tagRomanceYour Full Body Massage

Your Full Body Massage


I will fold a thick blanket and lay it on the carpet of a warm room in such a way that you can be well cushioned and protected yet able to fully stretch out. I'll ask you to lay on the blanket, naked, on your belly, placing your arms loosely at your sides and your head resting on one cheek. I'll then ask you to close your eyes momentarily, take a few deep breaths and just relax. You'll hear me also take a few deep breaths to relax myself in preparation for soothing you. Looking over, you will see me undress for you, revealing my pert breasts with prominently erect nipples, then slim waist, then everything else.

To start, I'll snuggle beside your adorable body so beautifully arranged before me and kiss you, caress you lightly, run my foot and leg along your body as I taste your lips, though not for too long, tempting as it is to continue. Standing, I'll straddle your back then gently lower myself till my naked ass is sitting on your yours, slightly parting our cheeks. With dry hands at first, I'll caress your upper back, shoulders and arms, neck and head, down your spine, and to your lower back. There I'll pour a liberal amount of slightly scented massage oil into one of my hands, then rub my hands vigorously together to warm the oil before applying it to your skin. I'll do this every time I need to add oil to your body.

You'll feel my heated, slippery hands touch your upper back and slowly apply pressure – not much, but enough for you to feel it, relax into it. I'll try often to synchronize my rubbing with your breathing to further relax you as I'll slowly cover all of your upper back in the warmth of the oil and my touch. Down both sides of your spine I'll slide my hands to your lower back, then return up with tiny outward circles. Repeating this, the circles will elongate to reach eventually across to your sides, almost around to your chest, then I'll work my way up your back again.

After a few minutes and when your back is liberally covered with oil, I'll emphasize your lower back before massaging your ass. This will involve a bit more pressure to release the tension we all naturally have there; and concentrating sometimes on one hip or doing both at the same time, I'll knead the skin and muscle with the oil warmed in my small hands to just the top of your thighs. I'll be sure to work between your cheeks a bit, taking clues from you as to your comfort level and preferences, and then spread your legs just a little to get down into the muscles at the top of your thigh, rubbing there gently but firmly with well-oiled hands. Inevitably I'll give into kissing your ass once or twice, maybe quickly nibble a bit of that luscious upper thigh.

Your ass and back completely slick and relaxed, I'll now lay on top of you, my chest and petite torso on your back and ass, then rub myself on you to caress all your back and ass and legs at once. In the process my breasts, stomach and pussy will become coated with oil, heated between us. I won't be able to resist kissing your neck, nibbling and licking oh so gently and quietly on your ears, kissing your face and then pulling myself around you to kiss your sweet and tempting mouth while my pussy and legs wrap around your waist. My hips might grind slowly against you, and you might feel the heat and wetness a bit more wherever my pussy might be. Returning to your back, I'll stretch out over you and run my hands down your arms, alerting them that they are next. Before continuing there I'll naughtily enjoy you so much that, with you still on your stomach, I'll turn over so I can rub my back and ass against yours, possibly using a few moments to rub myself due to my increasingly erotic thoughts of you.

Reluctantly yet contentedly sliding off you to the side you face, I'll start at the base of your shoulder, caress it, massage it, and work alternatively in concentrated areas then over the entire arm for a few minutes. Your hand will get special attention, extra time of devotion to your delicious and capable fingers. Every part of your hand will be caressed and massaged, rubbed back and forth, in circles, and stroked up and down. Possibly one or two fingers might find their way a little, or a lot, into my mouth, or your palm may end up on my breast. With a kiss on your sensual mouth, I'll suggest you turn your head the other way so I can work on the other arm in the same manner. I'll lightly slide my body, lips down to crotch, across your arms and shoulders to switch sides to massage your other arm and hand. Maybe this time I might direct one or more of your fingers down to my very trimmed pussy, using the opportunity to briefly rub that area with your captive hand, the part of me that increasingly needs your attention.

