tagErotic PoetryYour Stallion

Your Stallion


Your Stallion

My manhood is your play thing, your smooth and silky toy,
And loves it best when it is used to bring you endless joy!
My manhood is your stallion, to dance and strain with pride,
As you mount up, slide down, and take it for a lusty ride.
Please use it fully, riding it with passion and with lust—
And feel it quiver, straining for you with each mounting thrust!
My manhood is a gentle touch, to hold and feel in place,
And feel its pulsing life against your hand, your breasts, your face...
My full and proud erection is a beacon of desire,
A symbol of your beauty and the passion you inspire.
My manhood is your master, and would hold you in its sway,
To take, possess and use you for its lust in every way;
Its strength demands your worship, your affection, and your touch:
Its pulse requires your kisses, and the love that means so much.
I love to watch you kiss and lick and flick and stroke and suck it;
I love to watch your face as you surround my cock and fuck it!
I love to feel it in you, like a powerful living thing,
And when I hold you close, I love the union that it brings.
My full erection taps against you, seeking sweet release;
It longs to be your sweetness, your completion, and your feast.
My manhood is your servant, as it strives to make you gasp,
And proudly strives within you, overjoyed to feel your grasp,
Slipping, sliding, thrusting, touching, anxious to provide
A sensual communion as you hold it, deep inside...
So many roles my manhood plays! I never even knew
That it could have such meaning, 'til it found itself in you.

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