You're Mine! Ch. 07


Jo's massive cock, even when half hard, had been giving Machiko much pleasure as it moved back and forth inside her as I reamed her asshole. By the time Jo had her vaginal orgasm, Machiko was ready to come also and when she felt Jo shudder as the first wave enveloped her, she lost herself in her own orgasm and wet the beautiful cock that was still inside her with her hot juices. Tyko withdrew the dildo from my ass and the three of us collapsed on the bed while the others brought hot towels and cleaned us up.

Machiko still had some time left as our Mistress and told us to go back and finish off the three horny women we had to leave so quickly earlier. Milly told Jo to stay where she was and got down between her legs and began to lick and suck both of her organs back and forth from her sweet cunt to her flaccid penis. Martha lowered her pussy to Jo's waiting mouth and closed her eyes in pleasure as Jo's tongue wound it's way expertly into her cunthole. Nina told me to lick her all over and finish her off with my tongue as she spread her thighs and waited for me to start. I leaned over and licked her hard nipples and tight breasts and then licked my way down her body around her pussy to her thighs. I kissed and licked the sweet flesh on the insides of her thighs close to her outer pussy lips and she began to moan softly.

Then I kissed her swollen inner lips which were pink and glistening with her juices. I ran my tongue the length of her slit and tickled her erect clit before slipping it between the lips and into her hot, wet hole. While I was tongue fucking her, I heard Martha orgasm loudly as she fucked Jo's searching mouth. I glanced over and saw Milly get up with a look of triumph on her face as she lowered her cunt on the beautiful hard cock and began to gasp with pleasure as she lowered herself down on the huge pole which was filling her cunt to capacity. It didn't take long before she announced her impending orgasm and covered the massive cock with her juices. They were all pretty bushed by this time and decided to end the party. Everyone except Nina and Milly got dressed and went home after thanking us for such a great time. We showed the two girls their rooms and all of us fell asleep in no time.

Nina and Milly stayed with us for a few days before heading home and naturally, we had them in our bed a couple of times before they left. Tyko was sorry to see them go since she hit it off so well with both of them and really enjoyed making love with them. After we dropped them off at the airport, Tyko mentioned that she would like to get together with Helen & John for a bi party next weekend. That gave me the idea

for a couples only bi party and I told Tyko that I would try and find two new bi couples to join us.

Tyko called Helen when we got home and told them to be over at 8 Saturday night and be prepared to spend the night and some of Sunday partying since we were going to have two new bi couples join us. Helen got excited and asked who they are. Tyko told her that I was going to invite them and it would be a surprise to all of us on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, I decided to go down to the NY Health & Racquet Club and see if I could spot some well built prospects. I told them that I was considering joining and would like to look around at the facilities and talk to some of the members at random. They assigned a sensational looking brunette, Tony, to show me around the club and I made her mine as soon as our eyes met. I told her that I didn't want her to be shocked or embarrassed by anything I ask her and that I wanted her to tell only the truth and that she would feel very comfortable doing it. I told her that I was going to have a private party and came here looking for two very attractive couples to invite.

I told her that they had to be bisexual also and this didn't seem to faze her in the least. I asked her if she was married or going with someone and she told me that she was married to the head instructor of the club, Jorge. I asked her if they were bi and she replied in the affirmative so I told her that I would like to meet Jorge as soon as possible. She went over to the phone and spoke a few moments before returning and telling me that he would be here in another minute. Just then, Jorge came up to us and I have never seen a more magnificent physical speciman of manhood than stood in front of me.

I made him mine immediately and told him that I wanted honest answers to everything I asked him. I told him that Tony had mentioned that they were both bisexual and that I was having a private party Saturday night which I wanted both of them to attend. Jorge smiled and shook my hand thanking me for the invitation and I gave them the address and phone number and told

them to be there at 8 sharp with plans to spend most of the weekend with us. Then I mentioned that I wanted one more couple and did they know of any likely prospects. He smiled and said that his sister and brother-in-law would be perfect and went over to the phone for a few minutes before coming back and telling me that they both work at the club and are coming down right now so I could meet them.