Sliding my full body onto your back again, I'll lay there for a moment, my full but light weight on you, pressing down with reassurance and total touch, whispering in your ear how very much I'm enjoying what I'm doing and how it's making me want you so much more. You may notice that I'm pumping my hips against you more forcefully for a short time, bringing myself to orgasm in the process, breathing huskily into your ear, maybe nipping your lobe as I release. From there, with a sigh after catching my breath, I'll slide down your body and position myself in a squatting position between your spread legs near your feet. At times I'll rub both your legs at once, and other times I'll focus on each as I did with the arms, sometimes concentrating on small areas and other times doing full-leg strokes. My challenge will be that I'll want to savor my time with each portion of your delicious body and yet hurry along so I can enjoy all of you at once. Your feet will get special attention, as did your hands, but only partly while in this position. However, I might enjoy the feel of your foot just once sliding down my breasts and stomach, your heel or big toe eventually resting just above my clit.

At that point I'll ask you to turn over, face up, so I can continue to work with your feet in a more effective position. I'll rest your non-emphasized foot on my legs so you feel the balance and completeness as I alternate between them. I might selfishly rub my nipples or clit against your toes, or even mount myself on your big toe momentarily to quickly fuck myself on your foot, all the while melting into your gaze with my pleasure, delight in giving to you, and feeling so comfortable with you. I might then taste myself on your big toe, sucking your toe into my mouth a little at a time, licking it while caressing it, teasing you into wondering if, when, and how deeply I might suck on it.

Once your feet have been attended to, I'll place my hands on both your ankles and in long strokes rub up and down your legs several times. I'll then concentrate on each leg, spending most of my time on your strong thighs. Nearing the top I'll spread your legs a bit, bending perhaps one more than the other for your comfort, and sweetly, very lightly knead the top of your thigh. At times you'll feel a hint of a kiss, a wisp of licking, a sigh of enjoyment, and a nuzzle of my wavy hair against the soft skin between your legs.

I'll leave your torso to again massage your arms and hands, although much more briefly this time. Mostly this will serve to unify your entire body, ensuring that no parts are left out, and moreover it gives me an opportunity to once again delight in your lips, your mouth, using incredibly light kisses intermixed with sensationally deep ones. With a few kisses to the base of your neck, I'll return to the full massage, setting aside for a moment the pleasure of kissing you.

Straddling your waist as I did your back, I'll sit very gently on your stomach so I can quickly rub your shoulders and chest and eventually as much of your stomach as I can reach, even the bit that is under me, to soon have your whole torso in slippery oil. This way I can easily concentrate on your chest, run my fingertips around your nipples, lightly rub your belly and sides, or wherever my desire and your responses suggest. When that area is done, I'll scoot down to be in a better position to massage your sides, which means I'll be sitting on the top of your thighs, just below your crotch, your legs closed together. From here I will reach as far as I can up your chest, flattening my body to have total contact, rubbing my breasts and stomach and pussy and legs on you, running my hands along your arms, neck, head and wherever I can reach. Next I'll turn over, so my back is on your chest, my oiled butt to your crotch, and slide around to caress your whole body as I did when you were laying on your stomach. After awhile I'll I sit up, on your thighs again, but this time facing your feet. As before I'll stretch out as far as I can to rub your legs, then flatten my body, my breasts to your thighs then calves, my legs extending perhaps along your sides, to caress down to your feet. Repeating this a few times slowly, my bottom will be sometimes far and closed, but at other times my moist pussy and glistening ass will be fully open to you, hovering slowly just above your crotch.

I will turn around once more, then slide down, spreading your legs, so I'm kneeling between your thighs, embraced by them. With the lightest touch I'll caress that one area not yet specifically addressed – your inner hips and lower belly. Rubbing the oil on your upper, upper thighs, I'll blow slightly at the crease of your leg, following it with barely perceptible kisses. Those kisses and a very light caress will continue along your whole hip and belly area in a more random pattern than with other parts of your body. Except for those moments when I have fully extended my body to massage all of you with all of me, your most sensitized area has not been touched in the entire massage, has been quite intentionally avoided. Only around that wonderful area will I caress, kiss, lick and nuzzle for as long as I can resist the temptation.

Being very careful to avoid any touch there at all with any part of my body now, I'll slowly move myself up and off to be as I began, snuggled at your side, where I am able to kiss you lustfully yet tenderly, almost delicately though with full passion. I'll smile, look deeply into your eyes and, both of us knowing I'll do whatever it is you say, I ask, "What would you like next?"

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