honey across my face. After what seems like an eternity you finally jerk and slump back on the bed. A look of contentment covers your face. Sliding up next to you I take you in my arms to hold you close.

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