Tammy was tall, very tall with a gorgeous face, blonde hair and an absolutely unbelievable body and legs. Dave was about 6' 6", very goodlooking, fantastic build and I made them mine as soon as we met. I confirmed that they were bisexual and told them about the party and gave them the same instructions as I gave Jorge and Tony. When I left, I headed home and told Tyko about the two couples. She got excited when I described them and reached out to play with me while I described how perfect they were, at least in their physical attractiveness, for the party. She was horny all week just thinking about Saturday night and we purposely abstained from any sex so that we would be in top form for the weekend.

The night finally arrived and everyone was comfortably seated with a drink by 8 and I decided to start the festivities immediately. After everyone was introduced, I told them that I wanted everyone to get to know everyone else very intimately before we really got things going. I told them to go into the dressing room and remove their clothes and come back immediately. When we were all naked, I had the four men stand next to each other in a line and asked that their spouses stand facing them. Then I told the women to move one person to their left, with the end one coming around to the front, and told them that I wanted them to get down and really get to know their partner's equipment for the next ten minutes. Each of them dropped to their knees without hesitation and began kissing and licking the genitals that faced them.

Tony was crooning as she licked my rising member to it's full glory and began to deep throat it. Tyko was next to her sucking Jorge's massive tool and moaning in delight. When the time was up, the gals moved one more to their left and got to know their new partner's equipment also. When the women had each sucked our cocks one time, we switched and the men got down and got to know the pussy facing them. I had Tammy first and she turned out to be beautiful inside as well as outside. I didn't want to quit when the time was up but did and worked my way through the delightful pussies one by one until I had tasted them all. Then we lined up with the men facing the men and the women facing the women and I had my row go down first. Jorge's huge ramrod was standing straight up and I licked it from the base all the way up to the head which I took into my mouth and gently sucked as I played with his balls.

His cock was massive. It was not only long but wide also and was throbbing as I sucked it. I took him as deep as I could and let my throat muscles milk his shaft for awhile before going back to the head and sucking it until the timer went off and I moved over to face another gorgeous set of genitals belonging to Dave who just had his tool sucked by John and was wild with passion already. As soon as my mouth closed over the huge head, he grabbed my head in his hands and began to slowly fuck my mouth by withdrawing it right to the tip and then feeding it back in until I couldn't take anymore. I ran my tongue all around the shaft as he worked it back and forth in my mouth and we kept this up until time was up and we had to stop. Now, it was their turn to eat us and I thrust my massive member forward to meet Jorge's mouth as it closed over my penis while he held my balls in his hand the way I like it.

He was a natural born cocksucker and had me climbing the walls in just a few minutes of sucking it lovingly and sensuously. Before I knew it the time was up and I made a special note to make sure that he finishes me off later since I loved the way he sucked my cock. Meanwhile the girls had been getting to know each other also. Tyko had brought Tony to an orgasm while eating her and Tammy had Helen's experienced tongue inside her which had almost brought her to an orgasm before time was up. Tammy and Tony had then reciprocated and had just finished tasting their treats and were very horny.

I suggested that we go back to the master bedroom and get into bed. When we were all on the bed, I asked Tammy to get on her hands and knees and told John to get underneath her and feed her his gorgeous tool while I got in position and fed my lubricated cock into her receptive asshole. I told Jorge to feed his shaft into her mouth so that all of her orifices were filled with cock and then asked Tyko to set the timer for ten minutes after which a new woman would take Tammy's place. Tammy's ass was fantastic! Her asshole was smooth and fuckable and she loved it hard and deep so I was really pounding into her and rubbing cocks with John through her skin which was a terrific turn-on. We kept this up until the timer went off and a dazed Tammy was helped over to cool off a bit from her passionate embrace.

