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Your New Male Slave


So you've taken a slave. Congratulations! Chances are, you really haven't given much thought to 'What now?' It's all been fun play for a few hours. But. If you really want a *real* slave, you'll need to invest some time and effort in consummating your new property arrangement. Your new possession may be naturally submissive (or not! even more fun!), but you need to take him much deeper and much further into total obedience to get your greatest reward. And trust me -- there's much pleasure and discovery for you as well in this task.

It's so worth it. To see a man's tears as he suffers for you purely because you've driven him into total submission will make your soul and pussy vibrate. And, he will be a real slave if you train him properly. And you will be free to enjoy all the pleasures of a mistress/owner -- his complete devotion to your sexual pleasure, if you are a sadist, his true and frequent pain and suffering, and the freedom to have sex with whomever you choose.

But how to get there without spending your every moment in the dungeon? I mean,*really*, who's the slave here?? It's really quite simple. Yes, you do need to make him regularly submit to domination and pain in a formal setting. But you shouldn't need more than a few hours a week so focused. The rest of the time, you need to set out a structure of slave training tasks to train your former lover's mind into that of a true slave. And you do need your slave focused exclusively on your training -- 24x7 -- he'll need to take off work if needed -- this will be a real special 'vacation' for him. A no-return trip!

Let's talk a few basics. First and foremost -- chastity. Any man losing control of his cock to you is automatically putty in your hands. Let's face it -- that's where half his brain is normally. Some, more. With the keys in your hand, and no chance of release, his chastity will be a constant 24x7 reminder of his new status. Every time he moves, it will feel like you are pulling him around by his cock. Better, his erections as he performs his other slave tasks for you will be inevitable -- and quite uncomfortable. Don't relent to his whining -- a male slave needs to be completely sexually controlled. And no safety keys -- he must know he's committed.

But he will need encouragement. Constantly remind him how he's given himself to you and how you cherish the sacrifice -- but he needs this training to really become yours. And doesn't he really want your satisfaction in his servitude? Trust me -- he will be constantly aroused. And, frankly, associating arousal with pain and frustration is very much what you want to achieve. We want to train his mind more than his body.

Ok. Chastity. Check. Probably one of the most compelling things you can do to his head is to have him sign a slavery contract. There are hundreds of online samples. Pick the verbiage you like best. If you're serious, make sure it's explicit. No safewords or any way for the slave to terminate. Better, get him to read it while you record him before he signs it. But once he's uttered the words "I am your owned slave, mistress", he will remember them always...

Both of these can be sorted in your first session as owner and slave. Not your first session -- you really should be starting this from an already established domme/sub, and, hopefully, intimate relationship. The Mistress / slave relationship can and should be highly intimate. If you don't really love your slave, you're really missing the best part of their surrender -- their demonstration of their total devotion to you, and allowing you to make it formal and permanent.

For the first week, you really need to make sure your slave actually *feels* as though he's your slave, even as you carry on normal parts of your life. But to transform him, he needs to be in as close to 24x7 submission as possible. After signing and the contract and accepting the chastity, he's in a fragile state that you want to exploit but having him constantly feel ing submission.

The first task is pretty obvious -- he must change his bathroom habits so he's always sitting. His chastity will enforce that. Like a woman, he will need to have tissue to hand to dab himself. And you'll never have to deal with a raised seat again! But, a slave needs humiliation. And there's the practical matter of making him ready to accept your own piss, should you choose to use him in that fashion. My recommendation is that you also assign to him as the final part of his bathroom ritual, before he flushes, cleaning of the seat so it will be pristine for you. And, of course, that means with his tongue -- top and bottom. Yes, maybe allow him to clean it once properly with cleansers and such before the first time  - you will be amazed how spotless it's kept from now on! And there's nothing hotter than your former lover, now slave, on his knees making your commode brilliant Just think how clean *you* will feel each time you use it! Maybe extend the task to include after your own use of it! I personally make my slave also clean both my toilet and my privates with his tongue whenever possible after I've used it. It will also force him to keep much better mouth hygiene.