Tony got into position with an eager look of anticipation on her face. This time, I got under her and slipped my shaft into her hole. She bore down on it as soon as it touched her opening and swallowed all of it inside her wet cunt. John got behind her and fit his greased member into her ass just as Dave fed his thick tool into her mouth. She came again just as the timer went off and rolled over to rest as Helen got ready to receive her pleasures. I asked Jorge to take her ass, Dave to get under her and I would feed my cock into her mouth. She was sucking firmly on my shaft as I watched Jorge lubricate his massive penis and feed it into the beautiful ass slowly and gently. Helen loved it! She had a huge cock in her cunt, an even larger one in her ass and my thick tool in her mouth and she was enjoying every minute of it. Jorge started to talk softly about how good her ass felt and how good Dave's penis felt inside her body.

We continued fucking her like this until time was up and Tyko took her place. I had Dave work her ass, Jorge under her in her cunt and John feeding his huge member into her mouth. I set the timer and sat back with the girls to watch as Dave worked his thick tool into her asshole very gently and slowly as she writhed her hips trying to swallow more of Jorge's tool into her hungry cunt. She had John's fat cock deep in her throat as Dave filled her ass to capacity and was only in half way. He began to fuck her ass with long, slow strokes matching the rhythm of Jorge's motions and heard her moan each time he filled her ass with cock. My wife was really into it and we all hated to hear the sound of the timer go off but I mentioned that it was the guy's turn now and even Tyko got enthused as she had three huge cocks withdrawn from her openings.

I told Jorge to assume the position and had John get behind him and fuck him in the ass while Tyko got under him and fit his huge, throbbing tool into her pussy. Then I asked Helen to lie down in front of him and spread her legs wide so that he could get at every part of her excited cunt with his practiced tongue. Tyko went into a wild orgasm just before the timer went off and held his body close as she felt wave after wave of warmth and pleasure overcome her. She released a torrent of hot juice on his cock which triggered his orgasm. His cock swelled to even larger proportions inside her and he pumped load after load of cream into her eager receptacle as she clung to him trying to get every bit of his come juices.

After Jorge rolled over in exhaustion, I told Dave that he was next and as soon as he was ready had Helen get under him while Tammy let him suck her pussy and I got behind him and fit the head of my greased cock into his warm asshole. It slipped in smoothly and felt wonderful as he groaned in pleasure with each stroke. Helen was moaning as his long, thick shaft moved back and forth inside her and she watched his tongue slide in and out of Tammy's throbbing pussy. Time was up before we knew it and I pulled my thick member out of his ass reluctantly and had John take his place. Tony got under him and worked his huge tool into her eager cunt while Dave got behind him and fed his cock into his asshole as Tammy pushed her pussy into his face for sucking.

Helen was really turned on by the scene and was pulling on her clit with her fingers as she watched. Suddenly, John groaned as he sucked Tammy's cunt and began pumping come into Tony's hungry pussy in large spurts which she received graciously. A minute or so later the signal went off and it was my turn in the barrel. Tammy worked her way underneath me and then fit the head of my shaft to her pussy hole and worked it in until it filled her cunt completely. Then Tyko led a wild Helen over to me and had her spread her legs so I could suck her huge clitoris into my mouth. Then I felt something brush my asshole and turned around to see Jorge put the head of his cock in my ass and feed it in slowly. I went back to sucking the sweet pussy and fucking Tammy while Jorge worked his tool in and out of my ass.

I was lost in pleasure when the timer went off and when we disengaged, I announced that the rest of the evening would be a free for all and anyone could do whatever they pleased to anyone else. After we all relaxed, washed up and had a drink, I called Jorge over and asked him to suck my balls dry as I would like to come now. He swooped down on my cock and began to suck the head like his life depended on it and I gave myself up to his experienced mouth completely as I watched my wife get on top of Tony, run her tongue the length of her slit and lower her pussy to Tony's waiting mouth. I was in a different world and felt my shaft swell as I began to pump come down Jorge's throat. He gulped up every drop and kept sucking it until I was totally finished.