But that's perhaps an hour of his waking day ... so much more time you need him to stay focused on his new status during this initial period. If you are a sadist, even just domme, I'd suggest rituals that will build his tolerance. My slave has very sensitive nipples, and I generally *love* to torture them in dungeon sessions. To keep them ultra-sensitive, when my slaves are in training, I have them perform a ritual of attaching clover clamps to them. Because they go numb, I do ask my slaves to put them on and remove them 5 times -- 2 minutes on, one minute off. If one slips early ... oh, well. Doesn't count ;). I then make them repeat the process at specific hours of the day so I can call and check. With modern video tools, a mistress doesn't need to be present to supervise. And, the threat of extending the chastity period for slacking is usually quite persuasive. Just to add to the effect, I make my slaves-in-training (or punishment) perform this ritual five times per day, including and especially at least once in the middle of the night. As I said, our goal is to get our slave in training to mentally associate his desires with submission to pain for our pleasure. Getting up at all hours to do this for you will emphasize your ownership and his obedience to it.

So ... we've filled up lots of free time! But, we can't allow idle thoughts. I think it best to always emphasize a slave's vulnerability by ordering him to remain naked throughout as much of the day and night as possible. Similarly, other signs of his status are important. A locked slave collar is very compelling at all hours. He can wear a high necked shirt if he needs to be in public. At night, I like him to add cuffs or other restraints so that whenever he stirs in his sleep, he's brought back to his new status immediately. Not uncomfortably -- this is training, not punishment. And we want him rested and ready to serve us. Just some cuffs and short chains or links will do fine.

I like to order my slave to find me videos and stories of male slavery. There are thousands to scan. And the act of reading and viewing, while in chastity will be a constant torment. And you will profit from a constant stream of delicious new ideas. And you'll also be getting your slave to both cultivate and expose his darkest submissive desires by his curation. Delicious. Hours of pleasure for me, hours of torment for him.

I also like to add more active ritual for my slave. In addition to the self-inflicted nipple torture, I expect my slave to do a half hour per day of anal training and a half hour of oral training. By the end of the first week, he should be well ready to deep throat, and his backside will be much looser and easier for your enjoyment. Plugs or any dildo is fine. Obviously, start small for a new slave.

In all these activities, we want to discourage slacking. So we want to include copious photos and videos of your new possession meeting your requests. In addition, some photos with your name marked on him prominently is always a good idea. Your contract should include your right to expose these if your slave ever tries to leave you. If you register your slave, you may want his number painted on a few places so you can decide how you ultimately want him marked. Another contract item -- be sure to include your right to mark his body as your property, however you choose. You have that right anyway if he's a proper slave, but making him say those terms and sign to them... he'll be so much more manageable.

We also want to include a few tasks a bit more humiliating. He is your slave, so he should feel your right to enjoy his fears and humiliations. I'd suggest some small things. A little feminization, perhaps. I usually make my new slaves polish their nails several times during their first week. A bright color, of course, fingers and toes. And it will train him how to do the task for you. Also, if you can find footwear that will fit him, making him walk a half hour per day in heels will teach him a lesson in the comfort of such things! I also make my slave visit the local pool daily and circle it a prescribed number of times wearing the thinnest of suits. His metal chastity is clearly outlined. And some women I know that understand his status are always about to tease him. My final coup de grace is usually to have him put on feminine underclothes, full makeup and lipstick and make a video of a walk through the local mall. Oh the surprised looks he records! Trust he's begging to do anything to avoid that task again!

Finally, the most prosaic of tasks should also be made into a slave ritual. What little time is left in the day s usually for preparing meals -- naked -- and eating. My new slaves are only allowed to eat from bowls on the ground. I also make them eat dog food the first week. It sounds horrible, but it isn't all that bad tasting (so I'm told!) and it's nutritious enough. And it is so reinforcing of his new status. He's your pet and possession. And any time for preparing meals can be spent on you! It's also great to feed him from your hand, if you have the time. As a special initiation, I also make it a point to feed my slave the 'gravy' style of dog food. I expect I will regularly acquaint him with drinking my piss, but in this tender new stage, I frequently command him to use his own. The shock and humiliation are priceless. After the first session, I really felt his soul was now utterly mine.

So many tasks! But that's the idea. Simple, time-consuming, and very slavish and humiliating tasks. We're training your man's head. If he's not responded to the training in a week ... oh, well. On we go! Sooner or later, total slavery will take over his thoughts and your life together will go on to new and more special chapters. Cherish his devotion. Love him madly and encourage him. Punishments will be yours to enjoy later. If he's faltering, just be patient and enjoy his efforts. Enjoy!

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by Anonymous08/20/17


Blackmail? Coercion? Threat of permanent scarring?
This is disgraceful!

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by Anonymous06/22/17

Love him madly .....?

Where and when ?
I must have missed those bits .

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