Helen was lying right next to him with her cunt lips only scant inches from his mouth so he shifted position and rested his head on her ample thigh as he licked and sucked her hot cunt. I heard Tony cry out as she had another beautiful orgasm drawn out of her by Tyko's knowing tongue and then watched Dave offer his cock for sucking while Tony kept her mouth fastened to her wet pussy. She gladly swallowed Dave's thick cock as she rubbed her cunt all over Tony';s face seeking release. When Tony took her rigid clitoris between her lips and began to suck it in and out, she went into orgasm and held Dave's pole deep in her mouth as she came.

We spent the rest of the night making love, sleeping, eating snacks and taking showers and by morning everyone had had all their openings filled many times. All of us were up by 11 and from the sight of the four rigid cocks, you would never know what had gone on all night. Tammy went down on me as soon as she saw my stiff pole and the other girls grabbed a cock and had their breakfast also. They sucked us until we blew our loads and then went in and made us a great breakfast after exacting promises that we'd take care of them right after we filled our stomachs and refilled our balls. After eating, we relaxed for a while and then Helen got up and walked in front of us asking if anyone would like to taste a special treat that she has for us.

Dave volunteered and gave her his seat as he dropped to his knees between her outstretched thighs and began to kiss her pussy lips. Tammy opened her legs wide for John's tongue and held his head tightly to her hot cunt as she fucked his mouth and moaned. Jorge settled between Tyko's spread thighs and ran his tongue into her slit as I got comfortable and started to lick and kiss Tony's gorgeous cunt. All of us continued sucking them for some time before Helen asked Dave to fuck her. He got up without hesitation and fit his cock into her wet hole and drove it in deep. She howled in passion as his thick tool disappeared inside her.

It filled her completely and pushed against the back wall of her pussy which drove her wild. The other women watched this scene while they were being eaten and one by one asked their partners to fuck them also. Tony got up and bent over the couch as she spread her ass cheeks and asked me to fill her ass with cock. I squeezed a generous amount of KY on the head of my cock, fit it into her puckered asshole and worked it in slowly. She gasped in pleasure as each inch filled her ass and pushed her hips back into me to get more cock. She was fantastic! Her ass took all of me and I was able to really let go when I fucked her. I drove my thick shaft deep into her ass and then pulled out almost to the tip before plunging back in again while she moaned in passion. Tammy was lying on her back just below her with John's massive member stroking her insides.

Tony lowered her lips to Tammy's and they began to soul kiss as they were being fucked. I felt my orgasm approaching and told Tony to get ready for a hot load of come as I exploded the first ample spurt into her ass followed by a number of others until I collapsed on her back with my cock buried deep inside her. When I pulled out, she got up and went inside to clean up and brought back a hot towel which she used to clean up my half hard shaft so I would be ready for action any time I desired it. We leaned back against the headboard and watched the spectacle before us as Jorge had his cock buried deep inside my wife and was lifting and lowering her hips to his cock.

Tyko had her hands on his ass pulling him closer to get even more of his massive penis. Helen was on her hands and knees with Dave's huge pole imbedded in her slippery cunt and she was moaning as she fucked him back working her pussy magic on his throbbing shaft causing him to gasp in pleasure as he stroked in and out. Suddenly he cried out as he pumped the first load into her and she screamed out in passion when she felt the hot liquid fill her insides. He kept pumping come into her and she went into a wild orgasm of her own and held him tight as she shuddered in pleasure and finally relaxed allowing his softening penis to slip out of her wet cunt.

Just then, Jorge announced that he was ready to fill Tyko with juice and pulled her close as he buried his thick member deep and started spurting gobs of come into her until finally, he squeezed out the last drop and collapsed on the bed. Tammy was now sitting on John's throbbing cock and looked like she was ready to blast off at any moment as she moved her hips sensuously around feeling his massive penis moving around deep inside her pussy. John was the one to let go first and, as the first hot spurt gushed out of his cock, Tammy went into orgasm also and the two of them were a picture of perfect love as they reached Nirvana together.

We decided to call it a day about 5 pm and everyone left to go home and rest. Needless to say, everyone had a ball and both couples asked if they could join our group for regular sessions in the future.

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